5 Ways How To Get A Scorpio Man To Commit To You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So you’re crazy about a Scorpio man and want to get him to take the next step with you… commitment. Here are some ways to get a Scorpio man to commit to you

It’s easy to see why you’d be hot for a Scorpio man. What in the world can you do to get him to make the next move and commit to you? There are ways I can help!

Stick with me and learn exactly what you can do. This is how to get a Scorpio man to commit to you:

1. Woo Him With Your Confident Nature

There is nothing more appealing to a Scorpio man than a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Show him that you don’t need anyone to take care of you; you’ve got it on your own.

The independence you show him will definitely catch his eye and also his heart. The last thing he wants is a clingy woman/wife that doesn’t know how to care for herself or is too demanding.

If a commitment is what you’re angling for, just use your confident manner and ask him for it. He’ll appreciate your candor and strength to tell him what it is that you truly want.

You can put a cat’s theory into place which is: “there is no harm in asking”. They employ this when asking for snacks or love. Offer him up what he wants and he’ll be putty in your hands.

This is an excellent way to get a Scorpio man to commit to you. He wants to be in love and he wants a woman who knows what she wants to take hold of him.

2. Boost His Ego A Little Bit

Portrait of young couple being in a conflict in the park - ways to get a scorpio man to commit to you

Scorpio men know that they are intelligent, talented, and sexy. However, they occasionally need to have that reassurance from the woman they love. So while there may be things that piss you off, try to keep his ego in mind.

Criticism can cause problems between you if you aren’t careful. He needs more positive reinforcement when you can plug it in there. If you chew him out for forgetting the trash out; praise him for remembering to put the toilet seat down.

See how easy that works? He’ll appreciate you more and won’t see you as someone who is constantly nagging him or giving him a hard time. He knows he isn’t perfect but he doesn’t need to be reminded.

In fact, it would be even better if you were able to get your point across to him about the trash without sounding like you’re scolding him. Be creative and be very sweet. He’ll reward you for it!

3. Let the Ideas Be His

While the Scorpio man has some excellent ideas; he also has some that maybe aren’t that great. When you have a fabulous idea, somehow plant it into his mind so that he feels it was his idea.

Naturally, to do this, you have to let go of your own ego. If he feels it’s his idea or plan; he’ll feel more confident and more like a man. This will win you loads of brownie points with him.

When it comes to getting him to commit; you’ll need to employ this same tactic. Keep saying witty things and act as though you aren’t trying to get him to do anything.

One day he’ll wake up and realize it’s a good idea to commit to you and that you didn’t coerce him at all though you may have a least a little by planting the seeds. He doesn’t need to know that though.

4. Show Him Why Scorpio Man Should Commit To You

The Scorpio man has to have proof that you’re going to be reliable, sensual, tender, and caring of the relationship with him. He’s also got to see that you’re independent, intellectual, and able to hold your own.

Enticing him by showing him what all you have to offer will make commitment more appealing to him. If you want to have children, talk about that. The idea of family is something he does appreciate.

Dare I say it… cook him home-cooked meals. He’ll go crazy for this. He’ll see that you’ve got it all together and you can cook. Wow! What man wouldn’t be totally blown away?

When he sees that you can be a wonderful partner, wife, and/or mother, he’ll be more likely to find commitment attractive to you. Scorpio man won’t commit if he doesn’t feel as though you really care.

5. Be Honest and Trustworthy, Win Scorpio Man Commitment!

Couple in love outdoors - ways to get a scorpio man to commit to you

This is the most important to a Scorpio man. For him to feel secure with someone; he has to feel that he can trust her and know she will always tell him the truth, even when it’s really hard.

He’d prefer to know what is really going on rather than be blindsided later by something you’ve kept from him. It may not always be the easiest thing to accomplish but if you love him, you’ll do what it takes.

Get yourself together when there is something you need to tell him and then very calmly discuss it with him. It may not be something he’ll be happy with or even accept. However, he’ll appreciate you told him the truth.

