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Secrets to Understanding Your Moon in Scorpio Man

Are you dating a man who happens to have a Scorpio moon? How does this make him different from his Sun sign? What does it mean? Keep reading to find out more about the sexy moon in Scorpio man.

The Good in Scorpio Moon Man

If you’re with a guy who has a sun sign that is normally rather stoic or isn’t good at showing his feelings, having a Scorpio moon may actually make him a bit more emotionally equipped.

A Scorpio moon man is one who can intuitively read you like a book. He knows what you want, how to treat you, and how to make sure that the relationship thrives. He wants a soul mate connection.

The moon itself is the emotional side of people. When a man’s moon is Scorpio, it gives him a softer touch, a better understanding of the feminine side, and makes him wan to be more in touch with his partner.

Don’t confuse the Scorpio moon with the Scorpio sun. There is a difference as the sun is more who the person is on their outer shell. The moon is more who they are on a deeper level. Scorpio sun and moon are a bit different.

The Scorpio moon man will be more interested in securing a long lasting love and may be a bit less fickle than the Scorpio moon. I know this sounds confusing but know that if you’re seeking a warm, loving connection with a man who “gets” you, he may have a Scorpio moon.

The Scorpio moon man is passionate about everything in his life. He doesn’t like doing anything half way. He wants it all and wants to go the whole way. If you’re looking for a man to go “all in” then the Scorpio moon guy may be for you.

He’s romantic, he’s full of sexual energy, he’s physical, and he wants to live life to the fullest. He’s looking for a woman who will want the same thing. Scorpio moon man will soften up the hardest cases such as Taurus, Virgo, or maybe Capricorn man.

I’ve mentioned before that the moon sign can change a man’s personality who is normally an alpha type of personality to be less aggressive and more loving. It does come with a price but it may still be worth it.

Where you have a guy who would normally not share his feelings, he will probably open up once he is comfortable with you. Also if you have a guy who is tough and rumble, Scorpio moon will make him more even keeled.

A guy who typically acts as though emotions are not important will find that the Scorpio moon makes them feel things more and will want to look more inward with himself as well as with his partner.

The Darker Side

Moon in Scorpio Man

Naturally if there are good things about the Scorpio moon guy, there may be more issues or problems that come with dating a guy with this moon. If you have a guy that has an emotional sun, this may make his feelings more intense.

The Scorpio moon man can be possessive, jealous, clingy, co-dependent, could develop trust issues, and may over analyze any situation going on. This includes his daily life as well as his relationships.

This guy could be over the top and could end up needing medication to help keep him at an even keel. Scorpio may struggle with conditions such as Bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, or any other similar problems.

Scorpio man may be overly emotional, he may act out, he may get pissed or sad very quickly without thinking it over. He may overreact to just about anything. He may snap at nothing and he may be very moody.

Now this is where you need to consider what his sun sign is as if he has a sign that makes him a strong reliable guy who is secure then this may not cause him to be an emotional train wreck because he is more balanced.

If he has a sun sign that is already emotional then he could have some problems that he will have to face. He requires a partner who is an even keel type of gal to help him get through.

If you’re a very calm woman who doesn’t let too much get to you then this guy may be someone who needs your assistance to balance him out. In exchange, he will love you passionately with everything he’s got.

All In All

Overall, the Scorpio moon man can either be really amazing or he may be a very emotional person who could require therapy or even meds. The thing is, either way, he’s very loving.

There are problems as with any sign and it really will depend on what is sun sign is as to how balanced or unbalanced he will be. It’s really important to get to know your man because each one of them is truly unique.

You may find a loyal partner who is passionate for only you and will never want to be with anyone else. He may support you, take care of you, and be there for you when you need him.

Then again, you could see his darker side come out including his jealousy issues, and him asking you to stay at home with him instead of going out with your friends.

It can really go either way but please do yourself a favor and take your time getting to know your Scorpio moon man. You’ll thank yourself later. Don’t hurry it, don’t stress it, and be certain of who he is before you dive in.

I would also suggest avoiding diving into bed with him until you know him for sure either way. Know whether or not he’s someone you want to be with going forward or if you just want a fling. Click here for more details on him.

