How To Text A Scorpio Man — A Complete Guide To Texting A Scorpio Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Wondering how to text a Scorpio man to make an impression? It’s not as difficult as you think. I have this ultimate guide to texting a Scorpio man and build a real relationship with him!

How can you tell if a Scorpio man likes you via texts? Well, there are several telltale signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you through text. Scorpio man has a certain texting style that fits his nature!

Generally speaking, a Scorpio man may seem a little mysterious, until you get to know him better.

Have you ever wondered how to text a Scorpio man? These guys need to run the show. Whatever you do, do not try to dominate a relationship with a Scorpio man.

At first, he might find it charming and will even have you thinking that you are winning him over somehow, but don’t be fooled. You will not win.

As a matter of fact, you will be playing right into his controlled grip because he has now had a chance to fully observe you in action.

Scorpio man needs to feel free when he is around you. They cannot be smothered by you or your texts. Otherwise, they can start to live up to their negative bad boy stereotype.

Though they will shower you with expressions of endearment, they still have the need for space. Allow a Scorpio man to text you first when they miss you.

A Scorpio man’s texting style is expressive and much more intense compared to other Zodiac signs. He can become quite deep and serious if the situation calls for it. 

He is definitely more into direct, deep conversation face-to-face, but thriving for energy packed emotion even via texting is of the utmost importance to him.

This sign is concrete and needs you to be straight forward. Scorpio men cannot stand guessing games and mixed signals through texts.

Keep reading about Scorpio man texting habits as there is no other guide available online with every single possible situation about texting a Scorpio man.

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Texting A Scorpio Man — Basics — Where To Start?

Right here—this is a perfect start line. You will learn about Scorpio man texting style, texting habits, how often to text him, what mistakes you should avoid, how to get his attention through texts etc. 

You should be able to find all the answers about Scorpio man and texting in this guide, but if for some very unlikely reason, there’s something missing that you need an answer to, I invite you to share your thoughts and doubts in the comment section  below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

First Things First — What Is The Scorpio Man Texting Style?

When thinking about a Scorpio man and his texting style, there are two very important things you need to remember about him. Firstly, he is a water Zodiac sign, which means that he is always mysterious, intense and loves to communicate that way.

The second thing you need to remember is that his ruling planet is Mars. Mars is the planet of energy, action, motivation and drive. This says a lot about the Scorpio man and means that he is probably quite passionate and assertive. 

He is a no-nonsense man on a mission and you are either going to enhance his path or distract him from it. He will not want the latter and trims the fat at every cost.

The Scorpio man is blunt, open and honest. He is passionate and emotionally intense. If you are the same he will respect and appreciate you for it. If you let him know that there is something he’s doing that is bothering you, he will make the necessary adjustments if he’s truly interested. He communicates directly; he is straightforward and emotionally expressive. 

If you are straight forward with what you want and you tell him that you don’t want to play games, he will meet you there, telling you his intentions as well. When texting, he will rather be sexy and seductive. He will tend to send shorter texts, direct to the point, somewhat intriguing. 

Scorpio Man Texting Habits — Where Does He Place Texting In His Mind?

When a Scorpio man likes you, he is going to want to spend all of his time with you. He is one of those guys that can become really obsessed with the woman he is in a relationship with, even through texting.

Scorpio man is not a typical texter. He doesn’t like texts that are obvious, so keep it subtle. Hint rather than spelling it out – he’ll pick up what you put down!

He doesn’t prioritize texting in his relationships, but if you text him he will reply right away to keep up with the texting pace. If you fail to do that as well he will lose interest and would not bother to respond to your texts.

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First?

You can text a Scorpio man first, especially if you are unsure whether or not he is interested in you.  It is important to differentiate from other women. Text him something that stands out, that is intriguing, and uncommon.

Scorpio man is interested in diving in deep waters with you. He is not interested in general chit-chat.  

If you are confused as to when and if you should text a Scorpio man, then I have just the thing that could help you out. I have a quiz called “Should You Text a Scorpio Man First.”

