When A Scorpio Man Is Done With You (Will He Ever Talk To Me Again?)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You could be at that point of wondering, "Is a Scorpio man going to leave me?" Read the article on how to know when a Scorpio man is done with you...

Hi, my lovelies! I understand the pain of having to move on from a Scorpio man. These guys are addictive and so mysterious you can’t help but want more even when you know that they aren’t good for you. 

However, once a Scorpio man has decided that he is done with you, the chances of him reaching out to you again may be slim. They can be pretty cutthroat and make decisions they don’t waiver on easily. Scorpio men are known for their intense emotions and their tendency to cut ties when they feel betrayed or hurt. 

Moreover, Scorpio men have a tendency to hold grudges and may find it challenging to trust someone who has crossed them. Scorpio men are known for and commitment in relationships, but once they have emotionally detached themselves from a situation or a person, it is unlikely that they will reach out to you again. 

This is what makes it so tricky to move on because once they are done, you know that they are done forever. If you want to find out more about what Scorpio men are like when they are done then you have come to the right place.

Please keep on reading to find out more about the characteristics of a Scorpio man when he is completely done with a person and whether there is any possibility of him ever talking to you again.

9 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Done With You:

1. When A Scorpio Man Stops Talking To You

When a Scorpio man is done with you, one of the most apparent signs is when he stops talking to you altogether. His communication with you will cease, and he will no longer respond to your messages or calls. 

His communication with you will become minimal or nonexistent and this can definitely hurt quite a bit if you are used to him engaging with you on a frequent basis. This can be a clear indication that he has emotionally detached himself from the relationship and has no desire to engage in any further conversations or interactions with you. 

He is trying to cut you off to show you that he is not interested and he wants to move on.

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2. He Becomes Indifferent

Another sign that a Scorpio man is done with you is when he becomes indifferent towards you. His once intense emotions and passion will fade, and he will no longer show any interest or concern for your well-being. 

He may no longer make an effort to spend time with you or prioritize your needs and desires. He will no longer show any interest or concern in your well-being, and his behaviour towards you may become cold and distant. 

You may notice a lack of emotional investment or empathy from him when it comes to your feelings or needs.

3. He Avoids Confrontation

One of the signs that a Scorpio man is done with you is when he starts to avoid confrontation. Instead of addressing any issues or conflicts that may arise, he will choose to avoid them altogether. 

This can manifest in various ways, such as your Scorpio man distancing himself from you. It will be very clear that he is not interested in sorting out the problems.

4. When A Scorpio Man Disrespects You

Another sign that a Scorpio man is done with you is when he begins to show disrespect towards you. He may start belittling you, criticizing you constantly, or insulting you as a way to push you away. 

His words and actions may become hurtful, demeaning, and offensive. This disrespectful behavior is a clear indicator that he no longer values or respects the relationship and has lost all regard for your feelings and well-being. 

I often get my readers asking me “What to do when a Scorpio man is being mean to me?” This is usually the sign that they need to leave the relationship and it has become toxic.

5. When A Scorpio Man Completely Ghosts You

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he may completely ghost you. He will disappear from your life without any explanation or communication. This sudden and complete withdrawal is a clear indication that he wants to sever all ties with you and move on. 

He may ignore your texts, calls, and social media messages, leaving you feeling confused and abandoned. It will be like he never existed in your life before. He is trying to send you a message that he is completely done with you and uninterested in any form of communication.

When a Scorpio man cuts off communication completely, it signifies that he has closed the door on the relationship and has no intention of reconnecting or resolving any issues in the future.

6. When A Scorpio Mean Picks A Fight

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he may intentionally pick fights as a way to create distance and push you away. This behavior can be observed through his sudden aggression, nitpicking, and provoking arguments over trivial matters. 

Ultimately, his goal is to create conflict and tension in the relationship, causing you to question your compatibility and leading to a potential breakup.

Overall, when a Scorpio man is done with you, he may exhibit various signs such as emotional withdrawal, disrespect, ghosting, and picking fights as a means of signaling his disinterest and desire to end the relationship.

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7. When A Scorpio Man Lies And Is Dishonest

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he may resort to lying and being dishonest. This could manifest in various ways, such as hiding his true feelings or intentions, fabricating stories or excuses, or withholding important information. 