In fact, even when it’s something that will piss him off, when he cools off he’ll remember that you respected him enough to lay it on the line and tell him exactly what is going on.

Even when you don’t feel like opening up, do it anyway. It’s best to be open than to shut yourself down. Be the strong woman he fell for in the first place.

Respect for him and for yourself goes a long way with the Scorpio man. He may seem as though he’s just out for sex sometimes but, honestly, when he’s ready to find “the one”, sex isn’t his top priority. Read next: How is Sex with a Scorpio Man

When this man is ready; he’s looking for a partner that has it all and then some. He for sure has a tall order but he has a lot to offer the right lady. If you’re lucky enough to have this sexy man in your grasp, he will be worth the effort.

I totally get that Scorpio men can sometimes be very moody and hard to deal with. At the end of the day though; they’re still men that want to be loved and cared for.

How To Get A Scorpio Man To Do What You Want

This goes back to the simplicity of the things I’ve listed for you already in this article. If you do all the things that help him feel more comfortable, you find that the Scorpio man commitment is more likely.

If for some reason Scorpio man won’t commit, you need to re-evaluate. Are you taking the necessary steps to make him feel safe, content, comfortable, and able to trust you?

Look it over but don’t give up on him until you can see that there isn’t anything moving. Otherwise, you can definitely use your wiles to your Scorpio man commitment secured.

It’s easier to get Scorpio man to do what you want when you’re showing him the time of his life. It’s like you’re leading by example for him. He’ll be receptive.

Give him the attention he wants, take good care of him, and love him for all that you are and Scorpio man should commit within no time at all. Grow with him. You two can give each other your all.

Conclusion To How To Make A Scorpio Man Commit

Scorpio man wants to be loved, adored, and taken care of. It’s in is nature to be untrusting but you can win him over and make him see that he can actually trust in you.

Remember, they still want to be treated with the utmost respect and adoration. If you can show this to your Scorpio man; you should be able to get him to fully commit to you.

Keeping him happy & fulfilled allows him to give you a long-lasting and fulfilling love. Take a chance and see if you’ve got what it takes to rope in that Scorpio man.

And now some exciting news for you! Did you know that singer/rapper and songwriter Drake is a scorching Scorpio man? He’s a sensitive type of guy and his emotion shows in his lyrics.

How did you get a Scorpio man to commit to you? Click here to learn more about this magnificent man!

I hope this helps you to obtain the commitment from the guy of your dreams.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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28 thoughts on “5 Ways How To Get A Scorpio Man To Commit To You

  1. I am in seperation from my Scropio man. I see an ending unless we can learn to understand each other. I appreciate his deep nature but his inability to see other points of view is causing my to question whether this can really work. That along with him never taking responsiblity for any wrong doings raises questions about his lack of character. If I point any of this out it starts a huge fight and he can restore ti verbal abuse ? Narcissist?

    1. Hi Lori! I think these are his flaws and either you love him for who he is or you want to change him. I understand your frustration but he’s not going to change these things about himself unless he perceives it to be an issue. They’re hard headed like that. This is why it leads to arguments. I don’t know if it’s necessarily Narcissistic than it is just a stubborn Scorpio. What you should do is stand up and tell him it’s not alright to verbally abuse you and if he wants your love, he needs to do better. When he asks what then you can tell him that the way he communicates is not fluid or helpful. Maybe you’ll give him a light bulb moment of something he needs to work on or change within himself for the betterment of his life and his relationship with you. I wish you all the best!

    2. Lori, I feel your pain! I have experienced the same things with my Scorpio man. And he is never wrong and thinks he knows me like noone else. How important is the marriage?

  2. I’m just starting to fall for a Scorpio man. I am so confused by him but we’ll see if it goes anywhere, he rocks my world and he hasn’t even kissed me yet .

