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Scorpio Man Is Cheating: Can You Trust A Scorpio Man?

Scorpio sign is the most famous astrological sign regarding some transformational and deep inner psychological processes, but can you trust him completely when it comes to love and commitment? Let’s find out.

How to Recognize Natural Born Cheaters

In the western astrology, there are some rules for recognizing the cheater in general. Those rules can somewhat differ in the Vedic astrology, but the results of prediction should match in the end.

So, the easiest way to find out that you are dealing with the cheater or a possible cheater is to look at the position of his natal Venus.

If this Venus is in opposition or in square aspects with the planets Uranus and especially, Neptune, then you will know with the great certainty that this guy can’t be reliable when it comes to commitment.

“I don’t know why I did this” , Type of Guy

Scorpio man is cheating

However, if his natal Venus has any of those tense types of aspects with his natal Moon, then he is psychologically unstable and maybe he won’t ever have a thought about immoral things, yet they could easily happen to him.

Those people can be bi-polar or simply unaware of their actions and consequences of those actions.

Many times you could ask him in rightful rage “Why did you do that? What went through your head?”, and his answer will always be the same “I don’t know”. And truly he doesn’t.

Scorpio’s “madness”

Scorpios are famous for their ability to make a drama if they belong to so-called “the lower” types of this sign. Or, they are known as ruthless figures when it comes to creating the empire or crashing their enemies in the case you are dealing with the “higher” types.

If you are dealing with the “lower” type you will know this by his constant self-destructive episodes which create the energy of drama all around him.

This Scorpio man will be capable to misuse all sorts of chemical substances, from medications to illegal ones. Also, he will often involve himself in the battles already lost regarding his career, social circles or family.

And this will be a surefire sign for you that one day he might even try to cheat on you, simply because he needs some variety in his dramatic repertoire.

The show must go on, you know that saying. So, if you want to keep the sanity of your mind, no matter how strong your feelings are for this person, try to pull back and think thoroughly do you really need to build your future with someone so unstable.

Will the Real Scorpio Please Stand Up?

In the case you are dealing with a Scorpio guy who is determined and goal oriented right from the start, then you shouldn’t worry at all if he chooses you to be his queen.

Strange as it sounds, but in spite of all that “negative publicity” going on around the Scorpios, they are known as the most faithful sign in the whole Zodiac.

If a Scorpio man chooses you, then he will be very devoted and also, very fearful of losing you or you cheating on him. You should never betray his trust and you should also stay the same magical woman he fell in love at the first place.

There is such small possibility that he will ever think to cheat you because Scorpio man is aware of the fact how valuable his committed relationship or his family is.

He will be very protective and you might often have to deal with his small jealousies, but he won’t cheat with the probability of an amazing 95%.

What if…?

Scorpio man is cheating

What if he belongs to that 5% category, you are surely asking right now. Well, if this is a case, you will know it very fast or you will never find out about it.

There are two types of Scorpio cheaters. The grand player will never let you know about his “adventures” and he will keep his cheating habits in a clear masculine way. If you are the woman of his heart, he will just use the other women for sex and nothing more.

And most of all, he will never attach to them emotionally.

You will also never ever find out about this and he will make sure that all traces are erased with the utmost care. So, if you don’t know, then it won’t hurt you, right?

Scorpio’s Farewell Song

If he lets you discover anything related to his affair because it’s not just cheating in this case, it’s the whole double life he leads, then you should know that the end of your relationship is getting closer.

Scorpio guys are known as fast men and he won’t let you guess for a long time what is going on. In this case, your chances will be extremely small and all you can do is to pull back from his life and ask for a fair share of your mutual assets if he has some legal obligations toward you.

I have to tell you honestly, that Scorpio man will do such a thing only in the case you are not doing your part of the “deal”.

So, if this happens to you or you are getting suspicious, ask yourself what are you doing wrong and correct fast your actions and your looks.

This is the only way to fix your relationship while you still have some precious time at your disposal.

But, please tell me, what are your experiences with Scorpio men and how would you react in that particular case? Find out more about the mysterious Scorpio man and his habits by clicking here.

How did you know your Scorpio man is cheating on you?

I would love to read your thoughts about this theme.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “Scorpio Man Is Cheating: Can You Trust A Scorpio Man?

  1. Hi Anna, would like to get your advice on a scorpio man I’m dating.

    We met from tinder last September, it started out as friendly meet-ups, till one day he mentioned we should get to know each other well and all that. So somewhat thats how we started dating.

    This happened prolly the end of Jan 2019. So, we have been going out, at least once every week, and we actually talk on the phone, every night actually. I honestly thought he was developing feelings for me, as there was once, we got upset when I spoke to him about my previous possible prospect.

    And when I questioned him what triggered him, he mentioned saying that he would hate it if I changed for anyone as he believes one should be what they are even in a relationship. That was also when he mentioned, “look, we have to come to a stage in our relationship where I have feelings for you and I do care for you..”.

    So this happened last Friday night, we went out, had a great drinking session between two of us, and we went back to his place (mind you he’s 30 and still lives with his indian parents) to smoke some. There was a call around 3am, which he decided to pick up after 2 rings and went outside of his room to take it.

    Coming back into the room, he mentioned it was his cousin and that she was drinking and asked him to join her. But what he doesn’t know was I had seen the caller id’s name, it had the same initials as his so-called ex gf. Putting one and one together, I knew it was his ex who called him but I kept my cool.

    After that, he was showing me some things that belonged to him, his certs, documentation while he studied in England and among that pile, I found his picture with his ex. That gave me so much of goosebumps, a gut feeling insisting they might be together, and I threw the picture at him and walked out his house, only to reliaze I didn’t drive that day.

    He came out too and sent me back home, mentioning it was his ex gf’s picture, and yes the call earlier was from her, and that this is normal, she always calls when she’s drunk.. and its cos she trusts him, thats why he picks up her calls, also cos we just knew each other and he knows her longer.

    He even mentioned saying he’s seeing a future between us, which he doesn’t want to become bf/gf yet, cos he says we still need time to get to know each other. I told him this was not right, I get it we are just dating, but I woudn’t want to be in this sort of triangle situation. The last he told me was he has already told the truth and it was up to me to decide, in a way insinuating that I should make the decision (next call).

    I tried contacting him on Sunday night, around 12.30am. But I guess he slept off, in which he replied me on Monday, 11am, saying he was not feeling well and was off from work. I asked him how he was cos I was concerned, but there was no reply till now.

    Im not sure to handle this, but I am definitely looking to find out if he was being truthful and maybe I was exaggerated, or he indeed is lying to me. Pls help on what to do next.

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you for writing in about your confusing situation. It sounds like you need to do something to figure out if he’s telling you the truth or not. That feeling you had intuitively when you picked up the photo shouldn’t be ignored. It is possible that she still has feelings for him and keeps trying to get him back but he put her off because of his interest in you. So they may be broken up but he may also have told her that he needs time to figure out if he can be with her but then came across you then developed feelings. So now he’s trying to figure out what he wants. You have to talk to him in person and look him in the eyes. If he cannot look you in the eyes when he answers you, he’s holding back or not being honest. That feeling you get in your gut must be trusted so that you make the right choices for yourself. If you would like to know more about the Scorpio man to get a better understanding, you might want to read my book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

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