This behavior is a clear indication of his lack of respect and commitment towards the relationship. He is no longer invested in maintaining trust and honesty, and instead chooses to deceive and manipulate. 

When a Scorpio man engages in lying and dishonesty, it is a sign that he has disconnected from the relationship and no longer values open and transparent communication.

8. When A Scorpio Man Cheats

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he may resort to cheating as a way to escape the relationship and seek intimacy or validation elsewhere. This betrayal of trust is a definitive indication that he has lost interest in the relationship and is actively seeking connections outside of it. 

When a Scorpio man hurts your feelings in such a way, it can be incredibly painful and difficult to trust again. He knows that cheating is unacceptable and deeply hurtful, and yet he consciously chooses to engage in this behaviour, disregarding the emotional consequences it will have on you.

Here’s more on Scorpio Man Cheating Signs: How Do Scorpios Act When Cheating

9. When A Scorpio Man Moves On Quickly

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he may move on quickly to seek new relationships or experiences. This is often a defense mechanism used by Scorpio men to avoid dealing with their emotions and the pain of the breakup. 

They may fill their time with distractions, new hobbies, or jumping into a rebound relationship as a means of numbing the pain and avoiding any introspection or self-reflection.

This rapid transition to new relationships or experiences indicates that the Scorpio man has fully detached himself from the previous relationship and is actively trying to move on.

Will Scorpio Man Ever Talk To Me Again If I Just Leave Him Alone?

The question of whether a Scorpio man will ever talk to you again if you leave him alone depends on various factors. But usually, he isn’t the type of guy to keep exes around. When he is done, he is done. Scorpio men are known for their intense emotions and tendencies to cut off contact completely after a breakup.

It is the only way they can cope with the way they feel. Additionally, their need for independence and self-preservation often leads them to isolate themselves from past relationships.

This means that if a Scorpio man has made the decision to end the relationship and move on, there is a high likelihood that he will not initiate further communication with you. Giving him some space might be a good way for you both to heal quicker and allow emotions to settle.

So leaving a Scorpio man alone is the right approach to take, but I am just warning you that there is a chance he might still ignore you even if you haven’t spoken to him in a while.

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How To Stop A Scorpio Man Being Mean To Me

When faced with a Scorpio man who is consistently being mean or hurtful, it is important to approach the situation with tact, self-respect, and assertiveness.

Firstly, it is crucial to understand that the behaviour of a Scorpio man being mean or hurtful is not acceptable and deeply hurtful. It is important to set clear boundaries and communicate your feelings to him assertively.

Let him know how his behaviour is impacting you and express the need for him to treat you with respect. Avoid getting into a confrontational or aggressive stance, as this may escalate the situation further.

Instead, maintain a calm and composed demeanour while firmly expressing your expectations for respectful treatment. It is also beneficial to take care of your own well-being and prioritize self-care in situations like these. This can involve surrounding yourself with supportive and understanding friends or engaging in activities that bring you joy and peace.

Why Would A Scorpio Man Cut Me Off?

There can be several reasons why a Scorpio man might cut someone off. Sometimes Scorpio men can pull back or “cool off” when they’re in a relationship because they’re scared. However, when a Scorpio man is done with you, he becomes that much colder.

He will stop calling, texting, and replying, and he may actually say some not-so-nice things to you in an effort to get you to leave him alone. He could use your worst fears or sadness against you.

He’s not a nice guy when he’s trying to break it off. This is especially true if the relationship is particularly difficult. He’ll be a real jerk to you if a Scorpio man is done with you.

The Scorpio man may also be abrupt with you. He’ll say something rude to you while you’re trying to talk to him seriously. He may also cut you off while you’re talking, yell, or just be unruly without logic.

This is when his emotions take over and he cannot see the logic in the right way to handle things. If a Scorpio man is done with you, he’ll be snippy and crappy. It may be particularly difficult if you live with him. It may be better if you do not.

Be sure you stand up for yourself. Scorpio men can sometimes run you right over if you allow for it. If he’s showing you signs of exiting the relationship, then tell him you see it and call him out.

