Once You Get a Scorpio Man: How Do You Keep him?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So you’ve started dating a Scorpio man and you’re really into him. How to keep a Scorpio man once you get him and possibly commit later on down the line?

So you’ve started dating a Scorpio man and you’re really into him. How do you keep him interested in you and possibly commit later on down the line? Here are some helpful ideas to keep the fires burning and keep a Scorpio man.

It may help you to know how to keep a Scorpio man interested. You may want to keep reading to learn more tips on what to do once you get a Scorpio man.

Be As Loyal As It Gets

You never want a Scorpio man to question your loyalty to him. If you’ve already dedicated yourself to him, you need to know that he will often test your loyalty to make sure you’re above par.

He’s sneaky. He will look into your eyes for clues on whether or not you’re being honest with him. He’ll also watch your behavior. There are some that may even follow their ladies to see where they go and if they are where they say they are.

It’s also possible he throws you some complicated mood swings to see what you may do with them. Stick it out and show him that you’re not willing to throw your hands up and walk away.

Scorpio men are known for going cold when things are seemingly going really well. This is another testing tactic for some of them. They want to see how you react if he suddenly goes silent.

Show him that you are solid and well grounded. Let him know that you’re still there for him and aren’t going to run away. This will make him feel more secure and stop being icy.

Always Tell the Truth

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I realize that many people struggle with this. Either you’re afraid you’ll upset him or make him angry so you decide to not say anything. However; when he finds the truth out (and he will), you’re going to regret it.

The Scorpio man is the best detective imaginable. He will find out anything and everything about you and he’ll learn your mannerisms. He will instantly know when you’re lying to him.

If you happen to get it past him and he doesn’t notice right away; he will still figure it out. It’s best to just come clean. Even if it’s something that you know will piss him off or potentially hurt him.

Ultimately; it’s better to be forthcoming with what needs to be said. He’ll get past it and he’ll appreciate that you’ve cared enough to tell him the truth no matter how hard it was for you to do.

It’s possible he will get pissed or hurt but after the smoke clears; he’ll realize that you did your best in making sure he knew the absolute truth. That’s more valuable than just about anything else to him.

Keep Him Happy In Bed

This IS one of those men that you’ll need to keep pleased in the bedroom or he could start to look elsewhere. If he’s committed to you then he’ll be loyal. However; if you aren’t giving him what he needs; he could disconnect.

If he disconnects; he will no longer be “committed”. This is a point you don’t want to get him to. So make sure that sex is a normal part of your routine with your Scorpio guy.

Even if you’re only giving him a hand job because you’re not in the mood for full-on marathon sex; you’ll be glad you did it. He’ll be grateful that you’re willing to see to his needs.

This is just one of the ways of how to keep a Scorpio man happy. It’s really easy and he’ll truly appreciate the effort you put into making him feel satisfied.

This keeps him engaged with your relationship because he often times will do things for you that he’s not exactly in the mood for either but he cares enough about you to go ahead and do it. This is how to keep a Scorpio man hooked.

Scorpio men equate sex with the love they feel for your partner. If you pull away or start becoming a cold fish in bed; he’ll take that personally and figure you don’t care for him anymore.

Keep up with him as much as you can. It’s ok to not be in the mood every now and then or to have a headache. However; if you’re doing it all the time; something is wrong and you need to figure out how to fix it.

Avoid Making Him Jealous

There is a natural curiosity for some women to want to test the limits and see how jealous their Scorpio man can get. Don’t do it! Even testing him with it will piss him off enough that he may decide to break it off.

Remember he needs loyalty. If you feel the need to test him to see if he’ll get jealous when there is something else wrong in your relationship. That means it’s time to talk to him and work at fixing it.

He will never tolerate anyone trying to purposefully make him jealous. This is disrespectful and a deal breaker. The last thing you want him to think about you is that you’re inconsiderate.

This is definitely something that an insecure and inconsiderate woman may do to play with her Scorpio’s feelings. This is not good, not healthy, and will get you dumped fairly quickly.

Show Him Gestures of Your Love

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Scorpio men are not big on words. He is much like Taurus in that he wants to be shown how you feel. Giving him gifts, showing him how much you care, let him have the last cookie, etc are ways to give him affection without words.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to hear “I love you”; it’s just sometimes overwhelming if you want to say it all the time. He’d rather just make sure that you two know how you feel about each other via action.

Leave him cute love notes on his bathroom mirror or make him a surprise lunch that he can take to work. Doing things for him will prove to him that you’re into him and care for his well being.

Cooking him nice meals or baking some yummy desserts will win you any favors. It also shows him you’re going to be a tremendous wife and mother. Click here to find out more about what the Scorpio man wants in a woman.

By doing everything you can to show your Scorpio man how you feel; you’ll understand how to keep a Scorpio man happy. He’s up for doing the same with you so give and you’ll get.


I hope this helps you to maintain or build the perfect love with your Scorpio guy. These are the proper ways of how to keep a Scorpio man interested.

