Scorpio Man Eye Contact — What Does It Mean When A Scorpio Man Stares At You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So are you experiencing a Scorpio man eye contact and you are unsure of what this could possibly mean? Find out here.

Have you ever wondered about Scorpio man eye contact and what it means? One of the most popular and coveted signs of the zodiac has everyone at the edge of their seat when it comes to love.

So what does it mean when a Scorpio man stares at you? Does it mean that he fancies you and wants to get to know you better? Or is it something else?

Scorpio men are never what you expect, that is for sure. And falling for a Scorpio man sets you up for a path of ever-evolving mystery and shocking discovery. 

So are you experiencing a Scorpio man stare and are unsure of what this could possibly mean? Then you have definitely come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more about what it means when a Scorpio man stares at you.

What Does It Mean When A Scorpio Man Stares At You?

I think it should be fairly obvious as to what it means when a Scorpio man stares at you (even though he doesn’t talk). He is obviously taken by you and quite interested and intrigued by who you are. It means that he is trying to suss you out.

The smoldering Scorpio man is very intense when he stares deeply into the eyes of the woman he’s interested in. If he locks eyes with you and you find it hard to break away from your own gaze, he likes you.

Scorpio man can see right through you and can actually see in your eyes whether or not you’re into him as well. He’s empathic and sometimes rather psychic. This makes it easy for him to read you when he looks deeply into your eyes.

When you find that this is happening quite often, then you are basically being shown by him that he likes you and wants to be closer to you. That unbreakable gaze is one of the most signature moves of the Scorpio man.

When A Scorpio Man Stares, BUT Doesn’t Talk — Does It Mean He Likes You, But Is Hiding It?

Well, a Scorpio man isn’t one who is speechless but occasionally can be gloomy. If you are thinking, ‘Scorpio man stares at me from a distance, am I imagining things’? No, you are not.

If a Scorpio man stares at you but doesn’t talk, that means you have his attention. He needs to spend gargantuan amounts of time alone or with other people to really get to know them. This means that when he spends time with you, he’s looking for quality enjoyment with the woman he likes.

So a Scorpio man, when he likes you, will speak with his eyes. He talks with his intense gaze.

The more it increases, the deeper his feelings are actually getting. This could be from spending just a brief time together; if he is intrigued, he will keep looking at you, and you might even feel embarrassed.

This all means he definitely likes you, and there is no way to mistake that. He isn’t going to waste so much time and energy on someone he doesn’t like all that much. He only starts when interested. This is a clear sign a Scorpio man likes you, even though he won’t tell you just yet.

How To Flirt With A Scorpio Man Through Eye Contact

This may sound like a creepy tactic, but when a Scorpio man likes you, he himself will give a certain stare deep into your eyes that will make you swoon right then and there.

Give him a look that makes him wonder what you’re up to. It’s a bit like the “cat at the canary” look. It’s a bit mischievous. The mystery of it will make him want to talk to you.

This definitely works if he hasn’t already tried to talk to you. Stare at him as though he’s the sexiest man you’ve ever seen. He’ll be drawn to this, and it does tend to stroke his ego.

This is a very quick and clever way of letting this sexy guy know that you find him very attractive and that you’re interested in getting to know him. This should get him to find out more about you.

Here’s more on how to flirt with a Scorpio man effectively.

A Scorpio Man Stares At Me, But Has A Girlfriend — What Should I Do?

There could be many reasons why a Scorpio man is staring at you. Maybe he likes you or is just playing around.

One thing you really need to understand about the Scorpio man is that he loves to be in control. Having power is his ultimate dream come true. That is all he truly wants in his life—to feel like he is the one calling all of the shots.

He loves knowing that you are under his spell and will do anything he says. This really gives him a great sense of power. He likes to stare and contemplate his next move, but be warned: if he has a girlfriend, you should look the other way and not engage.

Never allow him to make you his second choice. Always remember that you deserve to be loved and respected. If he has decided to cheat on his girlfriend, do not make him include you in his twisted game.

Instead, walk away and appreciate yourself to the point where your energy rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.

Will A Scorpio Man Intentionally Avoid Eye Contact With A Woman He Likes?

Scorpio man will not intentionally avoid eye contact if he likes you. He obviously can’t get his eyes off of you and wants to get your attention or indicate that he is interested in getting to know you better. 

Scorpio man is not shy. He is very intense and passionate. Being into you, he wants to study every facet of your behavior, mannerisms, every curve of your body, your hair, your eyes, and your smile. Yeah, he’s into you if you notice he’s doing the token Scorpio man stares and smiles and you can sense Scorpio man eyes on you.

A Scorpio man won’t avoid you, because he is reading your soul through your eyes. He’s looking at everything that he can see and becomes fixated. He will start to stare at you a lot. If you find that the guy you’re crushing on is doing this, he’s likely into you. He has this unbreakable Scorpio man gaze that you won’t miss out on.

No More Sleepless Nights About Your Scorpio Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Scorpio man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Scorpio guys.

I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her. She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy. It took a LOT of work.

She had to learn how to speak a different language… Scorpio man’s love language.

And it worked!! 

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Scorpio man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

Go here now to see how to speak your Scorpio man’s love language. 



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  1. Wow, I have been dating my scorp babe for a month and we have spent every weekend together and he has done all of these things and then some;)

    1. Hi Lioness! Thank you for writing in and sharing your confirmation of the Scorpio man. There is so much more to learn about this amazing and sexy guy. It may help you truly get to know him better and be able to deal with any situations that come your way. I would highly recommend that you check out my book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

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