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What a Scorpio Man Does To Show You He Loves You

What are the key things that a Scorpio man does to show you that he’s in love with you? You may be asking yourself “why is my Scorpio man shy around me?”

I can help you discover how Scorpio man expresses his love. He will go above and beyond to make sure you know how he feels. Keep reading to learn more about what the Scorpio man reveals when he cares.

Scorpio Men Are Different

Not all Scorpio men react the same way when they are in love. Some of them will hold back and will just try to show his partner how he feels without too much talking behind it.

Some Scorpio men have troubles expressing how they feel and can come off as being somewhat awkward, shy, reserved, or cold. He may also be very shy or reserved; therefore, he holds back what he feels until he cannot anymore.

Then there are Scorpio men who fall really hard for a woman and will profess his undying love to her. He will give her lovely gifts, he will tell her verbally he loves her, and he will start planning a future with her in it.

When a Scorpio man loves you, you are beautiful woman by his side is HIS. He is the selfish and jealous type; therefore, he wants to be really clear with the rest of the world that he is in love with HIS woman.

Your Scorpio guy may very well depend on which personality type he tends to have. You’ll need to act accordingly in order to secure this guy’s affections for the long haul.

He is the type to test a potential partner to find out who she is, what she is capable of if he can trust her, and if she’s going to be there for him even when he’s being cold and callous at times.

Patience is definitely required with the Scorpio man. So whether he’s outspoken and doesn’t mind telling the public what is what or he’s the shy type who doesn’t like to really put all his information out there, you’re going to need to tough it out if you want his love.

He Goes Out of His Way

Scorpio men are known to be huge flirts. That means that he can flirt with many women but not be connected or even interested in them. He does it for the sake of the game.

When he starts to fall for you, he falls very deeply and will show you as much. This means he will start to go above and beyond to do whatever he can for you. So it’s definitely something much deeper than flirting.

He wants you to feel happy with him when he’s in love. He’ll do whatever he can to spend time with you. He’ll also want to be with you often. This can make him start developing possessive behavior.

He doesn’t see you as an object but he does see you as “his” and no one should ever be messing with “his” woman. If things have gone past flirting and he is now pressing to spend time with you; he’s likely in love.

Basically, he’s being a stereotypical male when they’re trying to win the affections of their future mate. These are what you’ll see from this guy when he’s falling for you. So, how does Scorpio man show love?

This type of behavior is exactly what he exhibits when he’s falling deeply for the right woman. He figures out he has his Soulmate and he goes for it.

He May Become Shy

Portrait of young couple sitting by table in cafe - What a Scorpio Man Does To Show You He Loves You

Some Scorpio men who are normally very outgoing will become very shy around the woman they are falling in love with. He’ll still want to spend time with you but he’ll seem quiet or reserved.

He doesn’t mean to be; he’s just a bit nervous and it makes him not know what to say to you. In time he’ll feel secure enough to open up and tell you how he feels but first he may become quiet.

If you happen to notice that the vibrant and social Scorpio guy you’ve been spending time with suddenly wants to spend time alone with you but is a very quiet while with you, he’s probably in love.

He may spend more time staring into your eyes and hoping in some way that you’ll pick up on his vibe and somehow just “know” that he’s really into you. He may be a bit slow to the punch but he’ll tell you how he feels when he feels its right.

This is how your shy Scorpio man will act when he loves you. So when you’re wondering “why is this Scorpio man shy around me?” Now you know!

He May Go For It and Tell You

As I mentioned, he gets into that mode that whatever is “his” is “his”. This means in your case, you are what he covets. He doesn’t want to lose you and so he’ll just go ahead and tell you how he feels.

Don’t let it freak you out, this is actually quite flattering. He’s not going to go crazy and try to dominate you. He just wants you to know that you’re the one he wants and that you belong with him.

You can decide against this of course but why would you? The Scorpio man is romantic and passionate. Though he can be jealous, he can also make you feel safe and loved.

So there is always that possibility that your Scorpio guy may just go ahead and go for it if he’s truly falling for you. If he hasn’t yet, he’s either the shy type or maybe he’s just not there yet.

