Scorpio Man Silent Treatment — What To Do When A Scorpio Man Goes Silent

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Scorpio man giving you the silent treatment? Are you desperate to know how he’s getting on? Here's what to do when a Scorpio man man goes silent.

The Scorpio man silent treatment can be really devastating. These men are really good at blocking people out when they are angry and upset. When a Scorpio man goes silent, you’re definitely going to feel it. 

When a Scorpio man is mad at you it can feel like war. These guys feel their emotions very intensely and this can sometimes cause problems in relationships, especially when what they are feeling is on the negative side. 

You might be wondering what to do when a Scorpio man is mad at you and goes silent? Can you ever come back from this or is your relationship doomed forever?

Keep on reading to find out what to do when a Scorpio man goes silent.

Scorpio Man Silent Treatment — 4 Possible Reasons Why The Scorpio Man Gives You The Silent Treatment

1. He Doesn’t Like Being Out Of Control

When a Scorpio man gives you the silent treatment, it might not be for the reason you think. Scorpio men love to be in control and they especially need to be in control of their emotions because when they feel vulnerable it really gets to them.

Having feelings for a woman and falling in love with her can actually be quite painful for him. He may see this as a weakness and that she can possibly hurt him. And this is something that really freaks the Scorpio man out. 

A Scorpio man silent treatment might be the cause of him having feelings for you, but actually wanting to put an end to it because he is so afraid of getting hurt. So instead of diving deep into the relationship, he will choose to opt-out because it is the safer option. 

Having feelings for a woman makes the Scorpio man feel out of control and being in control is very important to him. Learn more about the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you here <<

2. He Is Hurt Or Offended By Something You Did

Scorpio men may seem like they have very thick skins, but they are actually very sensitive creatures. These guys can actually feel quite offended by certain things. They will pretend like they don’t care, and this is why they will ice you out. 

He’s very emotional and feels every little emotion, so when a Scorpio man is hurt it can feel like a tremendous betrayal to him. And because he doesn’t like being hurt, he will do absolutely everything to avoid it, including you. 

His go-to defense mechanism is to shut people out who overstep a line with him, and sometimes you won’t even know what you did wrong because he’ll just stop talking to you without warning. 

A Scorpio man might think that his boundaries and very clear, however, it would help if he would share what those boundaries are. He is one of those guys that thinks that everyone can read his mind and knows what is right or wrong.

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3. He Is Feeling Guilty About Something He Did

Scorpio men get a bad rap for being untrustworthy, but they are actually extremely loyal when it comes to their relationships. They know what it likes to feel betrayed by a partner, so when this happens to them it can feel quite painful. 

However, they aren’t immune to messing up and when they do mess up, they can feel an immense amount of guilt. He may need to take some time away from you to process his emotions before he can tell you what is wrong. 

The thing you need to remember about the Scorpio man is that often his silent treatment is due to the way he is feeling, not because of something you have done necessarily. He feels things so intensely that he often has to isolate himself to make sense of it all. 

He’s not trying to punish you, in fact, he is actually punishing himself for doing something wrong. Let him come to you and see what happens. Don’t pressure him to come clean, it isn’t going to work.

4. He Is Going Through Something

As I have repeated multiple times in this article, Scorpio men are very sensitive. They feel everything and life can sometimes feel quite difficult for them. When they are going through something person a Scorpio man will go silent. 

This has really nothing to do with you. He just needs some personal space to figure out what is going on in his life and to process everything he is feeling. Being with a Scorpio man means understanding that he often goes through a transformation and he needs time to be reborn. 

He is used to going through things on his own and this is why most Scorpio men are definitely loners. They don’t like when people get involved in their personal stuff. They just want to fix things on their own without any pressure. 

This may be one of the reasons why your Scorpio man is ignoring you. It is nothing personal, he is just trying to figure out how to move on from how he is feeling without any outside interference.

What To Do When A Scorpio Man Goes Silent

When a Scorpio man goes silent, there is actually very little you can do about it. If you start nagging him and putting pressure on him then it is only going to make him want to run away from you even further. 

He probably wasn’t even quiet because of you in most cases, but if you make it all about you then it will only turn him off. Scorpio men need a lot of time on their own to process and go through their necessary transformations. 

Give him space, this is really all you can do. Being with a Scorpio means being patient and allowing time to figure itself out. If he doesn’t get back to you immediately, then you need to just wait out and let him come to you. 

All you really need is time, space, and a lot of patience. Work on yourself when he goes quiet and try to not take things so personally. He’ll appreciate this about you.