    1. Hi Shaz! Confusion is pretty common when it comes to Scorpio men. Be patient and yes, give it more time. Don’t try to pressure him or hurry him up for a relationship. Just relax and let him figure out when he’s ready and then let him approach you with it. You might find a very natural bond that develops. I wish you all the very best with this relationship honey!

    2. Scorpio men are like that. They are Moody and very hot/cold. If you are in love with him and willing to ride the waves, it is worth it. Just don’t let him consume you or become the victim!! Best of wishes!

  3. I am married to a Scorpio man who asked me for a divorce for the second time in 5 years since we married. We are currently separated, his choice, but we talk or text weekly. Sometimes several days in a row. Our relationship has not been the typical one. I’m getting tired of trying and he gets nastier with his comments. Knowing what I now know I see I have hurt him and left him feeling unimportant. How do I change it?

  4. After a an almost 11 yr relationship with my scorpio guy, i think its done. I have done every thing on this “list” Im not bad looking, and his family and friends love me. I have given my time and LOTS of money supporting him in his dreams, trail and tribulations. The lies, cheating,and disappointments have been many over the years. And he came to me saying “he wasn’t happy” I”i love you but not in love with you” hid his other woman for more than a year. But there are many more. But I will agree NOT ALL Scorpios are like this.

  5. My scorpio man is 16 years younger. He is the one who pursued me. All is very good after one year. What about an older leo woman -68- and a younger scorpio man -52- ? I have asked before and in various places. Astrology avoids the older woman younger man issue.

  6. All I see is bad stories from a Scorpio man in most of the posts of Anna… I am dating a Scorpio man for 5 months now… But I am very patient with him I am Pisces. We get along so well when we’re together. If we’re both busy I just let him be. I don’t demand most of his time because when we are together every weekend he is very sweet and attentive. With a Scorpio guy you have to BE PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING, MATURED, OPEN MINDED and have to have your own life outside your relationship cause that’s makes him excited to see you more. In my experience he is the most I can trust even we don’t always talk during the day or the week. Then when we get together in the weekend that’s where we talk so much about everything. I trust him. And if anything is amiss I know I will feel it. We’re so compatible even on trivial things. We are really in the same wavelength. But I am very patient that’s why we don’t argue and fight. And that makes him comfortable and he opens a lot to me… And I love it. Any man of the zodiac don’t want to feel threatened by their woman I guess… Good luck to all the ladies who are loving Scorpio men… 🙂

  7. We have a beautiful relationship but then he is not able to get over his past mistakes and regrets and he is developing lust even when he loves me which is sabotaging our relationship in a way like he doesn’t want to seem me from his lust eyes but love me more and he is now confused why he feels this way and I’m worried.. What should i do to help him to love me and get stop him from lusting?

  8. I’ve been with my Scorpio man for more than 20 years. He’s very secluded but a very loving sole. He refers to me as the one but have not asked to marry me. Said it would take 15-20 years before he ask for he marries again. We’re monogamous and very committed and I’m all in. I pray he is profoundly sincere when he says he loves me!!

    1. Hi Jade!

      Scorpios aren’t trusting of marriage. He may trust you but he doesn’t trust that marriage wouldn’t change things between you. They are afraid it will change things and they will suddenly become pinned down which is something they don’t want to feel. So him saying what he did about a time frame is probably pretty accurate for him. Just enjoy the love you have together and worry less about marriage. It will happen when you least expect it. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  9. My Scorpio says he is wanting out of unhappy/cold marriage. Would Scorpio lie to his mistress about his marriage?

    1. Hi Marie!

      Yes he would. I hate to say it but I like being honest with people. ALL men can lie about their marriage or relationship in order to keep their “side chic”. Women do it too. They will make it seem like their spouse or partner is awful and they want to end it. They talk you up like you’re the one for them all the while the wife/girlfriend has no clue what is happening when he comes home his normal happy self. The fact that you’re asking me tells me that you already know it’s a red flag. Make the right choice for you. I wish you the best!