Knowing your guy is half the battle. Once you’ve won his love and you’re able to maintain what you have with him, you’ll be happy for the long haul. Now you know how to keep a Scorpio man!

Scorpio men are sexy and loyal when they’ve found their Soulmate. All you have to do is let him see that you are what he’s looking for and you’ll be set going forward.

Here is some really tasty information for you. Did you know that the smoldering actor of “You”, Penn Badgley is a Scorpio? Man his he tasty or what?

Those Scorpio men really have it going on. Sexy actor Ben Foster is also a Scorpio guy. It’s so hot in here now that I think we all need a cold shower. Am I right?

Alright ladies, enjoy your Scorpio men and do the very best you can so you can keep them. I always wish you nothing but the very best in love and in life. Show that Scorpio man what you’ve got!

Did you hook a sultry Scorpio man? How did you keep your guy? Please tell me what you did! Learn more about your Scorpio man by clicking here.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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25 thoughts on “Once You Get a Scorpio Man: How Do You Keep him?

  1. I just met this scorpio man, he is out neighbor and he is taking care of me since I arrived home (I live in Europe) and he helped me with everything I wanted ( I don’t need to ask I just say that I want this and he does it directly). It is worthy to mention that our relationship was superficial before just neighbors but now is getting better, however, he never said a word like he is interested in me or something or never propose going out for coffee… but he is going out of his ways for me… this is confusing! I don’t know what to do? Shall I make the first move? I am a Taurus woman by the way

  2. I’m an Aries woman, newly in a relationship with a scorpion man, I feel he loves me and I do love him too, but most time I still doubt if he truly do love me and I’m yet to understand him, we are in Nigeria, so how do I know he truly loves me??????

  3. He is scorpio and i’m a gemini… He really gets cold…. As in instantly…. I can’t understand him… We’re sweet then suddenly he becomes cold…. Damn it…

  4. Im a Leo woman with me Scorp King… we started as f*ck buddies. then I broke it off and now i moved back and he treats me like were in a relationship now.. we are def having some serious puppy love here. and we had our first major fight on halloween… he didn’t talk to me for a week.. so yeah don’t piss scores off they rarely forgive, but than God we are back on good terms.. these tips are so major and make sure u keep his sac empty (if u know what i mean) sex life is MARVELOUS if u wanna keep a score man ,, give him good sex when he wants and don’t try to force him in a relationship he will run. but show don’t tell… and SPACE give him SPACE SPACE SPACE.. hope this helped guys i love to share (:

  5. I’m a leo he is a Scorpio. I love him dearly but sometimes it feels like a mission trying to make it work with him. I need to know what to do to keep him happy

  6. I am a gemini and he is a scorpio. The sex is very good but he blows hot and cold air most of the time. He can be manipulative and controlling but I love him still. I dont know what to do anymore…i a submissive and loyal to him but no. Its too much now

  7. I dont know if it is only me or anyone outthere feel different about scorpio man in terms of him be scary if we rush the relationship. I feel otherwise tho. My scorpio man is intense in my opinion, I felt be pushed instead. Sometimes it scares me. Now I am in cold phase, as I am scared be involved into new relationship, based on my past karmic relationship. meanwhile he is also stuck up, doesnt do anything to make it better. Sigh. Are we both scared…

  8. Hi i am a Gemini, and my Scorpio boyfriend is the guy that im looking for, 2years this coming June… and all the things u mentioned about him was so surprising bcoz u say it all about him.

    All i want is to keep our relationship nice and smooth…

    I love him so so much

    Thanks to u

  9. I’m a Scorpio man and can attest to much of what has been written here.

    Some of the biggest pointers:

    – If we love you, we will literally go to the ends of the Earth for you…however, if we feel taken advantage of, disrespected or disregarded, we may endure this for a little while, but rest assured, we’ll be packing our bags at some point.

    – We are incredibly emotional people, with an incredibly hard exterior. But, when our armour get pierced, we need someone who knows exactly how to comfort us. We understand that we’re complex and may take some time to reach this point, but if you can’t do that, we feel very alone and will certainly detach from you emotionally. I can’t stress how important this is – it’s so much more important than sex, I can’t even begin to explain.

    – Sex and visual appeal. We are often highly driven in this department, and will accept nothing less than making our partners’ sexual life outstanding. However, if you (through laziness, ambivalence, entitlement etc) start neglecting your appearances, we see this as a personal assault on us and the relationship. If you won’t even try to muster the same levels of effort that we put it, we will detach from you, both physically and emotionally. We’re not unrealistic, though! Case in point: if you are a fit gym-bunny when we get together, but on becoming comfortable and complacent gain 50lbs and dressing terribly, we see that as a massive deception.

    – Please keep it classy, at least in public. Etiquette is incredibly important to us.

    – Referencing the article – the idea about baking our favourite desert or making us a secret special lunch. This. Nothing short of adorable and irresistible. I’m falling in love just thinking about someone doing this for me.