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Here’s What To Do When A Scorpio Man Is Mad At You

When a Scorpio man is mad at you, he starts to ignore you then you definitively know that it was you that upset him. This is why knowing how to deal with an angry Scorpio man is essential when dating him.  

The best thing you can do is apologize and then let him have time and space to figure out whatever he needs to. Something as simple as saying sorry can really work wonders with your Scorpio man. He might still ice you out, but it will help to soften him.

I know you want all the tips and tricks on how to get a Scorpio man to stop being mad at you, but often just giving him time and space is the best course of action. Trying too hard might just push him over the edge.

Scorpio men tend to hold grudges so it may be a while before he’s able to completely forgive you depending on how bad it really was. He may not break it off but he’ll forever remember what happened.

He will resent it though if you know it was your fault and you don’t apologize. So whether he will remain upset with you or not; it’s best you admit your fault in whatever happened.

If you know it was your fault and you deny it, that will only further make him angry or hurt which will go against you and could cause him to call it quits. Be very careful!

Here’s more on how to respond when a Scorpio man ignores you <<

What Happens When You Hurt A Scorpio Man

Hurting a Scorpio man is quite an unfortunate thing. These guys tend to hold a grudge forever and they can be quite stubborn. When you hurt a Scorpio man, it will leave a major scar on his heart and make it difficult for him to trust you again. 

He’ll probably act out in some way, like by ignoring you and becoming really angry. Don’t be surprised if some harsh words come your way. A Scorpio man saying hurtful things when mad is a common thing. Knowing how to tame his anger and passion can sometimes be overwhelming to the Scorpio man. 

It will take quite a while for you to rebuild trust with your Scorpio man as being hurt really burns him. He finds it difficult to forgive and forget and he’ll always be slightly suspicious of you once you have shown him that you know how to hurt him.

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How To Apologize To A Scorpio Man

This is a matter of delicacy for sure. You cannot just say “I’m sorry” and think that’s going to do the trick. You have to actually tell him the reason why you are sorry and that you’ll never do it again.

He is going to want full detail as to why you know you were in the wrong and how you plan to make it better. You can also tell him how you will make it up to him.

In this process, you need to mention that you didn’t take his feelings into account and that was wrong. Tell him that in the future, you will think of him before you say something or do something you’ll regret.

As long as he’s sure that you learned from your mistake and that you are actually really sorry about it, he may be very likely to forgive you. That is if you didn’t do something really awful.

Apologizing to your Scorpio guy is essential otherwise he’s going to feel you don’t care and that he should just let you go. Prove to him you are there for him for the long haul.

How To Get A Scorpio Man To Forgive You

Scorpio men are very stubborn, so don’t even try to make him forgive you. He has to do this on his own. If you try to push him too hard it will only make the situation worse. This is why the best thing to do is just give things time to settle. 

Saying sorry is more than enough, but you could always make a promise that you won’t do whatever you did again. Try not to go overboard because the Scorpio man might think you are being insincere about everything. 

Just be real with him and tell him that you made a mistake and hope that he will forgive you. You could always ask him how you can make it up to him and see what he says. Listen to what he needs and work from there. 

Scorpio Man Blocked Me After An Argument — What Should I Do?

This guy is known for lashing out when he’s pissed off. This is yet another reason that you should just let him have space and time to sort things out when you know he’s upset. Blocking you is one of the things a Scorpio man will do to be spiteful and get back at you.

Giving him space and time is simply what to do when a Scorpio man blocks you. Just let him cool down and try not to find him on other platforms. He is the one acting out so it is important that you don’t stoop to his level. 

If you do not, he will lash out at you and be rather hurtful. If you’ve hurt him in the past, he’ll bring that back up and throw it in your face. It’s best to avoid this altogether by just giving him some time.

When you are at his place, you should be the one to tell him that you’re going to give him some time and leave. Let him have alone time to process everything he has on his mind.

Whatever you do, don’t poke the hungry bear. Get out and spend some time on your own to allow him to figure out what happened and what he feels about it aside from blind anger.

It’s safer and healthier for you both to have some quiet time after a big blowout. Anger is never good for anyone neither is hurt. Scorpio is one of those signs that is hot tempered as well.

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FAQ On Scorpio Silent Treatment

How Long Do Scorpios Stay Mad?

Unfortunately, Scorpio men will always harbour some kind of resentment towards you if you have hurt them in some way. This means that he is likely to never quite forgive you. He will always hold on to what you have done. 

Years may go by, and then suddenly you realize he is still mad at you about the thing you did. I think you should just accept that he’ll probably always be mad, so try your best not to poke the bear as this will only make things worse.