One thing is for sure, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt when a Scorpio man loves you due to how he acts and what he says to you.

Even When He Acts Confused

There are times where the Scorpio guy will get into certain moods that will make him seem as though maybe he isn’t that into you. He’ll get really hot and ready to rumble but then become cold as ice.

He’ll text you a whole bunch or call you and then suddenly you don’t hear from him for days. This is normal behavior from him. He’s likely either trying to work out his feelings or he’s dealing with other things.

If or when he wants to tell you what it is that he’s going through, he will go ahead and open up. Love will make any Scorpio open up much more than they will with anyone else.

When he pulls this type of behavior; you’ll need to have patience with him. If he’s still showing signs of love to you, he’s not gone. He’s just going through something that he may not be ready to discuss.

He tends to lock up his feelings or issues because he doesn’t want to burden the woman he loves with his problems. Just hang in there and let him come to you when he’s ready.

He Will Want To Help You

young couple using a laptop at home - What a Scorpio Man Does To Show You He Loves You

When a Scorpio man loves you, he will want you to succeed at chasing your hopes and dreams. He is, after all, attracted to you because of your ambition in life. If you’re a strong independent woman, he’ll crave you.

Whatever it is you really want to do with your life; he’ll do whatever he can to help you get there. It motivates him to work on his own goals and dreams as well. In fact; he’ll want you to help him at times.

The ultimate scenario for the Scorpio man is to have a woman at his side that will be his partner in life. You are both successful and backing each other and nurturing each other’s dreams.

If you find the Scorpio man in your life offering to help you achieve your goals, he is likely in love with you. He doesn’t help just anyone. He wants to be happy but he also wants to see you happy.

Jealousy and Possessive Behavior

Now this will be more evident to others and doesn’t qualify for low key attitude. The Scorpio man is a jealous and possessive type. So if you two are out together and some guy is eyeballing you, he will do something to prove you are HIS.

He may say something to the guy or he may grab you to kiss you passionately in front of the man to be really clear that you belong to HIM. So this is more of his being loud if he needs to.

This goes for social media as well. He may see something some guy commented on your photo or post that seems a little flirty or questionable. Then he may respond to it in a way that indicates that you are off the market.

He may also private message that guy and tell him he better step off because you’re unavailable for his attention. He probably won’t be very nice about it either to be really honest.

This is the side of him that comes out and can seem “loud” in terms of how he shows his love. He wouldn’t act jealous or possessive if he wasn’t in love with you. That much is very clear.

Verbally Open

When the Scorpio man expresses his love, he will likely tell you he loves you. He won’t do it before he’s sure or ready unless he’s immature. Clearly, if he doesn’t know whether it’s lust or love, he probably shouldn’t say anything.

Otherwise, if he knows for sure he’s in love with you then all bets are off. He won’t typically tell you this in public willingly unless you say it first thus making him have to answer.

He’s not loud about his love for you unless he feels threatened or is trying to make a statement otherwise he’s low key and would prefer to keep privacy in place. As I mentioned before, many Scorpio men are on a “need to know” basis.


Hopefully, this will help you determine how to tell if a Scorpio man really loves you. It’s not too hard to figure out if you really watch his behavior.

When Scorpio says I love you, he means it! He’s not one to throw that word around when he isn’t sure of who he is with or if he’s going to stay with that partner.

