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Does Your Scorpio Man Miss You When You’re Not Around?

If you’re a woman dating a Scorpio man. But does your Scorpio man miss you when you’re gone? Here are some ways that you can assess the situation and find out.

If He Texts You

Perhaps you’ve gone on vacation or are on a business trip and you’re wondering: does your Scorpio man miss you? One big sign that he does is that he’ll text you while you’re gone.

He’s so used to you being around that after maybe a day or two, he starts texting you to see what’s going on and how you’re doing. Though if you text him first, he’ll answer you.

The best way to figure out if he misses you though is by not texting him first. Let him reach out to you. If he doesn’t then there is a chance he’s not thinking much about it.

If a Scorpio man is confident in your relationship; he may actually make himself very busy while you’re away or doing your own thing. If he’s busy, he’s not thinking about his personal life.

Again, if your Scorpio man takes time out of whatever it is he is doing to text and stays in contact then it’s likely he does miss you. It may not be as much as you miss him but still, some are better than none right?

Calls You When He Can

Handsome stylish man talking on the phone and driving a bike in the city - Does My Scorpio Man Miss Me When I’m not Around

Most men (not all) will actually want to touch base with the woman they’re into on a daily basis. Even if it’s only for a few minutes; he’ll want to check in with you by giving you a quick call.

He may opt to text you if he’s not much of a phone type of person but it’s still essentially the same thing. Though many men want to hear their woman’s voice as it gives them some type of solace.

If he’s giving you daily calls; he misses you. Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, he’s expending some effort to make sure you know he’s thinking about you. His actions are what you need to look for.

Scorpio men just like any man; will tend to reach out to the woman they care about as often as they can. If you see an increase in him reaching out when he’s not with you; he misses you.

Now, there is a clause to this of course. If you two live in the same town but not together, he may not feel the need to miss you because you still sort of there; unless you’ve gone a week or two without spending time together.

Time Apart Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

A Scorpio man typically keeps himself inundated with lots of things to do. He’ll especially spend time on things he’s passionate about such as art, music, or even his career.

So when he’s busy “in the zone”; he may not be thinking of you at that time. It doesn’t mean that he isn’t into you or doesn’t care. It just means his mind is occupied.

Try not to confuse his being busy and unable to process other thoughts as him not caring about you or not missing you. When he does have time to think of other things; he will indeed miss you.

Again, this has to do with time and space also. If you see each other on a regular basis, he’s probably comfortable and missing you isn’t a thing as he knows he’ll see you or talk to you again soon.

The only way to get him to miss you is by becoming somewhat unavailable, going on vacation, going on business trips, etc. Try not to do it too often though because then he’ll think you don’t want to be with him anymore.

He Will Be Honest and Obvious

Scorpio men typically will actually let you know if they are missing you. They will text you, they will call you, or they will do what they can to spend some time with you.

When he does spend time with you after missing you, he’ll show you physically how much he missed you. That will be very clear and you won’t be left wondering whether or not he did, in fact, feel loss while you were apart.

If you’ve spent significant time apart due to living circumstances such as geography, work, or studying abroad, he’ll definitely let you know how he feels when he talks to you or sees you again.

It’s likely that his feelings will be much more intense than they possibly were before. Watch for how he acts with you after you’ve gone without seeing him for a while.

Again, don’t try to purposefully spend significant time away from him. That will make him think you don’t want him. It IS healthy though to spend time with your other friends and/or family without him.

Give Him a Reason To Miss You!

Beautiful couple parting at train station - Does My Scorpio Man Miss Me When I’m not Around

Be unforgettable to your Scorpio man. Give him lots of love, attention, compliments, and treat him like a king. When he’s apart from you; he will miss this.

If you give him lots of reasons of why he should miss you by showing him, he’ll definitely notice you’re not around no matter what he is doing. He’ll want to reach out to you more and see what you’re up to.

Again, many Scorpio men keep themselves very busy. It’s unlikely you hear “I’m bored” from this guy. He always has something going on or something he can be working at.