If you feel that you might need an answer right now, then I suggest you follow the link so that I can help you to determine if you should be texting your Scorpio man first. 

So, as a general rule, I see no problem with a woman texting a man first. This shows your interest in him and that you are happy to take a risk for love. However, I wouldn’t recommend you do this every time.

How Often Should I Text A Scorpio Man?

The frequency in which you text a Scorpio man depends solely on where the two of you are in your relationship phase.

If you just met a Scorpio man and you’re constantly texting him, of course, this isn’t a good idea, but if you’ve been with him a while it will be more acceptable.

If you notice your Scorpio man is pulling away and texting you less frequently, then don’t start increasing how often he hears from you. I always suggest leaning back and letting him come to you first.

Do not bombard him with messages, do not flood his inbox. If he doesn’t text for a few days, you should not text him as well, just follow his pace.

If you notice him reaching out often, then, of course, this is a brilliant sign that the Scorpio man likes you. But you can never be too certain, can you?

Will A Scorpio Man Text You First?

Sometimes, you need to let the Scorpio man do some of the work and come to you, or else it is going to feel like you were the one that chased him, and trust me, for a woman this is never a good feeling. 

Scorpio men are controlling so texts that insinuate them chasing you will be very appealing to them. If you are still getting to know each other, be absolutely sure that he will text you first! 

Rule number one: If a Scorpio man is interested in you he will text you!

A nice thing to do as well is, if your Scorpio man is always the one texting you first, you can surprise him by sending the good morning text first. This should make him feel really special. 

However, if he is not texting you first, check here for some more ways to get a Scorpio man to text you and call you first << 

Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You Through Text

How does a Scorpio man text when he likes you? I am guessing you are probably wondering about that a lot. There is nothing more annoying than not being totally sure if someone is interested in you or not. You might think something is a sign, but you can’t be totally sure. 

I think it is safe to say that when a Scorpio man is quite affectionate over text that he is probably very interested in you. This means that he can sometimes be rather flirty and naughty too. And sometimes he will tell you exactly how he feels about you so that you know with certainty!

The signs he likes you through text are:

  1. He is passionate
  2. He is flirtatious 
  3. He is emotionally expressive

How To Get A Scorpio Man’s Attention Through Texts? — What To Text A Scorpio Man To Get His Attention

The number one thing that will always catch a Scorpio man’s attention is most definitely beauty, this guy loves it when a woman looks good and if physically attractive. 

You need to make sure that your profile pictures are absolutely stunning so that you can blow him away with your beauty by reminding him how gorgeous you are.

Here’s more about what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman <<

The second thing you need to remember is that a Scorpio man likes beauty, mystery and intelligence. So it is important that you need to have a few deep insights you know how to talk about. 

Beauty is what is going to attract your Scorpio man to you, but your intelligence is what is going to make him stay with you. Have a few profound witty one-liners that can help you banter with your Scorpio man.

This guy is very easy to pull into a conversation, you just need to know what to say to get his attention.

Remember, Scorpio man loves enigma around you, so sharing too much will make him pull back. He doesn’t want you to reveal all your secrets to him, you must remain mysterious to him on a certain level. Sensibility plays an important role here as you need to be sensible and sexual and to carry your sensuality in a very subtle and refind way. 

I invite you to discover some more secrets on how to get a Scorpio man’s attention through texts. You need to know what you are doing if you want to pull this very special man into your life.

How To Keep A Scorpio Man In The Conversation 

I feel like it is important to note that not all Scorpio men are designed equally. They might all have their Sun signs in Scorpio, but their Mercury sign might be in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius.

If you don’t know what a Mercury sign is, it is the planet that rules communication, thoughts, ideas, and messages. So it definitely rules out texting as well. 

The topics that a Scorpio man is interested in discussing can vary greatly depending on where his Mercury sign is. It is also important to note that it might change the way he communicates.

A Scorpio man with Mercury in Libra is likely to approach his communication style in a more balanced and harmonious way. He will be a charming and social person who avoids conflicts and arguments.

