What They Don’t Tell You About Dating a Scorpio Man

by Anna, relationship astrologer
When it comes to popular astrology the sign of Scorpio seems to be one of the most favored of them all. Are you dating a Scorpio man? Here are some tips!

When it comes to popular astrology the sign of Scorpio seems to be one of the most favored of them all. This is usually related to the Scorpio’s powerful sex drive and their intellectual abilities, often interpreted as shrewdness or inclinations toward revenge.

“They” meaning the widespread and popular astrology texts tend to overlook some very important facts regarding this great sign. And if you want to learn more, let’s dive deeper into the heart of Scorpio.

Scorpio Is the Sign of a True Transformation

In the ancient times, this constellation was known as “the Eagle” and even in the Bible this sign is often mentioned in the Old as well as the New Testament, together with “the Lion, the Bull, and the Man”. The “face” of the Man is here referring to the sign of Aquarius, so the fixed astrological signs are portrayed as exceptionally important for marking the future of mankind.

So, what does this means for you? You have to be aware of the fact that the sign of Scorpio has three transformations along his lifeline. As a Scorpio, this person is often aggressive, vengeful, dishonest and even prone to criminal behavior. Then the life crisis follows and transforms this dangerous little animal into the Mighty Eagle.

The Eagle phase shows someone who is very dangerous also but is also courageous and righteous, with lots of skills and experience. And then, just for the special and chosen ones, the third transformation brings out the Phoenix. This is someone with extraordinary powers and the gift to heal the soul or the body of any living being.

Do You Really Know Which Type of Scorpio You Are Dating?

Dating a Scorpio Man

Let’s not exaggerate now; I doubt anyone might ever date the Phoenix type of guy. They are simply “undateable” because they belong to the avatar or a guru category.

But when you meet a Scorpio guy, do you ever wonder does he belong to the lower or a higher type of this zodiac sign? You will recognize a “lower” Scorpio by his harsh words, his fast gestures, and often his aggressiveness.

He will insist on a hookup type of experience and if you refuse, he might call you names and act disgustingly in many other ways. According to another scenario, he could be truly interested in you, but if you have a keen eye, you will be able to notice his nervousness, jealousy, and possessiveness. And those traits in him will increase over the time you spend together.

You may wonder now, what if you were so lucky to date an Eagle type of guy. Well, in this case, you are trapped for sure, because he will take your heart whether each of you two wants a committed relationship or not.

Like every Scorpio, he is very skilled in the arts of a physical and mental war, he can look deep into your soul and he knows many things about you before you even open your mouth for the first time, just by noticing your gestures, eyes and the levels of your energy.

Don’t Ever Fake with the Scorpio Guy

When you are dating a Scorpio man, trust me, you don’t want to fake with the Scorpio man ever. Don’t be misled by the popular viewpoints regarding this sign. You don’t need to pretend like you are a powerful vamp woman if you are not. And there is no reason for you to dress in black, paint your nails or lips in black also, wear something too revealing if those details don’t resemble your personality.

Your over-accentuated gestures or fashion style will only make him think that he is dating some sort of a classical theater actress or a nut, and you don’t want this to happen. Remember, your intelligence and the sense of humor, are the two major things which will bring you closer to him.

He, the higher type or the mature type of a Scorpio guy, is looking for a real woman with the high set of standards, but he is also looking for a woman who is easy and joyous to be with.

Have in mind that the first impression he gets regarding you will color your whole relationship, so try to show off with your true femininity, your sensitiveness, and your passion. The woman without her own personal passion doesn’t have a special value in his eyes.

This “passion” can be anything which uplifts your spirit, meaning your cooking, gardening, dancing, arts, sports, your interest in science or literally anything under heavens.

In this manner, you will clearly show to him and to the world, that you are a stable and independent human being and your life doesn’t revolve only around the issues or romance. On the other side, your natural femininity will force his subconscious mind to treat you like someone who needs to be protected and he will naturally slip into this role of a knight in shining armor.

Scorpio Man Is a Man, So Let Him Be a Man

Dating a Scorpio Man

When you are dating a Scorpio man, you don’t need to worry about him at all. If he is interested, he will approach you, he will ask your number and he will set the date. There is nothing special or extraordinary you should do before, nor will you have to “dance” around him to make him notice you. You have been noticed. If he is interested and attracted, he will make the first move, otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

In this day and age, when dating a Scorpio man, many women make the same mistake, presuming that he needs a little encouragement or perhaps he didn’t have the chance to see them in all of their glory. However, this is simply not the truth. If you approach him first and if you are the one to lead this relationship, even only in the early stages, then you should know that he won’t stick around for a long time.


In the game of love with the Scorpio guy, always remember the basic. He is Mars, you are Venus. And you don’t have to be or do anything except to be truly yourself. Then, if he is really into you, he will become your faithful protector and provider. To learn more about Scorpio man and his needs, click here.

Do you have any experience dating a Scorpio man? Let me know!!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

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82 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About Dating a Scorpio Man

  1. I find him warm, then cold. Wondering if I offended him. He calls once a month for something I can for him. No dates, nothing but sex have we shared. He used me

    1. Hi Medlia! Yes, Scorpio men do hot and cold quite frequently. That’s how they cope with the fact that they are unsure of themselves and are unsure of you as well. If you dive into bed with them too quickly you end up being a “friend with benefits”. If you feel he used you then you should probably cut him loose and move on. Not all Scorpio men are this way so please don’t rule them all out due to one bad guy. Just next time be careful and don’t form a sexual bond until you get a commitment first. Take care of yourself!

      1. Hi. I’ve been dating a scorpio for a little over 5 years. He lies alot, very manipulative, alot of drama, I’ve had things come up missing, he plays the victim in all situations that he creates. He says that he is in love with me but his actions dont show it. The sex is AWESOME!!! When we argue he leaves and says we are done. When we first started seeing each other and that happened i would call first. Now I just say leave me alone then since your not happy. And i don’t reach out at all. A few weeks or a month or two goes by and he will reach out. Saying that he missed me. Its like I can’t help myself when it comes to him. I love him so much. But due to the drama, lies, and things that were taken I dont trust him. But I’m trying to get that trust back. And everytime i do something happens to reveal some lies he has told me.I’m just so tired of this emotional rollercoaster. But its like he just keep drawing me back in. Why won’t he just leave me alone? I’m 48 years old and he is 37 going on 38. I just feel so lost right now.

  2. A Scorpio guy and I were sexting pretty hot and heavy…I have no doubts that he was not a hacker….we planned to meet at a hotel,but I chickened out at the last minute and he pulled his profile off POF immediately..any chance he will check back with me? I really dug him!