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40 thoughts on “Scorpio Man Silent Treatment — What To Do When A Scorpio Man Goes Silent

  1. So i met this guy online we talked and were really really close i helped him in his hardest times and depression. He did the same. Then i fell for him .. I don’t know why that happend it wasn’t intentional. He used to tell me he is scared of love but as we were best friends i had to tell him that i love him so i did then his behaviour changed he cared and said you are really special. But he talked less really less and kinda started ignoring me. I talked about the whole situation to him and he said that things changed because of love he said he has always been afriad of love and is scared even more now he said he was hurt knowing that he was hurting me. He said he is trying to aviod everyone and everything. So i decided to give him his space but its really hard we were so close and then things changed. I need help please tell me what should i do. I really love him he is in my soul i don’t wanna lose him at any cost. He said “things chnaged” if i give him time then would it be possibke that things get better. He is a scorpio. And honest and loving ones and he loved me as his best friend and still values me. What to do now?

  2. I be been dating a Scorpio man for four years now married for months,I’m a cancer woman. I love him but he’s one of the most difficult signs I’ve ever dated, it’s tough but I do give him space, just wish he didnt always think he was right. However he’s my husband & I’ve learned how to deal with him. We recently had a big fight which was not my fault it was his controlling ways,now he’s fleed the scene and giving me the silent treatment. I’ve been here before Ihate it (silent treatment)but it’s just the way Scorpio men are,if your dating a Scorpio don’t blame yourself especially if it’s not your fault and just be patient,if you really want to be with him. Good luck!

    1. Wow! This is my guy to a tee. I hate the silent treatment but that is his go-to when he’s mad or hurt. I’ve learned to just keep doing what i need to do and try not to think about it l. It use to make me really sad and i would think our relationship was over. I know now how to handle it but it still sucks.

    2. Thank you, my Scorpio guy is slightly annoyed at me and I don’t know how to deal with it. But now I know. Thank you! ❤️

  3. So my Scorpio man said he wanted to play the game when he comes over and when he came he let me practice for a little bit before we started playing the game which is Nintendo… so I practiced for a while he asked me a couple times if I was losing or etc and I was telling him I was so I kept playing then I noticed he was watching a show on his phone so I assumed he didn’t wanna play so when I was done practicing he asked am I done and I said yes and then he said u ready to play and I said yes and he was like just forget it u don’t want to play and I’m like yes I do …. then he just continued looking at his phone and I’m like are U gonna sit there and do that the whole night and he said u weren’t worried about me so don’t worry about it … so it became akward … I just felt like it wasn’t a big deal because i felt if he was ready to play he would just say ok u got enough practice let’s play now…. so I kept letting time go past but he just kept looking in his phone and i kept asking him are u gonna keep sitting there it was frustrating me because I didn’t understand why it made him so mad and distant it got to a point he wanted to leave and told me he feel uncomfortable … and I tried to stop him I kept apologizing and but he didn’t care and I apologized before hand too…when he left I texted him told him sorry again he said it’s cool just sleep I’ll ttyl and I told him please come back and said no he’s just not feeling it and told me to get rest …. I texted him again this afternoon told him even though he’s not talking to me right now I’m here if he needs me and to have a good day and not to stress …. what’s annoying is that his birthday is in 2 days should I still get him a present?

  4. Ive been dating my boyfriend for 5 years we are highschool sweethearts we live together and have a 2 year old, they are my life i love them to death. Recently we broke up back in May we never had a serious break up until then because i moved out and left to live with my mom along with my son, then we got back together and i moved back in with him and let me tell you i have never tried this HARD with anyone in my life and i do it because i love him so much we had problems in the past that where both mine and his faults but whatever i let that go trying to move forward and make this relationship work. But recently out of the blue literally one day to another he told me he wasnt feeling me anymore of the relationship we have and that he was confused about what he wanted and that he just wanted to be alone and not worry about anyone but himself and he wants to live his life, travel and do all that and i told him whats the problem doing all that as a FAMILY. and i just cant get to him he gives me the cold shoulder and i just take it all i take all the pain all the back talk all the ignoring everything because i love him to death hes the love of my life, hes my sons father and we share a family but at this point im not sure what to even do anymore im giving him his space so he can just think and just have alone time because ive learned the hard way scorpios are ALL about having their space, where as i like to talk about my problems im a libra woman. So im just letting him be and im continuing to be there when he needs me to be there but also i want him to committ to me as much as i do to him, but like i said at this point im not even sure anymore. Its sad