You need to know for your own closure so that you can move on more easily. Tell him to be open and honest with you, since he expects that from you. If he still can’t give you answers, then perhaps you should move on for your own sanity.


How Do You Know When A Scorpio Man Is No Longer Interested In You?

When a Scorpio man is no longer interested in you, there are certain signs that may indicate his disinterest.

Firstly, he may withdraw emotionally and become distant. He might stop sharing his thoughts and feelings with you, and the deep connection you once had may start to fade. Secondly, his communication with you may significantly decrease. 

He may stop calling, texting, or replying to your messages. Additionally, he may become cold and indifferent towards you, showing little or no interest in your life or what you have to say.

Will Scorpio Man Come Back After A Breakup?

Whether or not a Scorpio man will come back after a breakup is highly dependent on the individual and the circumstances of the relationship. While Scorpio men can be known for their intense emotions and tendency to cut people off when they are done, there is still a possibility of them coming back, especially if there is a deep emotional connection between the two individuals.

Do Scorpios Give Second Chances?

Scorpios are known for their intensity and strong emotions, and they can be quite unforgiving when they feel betrayed or hurt. However, it is possible for Scorpios to give second chances, depending on the situation and their personal feelings. 

If they believe that the person has sincerely learned from their mistakes and is willing to make genuine changes, Scorpios may consider giving a second chance. But it will take a lot of hard work and groveling on your part.

How Do You Make A Scorpio Man Regret Losing You?

Making a Scorpio man regret losing you requires a combination of self-confidence, self-improvement, and maintaining your own happiness. In order to make a Scorpio man regret losing you, it is important to focus on yourself and show him that you are confident and happy without him. 

Additionally, it can be helpful to demonstrate personal growth and improvement in areas that may have caused issues in the relationship. This can be done through introspection, self-reflection, and actively working on developing yourself as an individual. 

Taking steps to improve your physical and mental well-being, pursuing your passions and goals, and surrounding yourself with a strong support system can also contribute to making a Scorpio man regret losing you.

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Your friend & Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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65 thoughts on “When A Scorpio Man Is Done With You (Will He Ever Talk To Me Again?)

  1. I’ll try to be brief.
    I’m a Gemini with Scorpio rising . He is a Scorpio, Scorpio rising in the 12rh House, conjunct Pluto.
    Months ago we went out once and talked for hours and he expressed enthusiasm to see me again but within 2 weeks said the hour distance between us was too difficult and he did not anticipate the yearning and could not deal with it. He then went completely silent for over a month. Including ignoring my existence when he saw me but lingering until there was no one else there but us. I had to make a move but we finally kissed.
    We then began dating again and he admitted that he had stopped talking to me before because he did not want to like me and knew he would. He said he would not disappear again. He expressed how lucky he was to have me in his life but then abruptly disappeared again, eventually offered a short apology and said he could not see me romatically right now and iced me out completely for 6 weeks. When we finally spoke in person, I asked for a straight answer if he was ever going to want to see me again romantically or want me in his life at all. He was kind and soft but firmly said no – adding an excuse of the distance and not having the band width to do romance and pursue his goals. I thanked him for being clear so that I could move on. We hugged good-bye and he laughed at some jokes I made.
    Now he responds when I contact him and has even said our memories are priceless to him and help him remember something good when he feels down. This makes no sense to me.
    Everyone says a Scorpio will be with you if they want to so I have to believe he does not want to…..what should I do? Move on ? My heart is so broken, our moments together were so romantic, sweet , passionate and fun.

    1. Dont fall for his bullsh*t girl get out while you can! I am a gemini and I JUSt broke it completely off with a Scorpio. Off and on off and on nothing new has changed, years has past we reunite the sex is greater but we are back to the same bullsh*t! They never grow, they always wanna play kiddy *ss mind games and Im not the one. The same dumb ass cycles of bullsh*t to satisfy him. DONT BECOME DESPERATE, move on quickly before its to late. CLOSE ALL DOORS dont let that bast*rd control your soul.