    1. Hi donna ford! I’m not sure if he will check back with you but do you have a way to reach out to him again? I’d try to look him up on other sources if you can and if not, if he was on POF, chances are he’ll get back on there. He may have just enjoyed the experience with you and moved on as well. There is no way to know unless you’re able to reach out to him or vice versa. I wish you all the very best!

  3. Yes,I am dating with Scorpio ,but his hot and cold energy make me ? dizzy.yes they are loving,tender and sweet

    1. Hi Merlina! I can certainly understand where you are coming from. They can be really confusing and down right heartless sometimes. However, they’re also amazing and loyal. I think maybe you would benefit from checking out my book “Scorpio Man Secrets” as there is loads of information that may be useful to you. I wish you all the best!

  4. I met a Scorpio male online, we were FB friends for years and to cut a long story, he told me he had fallen in love when he first saw a photo of me and we got together. It was a long distance r/ship of 8 months and he fitted the bill, the long silences, etc, then I found out he was cheating on me, and things started falling into place, then I discovered I think, am pretty certain he is a Narcisst Personality Disorder, he certainly fits the bill. He has blocked me out totally and Im left in pure misery because I ended up falling in love with him. I had dealings with a Scorpio once before and swore I would never get involved with another one, and my own brother is one and I can see a lot of traits that also fit him.

    1. Hi Marie! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had this experience. I do what you to know that not all Scorpio men are exactly the same. I hope you don’t rule them all out due to what you’ve experienced. Some of them are very loving and loyal. Their moon sign and rising sign play a huge role in their personality traits so next time, you should try to find out what those may be to see if it’s a more stable and secure type of Scorpio guy.

  5. Hello. I’m going through a divorce. Yes I’m seeing a scorpion guy. Hot and cold. He’s not stayed away. We see each off and on. I’m honest with him. He says, he doesn’t know what to do? It’s like he’s always fighting with him self. Good and bad?! I’m confused. Unless we are together.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Christy! He’s dragging his feet in part because you’re not divorced yet and he can. He knows you cannot fully commit just yet and well, they’re terrified of getting hurt. This is going to take time with him so that he can get comfortable, you can take care of what you have to, and he can decide how to handle the feelings he has for you. If you aren’t clear on what it is he doesn’t know what to do with, ask him. Tell him you really care for him and want to take it slow so what is there to question. Maybe he’ll give you more clarity so that you can either move on or have patience with him.

      1. Well I started working in a local pub and the night we met he got my number over 12 months of exchanging funny memes etc. I left my job he. Reached out seeing how I was a couple of times then after 3 months I ended up going working back at the pub something changed we ended up. Sexting for about 3 months then a kiss then still Sexting for about 10months before we slept together then we sext. He blows hot and cold just when I say I’m done he starts texting me again or Sexting again. I feel really drawn to this guy and I really have never been in this sort of situation where I am just drawn to him. When I’m at work he will go out of his comfort zone to be seen and heard by me one minute then I won’t see him. I know he is insecure by some of his texts the wording and stuff but why do I keep letting him back in my life.

        1. Hi Scorpionlover!

          I hate to say it but it sure seems like he’s making what you two have all about sex. He will continue to do this for as long as you allow. Being drawn to him is fine but it doesn’t make a healthy blossoming relationship. If a relationship is what you are after then he doesn’t appear to be heading in that direction. He’s just enjoying the sex aspect of things. If there is more that you want from him then you need to talk to him about it and find out if there is any intention of that. Be bold and brave for yourself!

  6. My ex bf and I dated for almost six months, one day out of nowhere I came home from lunch and we got into a huge fight about something silly I didn’t tell him, to him it was a big deal because my ex came to my job to harass me. After that fight he broke up with me and stated he wanted me out of our house, I told him I wanted to work things out but he didn’t want to. I moved out and the same night I left he sent me random texts with pictures of one of our dogs being sad and the comment “are you happy yOu happy hour ruined our life for your new guy” couple days went by and I tried to find ways to fix our issue with no luck. One night he cane over and checked my phone which had a message to my best friend from childhood telling him that my ex and I broke up and I didn’t know what to do. My ex got furious and left right away saying I was a liar. During this past 3 weeks I found out he is seeing a new girl and confronted him because he keeps trying to make me look like I’m the one seeing other people, he said to me “as much as I hate to tell you she is not my girlfriend” this girl and I have friends in common and they keep talking about instagram post of her and my ex at the gym or him cleaning her car or her spending the night at my old house. Funny is that new girl has the same bday as mine so he is taking her to do the things he planed to do with me. So for my bday my parents bought me a ticket to go on vacation, I mentioned it to him and he responded “ I cannot do this, if I cannot trust you while you are here, how am I gonna trust you in another state, I cannot let this hurt me nor think about what you will be doing”. The day after that conversation I got into a car accident and he called me saying he was extremely worried, I told him I was ok, he asked what happened and I told him the Truth, I was leaving a bar after I picked up my friends and taking them home, he texted me a day later he knew exactly what I did and who I was with (no one obviously) so he needed to stop talking to me and block me which he has not block me just yet, I told him that fine but when you realize you lost a good woman that loved you and wanted a future with you I’ll be far gone. This was a couple weeks ago, he called me last Friday and he was upset with me because he said he wanted to talk about something important with me but I ruined it because I was talking to a new guy. Can somebody explain what is going on?
    Thank you

    1. Hi MV! Scorpio men have trust issues. They’re born with them. The thing is, if he’s that insecure it’s because he has low self esteem when it comes to your love. He feels he’s not good enough or that he cannot give you what you deserve which makes him fearful that you’ll leave him for someone else who can give you what you deserve. Make sense? Him sabotaging things is his way of proving that you’ll leave him which makes no sense because he’s the one pushing. Tell him you’re not talking to anyone else and if he cannot get over his insecurities then you’re going to have to give up. Tell him you respect yourself and need to make sure you’re not going to get hurt. He probably won’t like that but he’ll have to think about it and decide if he still wants to act this way or if he realizes it’s HIS problem and fixes it. I wish you all the best!

  7. I was
    Married to a Scorpio for 22 years.
    Our courtship was quick, fast and furious! He proposed to me just 3 months after we met. We got married a year later.
    We had 5 kids together. It was a really great marriage. Many struggles but not within the marriage itself. We had many find adventures together. When he turned 40 he sorta changed. Or maybe he stayed the same and it was I that changed?? I discovered he was cheating on me, I found this out 6 months after the birth of our last baby. 1 year later he tells me he wants “alone time” and so that was 5 years ago… we been separated ever since.

