What Turns A Scorpio Man Off? 11 Biggest Scorpio Man Turn Offs

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What turns a Scorpio man off? Here are Scorpio man turn offs; eleven things he won't tolerate in a woman or in a relationship...

Men are so fickle, one minute they’re so into you, and the next they just want to make a run for the hills. But why is this? What turns a Scorpio man off and how can you prevent this from happening?

There are certain triggers that push a Scorpio man away, and in my experience, many of those triggers are not personal. It is a subtle experience, going from moment to moment, and just about anything can turn a Scorpio man on, but the same could be said about a Scorpio man turn offs.

Scorpio is one of the most complex signs out there. This is a man who lives impulsively and listens to his instincts every moment of his life. When something feels right, he pursues it, when something feels wrong, he walks away.

Over the years I’ve spent working with clients as a Relationship Astrologer, I have seen many Scorpio men leave great women. It’s heartbreaking, but it happens…

Are you interested in finding out more about what turns a Scorpio man off? I have many years of experience as a relationship Astrologer, and I am willing to let you in on some of the exclusive knowledge about Scorpio man turn offs!

What Turns Off A Scorpio Man?

For the Scorpio man, matters of the heart are seen in black and white; you are either for him or against him, and there is no middle ground. In potential turn offs for a Scorpio man, ‘compromise’ is not a word he understands, and he won’t respond well to mixed signals.

He needs to know you adore and want him and only him, and then he gives loving you his attentive devotion in ways that might be too furious and all-consuming for some female signs. If he doesn’t know this, your Scorpio man will lose interest.

Even a kiss with this man can be life-changing, as he pours his entire being into almost everything he does. Scorpio is all about loyalty, intensity, and passion, and this comes with a reputation for jealousy that is famous throughout the zodiac. If there is no loyalty, love cannot exist.

You may be able to get his attention by appearing to flirt with other men, but do not even think of cheating on the moody, brooding scorpion, as any hint of infidelity will lock him into a battle of attrition you can never hope to win.

7 Scorpio Man Turn Offs

1. Competition

A Scorpio man is driven by the need to have the upper hand, and even when he appears calm, he is plotting his next moves.

If you try to compete with him, or heavens forbid, give him a reason to think he has a rival for your affections, he won’t rest until he is back, firmly, and unquestionably, in control.

Spoil him with a luxurious massage or hours of oral pleasure, and let him do the same for you. He will do just about anything to maintain the upper hand, so in your foreplay and in the rest of your relationship, let him take the lead.

That doesn’t mean being weak and submissive, but allow him to define the boundaries and then assert yourself within them.

2. Passivity & Laziness

Scorpio men are keen students of human frailty. They completely understand that all people experience pain and rejection and he will show great compassion for your fears and weakness.

This Scorpio man will be your most compassionate supporter if you are brave enough to show the less glamorous sides of your sexual self but if you allow yourself to be a victim of these feelings, you won’t find much tolerance coming from him.

For a Scorpio man, sex is a mutual act of deep soul affirmation, and he needs you to be fully present and willing to give more of yourself than you might normally do.

He doesn’t show much patience for laziness and won’t be impressed if you lie back on the pillows and expect him to do all the work. Share your fantasies with him, and explore his, with energy and devotion and watch the fireworks explode.

If you want some hot and playful moves to excite your Scorpio man and drive him crazy in bed, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Scorpio Man. You’ll thank me later, girl!

3. Dishonesty

Another Scorpio man turn-off is being dishonest. If you lie to your Scorpio man, you can be sure of two things he will find out, and he will never forgive you. If you feel uncomfortable about something, tell him what it is and why you feel the way you do.

This water Zodiac sign has vast reservoirs of willpower and persistence, and he has an amazing capacity to reinvent himself so sharing your thoughts and feelings, honestly and bravely, is the only way to go.

He hates giving up control, and even a small white lie (pretending you love oral sex when it makes you feel shy) is a challenge to his authority.

In his arms, you have the chance to explore the most secret parts of yourself and you don’t need to pretend. He wants to know what you need and what you fear and will take great care to make you feel completely fulfilled.

4. A Lack Of Commitment

The dating game is hard these days. No one can blame you if you’re holding back when it comes to commitment. Being hurt has its consequences, and we’re all cautious when it comes to opening our hearts. 

However, being too cautious may be the road to ruin when it comes to your relationship lasting long-term. 

A Scorpio man may easily walk away if he senses that you’re not going to be loyal to him and true to the bond you share. And if you validate that fear, it’ll be hard to get him back. 

When you start dating a Scorpio man, let him know that you’re all in as soon as you feel it. This will help to build trust in the relationship and prevent problems later on. 

As you progress as a couple, show him your commitment. Be there when he needs you, be willing to engage with his family, open up to him, and create a close bond. Let him know that you’re on his team. Have his back in all ways! 

5. Fear Of Being Betrayed

Here’s the thing—most Scorpio men have a terrible fear of being betrayed by their partners. This often manifests as a fear of being cheated on but can take on many faces. The truth is, many Scorpio men have been betrayed, which only boosts this fear. 

You may be the very best woman in the world, but if a Scorpio man hasn’t gotten over this fear, or has yet to confront it, it can lead to him leaving the relationship. Of course, it goes without saying that if you do betray him in any way (by cheating or entertaining a relationship with an ex, for example) he will see this as a huge turn-off. 

This may seem a little controlling to you, and of course, this behavior can be toxic. However, it’s in everyone’s best interests if you don’t tempt fate by flirting with other guys or being too friendly with an ex. Building trust is essential when it comes to dating the Scorpio man.