A Mercury in Libra man will talk about ideas and try to learn a different point of view because they’re always interested in other people’s opinions.

A Scorpio man with Mercury in Scorpio is going to be quite secretive. He is going to be a bit darker and more mysterious than the latter two. He’ll enjoy talking about occult things, mysteries, or things that aren’t easily explainable. He’ll be very deep and penetrating.

Finally, a Scorpio man with Mercury in Sagittarius will be intellectually curious and passionate about life experiences in general, exploring new horizons and different beliefs and ideas.

You can definitely master knowing how to speak to a Scorpio man and his particular Mercury sign if you know the right communication hooks to use based on his Mercury position.

Irresistible Texts To Send To A Scorpio Man

Knowing how to master the skill of texting a Scorpio man should help you indefinitely to be the most alluring woman you can possibly be to a Scorpio man. Why wouldn’t you want this? 

Master your Scorpio man’s texting style and know the best texts to send him to make him crazy for you, then you should definitely check out my Scorpio Text Magic guide to get the best possible results for your relationship and have many ready-to-send messages that you can use in different situations.

More Texts That Make A Scorpio Man’s Heart Melt

A Scorpio man is definitely a sensual guy that is absolutely in love with the idea of love. He likes being in a meaningful and emotionally charged relationship. This is exactly what he needs to make his heart melt. 

His weak point in a woman is someone who is beautiful and knows how to make herself stand out. He loves femininity and a woman who isn’t afraid to show to the world that she is indeed a beautiful and sensual woman. 

a Scorpio man wants someone who can take pride in herself and isn’t afraid to make the extra effort. He loves romance, so when he sends a flirty text, he wants to know that she enjoys it and doesn’t find it cringe. 

If you want to be very passionate and affectionate when sending him a text message, but you aren’t sure what to say to get his heart racing, then you can discover the right texts to send a Scorpio man to melt his heart. 

The best thing about these texts is that you can use these to melt his heart by sending him these good morning texts as well!

How To Flirt With A Scorpio Man Over Text

If you’ve ever met a Scorpio man, then you will know exactly how much this guy loves to flirt. He will memorize every single thing you say. He will stare at you constantly. Eye contact matters to him, word and  I am guessing, but this is probably his favorite hobby and what makes him feel most excited and alive in his life. He just loves wooing the girls and making them feel loved and desired. 

They absolutely love flirting over text, this is the perfect place for them to share their witty banter and show you what a romantic he is. It is a great source of fun for him. 

If you want to make him addicted to you, then I definitely suggest you be open to his flirting and just go with it. Show him that there is a flirt within you as well and that you know how to have fun. This is what gives a Scorpio man life!

Check out some more flirty texts to send a Scorpio man, let me know what you think about my suggestions and if they worked for you?

How To Attract A Scorpio Man By Texting And Make Him Fall In Love With You Over Text

A Scorpio man is not classic when it comes to his sexuality. He is someone with crazy kinks. He likes to keep things intense and passionate, yet he can be incredibly romantic. This is definitely what gets him going. 

He is the type of guy who really likes sexy lingerie with lace and silk, and a lot of texture. If you trust him enough, you can always send him a sexy picture of you in some lingerie. This will work like magic, but I have a few more text ideas to make that Scorpio man crazy for you.

He is definitely most turned on by his intensity, so perhaps sharing one of your fantasies over a few text messages is the thing that is going to push him over the edge. 

Seducing a Scorpio man over text is relatively easy, you just need to know what you are doing. Don’t panic about this, I am here to guide you every step of the way so that you can get your Scorpio man to fall for you hard and fast!

The Biggest Texting Mistakes Women Make With Scorpio Men 

There are some things that you absolutely need to avoid when texting any man, but especially a Scorpio man. Knowing what these things are will set you apart from the rest and help you to get out of big trouble. 

Firstly, you need to stop being so needy and clingy in your texts. You can’t make it so obvious that you miss him and that you want his attention. I promise you, you are only going to push him away because a Scorpio man likes a woman who is independent and doesn’t always need him. 