    Currently, I’ve been seeing a Scorpio (which I only found out after I fell for this guy) – it’s a long distance relationship and I’ve been over to see him a few times. We’ve known each other for about 4 years. He’s recently separated too, ( just 6months)
    Next month I’ll be going to visit for his birthday! And he asked me if I’d want to go on a road trip to meet his mom and family! Sounds serious.
    By the way I’m an Aquarius. Apparently Aquarian’s and Scorpios are not comparable

    1. Hi Tammy! My gosh, you’ve been through it haven’t you sweetheart?! Be careful with your heart as you get to know this other Scorpio guy. Not all of them are the same but you’ve still go to take care of yourself. Do what your intuition tells you to and don’t settle. Only further this relationship if things work well. No matter what the match up, if both people love each other and are willing to do the work, they can make it last. Trust in yourself sweetheart!

  8. I have been dating a Scorpio man on and off for 6 yrs
    I still do not know where I stand with him . I am always breaking off with him because he won’t commit. He said he loves me but he shuts down and acts indifferent and other times he is loving and caring. His actions just don’t match his words. I don’t feel loved. I am mostly disappointed. Everytime I say that’s enough we stop seeing each other and then weeks or months later he draws me back but the same thing happens. I just can’t resist him .
    I am a Leo and I need attention and want to be a priority to him and I know I am not.
    Very confused!

    1. Hi Anne Marie! It sounds like he’s non committal for whatever reason and you’re not going to change that about him. He will if he wants to but do you really want to sit around and wait on him to figure it out? You’re not happy. You need to find someone who will give you all the attention you crave honey. Someone else will make you a priority!

  9. I’m in a relationship with a cancerian man but have been tempted by a Scorpioman into a friends with benefits relationship that only seems to have lasted a couple of months and now he’s not messaging me requesting what became a regular weekly bootie call. I so feel like chasing him and am pretty much stalking him in Facebook watching his conversations with other women and outings with ‘friends’. I just can’t get him out of my mind when I should just be focusing on my poor loyal trustworthy cancerian man that wants to marry me. Help I need some common sense kicked into me.

    1. Hi Sue! This is a mess honey. FWB is never worth it. It 99% of the time goes nowhere and isn’t worth the risks. If you love your Cancer man then don’t give up on him. If things aren’t working well with him then you need to get out of the relationship before you enter into another one. Let this guy go (Scorpio man) and find your own way. Your Cancer man loves you enough to marry him but if you feel something is lacking then you need to find out what it is or you need to leave so you can find your happiness. Your bliss comes from within, not from someone else. Love yourself!

  10. Wow, reading all of your comments about your Scorpio men has sure brought much more enlightenment to the table for me. I have been in a so called, sex only relationship with a Scorpio man for about 7 months. I too have tried to end it but he would find ways to win me back..in some ways he is narcissistic.. just recently started to say some cruel things…there always seems to be personal issues,drama and excuses as to why he can’t have a real relationship right now or, bring it to the next level. I have not met any of his friends or family and I never see him on long weekends, most weekends or holidays. I know now that he is lying to me about having true feelings for me, just to keep the awesome sex going. On his terms and his schedule, late nights.. Yes. He is definitely the best I’ve ever had in bed and I got hooked and addicted to him right away. Unfortunately, my strong feelings for him, and never having been with a man that didn’t want a relationship with me, this entire sex only thing that’s beneath me and my values, drove me to the point of just about losing my mind. Drunken lashing out texts to him that if I wanted a secret sex kitten thing with a man that I would have to start charging by the hour. Not to mention, this has pushed me over the edge and to a point of such desperation that I had to start a form of counselling/ empowerment training. The good news is, this is helping and I’m realizing what an asshole he really is, and i’m taking my power back one piece at a time…and I’m starting not to like him.. I’m happy to say, that I’m starting to fall out of love with him and I know that I deserve much better than this. My advice to any of you drawn to and taken in by a Scorpio man who won’t commit, RUN!!! Before he has the chance to suck the entire life, respect and dignity right out of you and before he ruins your life. I left my husband for this scumbag.

    1. Hi Ann! Yikes! I don’t think you should ever leave anyone unless that relationship isn’t working. Leaving someone for someone else usually doesn’t pan out and can distribute a karmic slap. I’m guessing this may have been what happened because it backfired. Take good care of yourself and do what you need to in order to feel fulfilled within yourself before you meet someone new. When you’re feeling good about your life and path, you’ll find things fall into place more. Don’t cast off all Scorpio men though. Not all of them act the way this guy did. He wanted his cake an eat it too which is unacceptable. Next time a guy tries the FWB route, say no! Don’t settle!

  11. I dated a scorpio man….
    It’s 3 yrs relationship and we were about to marry,i was fighting in home to agree for us to marry and he just finished it within a minute…. He created so many scenes to make me guilty about break up…..

    1. Hi Aaaaa! I’m so very sorry you’ve had to deal with this emotional terrorism. Many Scorpio men are good at doing that when they’re trying to get revenge. Try to brush it off and pick yourself back up. Cut the cord and move forward. Not all Scorpio men will treat you badly so I hope you don’t write them off entirely. Sending you blessings!

      1. Hi, Anna. I have a Scorpio man in my life for about 2 1/2 years now. When we first met, he approached me, we talked for days until we finally went on a trip where we started a sexual relationship. I ended that sexual relationship after some time for many reasons due to him being a butt and saying things that made me mad. Time passes, he blows my phone up and I ignore many times until I decided to answer a couple of times and we had sex each time. Well I GOT PREGNANT (by him)! I didn’t know it was his baby until after the baby was born. (I was still seeing my boyfriend , who is my EX now, at the time) Scorpio called me literally almost everyday asking if the baby was his and could he see me….I told him I thought it could be and then I told him no closer to my due date. He seemed disappointed ??‍♀️ Time passes, I have the baby and we end up meeting up to have sex a couple of times. Four months go by after my son is born, and I notice the baby starts to look like him so I am him to take a test… Low and behold, the baby IS HIS!!!! He came around and started saying he was going to be there and help out blah blah blah and then I caught COVID? he pulled away for months until I reached out after a nasty argument we had and he came back around (we had SEX of
        course) he started saying he wanted a key to my house and if I love him blah blah… I EXPRESSED MY FEELING TO HIM and he runs off AGAIN… this goes on A LOT hot and cold cold and hot…. he told me he loves the baby and I… he says he’s going to do better he promised blah blah..I really do want to see if we can be together for our son and my love for him…I don’t know what to do as a Gemini….

        1. Hi Ms Gemini!

          I don’t blame you at all for not knowing what to do. He is going to have to prove himself. Just like how addicts have slips and fall off the wagon, guys that are typically instable can do the same thing. You do you and take care of that baby whether he is going to be around or not. Promises are cool but they mean nothing when there is no action behind them. Keep an eye on him but don’t waste your energy if you don’t have to. I wish you all the very best!