He may be up for either but it will take the two of you to decide what the best route is for you both.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

13 thoughts on “Secrets to Understanding Your Moon in Scorpio Man

  1. Ohhh! My man has all signs . Wow jealousy ! When he showed his jealous i realized he fell in love with me , before it , i did not know at all ! I like him more , when he showes his possissveness , when i fill his mind , he when wants to fight with world to have me & does not me lose ! These feels are so sweet to me !
    Hahaha , in my life dictionary friends do not have any special mean, coz am so conservative ! i talk with all ppl , only to know them & have fun , so when he said me , do not talk with your friends & only talk with me & only be mine , it was exactly i WANTED !!! I can tell , i fell in love with his dark side more than other his features .
    The only thing that i fascinated to him was his intelligent , his emotions & so hot he was at the first day . His mind is so powerful & i am proud of him ❤ .
    Love you the only gentleman of the world my man S…. xoxo

    1. Hi Rosa! That’s wonderful that you’re so happy with your Scorpio man. I can see why you would think his jealousy would be endearing. Just be sure you’re not controlled over overrun by his insecurities though. He needs you to be strong and stand up for yourself. If you lay back and let him demand things of you or tell you what to do, he may lose respect for you. Be very careful! If you’d like to know more, check out my revealing book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

  2. I am a Scorpio moon woman with a scorpio moon man. I can tell you this is all him. Our relationship is super addictive and at times beautiful. It is also toxic and turbulent and can be very scary. He and I play mind games with each other. My sun is Capricorn and his is Aries. I don’t know how to manage us sometimes. Right now, his jealous and past and dillusional mind has got the best of him. He thinks I will betray and cheat him. As you know, we are loyal when in love and sexually. Sex life is amazing. I love the passion and intensity of our kissing and love making. Two Scorpio moon in a bed are explosive. Nothing holds us back. After the sex, we just want to hold each other. Our relationship is so hard, we struggle so much! It’s hard to walk alway from him. What can be done with these two moons?

    1. There’s power in pray. Ask God for guidance and wisdom . Show move love and be more patient. Am a moon and venus in Scorpio, An he’s moon . It’s hard sometimes but that’s how I handle it. He loves me very much ,and am not giving him up for any one else the man shower me with love everyday and sees only me. What giving him soft touches ,this calm him down.when he’s not reachable give him space ,u can pray at this point cause him wanting space will give you time to do so ok .Sue

  3. I am Libra male sun . scorpio moon.
    I am 65 years old.
    It has taken all 65 years to discover all the truths above. This means that I have dwelt in abysmal sorrow most of my life. The intense need for loyalty and faithfulness is all consuming. Nuclear destruction is just a tickle compared to the pain of not finding a suitable partner. Unrealistic objectives are the source of misery…referring to loyality/ truth issues. People are flawed…people betray for a lot of reasons. We scorps take it as lese dare you disrespect my investment( emotional) in your sorry ass. Is what we FEEL. And may say in anger. It not really about ego..but security..who baby is it ? His or mine? Why SHOULD I raise His kid? What about clap etc.? You jeopardizing alot of shit..being experimenting expolringfree..independent..liberated..and all the bullshit terms for just having cake and eating it too. A nother guy get what you support and love without having to support and love. He riding a free ticket! He drive yo payment..sleep yo bed no rent. Your food etc. It aint just them swapping fluids laughs and orgasms. It at YOUR EXPENSE. You get nothing when she screw others( normal men dont..we KNOW some like to watch.) It also says you ain’t man enough..give are DEFICIENT!!! SHIT not worthy of the sacrifice of fidelity. I have inflicted physical harm in murderous rages when mistreated that way. If you hit me in the face with a sledgehammer it feels better than that. Recently..I gained the understanding. The TRANSFORMATION. It is empowering! I haven’t changed my feelings..just my viewpoint.
    I met and love the perfect woman for me…drawback ?20 plus years age difference!!!
    Obviously its hopeless…I thought she was older. But I can let her move on without the usual drama and pain. Why? I recognize now my self and motivations. And limitations..
    I would have still wanted fidelity..but not demand it. I now recognize the right of others to follow their own will as they choose. Even if they choose wrong in my opinion and the worlds opinion. I was typical Moon scorpio at first when I learned her age… We cant grow old together.. I resented finding her at the end of my life. Now I can deal with it by seeing that I had my dream..however brief. It strange not to be in turmoil.

