How To Flirt With A Scorpio Man (6 Interesting Tips)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are finding yourself drawn to a sensual Scorpio but not sure what you can do to get his attention? Find out how to flirt with a Scorpio man effectively...

There are many subtle or direct ways to flirt with a Scorpio man you find attractive. One can flirt via text messages, social media, and face-to-face, if you’re willing. Flirting with a Scorpio man can easily become an obsession, and it has nothing to do with whether you’re newly dating or courting.

Scorpio men, when flirting, have a purpose to win you over. You have to show him that you’re worth putting his all into before he will open up enough to become totally serious. He needs to be able to see why he would put all of his dedication and energy into you before he does so. Because once he falls, he’s all yours!

You have his unwavering attention if he is your partner, and it can verge on being overwhelming! This is a far cry from how it feels to have a fling with a Scorpio man, which can feel like having a fling with anyone else.

As a relationship astrologer, I have seen what it takes to make a Scorpio man totally obsessed with you, even if the two of you began as something casual.

I’m glad you’re here, because I think I can give you the advice you truly needed to hear to escalate and improve your relationship with the Scorpio man! Keep reading for some helpful information about Scorpio man flirting style.

How Does A Scorpio Man Flirt?

In the mind of a Scorpio flirting, love is not given away just like that. He has some clear ideas in his head that he has to fight or hijack the emotions coming from the other side.

For a Scorpio man, flirting will be the easiest thing, and the reward of inner satisfaction will last forever in his heart. So, a Scorpio man flirting style is easily recognizable.

A Scorpio man flirts with his eyes; he uses eye contact to flirt. He shows interest by smiling and staring at you. He wants to disclose your soul’s very core levels.

Also, if a Scorpio man is attracted to you, he will memorize every single thing you say. Scorpios are notoriously good listeners. They manage well with words and can talk themselves out of impossible situations. It is a skill, and they use it to flirt as well.

Scorpio men are very good at flirting, and if they are truly interested in someone, their lady is going to feel it through their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Here’s more on Scorpio man eye contact (what does it mean when a Scorpio man stares at you).

Flirting With A Scorpio Man — Secrets You Need To Know

If you want to flirt with a Scorpio man, be magical, sensible, charming, and most of all, enigmatic. He doesn’t want you to reveal all your secrets to him. You must remain mysterious to him on a certain level.

Sensibility plays an important role here, and you need to be sensible and sexual and carry your sensuality in a very subtle way. Be a mix of sexy and innocent. Make him wonder how much you want him. You must become his greatest challenge!

He can read the undercurrents of things not being said. He can seem very unsettled sometimes, and I may add that he is drawn to emotional drama, so he lived to conquer.

Sometimes his feelings are complicated and often bottled up, and it will be hard for him to figure you out. Are Scorpios flirty? You bet!

If you’re struggling with flirting with your Scorpio man, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Scorpio Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your hot Scorpio guy.

How To Flirt With A Scorpio Man (6 Interesting Tips)

There are some ways to successfully flirt with a Scorpio man. All you need to do is to follow these ways. Here are the clever ways to flirt with a Scorpio man without coming on too strong:

1. Show Your Intelligent Side

If you happen to get to the point where you two are engaged in conversation, show how brilliant you are. Don’t be ego oriented though. You can show how witty and smart you are without having an inflated sense of self.

A Scorpio man is very much attracted to smart women who are independent and can keep up with their banter. Try to steer the conversation to things that he enjoys that you may also be well versed in.

Find your common interests and go with that topic of conversation. In fact, if you don’t know what his interests are, now’s a great time to ask him. If you know about any of the things he likes, go ahead and talk about them.

He’ll be dazzled by you! This is especially important if you plan to have another date with him. You can do a bit of research if you need to on the things you aren’t sure about. It will only help you find a more interesting conversation.

Be as brainy as you can, but be careful not to be a know-it-all. Find a nice balance, and you should be pleasantly rewarded by the Scorpio guy as he tries to get to know you more.

2. Keep Your Mystery Alive

Once you start roping the Scorpio man in, try to maintain an air of mystery about yourself. If you let him know everything up front, he will become bored after a while.

Give him tidbits that will excite him about your life, and keep the rest unknown to him. You can tell him more about yourself over time. You want to basically lure him in so that he’ll want to stay and get to know you more.

This makes for an exciting game of sorts. It’s not an unhealthy one, though. Excitement is always key to keeping things going between you and the passionate Scorpio man.

Try to tease him a little if you can as well. Start by telling him something he will find interesting, but then tell him you’ll tell him the rest another time. This opens up the gateway for a possible new date.

A new date can lead to another, and possibly more. The more thrilling you make it for him, the better off you’ll be at forming a nice bond with him.

3. Spontaneity Sparks

This guy will absolutely be a fan of your being spontaneous. The Scorpio man craves excitement and appeal. So once you start dating him, try your best to catch him off guard.

Show up someplace where you know he may be and pretend you had no idea. Wear a sexy red or black dress with high heels. He’ll go nuts! Whatever he’s doing or whoever he’s meeting will have to wait.

He will be so drawn to you that he’ll have a difficult time keeping his eyes or hands off you, which is exactly what you want. If, by some chance, he’s having a meeting or doing something of importance, he’ll get back to you assuredly.

If he does drop whatever he’s doing to come over to you, you can expect that things will likely escalate and become something better. Be sure to wear those thigh-highs. What man doesn’t love those?