  10. Hi, I am a Pisces and he is a Scorpio. I told him that fwb didn’t work and that my feelings for him were getting stronger so I called it a day so that I could sort myself out. I do miss him and I made a mistake but now I have to pay the price. He said that I was his special friend and always will be and that he will phone now again. I just don’t know wether to leave it at that now or try something. He told me that he had trust in me and faith but I think I have now broken it.

    1. Hi Sarah!

      I don’t think you’ve broken anything. If you truly want more than a FWB then you simply told him the truth. The thing is, if he’s not willing to make it more, are you alright with it just being what it is? I think that it’s not gratifying enough for you because you want the whole package. I don’t blame you either. Don’t go backward simply because you think he’ll change. Talk to him and ask him if there is any chance it could develop into more. If he says no, believe him and do what you need to do. I wish you all the very best!

  11. I’m totally confused. My Scorpio man is something else to say the least. He is 40 yes old never married but has had a slew of six partners. My man had a bad childhood and grew up to be a bad adult. I has a set issue..He Loves it and has no problem paying for it as In prostitutes. He was and alcohol and coke addict for years. He would get drunk then high then hooked. He has done mother an daughter like it’s a tag team. He has been alchemy and drug free over a year now and boy has he changed. We have been good friends for years. He has chase me for couple years now. He would always have a new girlfriend every month but now clean he doesn’t want a girlfriend he says he just wants someone to get naked with then talk for hour and then he goes home. We been seeing each other for a year now and he still says no relationship, no boyfriend girlfriend, I told him that if he felt the need to sleep with someone else tell me first and let me decide if I want to continue sleeping with you or not. We kinda weren’t speaking because of an argument we had for about two weeks. He accused me more or less of sleeping around which is a lie. He swears he didn’t want no woman, he likes being alone. Tell me why then we slept together the night he came back and two days later this man has something wrong in his private area. I had no symptoms of anything yet my Scorpio tested positive for Chlamydia which meant because I slept with him I had to be treated even though I had no symptoms of any kind. This man trying to tell me it must of had it dormant and now because of me it’s active. Is he freaking for real? You can’t have it worse than the person who supposedly gives it to you. He sends mixed messages all the time. The man won’t even take me on a date to a real restaurant just drive through. I do everything for him. He is an arrogant ass to be with and he swears he only likes me as a friend he doesn’t love me yet he’ll get jealous of any guy that shows any interest in me. He even gets jealous of my friends. I don’t get it but lord help me I’m in love with him. I just don’t know if I’m wasting my time an as much as it would hurt me to move on I can’t keep this up. I talked me cry a lot.

  12. My scorpio man left me second time jus a month ago. I did my best, both time, but he stucked in the hot and cold process and constantly said he is not sure to commit and he doesn’t want to hurt me. One month ago he said he seeing another woman and for him is proven he is not in to commit and be in a relationship.I am not sure he left me forever, he has kinda avoidant attachment style, but maybe just I triggered this in him. I still feel lost.

  13. I am a gemini and involved with a scorpio younger man.They are hard work to say the least .One has to pick their battles .he is hot and cold .I think one has to be independent and have a life to cope with a scorpio man.

    1. Hi. I am dating a Scorpio man. I am ten years older and I am a Pisces . I’m in the midst of trying to get him to call me how girlfriend. He will make comments and tease me about how I better only want him, or how I better not be doing things with other guys lol but he has not said he wants to be fully together yet . Do u think it’s coming soon? He seems fully interested we text all day long and then see each other most nights for about an hour .

      1. Dear Candace,

        A relationship between a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman will never be dull or predictable. This combination promises exalting highs and painful lows with very few chances to rest or get complacent in a safe middle ground.
        The problem with this match is also its strength. There is such a strong tie between these two water signs, that when things go wrong, there is a potential for destructive drama and immense pain. Both Scorpio and Pisces are easy to hurt, and although they fight in different styles, what they share is an intensity that can produce a long, vicious emotional war in which no one wins. Be patient and radiate happiness. He needs to see he is not the center of your world. Scorpio men are driven to success. They want a woman who knows what she wants out of life. I hope all goes well for you both.