Secondly, be careful with becoming too emotional or too personal too quickly with your Scorpio man. He is more of an intellectual and sometimes emotions can freak him out, especially if the two of you barely know each other…

Thirdly, don’t put too much pressure on him to make a decision about you or your relationship. Remember, a Scorpio man is extremely exclusive and if you force him to make a decision you are going to make him regret it. It is important that you are chilled and show him that you can go with the flow. 

These mistakes are very commonly made by women when texting Scorpio men. I invite you to take a look at mistakes to avoid when texting a Scorpio man to know what behaviors to avoid in the future.

How To Text A Scorpio Man After An Argument?

It isn’t always easy to know what to text a man after an argument, especially a Scorpio man because it may come across like he doesn’t actually care because he can be so passive-aggressive at times.

Take note of these things when texting a Scorpio man after an argument:

  • Give him some space and let him vent
  • Keep your feelings in check and don’t text him right away
  • When you are ready to talk, let him know how of your feelings and regrets
  • Let him know that you are there for him when he feels ready to talk
  • Be honest and direct with him
  • Try not to be defensive or let another argument unfold

Here’s more about how to make up with a Scorpio man after a fight <<

Scorpio Man Texting After Breakup — What To Text Him If You Want Him Back

Your Scorpio man might’ve been a player before you met him, and if the two of you break up he is definitely going to revert back to this behavior.

Remember, it is totally possible for a Scorpio man to be single. He needs not to be in a relationship to feel like he is living his full potential. He would rather settle to be alone than to be in an ordinary relationship.

I know you will hate to hear this, but out of all the signs, a Scorpio man is most likely to get a rebound if he finds someone passionate like him.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you, on the contrary, he does and that is why he needs to find distraction with someone else. He can’t get the words out to tell you how he feels because he is so terrified of being vulnerable. 

It is hard to talk to a Scorpio man after a breakup because he will be direct and might even throw poisonous darts at you. You’ll be shocked at how mean this guy can actually be. 

There are a couple of things you can do if you really want to reach out to him and have something you need to say. Here are some ideas on what to text a Scorpio man after a breakup <<

Scorpio Man Texting Situationships — Decode His Strange Behavior And Learn What To Do 

When you are not quite in a relationship with a Scorpio, but you also aren’t single it can sometimes be terrifying to try and navigate his strange behavior because it isn’t always obvious what you need to do. 

Follow these steps to master exactly what you need to do when you find yourself in a situationship with a Scorpio man:

Scorpio Man Stopped Texting Me Or Never Texts Back

When a Scorpio man never texts back it can be quite worrying and make you feel incredibly insecure especially if you thought that he was once really into you… There is nothing that feels more terrible than this.

Here are some reasons he might not be texting back:

  • He is busy with work
  • He feels bored with the topic
  • He has lost interest in you and is trying to slowly let things fizzle out
  • He is going through something and isn’t ready to talk
  • He forgot to reply

Learn more about what to do when a Scorpio man stops texting back <<

When A Scorpio Man Ignores Your Texts — Why Would He Avoid Your Texts?

When things are going so well with you and a Scorpio man it can be really hard to understand why he is suddenly avoiding and ignoring your texts. How did things change so quickly? Why does a Scorpio man avoid your texts?

I hate to say this ladies, but when a Scorpio man starts avoiding you or ignoring your text it is often because he is angry with you or is dealing with something difficult. Don’t automatically assume that he met someone else, or that his ex has come back into his life. 

Remember, a Scorpio man is a major flirt and a bit of a casanova, it isn’t difficult for him to meet women and they are usually under his charming spell. It is so easy to fall into his trap, you probably did as well, but avoiding your text doesn’t necessarily mean that is someone else in the picture.

Also, he may be uncertain that you are the right woman for him. That would make him withdraw and reconsider his options.

He isn’t very mature if he isn’t reaching out and telling you the truth. You deserve someone who is a grown-up and can be honest with you. 