      1. leave him and and do what get with secret fetish having nerdy virgo? a chubby sports nut gemini and the parade of clowns and leeches he calls friends , a sag who doesn’t know of they are coming or going and haven’t paid their electric bill in 4 months or an aquarias with left hook syndrome who can’t seem to come home from the bar or club without a black eye and sob story about 3 guys jumping him in the parking lot (more like a female he probably got fresh with hauled off and cracked him in the face)

        stick with the scorpio…that is unless you like all your drinks “virgin” and safe

  2. are the 2 gemini ladies having a laugh ?! im a triple scorpio, you are not compatible with us, leave him alone, you change your mind like the weather, dont study anything properly and think you have an understanding of everything after skimming a sentence of information, you dont care for others opinions, you’re selfish, overly flirtatious, nasty and you can never accept responsibility for your own actions you pin it on someone else, with the exception of my mother whom i respect, i literally wouldn’t give any time of day to any gemini. Just on every level NO.

    1. The Flightiest in the Zodiac belongs to Gemini

      While the Narcissists are the Scorpio hands down.

      Scorpios hand out the most painful tests to people who are empaths. People who fall into their fake image of passion and mystery feel it’s to test their loyalty to Scorpios. But the Scorpio lies in their all intentions. The minute they see something that they “don’t understand”. They see it as a flaw- kind of like a Dictator that starts wars to kill because of women wearing scarves. They leave the caring person coldly and move on after wasting and depleting all their time. This zodiac sign is pure garbage. The loyalty factor is non existent if it only pertains to their needs. They are the worlds biggest frauds. Oh yeah- and the sex really isn’t that great!

      1. I am a Female Aquarius snake and have been involved with a Male Scorpio monkey.
        We laugh and we have so much fun. All intamacy is very intense . I do agree with the above statement though.. Fraudulent and can be very manipulative. Fun for the night but no way long term …

      2. Definitely a narcissist, the scorpio guy I’ve come acrossed. Take the red flags for what they are and abort. Don’t invest if you’re uncertain as heck, they’ll leave you in the cold and blame everything on you without acknowledging their own immaturity. The fact that they let things build up and discard you, instead of understanding things. Limited understanding, just critical of everything. Everyone and everything has to revolve around him and he will make sure you revolve around him through subtle manipulation. Don’t fall for sweet words that lack follow through. Big mistake. They’re the ones with issues too with how they can be passive and lack initiative, but they’ll just dismiss their faults and make you appear to be the one who lacks the things they don’t even care to give you.

      3. Hi Nancy!

        I’m afraid that I find it very wrong to stereotype signs. Everyone has Gemini and Scorpio in their birth charts which means that we carry aspect of them. We have all the other signs too. By that alone, not all are the same and shouldn’t be written off by one or two bad seeds. Keep your mind open and find out everything you can about them.

  3. chances are he has probably figured out your game and personality, dislikes it and is either having abit of fun with you or you’ve seriously pissed him off.

  4. We started dating 2 months ago things were great he told me he loved me and was supportive of my dreams. He even told me he wanted to get his vasectomy reversed so we could have a baby, that and he wanted to marry me. Last night he called me and said, “can we take a break I still like you I just don’t know I just don’t know,” he promised to call but didn’t . Worst of it is that before him I was celibate for 5 years so ya I feel like a bag of sh*t.

  5. All three of my deepest relationships were with scorpios. You’d think I’d have learned by now. The cuurent one decided we should be friends. He’d already pissed me off so much I was fine with it. We get into a couple arguments over this girl he dated stalking me on Instagram. She’d also told me a bunch of his personal business, but he kills me— the messenger. I never contacted him again. Three months later he loves me. I don’t take it seriously. Six months after I’d gotten over him he sees me out and tells me again and acts polar opposite from before. Attentive, PDA’s, etc. We decide to see where it goes. He started opening up a lot. And now….. I hear from him every other day, sometimes a week goes by, he’s not cold, but he’s not flirtatious in texts anymore. I’m a Cancer Cusp. I have the emotions and I’ll eat you alive if you piss me off, so basically I’m a scorpio male. He’s really insulting me (Leo) but it hurts that he would do that (cancer). We run in the same crowd so if it ended I’m sure I’d see him. But now, due to the way he’s treated this situation, I couldn’t even be friends with him. I feel like telling him it’s over this time. Not in a mean sense, but just that it doesn’t seem to be working. BUT if I said we couldn’t be friends he’ll get upset then I have to deal with that ordeal.