That being said, he doesn’t give himself too much time to miss people. In his downtime though; that’s when it may hit him and he’ll want to reach out to let you know he misses you.


So yes, he IS capable of missing someone for sure. It may take a while to build up but he does notice and will miss the woman he loves. To find out more about how a Scorpio man is when he’s in love, click here!

I get how confusing this guy can be sometimes but I do hope that this article helps you at knowing if he will miss you or not when you’re not around.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Does your Scorpio man miss you? Let me know!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

50 thoughts on “Does Your Scorpio Man Miss You When You’re Not Around?

  1. I am relationship with person whos zodiac is scorpio. Last week we had a fight dat he have asked me to give him some space and i have come to visit mumbai. So he have not texted me neither did he call. Does he want a breakup ?

    1. He just wants space! Give it to him. Keep busy til then. He could be testing your strength. They do that sometimes.

        1. I met a scorpio about a year and a half ago. We talked and texted everyday for about a month but never met face to face and then he disappeared. When I asked him he said he is going through alot and it’s not a good time for him. We stayed in touch once in a while. Then about 2 months ago he asked me if we should finally meet for a drink. We did and really hit it off. He really opened up to me and was extremely vulnerable and emotional. From that day he texted me good morning everyday and messaged throughout the day. We saw eachother every other week for a date because we both have kids. He then started being hot and cold. Would message me once a day and seems to always be busy. When we saw eachother it was amazing. He seemed to be really into me. Would look into my eyes and tell me beautiful things, hold me and tell me he got me etc… The last time I saw him was really great until it became physical and he was having some issues. I tried to make him feel that I don’t care because i authentically care about him. I have hardly heard from him since. When I do he always says his life is so busy. I try to be nice and positive but I feel that I need to hear from him that he is over this. Should I just let him go or ask him about it? It has been a year and a half in the making and when we were together it was really special. Should I just get the hint and move on?

  2. I am currently dating a Scorpio man. We are fresh in our relationship but we have been talking for two months. He’s in the marines and I’m a first year college student. He lives two hours away from me so we mostly be texting and getting on FaceTime. We saw and spent time together once and I have been missing his presence ever sense. Every time I tell him I miss him he replies back to me “lol you’ll be fine, gotta stay strong.” This kinda makes me feel upset because he doesn’t tell me he misses me back. Also, we don’t text or FaceTime like we used to before we started dating. Does this mean he’s doesn’t like or isn’t interested in me anymore or am I looking too deep into it?

    1. This is so early in and it seems like you have never handled a Scorpio before. If so, welcome to the club. I am currently dealing with my very first Scorpio and they require so much patience. He will not tell you that he misses you unless he really means it and most likely you would be telling him this before he even does. From what I got from what he told you is that you have to be strong emotionally and mentally. They know that they are a lot to handle and are untrusting in nature. You can tell them that you love them and whatnot and they would automatically have “Why?”, “How?”, “Are you serious about this?” kind of questions pop up in their heads. Give him space and just go at his pace. It takes a lot of time for them to officialize a relationship since it takes them awhile to gather and process their emotions and analysis. They can easily stop talking to someone if they are not interested in you. They resemble a Saggitarius in the sense where if the spark is gone, they would most likely not bother talking to you. Observe his little actions and have A LOT and I mean a lot of Patience. Be mentally strong most importantly because it is a rollercoaster with them. Hot and cold all the time. He just needs a lot of space since their sign leans towards Pluto. Don’t be readily available all the time either. Focus on your life and maybe not initiate a conversation first for a couple of days. If he does contact you first though, respond but not with too much urgency. Hope this helps!