    1. Girl I relate to your relationship because I AM a female Libra as well dating a Scorpio male. This relationship is the most intense dynamic because of the polarities of emotions! My Scorpio guy and I have known each other for 4 years and been on and off for the past two years after engaging in a serious relationship. It is so difficult to surrender to the silent treatment especially as Libra woman . We hate conflict and ignoring problems within an argument especially if we feel it is our fault. The best suggestion I can advise you on is to give him space and respect his individual desires. I understand it feels selfish of him but in order for a relationship to succeed we have to acknowledge and understand our partner is an individual with independent needs and wants outside of a committed relationship. While respecting his wants also ASSERT yours! Communicate your expectation and set boundaries to prevent him from complacency and believing he will always have security in your relationship when “shit hits the fan” because of your forgiveness and willingness to prevail. I wish you all the best in this relationship! I hope you find comfort in my response as well.

      Sending love your way! xoxo

  5. I been dating a Scorpio guy for 3years I don’t understand him at all he is quick to get mad block me it would be a small argument we have ldr I’m blocked he didn’t wish call or text me for new years he is mad over sending his stuff off in mail I’m confused and hurt, so I sent the stuff off and I’m still blocked this point idk what to do or how to deal with it.

    1. That’s happening to me right now.. something so stupid that made no sense caused me to be blocked on everything can’t even call him… I went a little creepy and made a “fake page” wrote him and he blocked that page also, he can clearly see I’m apologetic and I wish we could move on from this stupid fight but it’s been 2 weeks no contact from him he even had his friend ignore me.. how long will this go on? I don’t know but I’m getting impatient.

    2. I am a scorpion woman, we act the same, we don’t like being ignored or blocked, listen to me, I would forget about him totally. When he comes back, I would do the same thing. Nothing is really wrong about scorpion men. Just don’t give them to much attention, and they will come and chase you. All they do is looking for your weaknesses, and use them against you. Always show he is not a priority. Show him ohh you are ready to leave, well so honey I already have my dress on to leave before you. I know them very well. Please tchuiiiiiip

  6. My scorpio man is passionate, intense, loyal, hard working, dedicated, smart, stubborn, controlling and a know it all! He’s also a Marine and the first born so the perfect storm, lol! He is definitely the love of my life and i am his. He’s 47 so there is some maturity there for sure but he loves the silent treatment. Sometimes over something I said or did or just because he’s in a mood. I’ve learned to just give him his space and wait for him to return. That is so much easier said then done. He’s a truck driver, so he’s gone a lot. And we talk on the phone about 4-5hrs a day throughout the day. When he’s mad, we may go all day without one word and that just KILLS me! I’m a Capricorn and I love to talk it out. I have never worked so hard on a relationship but I do think he’s worth it. WE are worth it! I just have to breath through the tough times…

  7. I said something that inadvertently hurt my Scorpio’s feelings. It was a texting typo! He didn’t even give me time to apologize. His reaction was a swift “Go to hell!!” I tried to reason with him and he texted “I have nothing to say to you right now” I haven’t heard from since that day…Feb 12th ? We had the best communication, due to being long distance. Our mantra was “talk it out to work it out.” I desperately want to apologize. I don’t think he gave me a chance and he is letting a misunderstanding come between us. He has blocked & unfriended me and changed his phone # (not bcs of me) Short of writing him a letter, I have no other means of communication.
    What should I do? I miss him terribly! Will he ever come back? Will I ever hear from him again? I am a Pisces and we are soulmates/twin flames. We definitely have a special connection from day one that neither of us has felt before. Neither if us has ever been in love or felt real love..until now.

  8. Hi! I have something to ask that.
    In 2006, I know him yet not long after we get tgt in nature. But Becoz of one thing I done wrong, yet I admitted to his family member. We will forced to be separated. We lost contact and I have been searching for him but yet to get his call. I dunno whether is he really love me or toying with my feeling?
    Meanwhile through out those few years. He kept coming back to me in few years wanted to be with me. I am confuse abt his feeling towards me. That why I will pull back when he tried to intimate with me. We never had sex before. Not even once. And I dunno why, cannot be explain that how come whenever each time I see him, I will feel shy (blushed). But he dun believe.

    He told me he was angry with me when I threw him alone in the hotel and he kept calling me many calls but I refuse to answer. With his past action that he did not put in effort try way to contact me after separated by his dad.
    Its definitely normal to be afraid that he will hurt me again what. So I am just protecting myself from holding back my feeling. I will pull back when he try to intimate with me.

    Why does he so concern about that hotel matter. When he suddenly called me ask me to meet him up, went to the hotel to looked for him but at that moment he was drunk, he did try to touch me but I push him away. And when he slept soundly I went off. This is just a minor matter. Why does he take so seriously?

