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How To Attract A Scorpio Man: 9 Things That Pull Him Closer

Being in a relationship with the Scorpio guy is never an easy task, but it’s always a very deep and transformative experience. Scorpios are known for their outstanding intelligence and faithful devotion, and if you are interested to learn what may attract a Scorpio man, please read on.

1. Awaken the Mystery and Magic in Your Heart

According to astrology basics, the area of love, talents, and creativity for the sign of Scorpio is placed in the sign of Pisces. The ruler of this sign is the planet Jupiter, but the planet which exalts in this place, meaning the planet which is at its greatest position here is Venus.

Pisces is all about dreaminess, poetry, arts in general, mists and fogs of the dark blue midnight sky and deep oceans.

This is the only inner psychological place where a Scorpio man can rest and relax. For you personally, this means that you have to act calmly and in a vulnerable manner, at least in front of him, and those traits will trigger his subconscious mind to look at you as someone who needs to be protected, therefore someone who needs him.

2. Level Up Your Looks

Venus in the sign of Pisces, the one he adores, will always act like a nice, romantic lady, dressed in pastel colors, mostly blue hues, with the silver or pearly details. She will never be rude, and the dirty words will never ever cross her mouth. Her gestures will always be feminine, and although she can, and often is, very sexy, those traits won’t be so obvious at first glance.

There are many misconceptions about how to attract a Scorpio man, but if you insist on black or burgundy outfits, paint your nails in those or similar colors and act like someone who just came out of the brothel, then you will be treated accordingly.

Have this in mind if you want to attract a Scorpio man and make him fall in love with you. Showing your sexiness in an open way won’t create the need in him to pursue you and finally commit to you. Rather, he will use you for the hookup arrangement and then leave.

3. Always See a Feminine Mannerism

Attract A Scorpio Man

Let’s go through this extremely important point once more. You don’t need to have an expensive wardrobe, nor do you have to possess jewelry or pearls. However, you must have a style and this style must be feminine. Whatever you wear it should be “themed”, classy and of course, tidy. But more important than this, you should act like a lady, not like a street fighter, because this behavior will pull him back from you instantly.

He can behave like a lone wolf, a desperate man of a revenge mission, or whatever he is feeling at the moment, but from the woman of his dreams, he will expect sensitivity and tenderness for sure. Your voice and especially your gestures must be calm and gracious. If you have to, train yourself to talk a bit slower and pay close attention to how the royal figures appear in public.

They always have a nice smile, neat appearance, and their manners are clearly showing that nothing and nobody can make them act inharmoniously. Become a genuine royal figure and you will have his instant attention.

4. Let Him Pursue You

The planet ruling the sign of Scorpio is Mars, and as said previously, Scorpio falls for an exalted Venus in the sign of Pisces. So, the formula for winning his heart and devotion is very simple. He is the man and he will chase you. Don’t ever think that he hasn’t noticed you. He’d noticed everything and everyone around him. You could be in the distant part of the room and you don’t need to fake that you need to do something close to him, because he will notice that too.

To attract a Scorpio man, all you need to do is to be yourself, a feminine, receptive and above all, intelligent woman. If he is attracted to you, he will come closer. You don’t need to encourage him at all, because he is a Scorpio guy and if he feels like it, he will be able to slay any dragon. Starting the communication with the woman he likes is not a problem at all.

You should smile, as always, you should be calm and you need to have your own interests. Engaging in something creative will show the passion in your eyes and this will be the best magnet you can create for any man around, not just a Scorpio man. Your passion doesn’t have to be astrophysics, but it can if you like it.

You can be passionate about baking cookies, collecting porcelain ballerinas, or studying archeology, astronomy or the martial arts. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it has to be something which genuinely uplifts your spirit and shows the whole world that you are not focused on love matters solely, but you have a variety of other interests.

5. Don’t Fall for Him too Fast

When he initiates the conversation with you for the first time, or he openly shows you that he is attracted to you, then you have to know that you are stepping on the minefield. Don’t fall for his charm instantly. Be nice and warm, but not too warm and don’t talk to text with him for too long. The key here is to make him want you more. As a true martial sign, Scorpio will feel the deep inside need to fight for you.

And if he can’t find the dragons or the armed enemies to free you from, then you will have to give him the pleasure to fight for your attention and especially, your time. That is, only if you want to build a committed relationship with him. For non-committal experiences, anything goes, but in those cases, he will get the thing he came for and then disappear. I’ve warned you.