  3. A Scorpio male told me he wanted to date me in February. We were talking since then. We had an argument in May (I blew up on him for no reason). We have been up and down with communication since then. Every time we do speak he tells me he misses me and thinks about me everyday. But yet he didn’t say anything. We recently had an argument on Friday where he told me he would be moving away. I was very hurt and asked him if he knew this why have be run after him?! To that his response was “don’t run after me” “stop running after me”. He apologized and said he didn’t want me to think he was using me. He also said I didn’t know how he felt. I actually really wanted this guy. I wanted to love him. I’m so confused he told me he had a crush on me for years and was watching me for years. But after our first argument in May he said we wouldn’t be a good couple because I had a short fuse. When we argued again on Friday he said “This is why we wouldn’t be a good couple” again. I think it’s unfair because none of our arguments were every in person just via text. We didn’t even get to make it to an official date yet because between he and I we kept on canceling on each other. But as of recent I felt like he just didn’t want to see me. And when I did see him a week before as soon as I left he texted me an hour later to tell me that he missed me. I’m sorry this is so confusing but I’m confused myself.

    1. Okay. From my experience with my Scorpio, he does not like it when I go off on him. This has happened once only and has never happened again. He withdrew away from me. I confronted him directly and asked him why it seems like he is avoiding me. He told me that he does not like a girl going off on him about minor issues, telling him what to do and in a way it scares him. He hates arguing. It does not matter whether this is in person or behind a screen. It’s the same inpact for them nonetheless. It makes him run for the hills. I haven’t done it since then but he has the tendency to pull back in reverse and seem detached which typically would make most females feel insecure. My suggestion would be to give him space. Don’t always initiate a conversation first, but don’t go more than a couple of days. Anything more may make him assume that you have lost interest. It’s a mental strength game with them. If you can read them when they are in silence and are able to put up with their spontaneous hot and cold tendencies, a scorpio would appreciate this. Also, do not pry into his personal life and force him to open before he does it on his own. They automatically throw their defenses up and get annoyed. They are secretive in nature. Don’t try so hard to invade that. If you can’t calmly recollect and remain composed whenever he does what he does, I suggest you to not continue this because it would be a mental toll on your end. As a virgo, I overthink a lot and overly analyze situations that it drives me insane. As soon as I caught onto his scorpio attributes I had to rewire how I would typically handle a male. It takes a lot of mental strength and most importantly…PATIENCE. A ton of it. Good luck to you. Your scorpio would most likely still have feelings for you if he comes back and tells you that he misses you despite telling you that he is leaving. But if circumstances don’t allow it to work, a scorpio would loosen his hands and let you go even if it pains them. They are emotional behind their wall of indifference.

  4. I’ve been with my Scorpio man for 3 years. I am a Capricorn woman. I am annoyed bc I’ll send him texts or calls and he doesn’t answer. It’s so inferioriting bc I know he has his phone in his hand playing video games and I know he see’s it! He answers other people’s texts. Yesterday he told me all I have to do is give him space and he will give me more attention. Okay, I leave town every month for 10days how much more space does he need? He doesn’t do things with me and my friends are constantly asking me where my man is and I just tell them we’re capable of living different lives. Yet, when he first pursued me he was around every corner and had a general interest in me. He’d meet me at the river, now he says he hates that. Bar, he hates that now. Anything I want to do he says no to. One word answers constantly. The thing he does do sometimes is buys me flowers and little things like that. We are intimate but now I’m starting to feel like maybe he’s just been manipulating me with sex. He says he loves me yet doesn’t have feelings. Is this just an intimate relationship and that’s it? I feel like that’s all we have in common. How much more space does a guy need when I’m out of town often?