Want to know why a Scorpio man would avoid you? Check out the number one reason a Scorpio man avoids your texts <<

Should I Ignore A Scorpio Man’s Texts?

There are a couple of situations I would suggest you ignore a Scorpio man’s texts… The main one would be after the two of you have broken up, I always suggest to my clients that they need to go No Contact so that they can figure out what they want and what they are feeling. 

This effect only works if you’ve had an argument or a breakup with a Scorpio man. I would never suggest you do this while you are in a happy relationship with him because the results of this would just be disastrous for your relationship.

When you don’t text a Scorpio man, he could suspect that you’re playing games with him, and he might end up playing one back. If you don’t want your emotions hurt, steer clear of messing with a Scorpio’s heart.

Why Do Scorpio Men Play With Your Feelings? << Learn more here.

Scorpio Ex Messages You Out Of The Blue — What Does It Mean?

There is no one straightforward answer to the question as you can never know exactly what is going on in the mind of a Scorpio man when he texts you out of the blue. 

A Scorpio man is definitely the type of guy that doesn’t text his ex often. If he has some unresolved relationship issues, then he will most likely text her, but if he has processed his feelings and moved from the relationship he is most likely done.

When a Scorpio man texts you out of the blue it is usually because he wants to check if you still have a fondness for him. 

This could also mean that your Scorpio ex misses you and there is a chance that he wants to get back with you. If you want to get back with him then you can definitely consider texting him back, but you need to be prepared for the consequences.

Scorpio Man Never Texts First Or Initiates Conversation

It can be so frustrating when you are dating a Scorpio man or are interested in him at the very least but he never reaches out to you. The only time you hear from him is when he responds to one of your text messages. 

I can understand that this might be frustrating or confusing for you because you might never know how he truly feels about you if you are the one always making the effort with him. 

The reasons this happens don’t always have to be bad, and it might just be because he is shy and afraid of your rejection. Of course, another reason might be that he isn’t really romantically interested in you and is just texting back to be polite. 

This could be a problem in any stage of a relationship because you will always feel like your Scorpio man isn’t making an effort if you are the one doing all of the work to contact him. 

You need a mind hack to get your Scorpio man to text you first. Otherwise, you’re going to be a year into this relationship and feel deeply saddened because you feel like your Scorpio man never chases or pursues you.

When A Scorpio Man Takes Forever To Respond

It is crazy how valuable texting has become with modern dating. Everyone reads so much into every situation, sometimes this is necessary, and sometimes this really isn’t. It all depends on your specific situation. 

If a Scorpio man takes forever to respond or is a slow texter after a period where he seemed really into communicating with you, then I would be worried. It might mean that he has lost interest in pursuing you.

However, if a Scorpio man has always been slow to text or respond then it often just means that this is how he is. There isn’t anything you can do about this and you need to respect that maybe he’s just not very big on texting and there is nothing wrong with this. 

Try not to take everything too personally when it comes to texting because it often really isn’t. You are going to drive yourself mad if you think everything is your fault if you don’t fix it or do it right. Be gentle with yourself. 

Scorpio Man Texting Me Everyday — Should I Be Happy About It?

This is great news and of course, you should be happy about a Scorpio man texting you every day. You have clearly left quite an impression on him and he wants to get closer to you. 

It must feel really amazing to know that you have his attention and admiration. I would be a little worried if he only left communication to texting with you and never made plans to see you. 

If he does that, then chances are good that he is leading you on… This is only good news if you see him regularly for dates and he still keeps in touch by texting often. 

Your Scorpio Man Will Text You Quickly When You Do This…

It can be so frustrating to send your Scorpio man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days. Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with a Scorpio. They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs.

And if you treat your Scorpio man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man… And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with a Scorpio.

>> There are three specific mistakes you NEVER want to make when texting your Scorpio.

I don’t want you to drive him away. Especially when it can be incredibly easy to capture his heart through text messages… IF you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

When you know EXACTLY what to text him… and what to NEVER text him… He will be putty in your hands. And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

Go check out what I mean here now so you keep him in your life forever.

Love and light,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,


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