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7 Ways To Get A Scorpio Man To Open Up And Share His Feelings With You

Want to find out ways to get your Scorpio man to open up to you? This mysterious sign doesn’t always find it easy to trust, and it takes skill, patience, and time to reveal his emotions! He has the deepest of feelings, yet only a trusted few get to see his softer side! Here’s how to break through and get him to share his feelings with you:  

As a water sign, a Scorpio is one of the most emotional people you can get to know. However, Scorpio is unlike Cancer or Pisces, who are a little more open and find it easier to be vulnerable. 

Scorpio men control their feelings, because they’re never quite sure who to trust and have a deep fear of betrayal or being exploited. They have often had these experiences, and because they are so soft, have to be fairly self-protective. 

Like the Scorpion that represents them, Scorpio men have a hard exterior, with that famous stinging tail if you get too close and threaten them. However, if you approach with caution and care, they may just let you in and turn that defensiveness into protectiveness and fierce love!  

So, what exactly are the ways in which up can get your Scorpio man to trust in your enough to be one of those people he so carefully protects and reveals his deepest feelings to? I’m here to show you how to do just that, with information gathered from my year of experience as a Relationship Astrologer: 

7 Ways To Get A Scorpio Man To Open Up And Share His Feelings With You

1. Build Trust Between You

The number-one thing you can do to get your Scorpio man to open up and share his feelings with you is by simply building a foundation of absolute trust, first. He needs to know that he can filly trust you before letting you in. 

Prove you are trustworthy through your actions. Be there, show up, be consistent and reliable. Show that you have integrity by never revealing your friends’ secrets to him, and making sure he knows that you are keeping the secrets of others. 

This shows him that you won’t betray him and his feelings when he finally opens up. Never talk badly about an ex, at least at first. He doesn’t want to imagine that if you break up, he’ll be the one that you are badmouthing. Be honest with him – that builds trust like nothing else! 

2. Be Slow And Patient

Scorpio Man Sharing His Feelings With You

If you want him to open up to you, you’ll need to be very, very patient! You can never rush a Scorpio man into revealing his heart, and if you try, you’ll find that he closes up like a clam! 

Patience will also give you the opportunity to build trust (see point one above), and let him know that you respect his feelings enough to allow him to come to you when he’s ready. When he’s not forced is when he’s more willing to let you see his true feelings. 

3. Let Yourself Be Vulnerable First

One of my top tips to get a Scorpio man to open to you emotionally is by being the first one to open up. When you allow yourself to lay your heart on the line, he will usually respond kindly

However, it will take a certain amount of bravery from you, of course, and you’ll have to trust that he can meet you where you are. You’ll also have to make it clear that you don’t expect him to be emotional back. That’s the hardest part! 

When you’re vulnerable with him, with no expectation of him being vulnerable too, is when you’ll have the best results. As they say, vulnerability is the bravest thing you can do, and he will admire you for that! 

4. Share Your Secrets With Him

Sharing Secrets With A Scorpio Man

Scorpio men love, love, love a juicy secret! 

There’s nothing that gets their blood roaring than when someone tells them something they have never told anyone else, or only a very few know. And what’s more, you can totally trust him.

This is not the type of guy who will blab your news all over town! 

But more importantly, if you tell him a secret, it’s very likely that it will spur him on to let you into his own feelings, and show you a deeper side of himself. 

All that Scorpio men sometimes need is a little nudge in the right direction, and you’ll find a wealth and depth of feeling that you never knew was possible! 

5. Cultivate A Strong Physical Relationship

Ever heard of the term “pillow talk?” This is used to describe the chat that we often have together, in the small hours of the night, after a wonderful lovemaking session. When we feel truly open, vulnerable and close. 

If you want the Scorpio man to really show you his feelings and open up, then make room for a passionate physical relationship! Let things be wild, crazy, close, and connected. He feels at his very best when he has a strong physical relationship with his partner. He can’t help but open up! 

This will also help you to open up more, too, and create a safe place for you both to share whatever is in your heart! 

6. Let Him Lead

Getting A Scorpio Man To Open Up

Just like being patient and building a foundation of trust, it’s also important to allow him to lead when it comes to the emotional side of the relationship. Scorpio men are initiators, and there will come a time when he’s ready to show you his true feelings. 

You can always drop hints of how you are feeling here and there, of course, which will let him know that you are ready to open up and for him to do so as well. But never ever force, cajole, or push him. That famous stinging tail is more than ready to attack at the first sign of being pushed! 

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7. Be Receptive To His Past Trauma

Lastly, while it’s important to realize that all of us have trauma, it’s very likely that your Scorpio fella has more than most. Trauma involving abandonment, hurt, and (usually) betrayal. This may have happened in childhood or in adulthood – it doesn’t matter, the wounds hurt just the same! 

This may result in him closing down or pushing you away, or tightly masking his feelings, until he learns to trust. If he’s working on his “stuff” – that’s great. If he’s not, and hurting you, don’t stand for it

But, if you can sense that he has the best intentions, that he’s trying to be aware, then simply be receptive to his trauma. Understand that everyone takes a different amount of time to show their feelings. 

The more understanding that you show him, the more he will trust you and be willing to confide in you and open up. Then you can enjoy a rich deep and powerful relationship, a relationship where emotions flow freely – you’ll see! This is one of the most sensitive, “feely” signs you can get! 

If you’re curious to learn more about this mysterious and guarded Scorpion, and how to get him to open up and become emotionally available, check it out here.

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Best of luck! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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