When your Scorpio Man is Upset but Won’t Tell You Why

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you wonder when your Scorpio man is upset but won’t tell you why? Here are some reasons why he may not want to open up and discuss things with you.

Are you dating a Scorpio man and you can tell that something is bothering him but he won’t talk about it?

Here are some reasons why a Scorpio man is upset and may not want to open up and discuss things with you:

It’s Personal and Isn’t about You

If he’s going through something that is very personal to him, the Scorpio man may not want to open up to you. It may also depend on how close he feels to you. If you’re in a serious relationship he may be more inclined.

If you’re just dating and not at a serious point yet, he may not feel as though he can reveal this inner part of himself. So when it’s something personal, don’t try to get him to open up.

Let him have it and show him that you’ll support him no matter what it is that is going on. Tell him that if he wants to open up or when he wants to open up, that you are there.

Showing him that he can rely on you will carry your relationship to new levels. Just keep in mind that there are always going to be certain things that a Scorpio man will not tell you.

If a Scorpio man is upset, it’s not personal it’s just that he isn’t a very “open” type of person. He tends to carry things with him for many years. This also is why he holds grudges and sometimes have walls that are hard to breech.

He Needs Space and Time

Young miserable depressed Scorpio man sitting and thinking - When your Scorpio Man is Upset but Won’t Tell You Why

This is going to be especially true if the problem he is trying to solve has nothing to do with you or your relationship. If you need clarity to be sure it’s not about you, ask him at the very least if it is. He’ll tell you the truth.

This guy is one that likes to come up with solutions to whatever problems he has by himself. He’s a born “loner” in an emotional sense and doesn’t want anyone else’s feelings to be a factor in what he chooses.

So he may pull back in order to figure things out. Don’t worry, when he’s done, he’ll come back around and hopefully be better than he was before. There is nothing wrong with a little personal time.

He will need this from time to time. He may be the type that is inseparable from you but the minute he hits a problem, he’ll seemingly become cooler toward you even when it has nothing to do with you.

This will make the Scorpio man seems upset and you need to just back off. Let him have some time to contemplate what or how to handle whatever it is that is bothering him. It doesn’t matter if it’s about work or about anything else; give him time.

He Needs to Flex His Independence

Scorpio men do not want to be emotionally dependent on anyone. So they will fight to keep it that way. This will mean pushing you away or keeping you in the dark when he’s upset.

Again, if it has nothing to do with you, let him do what he needs to do. If he IS upset about something you’ve done or said, it’s the same thing. Until he is able to process; he won’t want to talk about it.

If a Scorpio man is upset, it’s also possible he needs help but he’ll never ask you for it. He’d rather pretend he doesn’t need it. He knows that if he starts to depend on you emotionally; that you’ll end up hurting him later on.

While that may not be true, this is his mentality. He also doesn’t want to have to need anyone’s help with his own problems. If you know what it is he needs, try to do it for him.

If you do not, this is probably something you can learn over time by observing his actions. It’s best to do things without words. Remember this is an action guy so he’d rather you take action than say anything.

This holds true with love and it holds true with holding down the fort while the man of the house is dealing with his own inner conflict. Keep the home fires burning or the heart fires.

Either way you look at it, there isn’t a whole lot you can do other than offer your assistance should he want it. Otherwise, let him figure out whether or not he’ll want to come to you or if he needs to do it on his own.

Loyalty No Matter What

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This is one of those things that will test you and the Scorpio man’s relationship. If you run when there is conflict or if he won’t talk to you when he’s upset, then you’re not the one for him.

When your Scorpio man is upset, be strong for him! Stay put and just let him know that you’re there whether he wants to open up or not. Tell him that you are his rock and you’ll be there for him if he should want any kind of support.

If he asks you for space, don’t be afraid to give it to him. He ultimately will know what he needs to get him through the funk he’s going through. So when he says he needs some time alone, do what he asks.

This may mean going to spend some time at a friend’s house or sleeping over even. It depends on your guy and how hard the situation is for him that he’s going through. If he doesn’t tell you how hard it is, ask him.