  6. Whatttt I am July 22 too!!! Cancer-Leo Cusps in the house!!!!

    I started seeing this Scorpio guy but I notice he is very hot and cold. I learned to just not try to hit him up more than once. Usually 48 hours go by and he is all about me. However, because I have my need for attention sometimes if I just send over a seductive pic then boom the messages unload.

    I was with a 1st deacon cancer on and off for the past 6 six who was super emotionally cut off surprisingly but the minute he decided he had enough of me he was off being a man hoe; so I don’t know who is a good match any more. However, seeing all these stories makes me think about how to approach him more.

    1. Hi Stephanie! It sounds like you’ve had a very sexual experience with the Scorpio man. He’s definitely a hot potato when it comes to intimacy but a bit more difficult to earn trust enough to build a commitment. You do seem to require a bit more attention than he does and this could be an issue. However, if you’re determined to have him, you are going to need to tell him exactly what you feel and what you want so there is no mistaking it. He’ll tell you at that point if he’s up for it or if he just wants to play around. Find out more by reading my book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

  7. I’m a cancer cusp with gemin june 21. This scorpio and I met in high school through family that go to church together. He took me to my prom and we started a summer fling. I left for college and moved on to someone new. Nearly 8 Years pass and he contacts me. We start to talk again. things seemed fun for 3 months then he disappeared. The following summer he was in an accident so i reached out because I truly care about him. We talked consistently on a daily basis with him contacting me first but that stopped too. This year he has been real distant but one minute he seems interested the next he won’t respond. I feel I’m to clingy and need to much of his attention. I love his attention. Now I’m trying to figure out should I move on again or be more patient this time around.

  8. I am a Pisces and I dated this Scorpio-Sagitarrius cusp for a year and a half. I’m 24 and he’s 32. We were great. I lost my virginity to this man. He was respectful sweet. He was a good guy. When I found out some things about him from his family. Apparently he has more kids than he told me about. I also started to see that his mom really messed all of her kids up. Him his brothers and sisters. We had one big fight about a month about him lying and keeping stuff from me. He told me that he wants to be with his family and I told him to fight for them and get them back. He said no one woman has my heart. My heart is with my kids. I love the mother of my kids because we have history and she has my children. So I accepted that. Then he said it doesn’t change that I love you and care about you too. I said you’ll go back to her. I can’t be a second choice. So when I broke up with him he blocked me.

    1. Hi Karolyn! Thank for sharing your heart-wrenching situation with me. Scorpio men can be rather complicated. They love hard when they do love. If he’s telling you that the mother of his children is the one who has his heart then you have no other recourse than to understand you’ll never be the first place. I’m very sorry to hear this. I’m guessing he didn’t tell you in the first place because he liked what he had with you and didn’t want things to get complicated. Now that he’s opened up, he’s exposed and even though he’s trying to be honest with you, it doesn’t give you any form of commitment or reassurance. He sounds like an immature Scorpio man or a confused one. Either way, I hope you don’t write off Scorpio as a future match as there are some really amazing ones out there.