    1. Hello fellow Earth sign! One of my favorites between a Taurus and a Capricorn. I do not know what to tell you honestly. I feel the same way with my Scorpio at times too. As an Earth sign, Virgo, I tend to view things in black and white. Ever since I interacted with a Scorpio, that has changed drastically. They need a lot of space and I mean a lot of it. They could be so sweet and intimate with you in one moment then just act like you never existed the next. I am intimate with mine and he has the tendency to do this. Then one day, him and I went to the beach and didn’t do anything physical. Just basked in each others silence. He would randomly ask me questions that require a lot of thought and an understanding of one another. I didn’t feel like I was being used anymore. He opens up on his own. And also, I told him that he liked me and his response was that it was reciprocated, but he most likely would not have told me on his own anytime soon. Intimacy does not keep a man solely by itself, especially with a Scorpio. It is how they show affection in a way since they are untrusting in nature, but they require a lot of understanding and mental stimulation. I have also noticed that if you gently approach a Scorpio to clear up any of your doubts, they would do that for you especially if they care. You have to sense a lot of things with them. Does he stare at you intensely like you’re the only one in his world in that moment? Does he reserve whatever time he has despite him placing other priorities before you? Does he show affection here and there to remind you that he does like you? How does he hold you when he hasn’t seen you in awhile? They tend to not do PDA because they like all the lovey-dovey stuff to be done in private. Every now and then they would let it slip. Just really observe your Scorpio in silence because he is doing that with you in return. Don’t always expect him to have you on his mind all the time because they tend to keep themselves busy. Be patient fellow Earth sign. Scorpios are often misunderstood but be mindful because they can be manipulative at times. Observe always. It’ll open up a lot of doors and clear a lot of confusion. It’s a lot of mental work with them.

  5. Hey I am dating a scorpion guy and it’s been 2 years things have been hard for me and I am scorpion too so no patience you know but still I don’t know how come I have been patient so saying him I tried to leave but he dint let me go and we are back again now something again happened I did not wished him on his birthday I couldn’t I don’t know why I was so angry I could he is cold with me now giving me silent treatment I don’t know what to do .

    1. Hi Riya! You two need to learn how to talk to each other properly. It sounds like you keep doing it wrong thus leads you two to misunderstand each other. I think you two could benefit from a counselor or mediator to help you two learn an effective method for talking openly and in a way that’s productive for you both.

  6. When i first met this Scorpio man, he told i was the type to run from commitment and i told him he was spot on. over some time i started to like him and expressed that i was willing to give things a real shot..When i say sweet things, he tells me how i say all the right things like its game. Yeah maybe he has trust issues (who doesn’t) i’m affectionate to him and now over a month in i’m wondering if i’m wasting my time. We just started dating so i’m beginning to feel i’m free to date others.. Am i wrong? Has me expressing my true feelings started the game playing?

    Okay so here’s some examples. One minute he’s texting me every morning with sweet messages,He always compliments me and when we’re together he goes out the way to open doors, pull chairs, stares in my eyes and would wink,.. but then he sometimes gets awkward and starts to shift positions, looking elsewhere like hes in deep thought or not interested and its weird lol.. Anyway the Sex is really good ,i have a high sex drive & i’m very open minded so we agree on that pt.. we live an hr away from each other and we both work so every other weekend has been our schedule. Lately he’s barely texting back . He always says he pays close attention to words so i’m mindful as to what i say. every once in a while he’ll go out the way to copy and paste certain messages

    Him: I might catch feelings.
    Me: I want you to catch feelings for me,, i like you alot.
    Him: Liked “I want you to catch feelings for me, i like you alot”

    Me: Babe, Im missing you..
    Him (8hrs later) hru

    Wtf? Im not even the type to say things like this so early on. but i followed his lead,…These cold responses are going on too long and i’m getting put off. I’m a Leo so if i feel rejected (when im not in love) my response is to play the field and set my sights else where.. So before jumping the gun a few days ago i decided to ask flat out.

    Ex3/ Me: Are you really interested in me?
    (30mins later)
    Him: Yes

    Okay,he gave the right answer and i left it alone, I dont nag but now it feels like he’s ignoring my text….and when he does message its many hrs later. I understand the moody thing cause i can be the same way but i’m not going to chase him.. should i start looking else where? or am i somehow being tested?

      1. Hi Wendi! I don’t know how it turned out for ConfusedLion as she wrote in a year ago and hasn’t written back in. Leo and Scorpio can sometimes have communication problems. It’s one of those situations where you have to basically set up times where you can touch base with each other weekly to get communication open and flowing better. When his temper flares, it’s hard to talk to him. Leo woman’s temper flares as well. So neither of you can talk to each other while you’re still upset. Finding a time when you’re both calm is far better. I hope this helps sweetheart!