  9. His birthday is 11/14/1987. Why I m reluctant to do with him that’s Becoz I m afraid that after we do, he might mia again. That will hurt me more deeply. He is so mysterious and secretive.

  10. We met randomly. He’s in his 50s. I was not quite 50. Neitherof us looking for romance. Too many failed relationships.
    He is a road construction worker. He was doing work on my street. I was walking my dog. I said something to the dog, he heard me and thought it was funny. He laughed and commented. We started talking. Instant connection! Like we had known each other for years. We both felt it. We learned we had a lot in common and even attended the same schools and knew some of the same people. We were confused, but inseparable after that. He drove from wherever he was, to have lunch with me, when he was no longer working on my street. He called or texted as time allowed, just to say hi. He friended me on fb a week after we met. We both knew there was something happening between us. We felt it in our souls. Like nothing either of us had ever felt before.
    He lives 1.5 hrs away in the opposite direction. It could have been the other side of the world! He made every effort to see me when he was in the city (working, visiting family, etc), but it wasn’t often. He is a small town boy. He avoids the city as much as humanly possible…and it was all on him to come to me, bcs I don’t drive. We saw each other twice a month, if we were lucky. Once we became comfortable, he would sometimes stay with me, once or twice during the week. It saved him a 3:30 alarm and a commute.
    It turned out that I live 20 minutes from where he worked! Otherwise, we were limited to a phone & text relationship, time permitting bcs of his crazy commute & work schedule. We could go 2-3 nights without speaking, bcs he got home late & had to be in bed by 9:30. He is very regimented & doesn’t go off his schedule for anything or anyone.
    This went on from Aug17/17 to Feb 12/18.
    Everything was amazing and our feelings got stronger with time.
    On Feb 12, he was at home, sick with the flu. We had a terrible misunderstanding, by text. I unintentionally hurt his feelings. He reacted..and hasn’t spoken to me since. He ghosted me and never gave me and opportunity to apologize. Wanted nothing to do with it. He blocked me shortly after and only recently unfriended me from fb (March 24), where we never talked to, or posted to each other (he is very private) but to be on his friend list, was to be considered a very important person in his life. It crushed me. My heart broke (again).
    He just changed his phone # as well (he was getting spam calls that were annoying him) Short of writing him a letter, I literally have no way to contact him.
    Will he ever come back? Is he angry? Hurting? Both?
    I love him so much and I miss him something awful. I think about him all the time. I spend my days crying and my nights dreaming of him. Some of them very vivid. He speaks to me and gets into bed beside me & holds me in his arms.
    We had something so incredible & special.
    I can still feel him and our connection. It would be a shame to let this come between us and keep us apart.

  11. How do you know that he loves you and he will come back, or is he just going to leave you forever? I’m terrified

    1. Mine came back after 10 months. Literally asked to fly to my state in the winter during Xmas time, then moved in together, but I’m in a situation too now

  12. im in love with a scorpio man and i must say reading your comments lets me know im not going crazy at all lol im a leo and we get along good for the most part hes the most loving man i ever had in my life and i love everything about him EVERYTHING but sometimes its like walking on eggshells because theres no room for mistakes with him he will not ever let things go and im so confused at times i mean i love him to death but i just dont know if we are supposed to be at times

  13. My Scorpio man & I live with his grandparents. I said something hurtful to him, he stormed out & said he’s done. We have been together for 4 years. He is not speaking to me, but will come home. If I say something to him like hi or ask a question about something trivial, he will answer me, but he is not initiating anything. He is sleeping in the recliner in our room instead of in bed with me or in another room on a couch.

    Since I relocated to this state & began living with them, I have been stressed and insecure. We have lived together before in my state, but now I am alone with a new job. I have been jealous of the amount of time he spends on the phone with his friends because I have noone & want all of him. It has come off as I don’t trust him. I know I have mothered him, said things I don’t mean & violated his trust. I don’t want to loose him.

    I have been working on meditation & leaving the area when my emotions seem out of control. I want to show him that things can be different, but also if we stay apart, I am working on me. It has only been a couple days so I know I have a long way to go to show him. I’m just so worried that he is serious about this break up & will move on. I can’t stand the idea of him being with someone else.

    Right now I am giving him space. I have not apologized yet as I’m trying to be patient & give him space. I’m a Gemini & it’s killing me to watch him be in the same room with me, but I can’t hug or talk to him. Plus it seems like I’m in hell & he could care less.

    Thoughts, suggestions, words of encouragement?