  12. I’ve been married to my first boyfriend, who is Capricorn. Last semester, I met someone in the college, A Scorpio guy, who got me thinking about him all the time. We started to flirting with each other. I wasn’t sure he noticed I was married.I fell hard for him. So, I decided to send him an email telling him about my feelings and my marital status. He changed with me. I don’t know if it’s because I told him about my feelings or about my marital status. I went talk to him, and told him I told everything to my husband and that we are going to divorce. He encouraged me to do it, he said he believes me and that we would still see each other out of the campus. We talked one day more in the campus. Two weeks ago I tried to talk to him and he was so cold to me, that I apologized for taking his time and walked away. Since them, we didn’t speak or see each other. I don’t know what to think about it. Someone can help me please?

    1. Hi JJ! Scorpio men are naturally untrusting and have to see it to believe it. That being said, I think he’s waiting to see that you divorce before he gets too close to you. He wants proof that you’re going to do what you say. You can initiate to him as far as talking goes but I wouldn’t press him about anything further until you’re free from your situation. He will want you to be all his. I hope this helps!

  13. Hello Ann, this is the 2nd time I’m dating my Scorpio guy. The last couple times I stayed over his Mom’s house I was under the weather. After that we had a discussion on marriage and children sharing his concern about my Health. But also he said something really mean along the words that I wouldn’t be a good Mother.

    I ? him and I want this to work. Any advice?

    1. Hi Rachel! I would be asking him why he thinks you would be a bad mother. That’s not a nice thing to say to someone you are planning a life with. You need to find out if it’s a concern of his that is valid or was he just in a bad mood? I know you love him but if he says any other out of left field mean things to you then he’s in some way emotionally abusing you and you need to put your foot down and not allow that. Love doesn’t mean it’s alright to be a door mat to someone. You both sound young and perhaps need to grow some more before you commit to each other permanently. Please do what is best for you!

  14. Currently in a relationship with a scorpio man. We’ve been together for a bit over a year. I’ve never dated one. (Virgo here, btw.) We met online and it’s been a whirlwind in some ways but because of past trauma for both of us we’re taking things slowly. I’ve met family and he’s met mine. I am very happy with him. We talk about everything. I feel I can be my complete self and he still loves me. He doesn’t mince words with me. We’ve had a few bumps in the road but we are able to talk things out. My past relationships were with a libra and an aquarius. The aquarius was emotionally abusive to me. Very deceptive… his actions stopped matching his words. I tell my scorpio that he is a breath of fresh air because he is open and honest with me. I know exactly where I stand with him…I try to let him know where he stands with me. We’ve helped each other rebuilt our hearts to love again.

    1. Hi Q! Virgo and Scorpio go very well together. Meeting families is a very big thing for the both of you. I think this relationship is on a really good track and has the capability to last a life time as long as you both keep that wonderful communication open between you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me sweetheart!

  15. I’ve been seeing a scorpion man for over a year. Met each other’s family. Traveled alone and with family. I’m pisces and my prior relationship was with a cancer who was amazing but couldn’t commit to me. He wanted someone else. So when I met my scorpio they were very similar. Respectful, homest, secure, supportive, extremely funny, and amazing in bed. For the last 2 months he’s changed. No sex. No dates. No spending time with me whatsoever. Says he’s just changed his philosophy. He didn’t throw me away (this is my feeling). Says school is his priority. He’s always studying and I haven’t seen him with anyone else. He calls randomly and video calls from time to time. I text my feelings and no response. He’s killing me!!!!! I support him for being studious. In fact I love his drive for it, but meanwhile I feel like crap. What do I do?????

    1. Hi YYD! Yes, you are a water sign who is drawn to other water signs since you seem to understand them on a deep emotional level. He’s prioritized and relationships have become back burner to what he thinks needs to be done first. I can understand how this makes you feel. It’s a matter of you deciding if you can wait him out and be patient or if you have to perhaps maintain friendship with him while you move on. Maybe by the time he’s ready again, you’ll still be available. Then again, you could meet yet another water sign in which you feel very loving with. It’s up to you what you want sweetheart. I wish you all the very best in whatever you decide.

  16. I am currently in a relationship with a Scorpio who is a Marine..and WOW. Hes passionate and intense and persued me, wouldnt give up which I found very attractive. Has openly admitted to being possessive and jealous but I find it endearing. Hes already asked me to marry him after 2 mos. I of course said yes because hes the man of my dreams. Everything good that has been said through these emails is exactly my Matthew.

    1. Hi Jamie Larson! Scorpio and Marine? That’s doubled passion right there! Yes I can also see him being jealous and possessive which is normal for a Scorpio but also for a Marine I believe. That mentality of order and loyalty. I’m glad you said yes to his proposal and I wish you all the happiness in the world darling. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Scorpio man experience!

  17. Yes I have dated 2 in my lifetime. I loved both of them. I am an Aquarius/Pisces cup. It wasnt about the sex, I just enjoyed being with them. One was killed many years ago but we still had a courtship at the time. The other one is still alive and we still have a courtship. They are unpredictable beings almost like Bipolar disorder or something. They come and go at any giving time. Very mean and whoreish man.To date this man and be happy is to find yourself and love yourself. Do focus on him until needed too. I enjoy him when he is around and acting normal but have he starts to wonder and stray away for no reason at all I simply let him go and do me. He will return and if you want to date him fine but if youre done, tell him to go on. But he will never completely leave you alone even if he dates other people.

    1. Hi Sharita! It sounds like you’ve gotten a perfect formula for how to deal with a Scorpio man. Good for you and thank you for sharing what you know. I am sorry for your loss though sweetheart. Blessings to you!

  18. I work with a guy who is a Scorpio. I think he likes me but has not initiated anything. On the phone we can talk for hours and he shares things with me that he doesn’t share with others. He’s defended me to our coworkers when they said not nice things and lately has been opening the door for me when we’re together. One day we have a deep conversation, the next day he seems cold and distant. I’m giving him space and not bothering him as I know he is focused on school. Any advice? Please help.