Try to keep your talks or texting to the minimum, because your goal is not to start the debate club with the Scorpio guy, you can have that with your friends. Your true goal is to make him take you on the regular dates, for few times a week, especially on Saturday’s evenings.

6. Make Him Want You More

Also, don’t forget to keep those dates shorter in the beginning, let’s say for two or maximum three hours for the first two to three weeks. I know that this will be hard for you, but you need to play in an experienced manner if you want commitment. And, don’t forget, no sex for the first few months of your dating. This can sound weird in today’s world or relationship, but you could have already noticed that today’s world of relationship is highly unstable ground.

To attract a Scorpio man you need to know that he is very conservative deep down in his heart, so stick to the tradition and you won’t make a mistake. Keep your conversation light and warm, but don’t “over deliver”, not in the beginning. Scorpio man is far from being stupid or even shallow. He will watch every move you make and every word you say with the utmost care.

You don’t need to talk about the meaning of the life and Universe, or any other complicated subject to prove to him how clever you are. He will get that before you even open your mouth, so relax, but keep a little part of yourself hidden and therefore mysterious to him.

7. Become a Practical and Savvy Woman

Attract A Scorpio Man

You see, in the world of astrology, the sign opposite to Scorpio is Taurus. And this is the basic sign of partnerships for Scorpios, no matter are those partnerships of a business or a private nature. If you want to be seen as a marriage material in his eyes, then you should show some Taurus traits for sure. In short, you will still have style. This part won’t change at all, because the ruling planet of the sign Taurus is Venus.

However, in this case, you won’t be just a sensitive and poetic woman from his dreams. You will appear like a poetic and sensitive woman, but your mind or the core of your being will be practical, realistic and always on the lookout for good opportunities to increase or preserve your wealth.

You don’t have any wealth? This is no problem what so ever because you are your greatest wealth. Your intelligence, skills, education, way of reasoning and your uplifting appearance are your most valuable assets.

And in time, with or without him, you will gain some other forms of wealth if you are able to use your assets properly. Having an intelligent woman by his side is the greatest stimulus for any Scorpio man. And I don’t mean just the stimulus for his ego, but more for his sexual drive.

He will feel inclined more to prove himself as a good provider and protector in front of you. You will be someone of the high value and therefore he will want you more than any other girl.

8. Have in Mind the Practical Side of Venus

Venus in the sign of Taurus, as a marital house of Scorpio, is very down to earth type of goddess. She will look and act expensive, but she will take very good care that her appearance is neat, her home, husband, and children are well taken care of and she will have her focus on increasing her wealth, meaning her properties and incomes.

The “sexiest” way to attach a Scorpio guy to you forever is to become this type of Venus and to act thrilled when it comes to business issues, to spend your time learning about best ways to create the network of quality associates and how to use the best tactics to improve your life. This will have the effect of a drug to his mind because you will clearly emanate that your standards are high and he has to be an alpha type of man to be able to provide for the life you deserve.

9. Dive Deep Into Sexuality

The reason sexuality is number 10 on this list is very shrewd, I might say. Many popular astrology texts will guide you to play on your sexuality card right away, but I can honestly tell you that this is important, but not as important as the things you will have to do before you even land in bed with your Scorpio guy.

Go slowly and step carefully with him using the previously stated facts, before sex comes to your mind. In the opposite case, you will find out that you are just one of the numerous nameless women he was involved before he had met the right one.

Sex for the Scorpio man is something special and when he finally won the price, meaning he had to pursue you, treat you like a lady and attach to you before any naked experience, he will expect that this price will be extraordinary just as you are. In this phase, you have to be generous to him and to learn how to play in bed in an open and receptive way.

He doesn’t care about whether the lines of your body are perfect or not, but he truly cares about your happiness. So, show yourself as a one confident and curious lady and don’t be afraid to explore more than you have done with any of your partners from the past.

Now, when you are very precious to him and he will give his life and soul for you, you will need to satisfy his needs too and do it with genuine joy.

How did you attract a Scorpio man? Let me know!!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

  • My Scorpio man has me all confused. He has indeed pursued me, & we have an easy, natural connection. He’s told me he finds me so intriguing & feels like he’s known me for years. However, I understood that if he’s interested he will ask me lots of questions about myself. He doesn’t do this. He DOES routinely ask things like “have you eaten lunch yet?” “Did you get a good night’s rest?” “How are you feeling today?”. That seems like a good sign. But he has me confused by sometimes seeming disinterested and then the next day saying “you look beautiful today, did you have a good evening? I hope you slept well” he also acts a bit possessive and jealous of other men. What do you think, Anna? I’m using all your techniques and I need your honest opinion please!

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