Ask him how much time he’d like to have on his own or if he’d like you to stick around. He should be able to at least let you know if he needs you to stay or go. Of course, if he doesn’t answer, I’d guess that is a “yes he needs time alone”.

When they don’t speak at all; they are too upset to even talk about simple things. Find out more about this moody guy and other traits by clicking on this link.

I hope this helps you figure out what your Scorpio man needs and why he doesn’t open up easily.

What do you do when your Scorpio man is upset?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “When your Scorpio Man is Upset but Won’t Tell You Why

  1. Ok, seeing that you know so much about the Scorpio man, I have a question: We are not dating but we are definitely flirting, or at least we did, until I did something that upset him. He is a musician and about two weeks ago I went to one of his gigs and I wanted to take a picture of the dance floor with all the people having a good time. I’m short, so I got up the stage to give me some height and he promptly told me to get off the stage! I was so hurt and humiliated, but I have to admit I was wrong; he doesn’t allow anybody on the stage while he’s working, but he didn’t have to be so harsh about it. Anyway, last Thursday I was the first time I saw him after the incident, I decided to ignore him and he made an effort to wave at me from the stage. During the evening I caught him several times looking my way, but that was all. I left before he stopped playing, so there was nothing said between us. The connection is very strong, but we both are guilty of not letting the other one know how we feel. Is there any hope of the situation improving, or am I wasting my time. We are not so young anymore, therefor more cautious with whom we let in. I really like him and I believe we have a good chance, but I’ve never had dealings with a Scorpio before and everybody is warning me about how difficult they are.

  2. My Scorpion has definitely gone through the “suffer in silence” phases many, many times since we’ve been together. The 1st time it happened was pretty hard for me, I was young & naive & didn’t understand. When we met, I was over the moon for him & he was crazy about me & never missed a chance to tell me in every way. We have had an almost supernatural connection since just minutes after meeting, we were inseparable & moved in together in just 2 weeks. Luckily, it wasn’t a misstep & 8 yrs later we’re closer than ever. About 3 mos after moving in, he changed almost overnight into a stranger & almost the exact opposite of what I knew him to be. Up till then, we laughed & played goofy games all the time. He was intense, yes. But also witty & brilliant making me laugh until it hurt all the time. He was affectionate with me at all times. Constantly touching me somehow, tickling me gently, holding my hand, stroking my hair, even in public. He’d stop at random times & wink as he tapped his lips to signal ” I want a kiss please” and I’d happily oblige, whether snuggled on our couch or in line at the cinema. We were deliriously happy. Then one day he never came home from work. A different man did. Brooding, irritable, silent, lost in thought & constantly distracted. He was like an imposter, a ghost, a shell of the man I fell so deeply in love with. I cried in secret all the time, convinced that he had changed his mind about our relationship. There were days when we barely even made eye contact or spoke, as opposed to all the days we’d spent just inches away staring Into one another’s eyes, simply besotted. I asked him if I’d done anything wrong, he just looked up as if woken from a dream and said “no, baby” & disappeared inside himself again. This went on for 5 weeks. I was depressed, not eating or sleeping, desperately grasping at any chance to get him to talk to me. Then one day, he did. “When I come home from work, we should talk. It’s VERY important” was all I had, scribbled on an old receipt on the kitchen table. I was so distraught, sure he’d be ending it. That evening he came home, sat down with me on the couch and looked me in the eye for the first time in ages. “I think you need to know something. Something very unpleasant but also necessary” my heart sank. He went on “I’ve been such a pouting, moody, selfish jerk lately. Just last night it hit me that you probably think my shift in attitude and mood had something to do with you!” My heart leapt! “Which is the furthest thing from the truth I can think of. I’m having a lot of issues at work. I feel like I was manipulated into taking a job they knew I’d hate but once I was under contract the truth came out. I’m miserable there. And I’m letting you down, exhausted, unable to focus. You have been so sweet, so patient just letting g me process my thoughts and emotions. I’m such a lucky man and I swear to you that I’m fighting to come back to you, where I belong ” I was stunned. But as I’ve learned since, he’s always q man of his word. He came back within a few days. Now I understand that if I was doing something wrong, he’d tell me & I just ride calmly with whatever mood comes home at night.

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