  19. Hey Anna! I hope you can help me realizing some signs that I probably have missed. So I met my scorpio boyfriend when he was in a holiday. He visited my country and we started seeing each other and dated straightaway. (I’m a Pisces with gemini moon and Venus in pisces. He’s a Scorpio with Libra moon and Venus in Virgo).
    Things were so great when we were still together. We clicked and connected in a way. I would say we were so great together.
    But then, when things were just so great, he told me that his ex would come to visit him for 2 weeks soon and he couldn’t promise if they wouldn’t get drunk one day and have sex. We broke up but we were still seeing each other afterwards. Until his ex came, we didn’t speak to each other, his ex left, we met each other again and talk about things. He said he realized that he really love me. We kept going until he had to leave back to his country. We’re doing a Long Distance Relationship right now and it was good the first 2 weeks. But then he started being hot and cold again, which I’m kinda getting used to it, but that time he went cold for too long so I called him out. We talked things through and all good. But then I asked him, did you have sex with someone else?
    And he said yes. We’re always being honest with everything since the beginning.
    He told me that he had sex with one of his ex (AGAIN) when he got back to his country and it was actually on my birthday week! I had an accident on my birthday and had to stay in hospital for 4 days. And he had sex during that period.
    I was so upset at him and he said sorry he didn’t know why he did that and no excuses for that. But he felt very stressful after he did it. I know, logically it’s not right for me to take him back and pretend like everything’s okay. But at the same time, I could totally understand his position and I know how fucked up he could be because of his past and everything else which we’re trying to fix.
    But I don’t really know if I should give him a second chance or if I should just pull away from him. I don’t know what to do in this situation and what to say to him. I know there’s a difference between being understanding and being a doormat. Please help 🙁

  20. Wow. This really opens up some of the mysteries behind my Scorpio man. He indeed approaches me with the worst manners & such ghetto behavior that its repulsive. I dont care to be called “bitch” thank you. Ill be the first to tell you a bitch but I dont contend with being called one in the way hes used the term. Yet, hes a sweet very attentive lover once he shuts up. Which is hardly ever lol. I had a toothache, I asked him to throw some his power to me to heal it (on the phone)….it went away, instantly. That is profound, Im a healer so I know its authentic. What I cant understand is the Scorpio mans need to be told not to mess up my home. Hes tracked mud, leaves fingerprints on doors lol, throws dirty clothes on my floor& left haor all over my shower floor. OMG. How rude & ignorant & disrespectfult can he get? I told him if he showers aty place that HE needs to clean up after himself. No dice. I feel like Im raising another child. My five yr old doesnt act like that even. I guess it has to do with upbringing maybe. He hadnt mentioned his mother much, come to think of it. Hes only said his father hit him. Theres many dynamics involved regarding behavior, mostly its fear based thinking that pulls us astray from a forward thinking path. Nonetheless, I am one who seeks understanding & Ive tried to avoid things like dirty clothes n mud but its as if Im ignored. And thats just not good. Its like a test, but Im not a fan of such maneuvers attempted by people. Im brutally honest, an empath, Im psychic & gifted in all areas, & Im intelligent. My Scorpio isnt aware of what or who an empath is, so that already leaves a gap for his wild mind to fill with a void of false impressions. But this is why I point things out & put it all out there. Perhaps like myself, he may have to discover these things for himself. Maybe hes been misled by others & doesnt recognize my authentic nature. Ego seems to stand before me in line. Maybe hes an Eagle that is still not confident so reverts to other ways instead of less comfortable ways that it would take for him to level up & maintain it. Im concerned he will miss the opportunity to shift towards the higher calling while hes wasting time repeating past behaviors & maintaining the habits of ignoring the fire thats kindling before him while hes distracted by some other fire that doesnt need started or attended. The fire is burning, will he stop trying to build & start the fire thats not serving the greater good? Im going to allow him some self learning, Ive already started to back off in certain areas of my up frontness about things. So far, it seems like Im still on question 34/100 on a difficult exam, the clock is ticking & my mind is going “what?” so loudly. Sorry for the rant, it may not make sense lol. Thank you for the insightful meaningful info.

  21. I am dating a Scorpio guy for few days now (officially). But we were somehow dating for 3 months (Unofficially). Everything is amazing. His family likes me, his friends do too. And he also told me he loves me. Well. Actually he texted it. And he was pushing me to text it back. But I wanted to tell him in the eyes. And he misunderstood and started to text things like he doesn’t want something like this, one-sided, that it’s not gonna work and it hurt. I don’t like the way he’s pushing me to it. It’s not for the first time. He wants me to always tell him how I love him, care about him, what I like about him. But it’s hard for me to say such a things and he knows it. But he uses ending our relationship as a threat and I feel under pressure. Why are words so important to him? I want to show it, not say it. Words are meanless.

  22. Anna, I met my Scorpio almost two years ago when he was recommended to make repairs to my house before closing. My daughter and real estate agent were there when we first met. I saw him and those piercing blue eyes and was mesmerized. He looked at me and said, do I know you? I know that I know you. Instant sparks. When he left the real estate agent said “that was really something!” and my adult daughter said, “Mom, what was that? He couldn’t take his eyes off of you!” Flash to two months ago when I reached out to him to reroof my house. We saw each other. Same sparks. He started texting me extensively and although there has been and still is lots of very hot texting (I can’t wait to get him in bed), more recently he has started opening up to me about his life. He says he doesn’t want another relationship (he is 60, I’m 66), but in the next text, he is flirting with me, trying to make me jealous (as a tease), etc., then he tells me he is monogamous. I believe him. I just know there are no other women but me an there hasn’t been one in years. We are going through the Covid-19 shutdown here and he has health issues and he stays 6′ away from everyone, so there has been no touching whatsoever and no dating because everything is closed. I am oh so ready for touching. Anyway, I have seen him 3 times in the last few weeks, more than I ever have. He has started moving to stand right next to me and a few days ago, he stroked my hair and arm. My sister passed away a few days ago and he was so supportive and loving in his talks with me. However, sometimes he doesn’t contact me for days at a time. Several times I have reached out first, sometimes he reaches out first and things are always fine. Each time he does this, I feel like my world is ending and he won’t be back. I know in my heart-of-hearts that he is a truly good man and he has been showing his softer side…he’s a tough guy on the outside. He just has a lot going on in his business, his health, etc. He is always testing me and I mostly give the right responses but I have been hurt badly and have the same trust issues that he does. This means that sometimes I am not strong and he knows it. He says I am overthinking everything…which I do! Sorry about the rambling, but I know that Scorpio men need their space/privacy, but I can hardly handle it. Should I keep being patient with this or am I being foolishly in love with a man who says he doesn’t want a relationship? I can’t understand why he just can’t text me an “I’m okay, just busy” or something. Pretty certain that he cares about me but not as much as I do him. What should I do? Wait, run? I’m scared that I have turned him off by my occasional insecurity. What should I do to keep this gorgeous man and get things to the next step. Thanks, Anna!

  23. My relationship with my scorpio man is a bit strain because it is long distant and our states have restristions due to Coronavirus. We haven’t seen each other in six mouth but we do stay connected.