6. A Lack Of Depth

Scorpio men love a woman who is deep. This is especially true for women who have emotional depth and can be vulnerable—and empowered in that vulnerability. 

Deep also means that you need to be willing to go to all kinds of interesting psychological places with your man. Deep means that you can’t be afraid of confronting your own demons. Scorpio men want it all, and they want to know every single part of you

If you’re not willing to share and open up and instead try to keep things “fun” and surface-level, it’ll be a huge turn-off for him. He wants someone that he can explore the mysteries of life rather than someone who’s just looking for a good time. 

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7. A Lack Of Ambition

Scorpio men just love a woman who has ambition and wants to go somewhere with her life. Whether that means being successful in your career or being a fantastic mother, it doesn’t matter. He just wants you to be as passionate as he is about where you’re going. 

A Scorpio man may see a woman who has no drive as disempowered. There’s nothing he finds as attractive as a woman who stands confidently in her own power and authority, knows what she’s about, and always looks to the future.

If you stagnate, your Scorpio man may be turned off. This may endanger the relationship or prevent it from going anywhere.

What Turns A Scorpio Man Off In Bed? 4 Sexual Turn Offs For A Scorpio Man

8. No Physical Chemistry

When it comes to what turns a Scorpio off, you should be aware that Scorpio is a sign that needs plenty of physical chemistry! They don’t do well in a life of celibacy, and they thrive best when in a relationship with a woman who keeps up with their powerful libido! 

In fact, many Scorpio men express their true feelings through getting physical with you. Their lovemaking is intense and deep, and totally unforgettable! If there’s no chemistry, unfortunately, a Scorpio man may run the other way—even if you’re a wonderful woman. 

However, there is one exception to this: if he has already committed to you long-term, he will be more reluctant to leave you. In that case, he’s likely devoted to sticking by your side, no matter how hard the going gets. 

Worried about a lack of chemistry? Try to enhance your intimacy by opening up to new things and being brave enough to dive deep with your Scorpio man. You won’t be disappointed!

9. Shyness & Frigidity

Scorpio men are among the greatest lovers in the zodiac. They are capable of extreme feats in love and sex and will stop at nothing to leave you breathless and thoroughly satisfied after marathon loving sessions that will make all other experiences of intimacy pale in comparison.

If you withdraw in shyness or show a lack of enthusiasm, he will take it very personally indeed, and his experience will be of personal rejection and an extreme insult to his very being.

You need to pour your heart and soul into every kiss and caress and be fully present in lovemaking to bring out the best in him. He doesn’t need you to be a fearless sex goddess, but he does need you to be your authentic self.

Here’s more on what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman.

10. Being Aggressive In The Bedroom

When you get to know a Scorpio man, you start to learn that he isn’t the type that wants a woman controlling him in any way whatsoever, especially in the bedroom.  He doesn’t want to feel closed up or tied down. Scorpio men are used to being a dominant type of man.

He wants to love passionately and intensely and have them love him in return but without constraints. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to commit but when he does commit, he wants to feel as though there is an understanding between you two.

In the bedroom, a Scorpio man prefers to be “the man” and will want to be the one busting the moves. However, he makes exceptions for the right woman. If you try to dominate him or his life, you will be sadly dismissed.

11. Avoiding Foreplay

A Scorpio man is very imaginative and resourceful in bed. He loves role play and fantasy and he wants to try everything out at least once. He’s like a child who wants the cake now rather than later. So you need to be attentive and prepare him for intimacy!

When he has a partner who is not happy to explore these things with him and who will not engage in foreplay, this will turn a Scorpio man off.

For foreplay, a Scorpio man loves oral stimulation, and will often be more than willing to reciprocate the pleasure. Your satisfaction is very important to him.

A Scorpio man has a playful nature, so touching and teasing is his forte! If you are not ready for such an experience, he will slowly lose interest in you.

How To Turn On A Scorpio Man Again

The Scorpio man values loyalty and devotion. A woman who is not honest and who is playing mind games will not win the heart of a Scorpio man.

Change your bad habits, and life will be better all around, while also avoiding turn offs for a Scorpio man you like. By doing so, you would be well on your way to making a great impression on him. Compliment him in almost everything he does.

Let him take control, but not be submissive. Be receptive and be sensual. This will turn him on. Don’t lack empathy. Blend spirituality and romance with sexuality.

Will Rejecting A Scorpio Man Turn Him Off?

Rejecting a Scorpio man will not necessarily turn him off, but it will make him angry. This is one of the things not to do to a Scorpio man.

If you are wondering what happens when you reject a Scorpio man, please note that Scorpios have difficulty expressing emotions, but they have a strong urge not to be rejected. If you reject a Scorpio man, he will feel hurt and might even get frustrated.

He cannot take no for an answer. If he likes you and you reject him, he will not give up on you because he cannot tolerate rejection.

Even if you reject him, the chances of him approaching you with love and affection are high. The Scorpio man loves deeply but expects the same in return.

If you love him, he will follow through with everything he says, but if he loves you and you reciprocate, he will be devastated, so rejecting a Scorpio man is never a good idea.

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  1. My daughter doesn’t know about my Scorpio man I’ve been seeing so she set me up with this guy should I tell him about it rather than he finds out and thinks I’m playing him?

    1. Dear Cynthia,
      It is important for Scorpio men to feel like he knows everything about you. By having all of the facts, he can calculate his next moves in life.
      It’s better to be completely transparent with him because if you are dishonest in any way at the start, he will sense it and you will lose his favor and respect.
      I would not recommend going on a date with a man set up by your daughter. If your relationship with your Scorpio man is solid, then you should not betray his trust.
      Best of luck to you!

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