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By the way did you know that sultry actor Leonardo Dicaprio is in fact a Scorpio man? How’s that for hot?!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • I recently had a Scorpio man that reappeared from my past. We’ve grown up together, and were in elementary school together. I first met him in fourth grade. Even then, he was teasing me, playing at recess with me, and giving me a small gift I recently had a Scorpio man that reappeared from my past. We’ve grown up together, and were in elementary school together. I first met him in fourth grade. Even then, he was teasing me, playing at recess with me, and giving me small gifts. We caught back up with one another in college, and talked together often in between classes, catching up with our lives. We never actually dated, but there was always a clear chemistry between us beyond just friends. It’s been about four years since I’ve seen him, but we are friends on Facebook. He friended me about a year ago. He reached out to me a few weeks ago, asking how I had been. He then proceeded to ask for my number, which I obliged and gave to him. We texted all night into the morning, and he just kept asking me questions. He wanted to keep going with the questions, saying he wants to figure me out and know more about me, but I actually eventually fell asleep. A week later, I reached out to him, and he was the same with asking lots of questions. On both occasions, it seemed like he was going to ask me out, but fell short. I was waiting for him to do that, but he never did. He was very flirty and his text exchanges. It’s been two Weeks, and I have not heard anything from him. I put a picture of myself on Facebook last week, and noticed he liked my picture. Is this guy just really shy, or is he stringing me along? It seems as though he likes me, but can’t seem to act on it. I need to know if I should just let it go because he’s not interested enough, or if I should be more forward because he’s shy. I’m very extroverted, and he’s very introverted.

    • JM,

      Asking a ton of questions is usually a sign that a Scorpio is interested in you. They don’t waste time talking to people they don’t care about. . I think eventually he will tell you how he truly feels, but you might have to be patient. He may also just be waiting for the right moment. Scorpios can sometimes be shy with expressing how they feel about you, so I would just keep that in mind. Doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, but they feel so deeply, and there is so much risk and vulnerability involved with expressing those feelings that it can be scary for them. This can be frustrating I know. You can choose to wait it out, if he does have feelings for you eventually he will tell you. As a Pisces, I was the first one to tell a Scorpio that I had feelings for him and it ended up working out. For me, I was so confident that he had feelings for me and we were so close that I felt comfortable telling him. He told me that he had feelings too and that was that. It ended up working out. Hope this was helpful somehow!

  • I have been dating a Scorpio for a while now we stopped talking for a while but ended up back to each other again. He always offers me to work with him and says that he wants to have a baby with me. He started opening up a lot more and I absolutely adore him. He has yet to tell me that he loves me but I’m almost confident that he does.

  • Hey I’m a Sagittarius woman interested in a Scorpio man but he has a gf and she’s is Virgo. The problem is that we have always been close, now he tells me his problems and secrets which he doesn’t do with his gf. He does love his gf but cheated a lot of times on her, he now wants something with me and is saying that with me it’s real. He says he has feelings for me and that can’t stop thinking about me. He only got intimate with his gf once and he was the one who took her virginity. I don’t know what to do, he said that he didn’t care if everyone found out about us. He wants us to wait and the next minute he wants me *now*. The Scorpio man and I are family friends, his mom is also a Virgo and his dad a Scorpio. I don’t know if what he feels for me is real, we haven’t being seeing each other these past few days but he still talks to me about his problem over the phone.

  • My Scorpio man and I are in a new relationship and I must say, he’s already pulling on my heart strings. His gaze is intense like he is seducing my soul and then his smile. It’s hard to break away from that look he gives me with his light brown eyes. He makes me feel as if no one else in the world exists. Good morning texts to say, “Good morning beautiful”, texts throughout the day to ask how school or work is going, texts while he’s at work. He stops by after a 10-12 hour shift at work to see me for 5 minutes to give me a kiss before bed. I absolutely love the attention and affection. I’m a Pisces and he seems to really like my carefree, loving and sensitive personality and teases me because I love to learn and read. We have gone on many dates then we were intimate with each other a few times and now it’s not sexual but he will take me out on dates and he has our whole day planned out for us and we end up spending about 6-8 hours together going places and doing things but nothing sexual. He’s slowly opening up to me about his family. He’s never introduced anyone to his family before because he said they weren’t worthy but jokingly said that when he introduces me to his parents they might think I’m on drugs because I’m such a happy person all the time. He’s just too good to be true. He’s so encouraging, motivating and positive. I thought I was an encouraging, motivating and positive person until I met him. This Pisces girl is falling really hard, really fast for her Scorpio guy.

    • Nancy I’m a Pisces 2 girl my guy is a Scorpio he just told me he love me lastnight I couldn’t b happier & the BEST PART today he’s acting like a totally different person I’m so n love.

  • >