What Makes A Scorpio Man With A Leo Moon Unique

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re yet to make it official with the Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon man then you’re in luck because I’m here to provide you with some useful techniques that will entrance him and get his eyes on you and you alone! 

If you’re yet to make it official with the Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon man then you’re in luck because I’m here to provide you with some useful techniques that will entrance him and get his eyes on you and you alone! 

These guys are unavoidable. They draw attention like a magnet and it’s almost unsettling how obsessed people can become with them. These guys have a smoldering and smoky sort of sex appeal that has people wondering just how they come off as that sexy… even if they aren’t traditionally attractive. 

Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon Personality

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon Man Personality


These guys are the epitome of passion. Take Scorpio, the sign of intensity of feeling, with Leo who does nothing without a hefty dose of drama, and together it creates someone who feels everything deeply and reacts to everything in a huge way! 

One thing to know about this guy is that he has big dreams and loads of faith in himself. He won’t be holding himself back or underestimating himself. He knows exactly what he desires and he will pursue it until the end of time – because failure simply isn’t an option with him.

This combination creates one stubborn guy. Don’t ask him to change on a dime, it won’t happen! He knows what he’s about and what he wants and gosh darn it, he wants to get it! 

You have to understand that this combination depends on success. He needs to succeed to feel good about himself, and so he feels like he must win like his life depends on it… because it feels like it does to him! 

This can actually make him seem incredibly ruthless. He has no limits as to what he will do to see the view from the top. If you’re a shrinking violet who takes issue with harsh tactics then you may want to avert your eyes from these guys!

Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon In Love

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon Man In Love

I’d be hard-pressed to think of a combination that would create a more loyal man. His eyes are not straying from you when he’s dating you. 

Scorpio/Leo combinations have the ability to make their partner totally addicted to them. They are like a drug to their partners because their single-minded attention on their girlfriend is such a gratifying trait. 

Now, if you have a wandering eye, then I urge you to stay FAR away from the Scorpio/Leo combination! Understand that their pride is too important to them to allow their partner to gallivant around without them knowing. They will get their revenge one way or another. 

They also are incredibly possessive. Because their ego seems to run the show, they want to double down on efforts to ensure that you’re staying true to them. If they have a streak of hidden insecurity then they will be all over your business to make sure you know you belong to them… on that note, I’m pretty sure Christian Grey had this combination! 

No matter what, they’re going to desire that intensity and if it isn’t there, they will fabricate situations to add a flair of drama. If these guys are bored then you may see them becoming nitpicky or picking fights for no reason. This is so that they can get that “alive” feeling that Scorpios so crave! 

In a search for that dark and broody feeling they secretly love, they will also attempt to play sexual games of dominating and submitting. This edgy sort of practice is going to keep them feeling present rather than descending into the darkness as Scorpios are prone to.

The Type Of Woman He Needs

This type of combination absolutely NEEDS two things in a woman: her loyalty and her attention. Other good qualities are of course welcomed by them, but they are all secondary. 

Remember, the Moon sign indicates what the man needs to feel safe and secure and what it takes for them to be emotionally fulfilled. When the Moon is in Leo, it makes a man who really needs validation to feel good! 

Scorpio, being a tad on the possessive side, also loves to know that all eyes are on them… because that means that the eyes are on no one else! 

A Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon man is going to need constant praise and fangirling as well. You’re going to have to go into full cheerleader mode for this guy.

In my personal experience with this combination, they tend to desire bubbly, bright girls. I’ve seen a preference for the blonde and peppy women who have a sense of optimism about them.

It’s interesting to see that when it comes to appearances these men seem more driven by their Leo Moon than their Scorpio Sun. The Leo Moon is certainly the driver behind their desire for a bright and cheery woman. 

Like I said, the Moon sign is what nurtures us and makes us feel loved. I believe that these men are motivated to find Leo-like women who satisfy their need for optimism. 

They themselves come off as fairly cynical (due to their Scorpio Sun) but this doesn’t mean that that’s what they’re searching for! 

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This is a guy that is not for the faint of heart! Everyone thinks they want this guy, don’t get me wrong. But often once you dip a toe in, you’ll fall headfirst into their whirlpool of passionate emotion. It’s a lot for some of the fluffier signs to handle! 

I recommend that you take your time and get a feel for these guys. If you think that they’re a great match for you then remember that your never-ending fidelity and attention is an absolute requirement! 

It’s easy to offend these guys since they are always looking for a little drama. So, you should be open to some sparring on occasion with the understanding that it is to feed the Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon man’s need for intrigue.

These are great guys to date if you can handle the heat! I recommend a fellow fire sign or a fellow Scorpio for this relationship, since air signs may have trouble understanding the appeal of the deep feelings and Earth signs will end up rolling their eyes at the hysterics!

Are you crushing on a Scorpio Sun Leo Moon man? Do you still think you can handle it? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

And if you are unsure if a Scorpio is your ideal match, then take my quiz here to find out for sure! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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