7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup with A Scorpio Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
One of the hardest signs to experience a breakup with has to be the Scorpio man! Here’s how you can move on to find new love in your life!

One of the hardest signs to experience a breakup with has to be the Scorpio man! Scorpio men tend to consume your life, making it extremely hard to let go! This relationship may have been deep and intense, or toxic and manipulative depending on how evolved your Scorpio ex was. Here’s how you can move on to find new love in your life : 

Opening your heart after a split with Scorpio is never an easy task! In my years of experience as a relationship astrologer, I’ve found that breakups with a Scorpio are often the toughest to get over. It takes time patience and plenty of good, solid boundaries. 

Many of my clients even ask me if they’ll ever love again – and I always tell them, of course! If you follow just a few of my steps below, you’ll find it that much easier to get over your Scorpio ex and welcome someone new into your life. 

It always helps to remember the reasons why you broke up in the first place, too. This is especially useful when considering your relationship with Scorpio. Was it toxic in any way? All-consuming? Did you perhaps feel controlled, or was he possessive? 

Whilst Scorpio men can be great in many wonderful ways, they have their shadow side, too. They especially tend to act out this part of themselves when they feel betrayed or let down in any way. 

There are many reasons why a relationship ends, and it always takes two to tango. But, recalling why it never worked is the very first step to moving on. Here are a few more to help you in this process – 

7 Tips to Move on From A Breakup with An Scorpio  Man

1. Don’t Give Into His Games

Scorpio men are extremely good at playing games.  Whether it’s emotional or mental games, these guys certainly have a bit of a manipulative side to them. 

This might come across as him trying to get you back in his life. He may guilt trip you or make you feel bad for moving on. He may drop you unexpected messages, or appear at an event out of the blue. He may even make it so that you see something on his social network profile that triggers you and make you reach out to him. 

There are many ways that he may try and play games with you. The best thing you can do to move on is to ignore them completely! 

2. Avoid Revenge

It’s very tempting to seek revenge when we end a relationship, especially if things ended badly. It’s also likely that your Scorpio ex could be seeking revenge, too. This may be in very subtle ways or n more complex ways. 

However, if you do this, it will only end in tears, and it will certain not help you to move on! Try and resist the pull! However satisfying it might feel to parade around a new partner in front of him to make him jealous, it won’t help you in the long run, and will just create more drama. 

3. Don’t Jump Into Bed With Him

Scorpio has a well-deserved reputation for being the most sexual sign in the zodiac. And because of this, you may really struggle to let go and move on! It’s can be almost impossible to not fall back not the same physical patterns you used to have – after all, who doesn’t love that intimacy? 

However, this will only prolong your pain. Try not to deceive yourself that this is the way back into his heart, as tough as that might seem. Instead, find someone new to play with. This will help you feel more empowered, knowing that there are plenty of fish in the sea! 

4. Don’t Be Persuaded To Try Again

This is perhaps the hardest tip to share, as most women struggle with not going back to their past! We all have hope that things will work out if we try again. And, its not to say that it won’t work, but very often, in my experience as a relationship astrologer, it just delays the healing

Your Scorpio ex may try a thousand ways to get you back in his life, whether that’s by manipulating, guilt-tripping, or by promising you the whole world. The rule I always apply is “changed behavior instead of words”. Only if you are both willing to truly change and get help if needed, is there a chance of things working again. 

But, generally speaking, avoid getting back together

5. Heal!

In order to welcome new love, find ways of healing yourself. If this means cutting off all relationships, seeking therapy, doing self-development courses or facing your wounds, then so be it! In fact, you may find that your healing path can be totally transformative! 

This idea goes hand in hand with self-love. When you’ve had love as deep and intense as with a Scorpio, it’s not easy to find that love inside yourself. Make that your journey and inention, and your heart will be ready to love again in no time! 

6. Let Go Of Him Completely

What does letting go mean to you? Does it mean cutting all contact? Or removing yourself from his social media? Does it mean deleting your photos together, or removing his mom from your phone contacts? 

Make it your mission to find a way to release your Scorpio ex from your life. Visualize cords running between the two of you, and imagine scissors cutting off your connection. Of course, this will hurt at first, but it can be the healthiest thing you can do for yourself in order to move on completely. 

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7. Get Therapy If You Need It

There isn’t just for those who have mental illnesses, you know! All of us can benefit in life from seeing someone who is totally neutral and doesn’t have any emotional attachment to us. Someone who can listen with an open ear and an open mind

Maybe you just need a few sessions to help you close the door on your Scorpio ex. Maybe you need to understand what your part in the breakup was. Perhaps you just need someone rational and professional to help you through a difficult time. 

Scorpio men do tend to get in your head, and under your skin, and sometimes, it takes a long time to get them out. Don’t be shy of seeking help when you need it, whether it’s from a counselor, psychologist, spiritual guide or psychiatrist. 

Have you been through a breakup with a Scorpio man before? How was it for you? Was it easy for you to move on or was it a challenge? Can you share any tips on what helped you to forget him? If there’s a way that helped you open up your heart again, I’d really love to hear it! Your stories are always important to me, and will stay completely anonymous. 

If there’s more you’d like to know about the Scorpio man, check out my extensive blog on this mysterious sign right here : 


Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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