    – We need you to adore us as much as we adore you. But if we feel smothered or emotionally restricted, we will shut off.

  10. The above is true for Scorpio women, I am one and have been in a relationship with a Scorpio man for the last 3 years. We both come from marriages where our ex spouses had affairs. We are very open and forthcoming with each other but at times need our space and allow that for one another. Yes, at times I think we question each other’s loyalty but I think that is due to our past marriages not because of anything we ourselves have done. It has been a strong relationship, we are both learning to love again.

    1. Hi Stabler!

      How wonderful! Thank you for writing in and sharing your personal experience. I’m glad to hear a personal account of Scorpio with Scorpio! Bravo! I’m glad you two are working it out together and find your way with love.

  11. I am a Scorpio man and I approve this message. Someone who let herself go in bed, doesn’t give up when things get rough, and opens up her is a huge turn on – unfortunately, it’s not always the case. I am looking at you, Libra.

    1. Hi Alexander!

      Thank you for sharing your input. I’d like to think I’ve done plenty of research not to mention my own friendships with Scorpios. I wish you all the very best. More Scorpio men need to write in!

  12. Please help! I think I’ve lost my scorpion man :,(
    Extremely long story short.. been seeing each other in a long distance ‘thing’ since April, he shares his kids with his ex when he is home (we don’t live together and he is an hour away). We aren’t often together, but we try and make it work.
    He introduced me to his kids this past Sunday and invited me to Christmas with him to a friends house, I haven’t been introduced into his inner circle yet, so this was huge. But then almost immediately he has gone completely cold. Like he barely texts me, I’m lucky if I get one a day and even then it’s sweet, but brief.
    He tells me he can’t have a relationship, but then call me his girlfriend and do and say other things that only a boyfriend would do or say.
    I got so confused and heartbroken that I broke up with him, he replied apologising that he hurt me but explained that he needed this time to be alone to deal with the stress in his life. I’m a Capricorn, so if he would of told me this to begin with, and I know where I stood, I would have gladly left him to alone and respected that time for himself. Instead I feel like I’ve been nothing but annoying and making things worse for him. My last message to him was explaining that needing to know where I stood was very important to me, and then apologising for things I said in my ‘break up’ message and explaining where that was all coming from. Then asking him, when he felt better of course, to consider us seeing each other again and that I’ll leave that ball in his court and will now respect his time alone by not texting him and instead wait to hear from him (this was around 11:30am’ish today and I haven’t heard anything back yet.
    Have I stuffed up my chances with him by allowing my emotions overpower my common sense?
    I hope not, but I have a sinking feeling that I have and I’m so angry and disappointed in myself because this may have been something wonderful and I completely stuffed it up all because I let my anxiety and emotions take over.
    (In the past when he went cold, I followed Anna’s advice from the Scorpio Mans Secret and I managed to hold my fears, anxiety etc in check. He hasn’t really been the same since we admitted to each other that we have started developing feelings for each other the last time he was home. Please help, I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help xx

    1. Hi Peta!

      I don’t think that all is lost. Opening up is just the surface of things. Perhaps if you give him some time and space with patience then maybe you’ll find out what he feels and what he wants from here on out. Communication is very important and it’s smart to reach out to him now and then to check on him and show him you’re not willing to just abandon him while he needs time. I hope this helps you. Wish you all the best!

  13. I think I just lost my Scorpio man for good. He said he wanted me back after he left town with another lady behind my back. I was very willing to give it one more try because I never fell out of love with him in the first place. He told me up front that she would always be in his life as a friend. On Saturday when I texted him he said he was in the hospital with her because she got bad sick with blood sugar issues. I have the same issues too but I found a way to get off meds for them so I texted him how I did it. I was concerned for her and he blocked me instead. Why was I blocked?

    1. Hi Miranda!

      Hmm… I guess he blocked you as he felt you were getting into his business that he didn’t want you in. Perhaps she was more than a friend still and he didn’t want her to see his phone OR she had his phone and blocked you. Too many scenarios here but if he’s going to be that protective over her then he’s not over her. Are you willing to be second choice? If not then you probably might consider letting go and moving forward. Let him have her. I’m sorry you went through this experience. Take care of yourself.

  14. I am a Taurus woman and my Scorpio man and I have been together for 4 years. Yes Scorpios require a lot of attention! I grabbed him and kissed him on our first date before he knew what was happening. That’s all it took! He still loves it when I catch him off guard! And packing his lunch w/notes….he adores this. Keep him guessing and pour on the affection & the home cooked meals!

  15. I am an Aquarian and just started a relationship with a Scorpion… He is amazing, super considerate, funny, sexy, he is what I was afraid to pray for because I didn’t think such a man could possibility exist, his sex drive is on another level and it’s never only about him, he goes to lengths to make sure I am fully satiated when it comes to this department, this is someone I will fight to keep as my own, thanks for the tips, will be sure to use them

  16. Can you please help me with my scorpio widower? How does a Scorpio deal with grief? Will I ever be able to have him? How can I help?

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