    1. If what you said is true and he can’t trust you, there is little to nothing you can do. To us Scorpios, loyalty and trust WILL make or break ANY relationship.

  14. Mine came back after 10 months. Literally asked to fly to my state in the winter during Xmas time, then moved in together, but I’m in a situation too now

  15. My Scorpio was a crush when I was growing up. We recently started talking through messages. We hit it off pretty strong, (from the get-go)…. But, I told him something” hurtful, and he said that he “was gonna back off I’m sorry” I apologized that night, but he never responded back to me, And I called him once and he ignored my call. The next day, he posted a picture, (of his “on-&-off tempered X gf who were split-up for 7 months”)

  16. Hi I dated a scorpio one year ago. It started when i met him as one of my friends guy friend. I asked him questions and i liked him. Next day i send him a friend request or message on fb and we talked. We both wanted to hang out soon. I drove him to a park and we looked at the moon when we came back to the car he kissed me i was aloof. He knew i was interested in him from the questions he asked. So then we started dating & we didnt tell our friend. When the friend knew about it he punched my scorpio in the face. Thats strike number one because i never asked if he was ok…story short my scorpio declines in conversation and starts ignoring me slowly through time (we officially dated for about 3 months) i get overwhelmed because the lack of communication and blame him for dumb stuff then he blows up at me thru text making me cry and i block him and forget about him. But i still have dreams about him. We still see each other at our friends concerts. Recently i just tried to finally spill all my feelings to him thru text. I said i want another chance. I said how sorry i am for hurting him so much . i told him i underestimated him. I even dated one of our friends after and he asked our friend if i did that to make him jealous. Honestly i thought it would and i wanted to see if it did but i genuinely liked the guy…should i tell him i was trying to make him jealous? I sent him a long text and he didnt go online or read them but they were delivered, then i got his phone number and texted him that he had messages on there…still ignored. Should i wait to say anything more or just keep releasing feelings until he wants to talk. Granted its been like a year since we actually had a conversation so i am not sure if hes currently mad or resentful or holding a grudge:( ty

    1. Hi Rachel! Thank you for writing in about your really confusing Scorpio man situation. Honestly, it would seem that the lack of communication between the two of you that should have been proper, wasn’t very open and therefore there were many mistakes made. If you want the air cleared, you’re going to have to come clean and tell him everything that you think and feel so that he knows for sure and isn’t guessing what you might be doing. You will need to apologize for any misunderstandings that were caused or any hurt you may have inflicted on him. He’s good at holding grudges so there is no guarantee he will accept what you say and want to start again or even be friends again. Scorpio men can be rather unpredictable in this type of setting. You’ll have to really lay it all out there and let him do the very same without reacting to what he says. Let him say his peace and get it all out. Then from there, you two should be able to figure out what is next, if anything. You might want to learn a bit more about Scorpio men to get a jump on what could happen through this. Check out my book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

  17. There is this scorpio guy in my class who I haven’t talked to so much, only a few times. We have always had a looking at eachother sometimes kind of relationship. A few weeks ago we started to look at eachother again and I would catch him looking at me and he would catch me looking at him, he glanced at me twice kind of nervously. Now he ignores me but often looks at me when other guys talk to me and listen to my conversations with other guys. Once I was talking to a guy next to me and he glanced at my way four or five times in a observant and little paranoid kind of way. I notice that he checks on me when other guys give me attention but he still ignores me. Why does he do this?

  18. I met my Scorpio man just over a year ago. We started off hot and heavy, but then the relationship evolves into more of a beautiful friendship because he wanted to get to know me as a person. Every morning we would wake each other up for work via phone call. Talk every night after work and he told me on SO many occasions that I checked all the boxes he was looking for in a woman, but could never commit. I told him about 6 months ago that although I love our friendship, I have more than friend feelings for him. He always would just say “I don’t want to date anyone”
    Spring comes along and he’s been being secretive here or there and last week he posted a story which looked like he was clearly on a date. I called him out on it and just said “you know how I feel about you, I care so much about you, but if you want to date other girls, I can’t stand by, be your friend and watch. I have feelings for you and I need to let you go if that’s what you want to do”
    This is not the first time we’ve gone through this routine, but this time I stuck to my guns and just said “I will always be here but I I need to keep interactions light for now until it’s meant for us to talk”
    A few days went by and I noticed that our insta convo was gone. He blocked me and when I text him to ask why he blocked me he said he’s not dating anyone and the fact that I accused him says a lot and he doesn’t need that negativity or drama in his life so he is blocking me. He wished me well told me to keep smiling and that was it. Gone.
    Word on the street is once a Scorp blocks you out that’s it. Game over. Is there any exceptions to this rule?