  24. I have been talking and scorpio man for 2 yeas. I have met his fa.ily and he has met mine. We are both married but separated from our spouses and are both single parents. He was married 19yrs and me 13. He says he wants to take things slow and see where things go with us. He says he has feelings for me and even loves me and always wants to be in me and my kids life even if things don’t work out. We video talk several times everyday and we have been to his house and see each other 1 every other month. We live 3 hrs away from each other. The only problem is we act like we are in a relationship but he says he is not ready. I admit it is hard to understand him sometimes. He acts jealous about the clothes I wear and does nkt want me to talk or to any other guy. I told him if he feels the way he does about me and I’ve him then why can’t we be together. He says he does nkt want to hurt me and he wants to do things the right way. He does not want this to be a rebound relationship so he wants to get himself together and back on track. He said if he did not love me or have feelings for me he would not call me everyday and would have blown me off long ago and would not waste his time. He said when he is ready I will be the first to k ow. I love him and want a future with him. He is a wonderful man and is great with my 4 children.

  25. I e been seeing my Scorpio for about 7 months. We started off taking it slow. His idea since we both ended a relationship prior. For about 5 months I had no idea where I stood until I decided to take a trip for 3 weeks by myself to visit my daughter. All of a sudden his intentions came into play and I realized he really does want me and a relationship. It’s true what they say… absence does make the heart grow fonder. I am crazy about him and couldn’t be happier. He’s what I’ve been waiting for all my life.

  26. I tried dating a Scorpio man and it was difficult trying to get to his core he was very passionate and attractive in a physical way but said we couldn’t have a romantic relationship. He later told me he wished I was more available? So confusing
    If he changed his mind mind why didn’t he say so??

    1. Hi Kelly, they are very confusing people it seems. Mine said he doesn’t date Liberals which I am. I poured my feelings (not love by any means) out to him in an email and he quickly pointed out why we can’t date. Now he’s back inviting me to go sailing, etc. I am talking to him but have no intentions of even trying to hold his hands again. If he wants to be affectionate then he needs to come after me. I refuse to set myself up for another failure. Luckily we have not been intimate and I’ve known him for 4 months now.

  27. Hi, I am in a relationship with a scorpio. And we have both said I love you to each other. It’s a nice relationship but lately he says he’s working very hard to get a down payment for us so I can move next year after I finish studying. The thing is I feel he is pushing me aside. If I don’t text first he has no time to text or call. Should I be concerned? I really love him and he has said he loves me too and wants a future with me and all.

  28. I have been with my Scorpio for 34 yrs and 11/2 months go he left me for someone else. Just walked away from our marriage,Children and Grandchildren all because he is entitled to have a Life. Go figure I thought we had 1.

  29. I am truly amazed at how spot on you are about the Scorpio man!! I have been friends with one since August and I honestly don’t know if we are dating or not. He is very secretive, elusive, insecure, hot one week and cold the next. Tends to be on the negative side, extremely intelligent and you don’t want to go to battle with him as you will not win! Somehow I am drawn to this guy like a magnet and can’t seem to shake him from my thoughts. It’s like an obsession and we aren’t even intimately involved. Thanks for your insights, extremely helpful!!

  30. He asked me out from dating site. He was great Enjoyed our dates lots of fun It’s been a year he is still great BUT he seems secretive. I noticed this lately he doesn’t like to talk about our relationship I asked him lately how he was feeling towards a more committed relation. No answer. I said were are 60 we should be able to be more open with our thoughts
    Strange. I’m a Pisces

  31. I’ve been seeing a Scorpio for 7 months now…we had a small argument were he Felt like I threatened him to stop seeing him, he completely withdrew for a week then rang me and told me he’s getting back with his ex girlfriend and he still loves her, but has still called me every week telling me what to do and being protective, saying he’s going to do things for me ect.He has not mentioned the ex again and it’s been a month. Not sure what to do?

    1. Hi Bee!

      Well if he isn’t talking about the ex and he’s acting line his old self then you need to verify what his intention is when he’s calling. Ask him how the ex is doing. If he’s still with her, he will probably get sketchy in his answer. If he isn’t though, he will tell you gladly he’s not. Tell him only your boyfriend has a right to be protective then ask him if that’s what he wants. Go for it Bee! If you would like more insight on the Scorpio man, check out my book on Scorpio man secrets. Good luck!

  32. I’ve been ‘dating ‘ a scorpio man for two-years now , we get along really well and have an amazing time in the bedroom but sometimes he seems distant and doesn’t answer my messages or pick up when I call him, but usually if I don’t then message for a few days he always messages or calls me which gives me the impression he still wants to be in touch.
    I’m finding it really hard when he goes quiet but I usually now just give him space and he comes back. I’m struggling knowing if I’m wasting my time or that he does have feelings for me but is scared to trust again after his last relationship…any advice …he has bought me a gift at christmas and gave me one of his scarves a few qeeks ago, he also does plan future dates as we are due to go to a concert in june and hes booked time off work already, surely if he didnt see a future for us he wouldn’t plan that far ahead? He has said he doesn’t want anything heavy as he doesn’t have time with working shifts etc…any advice would be appreciated .

    1. Hi Molly!

      Ah yes that sounds like the secretive side of Scorpio. They go into their own world and it makes them seem detached or cold. Yes, he clearly still wants you in his life. That’s for sure. Going quiet is a necessity for the spirit of the Scorpio from time to time. I think you giving him space is probably working and is why he does actually reach out to you again. Planning future things with you is very positive. Be patient with him if you want more of a bond. He needs the time to be sure of himself and of you. If you’d like more insight to the Scorpio man’s mind, check out my book Scorpio Man Secrets. It may help give you even more information to use. Wishing you the best!

  33. I’ve been on and off with my scorpio. We live together and he does the notorious hot and cold thing. I’m used to it now but everytime I bring up how he neglects me at times, he just gets mad and says he’s done. I guess scorpios don’t know how to handle adult conversations especially when talking about feelings. Oh well

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Ok so what you’re doing wrong is by coming across with an accusatory tone with him. Instead of saying it that way, try saying I really miss how we were when we’re spending time together. I really do miss you when you go quiet. See how different that comes across. It’s like “hey I like it better when you do this rather than that” in a much more effective tone. They really don’t like confrontation at all. Confronting them will make them shut down and shut you out. Proper communication is necessary. Learn more by reading my books on Scorpio Man Secrets.