      2. I am scorpio my man is also scorpio we are together last 3 years listen u are leo and Leo are so aggressive and fire scorpio don’t like angry people and freaky people give him space but don’t disappearr when my scorpio man don’t text me and ignore me I take a selfie and share in status then he always text me and communicate me

    1. Give him some space and let him come to you. I have been dating my scorpion man for 2 in a half years now and trust me it’s gonna take some time and wrk to get him totally into you and even then you still not gonna totally understand him but in time you will get to understand him more. Although it’s a fight to understand my man at times I wouldn’t trade him for nothing in the world because when his attention is there I feel like the only woman on the planet lol so if you’re willing to put in some wrk and time go for it

    2. You are being tested. Your story is identical to mine. I really liked him and I stuck around which paid off. He’s now in love with me and we are so happy together

      1. HI Sagittarius!

        Oh my! I am so very happy to hear a success story sweetheart. Thank you for sharing with me. It sounds like you’ve found a good formula for making it work with him. Kudos to you. If you ever want to know more about Scorpio, you might think of reading my books on Scorpio Man Secrets. It never hurts to learn all you can.

  7. I’m a cancer dating a Scorpio. We had an argument yesterday and I ended up giving him ultimatum, then he said I should give him 2 days to get his head in the right space.

    I couldn’t keep that promise o 2 days so I texted him “I miss you” today on his WhatsApp. The message hasn’t been delivered yet but I feel like he won’t answer it..

    Do you think I blew my chances by doing so?

    1. Hi Crabbywoman! I don’t think you blew your chances but I wouldn’t reach out again until he answers. Often times if you back off a Scorpio, he’ll figure things out and he’ll come back to you and chase you. The only reason he wouldn’t is if he’s not really into it and doesn’t want it. Give him some time sweetheart.

    1. Hi Kimberli Allen! That is fantastic! I’m glad to hear that you have a Scorpio man treating you well. I hear so many horror stories, it’s refreshing to hear a good one. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your love! Blessings to you!

  8. How do i tell if the scorpio man im seeing is married or not.
    He will not see me when my son is around. He only want to see me when my son in not around.

    1. Hi Tougieda! Ask him if he’s married. Point blankly and honestly. If he wants to see you when your son isn’t around it’s because he’s not serious enough about you and knows it’s wrong for your son to meet him. That doesn’t mean he’ll always be that way but until he feels confident that a commitment is what he wants with you, he wants to stay in the shadows. I hope that helps answer your question.

  9. I am a pisces and I had a couple relationships with scorpios… yes, they played mental games and they were brutal. I am a hopeless romantic and this wasn’t easy at most times…. after me leaving them because I couldn’t handle their games anymore… or their tests… they were all stalkerish towards me and that annoyed me just as much. but I am interested in this other man, who lol happens to be a scorpio… and we are friends, but right now he is giving me the cold shoulder… anyways I am confused …

    1. Hi Esj! Not all Scorpio men are headcases. I’m sorry you’ve had some bad experiences. Water signs typically work well with other water signs due to the ability to get each other emotionally. You need to stand up to them and not let them walk on you. Pisces are soft hearted and can be easily hurt by the Scorpion. Put your foot down. Cold shoulder? You don’t need it. Ignore him for awhile and see what happens.

  10. Leo woman here. My scorpio and I have been talking for about 6weeks. We had one amazing date, spent the night together. I was mad at myself for letting it happen but it was purrrfect. He initiates texts everyday, and texts often. I haven’t seen him in a month. I got mad that he cancelled on me and stopped talkin for a week. I text him an emoji and he right back to it like nothing happen. Wants to “make it up” to me, tells me he wants me in his life, wants to see me, says how great I am blah blah – why won’t he spend time then?!?!

    1. Hi Leo containing herself! You are one of a handful of Leo ladies who have written in about the frustrating Scorpio men. Seems you all have similar problems with them as well. Let him do the work and prove to you that he cares. Watch him work it and come back around to give you what you deserve. Don’t take him back unless he does it!