4. Keep Your Emotions Stable

Scorpio men are typically emotional by nature on their own. The last thing they want is for someone else to be emotional around him. It will shake his own stability.

When you’re flirting with a Scorpio man, show him your intention and be rock solid. Ultimately, he’s looking for a partner that will provide him with loyalty and security for the future.

If you can prove to him that you’re a strong, independent woman who will be there for him, you’ll be able to get closer to him. Let him vent to you; let him be your friend to start out; and allow him to see your strength.

This will absolutely turn him on and cause him to want to get to know you more. He’s looking for a wife and mother for his future children. This is the side of you he needs to see to assure him that you fit that criterion.

5. Be Sexy But Not Too Racy

Unless you’re looking for a “friends with benefits” situation, you may want to clarify your intention through how you flirt, what you wear, and what you want. He will want to know.

A Scorpio man is a very sexual person, but he is also picky. The woman he settles down with will not likely be someone he has a “friends with benefits” situation with. He sees that as friendship with sex.

That’s where he’ll leave it when he’s done or finds someone else.

Learn more about what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman.

6. Decide What You Want

There is no need to create astrophysics, engineering technology, or a war strategy if you only want him for one night. You can be daring, cheeky, and, of course, a bit rude, and he will notice you straight away. If the Scorpio guy is available in his heart, he will take this as a challenge and start a little verbal fight.

To flirt with a Scorpio man, you should let him win and pretend like you are somewhat ashamed of your ignorance and his dominance. And the next step will take place in a bed nearby.

However, if you want his heart, then you have to become very patient, meticulous, and yes, special. There is nothing more magnetic in the mind and eyes of a Scorpio man than a high-value woman. She is worth living and dying for.

Do Scorpio Men Like Flirty Texts? More Tips To Flirt With A Scorpio Man Over Text

Flirting with a Scorpio man over text is quite a unique experience…

Sending text messages to a Scorpio man isn’t all that complicated. He loves a little game and a good chase. This is what you can do to get him chasing after you!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to send him a picture of you, either. Wear a little makeup so it’s natural but elegant. That natural beauty will captivate him.

Sending him a cute, flirty meme is also a great idea! Using memes, gifs, or funny viral videos, you can have fun flirting via text. These are a great way to avoid appearing too strong but still have the chance to flirt or talk with your Scorpio man.

You need to try to make it sexier and more mysterious, a little at a time. It’s like a sexy game you’re playing that makes him want to savor what you’ll be like with him in the future.

How To Get A Scorpio Man To Be More Serious About You

Show Him You’re No Dummy

Scorpios may not be known for their intelligence, but this is because the Scorpio has a very different type of intelligence. They just seem to know things intuitively. They understand who a person truly is before they even spend a lot of time with them. Being a water sign, Scorpio’s sense things on a level that many of us just can’t put a finger on.

If you show that you also understand hidden truths that others have difficulty seeing, like knowing that someone is bad news way before everyone else, then the Scorpio is going to notice (they notice everything).

Do you consider yourself to have impeccable judgment? Do you just have feelings about people that end up being right? If you do, then go ahead and show this part of you to him! Don’t stay silent about these feelings as you might with others. The Scorpio will understand just what you mean and may even begin to realize that there is more to you than meets the eye.

Stay True To You

As I mentioned, a Scorpio can sense a person’s true nature. This means that if you are putting on a display in order to seduce him, he is going to know more quickly than any other sign and he won’t be impressed by this lack of authenticity. 

If you react exactly the way that you actually feel and refuse to put on an act, then you’ll have the Scorpio guy thinking that he wants to be with you for way longer than this summer! This is a trait that is so hard to find, and the Scorpio is going to adore the fact that you feel you can be real with them. 

If you feel the need to hide who you really are in front of others then cut that out around the Scorpio. Show him your insecurities, be confident about what you’re good at, and express your real emotions as intensely as you want. This is going to make the Scorpio wonder where you’ve been all his life!

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Tell Him Your Secrets… But Not All Of Them

Scorpio is associated with Pluto, which rules taboo. This means that Scorpios often embrace all of the things that society deems as too scandalous to see the light of day. This just adds to the sexy Scorpio aura. He shows just enough to entice but not enough to disgust, and that’s the Scorpio talent. 

He is just the type of guy who likes to keep things to himself. Don’t mistake this for being inauthentic, take this as someone who very much values his privacy! However, this doesn’t mean that the Scorpio doesn’t want to know others’ secrets… In fact, he loves nothing more than being the only one another trusts with their classified information! 

So, it does help a Scorpio to feel close to you if they know some of your secrets… but not too many! This is because the Scorpio will not rest until he knows all of your secrets. He will be itching to get to the point where you’re comfortable expressing your hidden factoids… and this will endear him to you well past the end of summer if you play your cards right!

Show Him That He Can Trust You

The Scorpio is a secretive creature, this is for sure. But he also knows that a relationship with someone involves honesty. So, it can be challenging for him to find someone that he trusts enough to be completely open and honest with. If you can be that person then you are already at a huge advantage. 

You would be well advised to go ahead and lock your mouth and throw away the key after the Scorpio tells you something deeply personal. If the Scorpio realizes that you never shared what it was that took so much for them to say then you are well on your way to securing something more long term with him!

My other piece of advice to further convince him that you’re a great secret keeper is to keep your lips sealed, even with him, when the secrets of others come up. This will demonstrate to him directly that you are a great secret-keeper and totally trustworthy. You’ll be well on the way from hanging out on an island in the sun to snuggling under the mistletoe!

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Anna Kovach

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