    1. Hi Will!

      Wow thank you for sharing your very in depth look at just how emotional a Scorpio Moon man can be. From the experiences I’ve had with Scorpio Moon men, they typically have to learn and accept themselves before they can do that for someone else. It’s extremely difficult for a Scorpio moon not to have expectations on people. They get hurt time and time again. They also have a hard time accepting people for who they are. This causes lots of strife and pain for them. When they do finally learn these things, they find peace and can love someone unconditionally. Again, thank you for baring your soul with us. Blessings to you.

  4. I forgot to tell WHY my last girl was perfect.
    She a Leo. Moon unknown. Probably Leo also. She formidable!! Of course gorgeous..intelligent ..very .
    Selfish..but generous at times beyond belief! Majestic. She perfect for me because she sincere in caring for me..and honest about it when she dont care. Raw. Authentic. Dynamic.We compliment each well …she fills my weaknesses ..I fill hers. Matchless against the world..unbeatable together! If we had started in our twenties together…the whole galaxy would be our domain!!! She expert pushing my ambition button..and HELP me get it done.
    She FOR US. SHE want US to be a team. Even though it ultimately all for HER…SHE deserve it cause she HELPS!!!!
    She diligent hard worker ..fearless. Very much like Lynda Carter Wonder Woman..but tender and sweet in intimacy. In sex….? Holy Mackerel!!!! Porn stars are put to shame!!
    Im libra sun..scorpio take a lot to impress me in bed..she MIGHT have too much to ever handle any one man…but she have an ex…that I intuit may have been better in bed ..for HER tastes…
    But there a sado masochist element to that relationship that too dangerous for me to try to duplicate. S. Moons can get nasty. Avoid that trap. Anyway ..she years younger( she over 21 y.) So its impossible to continue…she has too much growing to do..Im damn near dead

  5. Oh..this may save lives!
    When and if a conflict get physical. Tell a scorpio moon you quit.. Its not cowardice to do so. Prudence. Otherwise incapacitate him immediately!Extreme pain tolerance and psycho strength. Best not let it get to that level. Your life at that point is worth less than cigarette ashes to him. They fear not death or prison then. I aint lying.

  6. He is Scorpio moon with Taurus Sun. Wooow, God of sex. Passionate, sensual, gentle and emotional. His body and gestures is totally in his control. I felt his sensitivity and intensity so much. It’s really burning. He shows his intense emotions through body language and ignore it throughout words. Peaceful, calm and listener outward but very sensitive, secretive, jealous, rage and retaliating inward. Always caring and understanding. He retaliate but not really in a malicious way. I will keep such a gentleman in my mind.

    1. Hi Paris!

      That is a very nice combination sweetheart. He’s a steady earth sign with a caring tender water sign. He’s not afraid to talk to you about his feelings. I am so very happy to hear how wonderful you think your Taurus with Scorpio moon is. He’s a unique type of guy and not exactly the “norm” for Taurus. In many ways that can be a very good thing. I wish you all the best with your guy sweetheart!

      1. You are very kind and skillful relationship astrologer and psychologist for sure. It is obvious in your analysis of famous people birth chart and the other posts. It is really surprising how the birth chart accurately define our lives especially in case of synastry. Thank you so much dear Anna. I wish you too all the best.

        1. Hi Paris!

          Psychologist I am not. Everything I have learned is through Astrology and studying human behavior over the years. Charts are very in depth and give you all the information you could ever imagine! I’m glad that it works well for you and that you got out of it what you needed. I wish you all the best as well sweetheart!

  7. I’m a Scorpio woman with Leo moon and Capricorn rising. My boyfriend is a Scorpio man with Scorpio moon and Aquarius rising, there is a lot of intensity and it definitely keeps things interesting. Although, it can often time be draining all at once. I feel that it’s almost like looking into a mirror, I see a reflection of myself and sometimes it’s not always good. There is a lot of love but mostly understanding. Very contradictive…

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