  14. I have been seeing a Scorpio guy since June 2023. I am a Gemini. We had a connection from day one. To start we were just texting. The texting was intense. We started to see each other with a group of people around. Then all of a sudden the texting went silent for a week. We have been texting again, but it is just general conversation now. He was in a very bad relationship about 5 years ago and hasn’t dated since until me. He said right up front he didn’t want a relationship just friends to hangout with. I am fine with that. He was very sexual. Then went cold. He will sometimes slip up and say something sexual. I have told him i miss the flirty guy. He says oh I bet you don’t. To which I say oh yes I do. I am hoping I can bring him back around to his flirty sexual self. Any advise?

    1. Hi. I’m dating a Scorpio guy. We started as a friend for a whole year before we had sex. I’m a year plus older than him, all along he has some girls around which I keep asking if he is with them but he will say he is not, I decided to live it like that, until Dec 2022, I had to read through his laptop WhatsApp messages and I found out that, he is actually sleeping with the assumed friend. I didn’t confront him but I always talk about this, and he always denies having something to do with d lady. So fast forward to 2023, along the line he was looking serious with the relationship but I was still not sure of him, he was putting efforts but I couldn’t pick between if he is serious or not and fast forward to December time that I had to return to the city that we are both living, I have my place, he has his too, I couldn’t go to him ontime due to church activities but we were communicating, he even told me his sister was coming to spend Christmas with him, which the sister came and just a little time we had a misunderstanding which lead to we not talking for close to 2wks, I tried sending him messages, bt he wasn’t coming around, until I told my aunty about it, she called him and he went to see her, they spoke at length and he camebto my place on the 30th of December last year. I used one of Anna’s 3 ways to talk to a Scorpio guy if he’s not talking to you, I sent him the text like, “what cani do to make it better. I want to make you happy 😆. He replied that he wasn’t holding anything against me, but just that, he wasn’t happy with himself, Anna I seriously do not understand that… I went visiting him yesterday, he was happy to see me bt I’m still searching for clues. I thought to share.

      1. Dear Yetunde,

        Thank you for sharing. If you aren’t hearing much return from your Scorpio guy then know that something is probably off. Whether he’s just taking his time answering or he’s not responding at all, he may be losing interest or has already moved on.
        Clearly if a Scorpio man is ghosting you with calls, texts, or even social media then he is either finished with you, or he’s about to be. This is a problem. If you don’t hear from him for a day or two, that’s not grounds to worry quite yet.If you didn’t do anything that would set him off then it’s obviously something going on with him, and he really does owe you an explanation. So don’t be afraid to ask when you notice things have changed drastically. Open up and tell him how it makes you feel and ask him why he’s doing this. Maybe he doesn’t always realize he’s doing it either. If you don’t ask, you won’t know and that is a fact. Sending Love!

  15. My Scorpio man got very upset when I broke up with him. He still can’t seem to forget it evennthough he moved on very quickly. Of course it didn’t work out with them. Now we are back friends. I am being cautious but those feelings are coming back. We were always friends first. I thought we could just be friends but there is still a fire between us. I am just going to be patient and kind.

    1. Dear Shawna,
      Aside from being a super successful woman, you’ll need to make sure you remain positive. Optimism will be more of a turn on to him than being negative. He wants to dream with the right person rather than worry.
      Keep an upbeat personality will ensure him to also remain more positive. In fact; you may help him melt away his own worries. Lead by example so that he will feel hopeful about the future.
      Scorpio men look for stability and security. When he’s with a partner that complains often or shows too much emotion, it shows him that there is too much drama for his liking. If you want to get your Scorpio man back, don’t be a drama queen. Sending Love!

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