  11. I attest this article is very very true for a scorpio guy. I just realised he is missing me now because i have not reached out to him for days and he is texting and calling.

    1. Hi Njemo! Thank you for your testament. I always love when people write in to verify that what I’ve shared happens to be true for them. He’s chasing you because he misses you. That’s good! Keep it up and you may just find some success with him.

  12. I’m a Leo on the cusp of Virgo and he’s a Scorpio/ saggy chat. He’s driving me crazy! Built up, treated me like a princess then pulled back. I lost my cool and told him on a zillion texts how I feel about him. Next time I bumped into him he was as lovely as ever. He’d never initiate contact but always responds instantly. I swear I’m losing my mind.

    1. Hi Sal! As the other women who wrote above that are Leo, communication is a difficult thing for Leo and Scorpio. You two need to talk to each other when everything is good and find out what you two have for a possibility. If you start really dating then you two should get together when you’re both in a good mood. Do not mix when you are both in a not so good mood as that will be a disaster. I hope this helps!

  13. Lol, yes I am dating a Scorpio Male and he is a lot to deal with hot and cold. It is a bit stressful as he only want’s to spend 1 day a week together & not even a whole day. He’s fun to be with and the passion is priceless. I would love to spend more time together as he is always busy.

    1. Hi Nina! Hot and cold seems to be their signature thing to do. It has to do with not managing their emotions and insecurities well. They over think things too much and turn mountains into molehills which them makes them back off because they cannot handle the stress they created themselves. It’s a matter of learning this about him. You should read my book “Scorpio Man Secrets” as it will uncover even more tips and hints for you.

  14. We leave together and I fine myself think he doesn’t want me and that he is seeing someone at work he don’t txt me as much as before when his at work I catered to him I make him feel special but I think and feel his talking to someone else what should I do

  15. He texts almost every morning, but calls mostly each night “I’m just leaving work, wanted to hear your voice!” I’ve never had anyone communicate with me so frequently, not even my ex-husband when we were married! So this is very new and “different” to me; thank you Anna for spelling out what this means from a Scorpio man.

  16. I have been talking with this guy(Scorpio) for awhile now and we have a great time when we are together… we are always laughing and he is very affectionate always touching or kissing me. But I feel like it is just about the sex and he doesn’t want a relationship!?! I can definitely see myself with me. We talk everyday but what is getting annoying is I usually am the one contacting first but he does respond everytime. I don’t want to feel like I am wasting my time but sometimes I do. We do say love ya to each other but I don’t know if he means it’s like I do??? Recently he asked me to go on a weekend vacation with him but I not sure if he is being serious about it… I am just confused right now about the whole thing and not sure what to do

  17. Scorpio man has repeatedly lied to me about nude pics of other women. Im fed up with the double standards. At the moment ive calmly expressed my feelings about this issue and i am leaning back. Is leaning back the right thing to do in this situation? Ive gotton very lil response from him. This is a boundery i must hold. I want to be in a relationship where i am respected not just given lip service and empty promises. How do i regain my power and the balance in a relationship with a scorpio man who loves me but is obviously taking me for granted?

    1. Hi Betty!

      Ouch I am so sorry you’ve had this crappy experience with a Scorpio man. They do tend to be secretive unless you’re accepting of what they are doing then they’re honest about it. The trouble is, it’s normally things you don’t like. Scorpio men are very sexual guys and yes, they like porn. It’s one of those things that you can either accept or you’ll have to find someone who doesn’t do that. Men in general really seem to like it no matter their sign. Be confident in who you are and don’t worry about his “looking” if he isn’t actually cheating on you with someone. If those are texts you’re talking about then yes, stand up for yourself and tell him it’s disrespectful to you and the relationship. Either he abides by it or you will have to drop him at the curb honey. Don’t back down. If you want to know more about Scorpio man’s mind, check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets.