  9. I’m an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio. We met at work and were talking then a few months later I was moved in with him living with him road up to work together did almost everything together even had our lunch together. We did have our arguments and all that no couple is perfect. I did mess up a bunch of times but never did I cheat and that’s what he keeps accusing me for.
    1. I went to my sister’s to hang out and being that I was irriritated with his attitude I didn’t say anything and left. It was only my sister and her dude and we got drunk so that’s why I stayed the night.
    2. Did the same thing as number one.
    3. I got super drunk at home to where I blacked out and was yelling at him, hid his keys to his car, and his debit card. (I had to ask him what I did)
    4. Went to hangout with another one of my sister’s at her place and we got stupid faded and I ended up going to work the next morning and getting irritated with him because he never responds to my calls or messages so I got sent home.
    5. (Last one) I told him before I left work that I was going with 2 coworkers to get some food and have a few drinks and then I would be home. Well we ended up running into more coworkers from work which were dudes but never would be seen in any other way other then just coworkers. So we ended up all going to the club after and I didnt get home till 130 in the morning.
    After number 5 is really what ended us. But other then that we’ve been really good. And I know what I did with my wrong doings. But after we split cus he told me I had 30 days to leave so I moved out the next day because he said I had to find my way to work. Even though we made an agreement with this motorcycle I purchased with my own money so he can ride that to work and I would drive his car and if anything happened to us I would sell the motorcycle and get my car. But no he went behind my back and put the motorcycle under his name. Anyways, after I left a week later he’s messaging me on snap saying how much he misses me and wants me to come home etc. And finally admitted to loving me and all that lovely stuff. Well I go back just for a few days and of course towards the last night hes saying its best if we just remain friends instead of jumping back into things.. I felt used because obviously we did it. But I excepted it and left home it just started to feel like mind games. Moving forward it got to a point where my phone, he was watching everything I did who I messaged all that stuff so I went and got me a new phone etc. We’ve been on and off and now its to the point if i make him one bit mad he blocks me instantly. He came by just last week and I said a few things to him and now hes saying to never contact me and have a great life were his last words to me. But my whole family keeps saying give him a few weeks because he will eventually unblock you and then message you again like he always does. But his last words he said to me, I’ve never heard that come out his mouth. So is he serious now? Plus I still have some things of mine still at his place that I’m going to be collecting soon.. I just dont know what to think.. I was just there with him all last week from Sunday to Friday and everything was like how we first were in the beginning. And now, its like the worse. I know he’s a Scorpio and all he is also bipolar, but I do need some advice..

    1. Did ever come back ? I am an aquarius too and the father of my child says he doesn’t want me because of my actions, no cheating. Just says that I do things differently. However he is always wanting to be my friend and gives off mixed signals. And has a girlfriend now, but asked me last week to take him to his car after an accident.

      1. Hi Aquarius34!

        I think you need to ask him flat out what he wants. If he still says nothing then just go ahead and show him that you can and will move on. Either he’ll step up and act differently or he’ll let you move on. Find your own happiness and trust your gut!

    2. Hi Lu!

      I think that your family may actually be correct. If he’s bi-polar then he may change his tune then want to talk again. He just needs a bit of time and space to sort things out in his head so he can figure out what he wants to do. Be there for him when he does reach out then try to start fresh. Communication is VERY important and you two need to learn to talk to each other candidly but without sounding like you’re criticizing. Hang in there and please take care of yourself in the meantime sweetheart!

  10. My Scorpio was cold, cruel and Downright Nasty to me for months towards the End of our 2.5 yr rocky as All hell Relationship….the Only time I Ever felt Close to him was in the bedroom.Stuck Ex’s in my face…blatantly lied to me .Never Again will I date or fall in love with a Scorpion man.He broke my heart into tiny little pieces and did Not care at All….Ghosted me for days, weeks and at 1 point in time months….

    1. Hi Jerilynn!

      I understand your frustration and I’m sorry you had a sour experience with a Scorpio man. I’m also sorry that you now dislike them as a whole. Don’t cancel them all out though. Not all of them are the same. Look at it this way, we all have Scorpio in our birth charts in different places. That being said, every Scorpio man has potential to be either very quality in love or the opposite but you never know until you give them a chance. I hope you’ll reconsider one day.

    2. Mine did the exact same to me! seriously your not alone, Scorpio men are horrible narcissist a*sholes! I was in an age gap relationship with one and it lasted 3 years on and off with him.. I’m a Taurus born May,20,1998 at 2:44PM and He is a Scorpio born November,9th,1962…He did the exact same shit to me at the end and I was living with him too. I am never dating another Scorpio man ever again!! f*ck them!

  11. The attraction in this relationship was crazy nuts and very mysterious. He lived in the S. and I lived in San Fernando Valley, (CA) I am a Capricorn, way more serious that a romp in the hay. We continued our friendship as we had mutual friends for many years. One day he had his finance (to whom I knew nothing of) get on the phone and tell me she was getting married to him. I congraduated her (them)
    he would still call me we would laugh and catch up with each other. Then he had a child (I have 2) and I pulled way back to maybe once a year. Now 35 years later he calls me. tells me to read his Bio, he had recently divorced, I flipped out I believe knowing I don’t like games, I didn’t even listen to him after I heard “I want to try” I quickly got off the phone and sent an email stating “don’t try” be who you are, from there it went down. I thought it over later with a unsurprised mind and realized I should have been ashamed of myself for firing on him.

