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10 Things That A Scorpio Man Likes and Dislikes In A Woman

Do you find yourself totally into a super sexy Scorpio man and wondering what he may be looking for in a woman? Maybe you’re afraid to upset him so you need to know what he doesn’t like in order to keep it running smoothly.

Here are some things that a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman:


1. Integrity

The Scorpio man may seem very sensual and sexual but he does actually believe in having integrity. Though you both want to jump into bed together; he will find it sexier if you don’t.

By telling him that you don’t want to ruin things by getting intimate right away, he’ll respect this and see that you’re a lady of virtue.

While he is very sexual; he will indeed hold out when he feels it’s necessary. If you try to show up at a Scorpio man’s house with the naughty intention he may very well sweetly turn you down and send you on your way.

2. Independence

Fashion image of young blonde woman posing with her boyfriend on the street - Things That A Scorpio Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

Scorpio men have keen intellect. He will want a woman that can match him in this way. He prefers a lady who holds herself in high regard without being egotistical.

He isn’t looking for a verbal jousting competition; so don’t get me wrong. He will want you to have your own goals, dreams, and ambition in life.

If you’re a career woman that is driven by the success you’re trying to obtain, you’ll likely win his heart.

3. Longevity with Loyalty

The Scorpio man wants you to prove to him that you can be trusted, that he can feel secure, and that you’re going to stick with him no matter what. This can take time of course, but isn’t he worth it?

He needs someone who can help him calm himself when he becomes overly emotional.

Whether he’s in a bad mood or in a great mood, showing him that you’ll be there will prove to him that you’re someone on which he can rely for the long term.

4. Sensuality with Class

The Scorpio man definitely needs someone who can keep up with him. Once committed or into someone, he will have a high libido to contend with.

While he wants a woman to be sexy, he also wants her to be classy. He will respond well to dark-colored lingerie such as black or red nighties.

When you dress classy and hold yourself in high regard; he’ll be far more turned on that by a woman who has low self-esteem dressed in trashy clothing.

5. Intelligence with Wit

Happy young couple of handsome man in jacket with pretty cute girl or beautiful woman in knitted coat laugh - Things That A Scorpio Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

Scorpio men are often brilliant and filled with ideas. He prefers to have a brilliant woman who will stimulate his thoughts and nurture his dreams.

He has a very unique sense of humor and it’ll be up to you to laugh at his jokes. Even if they aren’t all that funny, showing him you care enough to laugh will make him feel good.

It’s no good for him to have a woman who is hot in the sack but has no intelligence to behold. He likes the full package or nothing at all.


1. Neediness or Clingy Behavior

Remember that Scorpio man wants an independent woman. Showing him signs that you NEED him, is not a good thing. He will get freaked out and probably pull back away from you.

He thrives on a lady that will be self-sufficient with or without him. It provides him comfort in knowing that he doesn’t ever have to worry about you because you know how to take care of yourself.

If you NEED someone, the Scorpio man may not be the one for you. Perhaps a Taurus man or Capricorn would make a better match.

2. Lazy or Complacency

Beautiful Asian lazy woman yawn in the morning while looking the vintage alarm clock - Things That A Scorpio Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

He is a high powered and driven man when it comes to making sure he has a successful road ahead of him. Having a partner who doesn’t do anything to contribute will piss him off.

In fact, as soon as he gets wind that you’re lazy or unmotivated; he’ll probably go ahead and call it quits. He truly isn’t one to watch his lady lounge around the house.

If you are the stay at home partner and yet you still cannot seem to keep the place clean, you aren’t cooking, or taking care of your Scorpio, he’ll likely give you walking papers.

3. Backward Moral Compass

If you show signs that you aren’t a very moral person, he’ll tell you to get lost. Seriously, he has some high standards and expects the woman he likes to be the same.

He doesn’t like to be lied to, mistreated, or misled in any way. If you do not have pure intention with him, you should go ahead and dismiss yourself from his life.

He loves family, children, and animals. If you do not, there is something wrong in his mind thus not matching with is morality and standards.

4. Criticism

The Scorpio man works hard to maintain a sense of security and self-awareness. He will not want to be with someone who constantly criticizes him. It shows a lack of respect and cares in his mind.

If you cannot compliment him on things he does right, you shouldn’t say anything when he does something you deem as “wrong” either. Enhance the good rather than the bad. Play nice!

5. Coming on too Strong

Bored Scorpio man shopping with his girlfriend in the city - Things That A Scorpio Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

If you try to chase the Scorpio man too hard, he’ll start trying to run from you. He appreciates some good flirting but chasing him will scare him. He likes to be the one to chase a little bit.

This plays in with integrity. He may think your intentions for him are a bit false which will make him shut himself off toward you. Try to keep things on an even keel with this guy.

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I hope this helps you get a better scope on what he likes and doesn’t care for so that you can try to win your Scorpio man over.

What do you think the Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “10 Things That A Scorpio Man Likes and Dislikes In A Woman

  1. I went on the Norwegian Gem cruise and met the perfect guy. Of course, he is a Scorpio! Everything about him was perfect. We only physically saw each other at night, he was probably always just chillin in his cabin. I spent the night the last the nights. He wanted me to write down my number because both of our phones were dead and I did not have a charger for mine. But after he asked, we got caught up and were too drunk to actually get a chance to exchange numbers. And all I remember is his first name and that he is from Brooklyn (and Italian). But it’s interesting that usually I don’t sleep with strangers but something about him compelled me to and I just always had fun with him and his cousin when his cousin was present. I really want to post a missed connections outreach and see if it goes viral, and he sees it because literally I have been thinking about him ever since and how pissed I am that we never got the chance to exchange info. But after reading this, I feel like I shouldn’t do that.l because he will think I’m clingy, “need” him and that I’m weird. But idk what to do if he is literally all I have been thinking about. I’ve never felt this way before with anyone and I’ve fallen in love 3 times .. well I guess not because this fling surpasses any feeling I have ever had. I’m a Taurus btw, and idk if I agree with the post when they said if you NEED someone be with a Taurus or a Capricorn. Idk if that’s true, yes, sure give us attention and all of that but we like space, we like being busy and living separate lives but still loving someone. Granted we would think about you night and day, but we really just want to cuddle up next to you at the end of every day and we’ll be set, or just a phone call. Please send feedback. It’s killing me not being able to still connect with him, I just feel like maybe to him it was only a fling, but then why would he ask for my number? And yes even if it was only a fling, I wouldn’t mind still flinging. Haha please send feedback on this. Especially if you are a Scorpio

  2. I’m irrevocably in love with a Scorpio Man who in just one night I was able to know he had to be my husband. I’m not even about marriage. I’m a free spirit who values my freedom and liberty to say what I feel even if my feelings change. As a Gemini I’m not sure what the hell has come over me. I love who I am. This man see’s me as emotionaly unstable which I never reveal my emotions unless I fear losing someone. Him and I are no were near there. He tries hard to make me feel jealous which is a turn off for me. I rather loom the

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