What To Do When Your Scorpio Man Is Being Jealous (For No Obvious Reason)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The sensitive Scorpio man always has a reason when he gets jealous, but it may not always be valid. If you’ve got a fiery Scorpio man on your hands, then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading to learn what to do when your he is being jealous for no reason. 

He’s freaking out, angry, and accusing you of things that you wouldn’t even dream of doing. Why is your Scorpio man angry? What did you do that made him come unhinged or suspicious? 

The sensitive Scorpio man always has a reason when he gets jealous, but it may not always be valid. If you’ve got a fiery Scorpio man on your hands, then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading to learn what to do when your he is being jealous for no reason. 

Everything’s (Not) Under Control

Scorpio Man Is Being Jealous

There are many Scorpio men that are easily jealous, because they can be rather controlling. They seek to ensure their partner is being loyal by accusing them of things they may not be doing.

It’s to soothe their own personal security that their partner is being faithful and on the right course to making him happy. And yes, this is a little selfish on his part.

Now, not all Scorpio men are that controlling, but many of them are. It really depends on what else is going on in their chart and how they grew up that will weigh in on how jealous they can be, and how they react to it. 

They like to keep their lives in control as much as possible, and when you’re committed to one of these Scorpions, he feels that includes keeping you in line too. Some Scorpio men can be abusive if they don’t get a handle on their jealousy.

Remember, they are super passionate beings, which also can mean that their tempers have a quick fuse. This combined with their worry that someone is going to screw them over, and it’s no wonder that Scorpio is the sign that was born to not trust people. 

So now double up the mistrust and any sign that looks like his woman is being dishonest in some way, and it will send him over the edge. Even if you are omitting something from him, he will take this as a form of lying.

There could be things you are doing that you aren’t even aware of that are making him feel on edge with his security with you. What are these types of things? 

  • Looking at your phone too often when he’s around.
  • Answering calls and going into another room.
  • Constantly checking your social media and giggling.
  • He hears your phone constantly going off from texts being sent to you. 
  • You go hang out with friends but aren’t telling him who will all be there or when you will return.
  • You go straight to the shower upon getting home, even if you have a dirty job. 
  • You talk about a male friend a bit too often or a male co-worker. 

Some of these things are easy to do without really thinking about, but stuff like this makes him wonder what you’re up to, who you are with, and if you are being unfaithful.

This is when he starts to drill you for answers. He may also give you the silent treatment, as he’s assuming you know what you did wrong even if you don’t actually know (or if it’s for nothing at all!).

He may insinuate you’re trying to get together with your guy friend or co-worker because you’re talking about him so much. He may start following you to see where you are going and if it lines up with what you’ve said.

Trust me when I tell you that Scorpio men are highly suspicious because they do not trust anyone (for the most part). They can build up trust, but it takes some good time.

Even when you think you’ve finally got him to trust you, he may still have some reservations in his mind you don’t know about. It could come up years later out of the blue and shock you. 

What to Do When Scorpio Man Acts Jealous

What to Do When Scorpio Man Acts Jealous

I’m not trying to scare you off with the information I’ve just give you, but you should be prepared when pursuing a relationship with a Scorpio man. And now that I’ve explained how the Scorpio man mind works when it comes to jealousy and why he is this way. Now you need to know what to do so that he doesn’t go there, or so that he understands you’re not doing what he thinks.

You basically have to be open and honest with him at all times, so that misunderstandings do not occur that lead to jealous suspicion of you. It will take work on your part but if you love him, you may want to give a shot.

I’m not saying you have to change yourself, but you do need to look at your behaviors and consider alter them a little bit. 

You may decide it’s worth the compromise, and that you can stop doing some things or start doing others. 

I’ve showed you a list of things he might become suspicious of you with. Now to navigate unwanted jealousy, try this:

  • Try not to be on your phone so much when you’re with him. If you have it out, put it on the table and feel free to leave it there when you go to the restroom. This shows him you trust him, and it will make him worry less.
  • When you answer calls, answer them in front of your guy and tell him who it is. Ask him if he would like for you to go in the other room as to not bother him. It’s not so much about the answer he gives you, but rather that it gives him ease knowing that it’s not secretive.
  • Don’t talk about your guy friends around him too much or your guy co-worker that is so funny or fun to be around. Just don’t. Period. He will always be suspicious of a stranger you find endearing. 
  • When you go out, tell him who you are going out with and where as well as what time you plan on being home. This will set his mind at ease having the facts.
  • When you are getting lots of texts or messages coming to your phone, turn the volume down or put it away so that he doesn’t think some dude is trying to hit you up. If you need to keep it out for work or emergencies just briefly look to see who it is and put it down. 
  • You can also look at your phone with your guy right next to you and let him see what you are doing. That will make him feel you trust him and it will make him also trust you. 
  • Always be open and honest with him. Never keep anything from him and don’t sugar coat anything. He will see sugar coating as a form of dishonesty. 

These are all very simple, yet effective ways to ensure that your Scorpio man will be comfortable with you and won’t be seemingly pissed off out of left field due to something you didn’t know you did.

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Final Thoughts 

Scorpio men are born to distrust. It’s not something that is necessarily their fault. They do have to learn to control their temper though. It’s inexcusable for him to accuse a loyal woman of something she isn’t doing.

It may be necessary to prove yourself to him if you love him enough. I don’t recommend it with anyone else but Scorpio man needs that extra security from the woman he’s dating or loves.

If you are able to put his mind at ease, he will relax and won’t be flipping out every time you’re not with him. Letting him know when you get to work or get home will make him feel good too.

He’s worried about your safety as well as your fidelity. There may be times where you cannot tell the difference but if you ask him, he will tell you what his reasoning is.

Trust me when you’ve been with a Scorpio man long enough, you know his behaviors, you know how to handle him, and you know how to make him feel as though he has nothing to worry about with you. 

It does take some time to get there but he’s not a lost cause. He just wants to feel he’s never going to lose you, you’re not going to cheat, and you’re not going to abandon him or betray him. 

Jealousy is a hard one for Scorpio to get past, but he can calm it down at the very least, if he’s with a partner who will take special care to make him feel secure. 

If he is someone you can see spending the rest of your life with then give him that extra care he may need. Chances are he will do something incredible for you as well. That’s how love works. 

There is something interesting I’d like to let you in on because it’s fun! Did you know that sexy and very funny actor Ryan Reynolds is a Scorpio man? I mean… Yummy! 

Did you figure out to put your Scorpio man in check successfully? Tell me how you did it because I’d love to hear all about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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