    1. Hi Virgo!

      Oh honey, it’s my pleasure to help you out. The information doesn’t end here though. If you would like to dig in deeper to the heart and mind of a Scorpio man, you really should check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets. You’ll be come a master at how to be with him. I wish you all the best.

  18. Hi, I read this and found Leo fellas above really frustated for their Scorpio man.
    Same as me, LOL!
    I think it’s natural for Leo to always want attention, but hey… please see the bigger picture. Scorpio show their love really in your face in the beginning of relationship.
    Time after time, they’ll get back to they old habits as they think that you already know that they love you (otherwise, they’ll just dump you already).
    I know they just kind of men that cause lots of anxiety in Leo women. However, if you list the good and the bad of him, and understand he’s worth to keep, then just cool down a lil bit.
    Relax…mindfulness… give them lots of affections and warmth of the sun. They like cute text and flirty.
    They like your videos and photos in sexy pose or just pretty make up.
    Don’t expect them to reply more than lovely emojis (LOL), but they’ll keep all of things that you gave them as a treasure.

    They just afraid of being hurt and finding it’s hard to trust people they love (because they choose you as their partner, and you are their weakness).

    My relationship went downhill couple months ago… as a Leo, I only can tell you to relax. Chill, sweetheart. They just afraid of losing you, that’s why they’re pulling back to avoid conflict.

    Scorpio loves freedom and Leo loves authority. Find the win-win solution.
    Do compromise.
    Mine have schedule to phone once a week or have movies online when we don’t have a time to go on date outside.
    That’s enough 🙂

    Tell them you love them.
    Maybe after the 40th times, they’ll tell you back 😉

    1. Hi Another-Leo-wmn!

      Thank you for chiming in with your experience sweetheart. I appreciate all the data I can get. Communication is always the make it or break it of any relationship. I think sometimes people lose sight of it. Scorpio needs excitement as well so when that isn’t happening, they look elsewhere. Leo can do just about the same, it’s true. Again, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sure it will help some of the ladies out there reading.

  19. I’m in a complicated relationship I guess with a Scorpio. We are friends but we also have sex, which we both agree is really great. We match really well. We have both agreed to not date since he is still in love with his ex and I just got out of a bad relationship. But two months ago he seemed to be getting more and more attached, and so was I to be honest. But then his ex texted him and then showed up. She used him for money and then left. But he lashed out at me saying I was why she left.
    Two days later he’s back in my bed and has been ever since, though I really don’t want to date him at this point. I’m good with friends with benefits. But since she had shown up, the next day after being with me he ends up being super moody and reverts back to blaming me for her not staying. One minute he’s great and we are great, the next minute he is sullen and moody saying he doesn’t trust me. I don’t know what’s going on with him.

    I can stop having sex with him and he just fine though it’s great sex. However, I don’t want to lose my best friend. I don’t know what to do….
    He says we need to stop having sex, but then turns around and is wanting to have sex. He says he wants her and not me, but then gets jealous if I talk to another man and keeps coming to me.
    What does he want cause he has me so confused

  20. Leo women here ,
    Been talking to a Scorpio man a little over a mth now . Granted we are king distance from eachother but he showed a lot of affection and attention when started talking. Now it’s becoming more and more less. We just had our first big argument today and he was very hurtful with things he said . He came off very sharp tongue and nonchalant about everything I express to him as if he didn’t care . He says he can’t provide me with the “ Time” I want from
    Him and basically to just let the situation go because he can’t give me what I want . I fought it for a min but noticed I started getting emotional. So I had to just end the conversation. I told him if he leaves the “ relationship “ now then don’t come back .

    I miss him ALOT and I want us to work because he has ALOT of great qualities and potential that I want in a man and I know deep inside he’s just affectionate as I am . but I don’t like feeling like I’m irrelevant and or my feelings don’t matter. Im the type after a while if I dont hear from you then Im over it . If I fight for you and you don’t fight back then what’s the point … can someone please help . I feel like he’s gonna reach out later on down the road but me knowing me , I’m m not gonna want it anymore because I feel like you were to quick to
    Let it go ?. Please help

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