    1. There are exceptions to this rule which makes it even more infuriating because it seems like you really care for this guy and he’s just playing a game with you.

      They’re proud creatures, Scorpios and they don’t like other people pointing out their faults. only when they come to the realization that they messed up will they reach out. Even then however, somehow it will become a “There were issues on both sides” and might make you feel crappy.

      i guess it comes down to, do you want to chase after someone who you love more or find someone that you can be loved and love. I know that’s easier said than done especially if you’ve had this deep connection. But mark my words get out before you get in too deep. It’ll ruin you.

      1. Hi SC!

        Scorpio man is definitely quickly detonated by things you wouldn’t even believe. That is very true. They have a temper but the good part is that they don’t stay mad too long. They have to really get screwed over to hold a grudge. If he’s that angry toward you all the time though means that something is right inside of him and he needs to figure himself out more. He’s projecting his frustrations onto you. A strong rational person has to lay it all out in an unemotional way for them to actually listen. I am sorry you’ve had difficulties. You might want to learn better how to handle him by checking out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets.

  19. Im proud to be a Scorpio, I have emotions never know alot about me until recently when my Leo partner frustrated me. It really hurt me that I decided to leave her, to let her go. The most funny thing about Scorpio(most expecially me) is that I used to me happy outside, but deep down inside me, Im always sad, always bitter, small thing got me spark, just like a bomb. Thats the nation of scorpios. The best match for us are Pisces, Cancer and Virgo

    1. Hi angela lee!

      You will need to apologize first and foremost, give him time to work his feelings out about it, and then after a week or two, reach out and ask him if you can talk. There is more you should probably check out in my book Scorpio Man Secrets as it will reveal to you all you need to know in order to communicate with him the right way and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

      1. Been there so many times. Something I did without knowing will upset the guy and a few hours later he’s asking me to pack my bags and leave. It’s the f******* worst. Thankfully, we don’t live together anymore. But now when he gets mad he just ignores me until he’s ready to talk about it. What I’ve learned is that you once ask him if he’s mad. If he doesn’t respond leave him the f*** alone and try and find a good distraction (harder said than done). He will either come back or basically will cut ties with you. I hate how they can’t communicate effectively. Sometimes I think that they think not confronting a situation is a sign of “emotional intelligence” but I feel the opposite. Being in the position of constantly pulling out his feelings are exhausting.

  20. Hi qll
    First I am a scorpio man in every way possible.
    I am married to a Taurus woman and have been for 30 years come march.
    When we do fall out it’s like the war of the Rose’s.
    Before we got married we would argue quite often but over the years we calmed down its very rare we argue now.
    The first time I ever saw my wife it was fatal attraction lol
    My pals laughed and said she would not be interested in me.
    But I won her over in the end and glad I did.
    Taurus woman have a way of bashing you in without moving a muscle and can be stubborn.
    Problem is so can a scorpio so it ends up a battle of wills.
    We went through a rough patch about 10 years in mostly me being an idiot and I ended up leaving my wife for 3 month’s because I asked her if she loved me and she said no” so I walked out like I was going to the shop.
    My wife went down Hill abit during the time I was gone .
    And people told me she wanted me back.
    I went to see her and she admitted she shouldn’t have said that she didn’t love me because she did.
    20 years later it’s made us closer than ever.
    So take it from me and my wife if you have a firery relationship
    Just think for a second before the vile words come out of your mouths and do damage that can’t be repaired ” for the sake of keeping face.
    Scorpio men are just plain nasty if peed off but we are also are very loyal and loving and sometimes just want to be left alone by everyone and I.mean everyone its nothing personal.
    So ladies yes you can have a scorpio man as a partner just dont back him into a corner he cant get out of, you might just find you’ve found your best friend for life.
    And Taurus women gotta love ya your one tough cookie lol
    It’s not about who is the baddest sometimes just bite your lip and walk away.
    Well that’s my advice but what do I know” I’m off to do the washing up.
    If life gets bad get badder and always show abit of love

    1. Hi Paul!

      Thank you for sharing your story. Yes it can be a battle of the wills between your two signs. Taurus is an Earth sign who is pretty good at grounding their partner in some way. Your story is inspiring and I truly appreciate you sharing your experience. What a tremendous example of how two people that truly love each other can make it work. I wish you both the very best!