  34. I think many people forget that there are also cultural and religious differences between men. If a man has good morals and standards, he won’t be simply categorised as a Scorpio man that just wants to sleep around. This isn’t how men operate, but more cultural behaviour. In both men and women. I know a very good Scorpio man with amazing morals and that is due to the country we live in where this lifestyle of just having sex with people for fun isn’t considered healthy or normal. You wouldn’t want to be this type of person, despite your zodiac sign, cause it’s seen as a weakness. I wish you guys luck and blessings, cause that lifestyle is just a mess. Same goes for commitments issues.. this is more of an issue of western culture where marriage, family isnt as important as where I live. Men in here mostly want to marry, have kids and find that one true love cause they know that’s the purpose of life for true happiness and fulfillment. I see a lot of thos Zodiac info is mostly associated with western lifestyle and it shapes people like this without an actual consideration of peoples culture and moral beliefs. Find people who share the same values in life as you and you will come a lot further than checking their zodiac sign.

    1. Hi Zen!

      Yes there are environmental differences for each person (male or female). Their upbringing plays a role as does other factors in their chart. It’s not just sun sign alone. Not all Scorpio men sleep around. That is very true. It really depends on what their life is like and what their belief system is. This applies to everyone. Sun sign is a very basic look but to really know, the whole chart needs to be considered. Thank you for chiming in sweetheart. I appreciate your feedback.

  35. I am Aries Sun, Taurus Moon, Aries Mercury, Taurus Venus, Pisces Mars and Cancer Rising.

    The guy I am asking about it Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Capricorn Venus, Scorpio Mars and I don’t know his Rising.

    We met on an app at the end of April. We instantly bonded and tick a lot of boxes for each other – interests, faith, what we’re looking atm etc… I was away the coming weekend so he made the effort to see me on the Thursday night so as not to drag anything out. I don’t think he likes doing things midweek and he’s mentioned he struggles to switch off from work.

    He talked a lot on the date, noted that he’s used to doing all the talking but I can talk back. He said he wasn’t sure of a spark/vibe. Then we kissed and he was like, nah we’re good. I clarified that us being good physically now did that just mean it was sex, and he said that he understood how that came across but he wants a relationship.

    2 weeks later he was supposed to see me after a game. His team lost and he was in such a bad mood he didn’t come to see me. I told him it was disappointing and that he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t come over so he should have told me that, not made it out as a definite. He said he understood, that he was a dick and he’s sorry and that he would understand if I wanted to cut things off and that maybe he isn’t ready… I said I’m now wary and need him to make the effort, but I’m ok trying again.

    Since then, we’ve both had weekend plans. We live an hour apart.

    We don’t talk everyday and our conversations vary in terms of length and depth, and I’m fine with that. We voicenote a bit but don’t call. He’s insisted he wants me and has said he’s not making the effort with anyone else. I like being independent and doing our own thing, I’m just struggling with patience and would rather see someone in person than text. We’ve talked less recently but I know he’s really busy at work and I have had things on so have been ok giving space.

    I don’t want to be waiting for something that isn’t going to happen because I’m being blind to some major indication that he doesn’t want me. Should I reach out and say my time is freeing up, if he still wants to meet up?

    1. Hi L!

      Yes you absolutely should! Busy men forget stuff so easily. Scorpio guys appreciate it when you let them know what is going and what you would like to do. It helps them to concentrate on what they’re doing better. Tell him that you’d love to see him and that your time has allowed you to get together. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you need anymore Scorpio man help, check out my books. I do think you’ll find them most informative. I wish you the best!

  36. So my situation is very complicated. I have known my Scorpio guy for the last 17 years and I knew instantly that he was going to be a big part of my life. I would even say it was love at first sight. It was complicated though and we could never see where things went because at the time we were both married. Fast forward 8 years and he was divorced and I was going through a divorce. We never lost contact with each other over the years and in all meaning of the word he is my best friend. He is so much more than just that. In my heart he is my soulmate and my destiny. Yes he does run hot and cold but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have been through so much together and my love for him is indescribable. We live in different states and are committed to each other 100% we just aren’t able to be together yet for outside issues. I want to be with him more than anything in this world, how do I know if what I’m feeling is just the famous Scorpio magnetism or if it’s really meant for us to be together? I truly believe he is my future but I’m afraid of being hurt again. I also have 3 Scorpio children so I do know a little about this sign. This guy has my heart and soul and I don’t want to lose him. I’m a Taurus with Cancer Moon and Gemini Rising- He is Scorpio with Leo moon and Cancer Rising. Can you give me any advice on how we can be strong until we are able to be together? I don’t want my heart crushed by my Scorpio and I never want to be apart from him again..

    1. Hi Opposites Attract!

      If you two are already 100% committed then it shouldn’t be too hard to keep your Scorpio guy. Flirt with him, tell him how much you appreciate him, give him compliments and tell him how he makes you feel deep inside. You can also discuss intimacy and how it will be when you two are finally together. You’ve go to keep him excited about you and the future. Be inspirational, creative, and strong. He loves that. You can do this but if you need any more tips, check out my book on Scorpio Man Secrets. Wishing you all the best!

  37. Astrology is a science and actually all science can have cock and bull stories which arise from the perception of people. It is very impressive to me that astrology and astronomy science how amazingly define life of people, no matter what their country and culture is. But of course we should be careful of not believing every perception of people. Because that is mind fault not the science fault. The worst thing we as a human have is that we just believe, comment and share without knowing about the matter thoroughly.

    1. Hi Paris!

      Thank you for chiming in! What an interesting point of view you have. It is actually amazing that it ties in to people’s lives isn’t it? Personally when i want to know more about someone, I like looking at their birth chart because there is SO much in there that you’d be surprised. Sun sign alone isn’t really descript enough. It’s hard to capture all the things a person can be by one sign which is why a full birth chart opens up so much more. Again, thank you for sharing your point of view. I appreciate it!

  38. Hi Anna,
    It’s Shanna =D
    Well you know my story with my Scorpio Man from my VIP Consult with you lol
    Everything that you told me about him is synonymous with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and everyone in my life who loves me thinks he is a Bipolar Narcissist lol they were actually the ones who pointed it out to me and then when I researched NPD it is him to a T ! The lies are starting to come to light, and discrepancies in things he told me since he ended things via a WhatsApp. A 44yr old man ended things via WhatsApp, that is pathetic & disgusting behavior. I’ve blocked him on social media & I’m completely avoiding him and our paths actually have not crossed since his WhatsApp telling me he never wanted a relationship. I feel like The Universe is protecting me by keeping him out of my path. He is weak, a coward, a victim with no honor or integrity and I have lost respect for him. As a Capricorn woman, once someone has betrayed me I am literally not capable of trusting them again, for me disappointment hurts more than pain.
    I said after leaving my ex of 6yrs that I would never touch another Scorpio again but they are so conniving & manipulative and hide their real selves behind a mask of the persona that they project when you first meet them. Being a Capricorn woman I’ve noticed that Scorpios love me & I definitely attract them lol but never again !
    I have always felt that an Aries is the best match for me lol
    Thank you so much for how you help us understand all these men lol
    Tons of love xo

    1. Hi Shanna!

      Thank you for writing in. I am glad that my program and guides are helping you so much. It’s always my pleasure and desire to help women just like you to understand their men and either have things work out for the better or to help them move on from a bad seed to find true love. With all the guidance though, remember that they’re not always the same sweetheart. It’s impossible because of differences in birth charts. As always, go with your gut Shanna. Blessings!