  21. I’ve been dating a Scorpio man for 10 months now, How do i know that he loves me and he will come back, or is he just going to leave you forever? I’m terrified sucks

    1. Hi thalia tagalog!

      I think you would very much benefit from checking out my various articles on Scorpio man in the Scorpio Man Blog. The predictions and horoscopes may also help you sweetheart. He has to have time and space to process everything before he’ll make a comeback but know that if he TRULY loves you, he will be back. Be sure to check on him maybe once a week with a sweet text “I hope you’re doing alright”. It shows you still love him. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  22. I’ve been dating a Scorpio man for 6 months now, know each other a year, I’m borderline besotted with him, when our connection is strong it’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I’m a cancerian, we are supposed to be the best match. However we are also both addicts, we can both drink a lot at times as a way to cope with the mediocrities of life, he is highly consumed by his job, it’s very much consuming for him I feel so bad for him sometimes with the amount of work he has to do, I love getting to spend time with him. I’ve taken the rough with the smooth with him, the silent treatments are often very hard to deal with I’m big on communication, I often wait long periods of time for texts etc, I’ve been trying as of lately to not take his silence personally, after reading alot of Anna’s content, I do tread on eggshells alot with my anxiety, as I think what have I possibly done now to warrant the silence from him or his moodiness, it can be unnerving. I have to keep myself busy, he’s my best friend & my soul mate, it’s so hard for me to go long periods of the day without talking as I have so much to share with him, but have to try refrain from oversharing, he can be very complexed, & I haven’t yet experienced a healthy relationship which I desperately seek in my life, I’m doing everything to try understand his Scorpio personality in an attempt that our relationship will flourish, but I have deep fears, he has told me he loves me a few months after I expressed my love for him, he shows it in his actions alot when we are together, he often will say he misses me when we aren’t together depending on his mood, I’m all or nothing I don’t do things by halves, so this relationship is one of my most challenging ones period! About 3 weeks ago he confessed to me in our hotel room that he wants a child with me, it’s a big thing for me as I’ve never really wanted a child for personal reasons, he was raised very well & comes from a decent family, I was abused by both my parents, & I’ve never been very maternal, but I think he has tapped into my motherly cancerian instincts & that has made him possibly crave me to be the mother of his child. I have given him my pros & cons of why I’m not really wanting a child but also told him I’m not ruling anything out I just want to feel like it would be the right thing for us both before making that type of commitment, he seems very easy going on the subject, no pressure. I love him so much & I know he would be an amazing dad. There would just have to be so many changes made first & I don’t think he could fully commit to that change.

    The hot & cold behaviour is my current issue with him, again I’m trying so hard not to take it personally but it is soul draining, I’m very sensitive & really emotional at times. I overthink, overfeel, & ruminate on everything. I question everything too.

    I really want to be in this for the long haul, as there are so many amazing qualities he possesses, it would destroy me to lose him I’m not as strong as I used to be, I’ve been through insidious traumas throughout my life at 37, I find comfort in this man, he’s gentle, kind & very loving. Lately haven’t felt as close with him because he’s life can be so hectic, I’d do anything to feel our spark & passion ignite again. Just one touch off him at times can send me haywire. We are meant to be spending this weekend together so I hope we can reconnect again in that way. I fantasise about him alot when we aren’t together. I often feel like I’m going insane, as I just want his touch. I have to keep distracting my mind from thinking about it.

    So far we have never had any major rows or fall outs, we tend to only disagree on things when he’s tired & we have had too much to drink. If the behaviour is on him he will resurface the next day & own it, if it’s on me I’ll immediately try to be remorseful, I can be fiesty if I’ve been pushed to my limits but I try so hard to not be that way with him. I try to be the best version of me, I hate conflict & he knows this.

    Yesterday on a video call he said to me he likes that I get him like nobody else has, today I was thinking this must be a huge thing to say, & is that a sign that he’s in this for the long haul? I had one text off him earlier I responded a few hours later, but I’m not sure what he’s doing today but he hasn’t read it, I’m now going out of my mind incase I’ve done or said anything to him to warrant it. As you never know what it could be with a Scorpio sadly, anyway this is long winded, but I love all the advice given here it’s really helpful ❤️

    1. Dear Emma,
      Scorpio men are emotional guys. They can analyze around in circles which can make them feel very confused about what they want. It may have nothing to do with you but rather him not knowing what he wants. If it’s the case that he just doesn’t know what he wants, you’ll definitely have to remain patient with him if you’re really into him.
      Otherwise, you may want to move on to someone else who isn’t so confused. There are many factors that weigh in for this guy. He will harbor baggage from his past. He will carry forward any grievances he had from before. Sadly this can be projected on women he gets involved with. He wants to see if you care enough to be around him despite him putting you through a lot constantly. He wants to see proof of your love, over and over again. Best of luck to you!

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