  39. Every time I’ve encountered a Scorpio and there has been a strong attraction, they were always attached to other people. The first time, more than 20 years ago, I didn’t know he was in an on again/off again relationship, and so it began and was intense, and then when I found out I found out the worst way possible, by being in a restaurant with friends and seeing him turn up with the woman. To say my heart sank is an understatement, to this day, the awful feeling still lingers if I think about it. What transpired, was I ended it, I pulled back and then he couldn’t handle it, he’d start arguments, we’d have silent treatment for weeks on end (we both worked in the same industry, same friends). Then he’d get jealous. When I started seeing someone else he’d be the first with negative comments for his input. Then one day, he had a fight with the person I was dating. Years passed, we encountered eachother more than a decade later, and there were sparks, but it didn’t work out, and it didn’t go further. He ended up getting another woman pregnant out of the blue, didn’t anticipate it, and decided to marry her (he ended up divorcing 10 years later). The experience marked me. Fast forward last few months, I encounter another Scorpio, but he encountered me online. I wasn’t online to date, but was screening profiles for a friend, so I after weeks of chatting, I told him that I wasn’t going down the online route. Next thing I know, he pops up via my instagram and denies being the same person. So we meet, there is attraction, and we have that ‘moment’ of attraction during one kiss. Then he back tracks, he too in a relationship he isn’t happy in or hasn’t been happy in. I told him he shoudl try to salvage what can be salvaged. But he still lurks online, checks my social media, sometimes messages me. I know I’m not going to make any moves because i don’t need complicated, but thought I’d express a comment. Scorpio men can be very complicated and intense sexually, but sometimes I think they are more trouble than they are worth.

    1. Hi Bianca!

      I am so very sorry to hear that you’ve had a negative run with a Scorpio man. The good news is though, they’re not all alike sweetheart. Their birth charts can be very different which will also change their views, their habits, and they’re over all personalities. Don’t write them all off because of one or two bad ones. I wish you all the best in love Bianca!

  40. Oh and I’m a Cancer. So I don’t really get the view that Cancer and Scorpio is perfect. I haven’t found it perfect. Heartbreaking yes.

  41. I have been seeing a Scorpio for 14 months. I am Pisces. Picked him up from airport after texting and talking 3 weeks! We spent 5 days together, most days it was raining!! 🙂 He lives several states away, but spent by far more time with me than in his home state. We hit a bump around nine months and we gave each other space for a month. Then went on a two week vacation and talked things through. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I think he wants the same. He has started renovations at my house so I can rent an apartment for extra income. He does a lot of traveling to see friends he considers his family. Sometimes I wonder if he wants to keep his lifestyle like it is and not live with me full time when I retire, this time next year. After four months together, he did say he didn’t want to get married. It is hard to get him to talk about where we will live this time next year, etc. Am I wasting my time?

    1. Hi Millie!

      It’s too soon to really know if you’re wasting your time or not. If he is still with you and things are going well then I would leave it at that for now. Keep goals for yourself though and let him know what they are. He will have to decide what he’s going to do when these deadlines come about. Maybe you two can verbally meet in the middle or compromise in some way. Be patient for now though unless your gut is telling you to get out of this. That you have to listen to but if that’s not the case then don’t worry yourself about it right now. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  42. Hello, I like a scorpion man, i meet him in 2020 Dec, we meet formally, he some how care for me in event but did not talk other than work.
    I communicate first with him but he refused to talk,reply late etc,then sudden he started calling we had long talks about official matters. With the passage of time we share lot of things with each other but he share less, he has friendship with an other girl he spent lot of time with her n also respond me in well manner way.As he knows my feelings n he many time asked me so many questions too, sometimes he said we should keep distance when i say okay then he start communicating again.
    I dont know what to do, listen to him or ask him that why he stop me to move on ???or i wait more.

    1. Hi kiara!

      Well from what you’re telling me, he likes that you like him but not enough to date you. He wants your time and attention when you’re willing to give it but by avoiding talking about such things, he’s letting you know that a relationship isn’t likely to happen with him. Whether or not he is talking to anyone else is of no consequence. He is basically making it clear to you that he’s only interested in being friends or discussing business. Listen to that and keep moving forward in your search otherwise you’re wasting your time and energy. You deserve all the best sweetheart!

  43. I’ve been talking to my scorpio man for quite a few months now. But we’ve known each other since we where kids at age 8 or 9. We dated from that age till we was like 12 maybe 13. Then we lost contact with each other. We’ve talked over the years but he would always disappear and be with another woman when I’d see him on-line. This time he reached out to me and we’ve been talking ever since. We even talk about when we was younger. He asked how come I never td him that I really was crazy over him how if I had my kids could of been his and us still be together. But If he gets upset about something and I try to talk to him. He tells me I shouldn’t be crazy over him that he’s tired of life and he’s not got anything to give but a cold heart. But I don’t believe that. But when I ask him if he wants me to leave him alone. He never says anything or he’ll say no. One day I didn’t say to much texting so he started in texting me all day. I have feel head over heels in love with him. But if I try to prove a point about something he takes it the wrong way and picks by saying hateful things. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to give up on him.

  44. I’m A gemini by the way. When he told me that I shouldn’t be crazy over him. I asked him why he said just because. Well I asked him if he was just using me. Well I was at work and had to stop texting for a minute. Well he got pissed and said if that’s what I thought I didn’t need to be talking to him. When I tried to explain he told me bullshit that I meant it but I honestly didn’t. But he was already upset or pissed about something with his kids. He said we would talk later. I wish he would open up to me like I do him.

    1. Dear Robin,

      You being a Gemini need your independence and Scorpio is driven to dominate and possess, and where Scorpio likes time alone, or with his love, Gemini needs to be the center of attention at social events and surrounds herself with many friends.
      Whereas water sign Scorpio’s emotional style is to become intensely involved with one person, airy Gemini keeps attachments light and breezy. This makes a Scorpio think Gemini is superficial or childish and not ready for a serious commitment. Gemini, in turn, is put off by Scorpio’s relentless demands and finds a Scorpio man too heavy-handed, complicated and insatiable.
      When this air and water combination works, and that requires a lot of hard work. You can form a deep and very loyal bond that is marked by many ups and downs. Best of luck to you!

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