    I tried n everyday to undo what I thought I did, it kept getting worse, he doesn’t talk much and I like everything out and in the open. I called him one day and he said I was like a Preacher, I said “thanks” I spent 3 months in more games than at first. I quit, I couldn’t handle another freaky time with someone I know who is basically sweet, cute, nice and a lot more adjectives but I don’t like all the highs and lows.

    I’m not looking for trouble, especially today,
    I do know the “Fable of the Scorpion and the Frog”

    Thank you, you have the best advice, I just would never look at another Scorpio for fear of my sanity

    1. Hi Patty!

      What a crazy experience. Here’s the thing though sweetheart, not all Scorpio men are the same. You just need to come across one that will be open with you and won’t treat you like a second choice or option. He didn’t give you enough of a chance since he chose someone else to marry. He should have given his heart to you if he wanted to keep you. That’s on him no matter what his sign is. Always trust your intuition and do what is best for you. The right man will love your candid nature.

  12. Hi Anna. He is a Scorpio. We were seeing for a couple months, everything was going well and we just hit it off but a week ago he seemed to be pretty distant And pulling away and cancelled our plans twice already but He apologized and was really sorry about what happened. But he assured me that everythinG is okay with us. He suddenly then stopped communicating with me for a few days and when he finally got back to me, He said that He just can’t explain how he feels. He said he’s happy with me and can see an amazing future with me and that He finally found someone great and is thankful to have found me but he said he just got cold feet and he just don’t know how to feel for now and also because he’s going through something at home. He told me that he didn’t want me to leave him because He knows he would regret it. I don’t know what what do. We haven’t talked since then and I just don’t know if He will ever come back. Should I hold on or just let him go?

    1. Hi Alex,

      It honestly sounds like your Scorpio guy is really stressed out and overwhelmed by things going on in his life and he’s made it clear to you that he has something happening at home. That means that he isn’t able to focus on love. That doesn’t mean he wants to break it off or leave. He just needs a bit of time, space, and patience. Don’t give up on him yet. I don’t think he’s gone so there isn’t a need to worry if he’ll come back. Just hang in there and show him you’re not going anywhere. He needs that security from you. I hope this helps!

  13. Hi Anna! Good day! I would just like to talk with you about this guy. He is a Scorpio and I’m a Pisces. We were seeing for a couple months, everything was going well and we just hit it off but a week ago he seemed to be pretty distant and cancelled our plans twice already but He apologized and was really sorry about what happened. But he assured me that everythinh is okay with us. He suddenly then stopped communicating with me for a few days and when he finally got back to me, He said that He just can’t explain how he feels. He said he’s happy with me and can see an amazing future with me and that He finally found someone great and is thankful to have found me but he said he just got cold feet and he just don’t know how to feel for now and also because he’s going through something at home. He told me that he didn’t want me to leave him because He knows he would regret it. I don’t know what what do. We haven’t talked since then and I just don’t know if He will ever come back.

  14. Hello I’m a Virgo women he’s a Scorpio man this ones quite Confusing but this guys a upcoming star. I’m just a regular hard working women he’s also like 7 years older then me with 2 kids. I started talking to him about a month 1/2 ago since we talked and recorded a music video we’ve talked every day. First time we hung out I went to his studio and we were talking all his friends were there it was fun! After we started hanging out at my place and we ended up making a very deep connection w/ one another he even told me we had chemistry. He told me he was only dealing/ having sexual relations w/ me. I went on his ig page (artist page) and seen comments etc that didn’t sit well w/ me I got angry and let him know that I was angry and told him I was going to cut him off he told me not too and sounded very sincere that it’s not like that it’s just his celebrity life style his PA has access to those accounts also etc .. I decided to keep things going because I really like this guy. A week later (yesterday) I go on IG and there’s a picture of a female on his lap at a show of his that I was not invited too. This got me very angry but before I observed the picture clearly I just started texting him saying I’m done and smd and he’s playing etc and he didn’t fight this time. He wrote me a few paragraphs after saying there’s nothing left to talk about saying I thought you wanted to get to know the real me not the artist me don’t go on ig looking for the real me because it’s all just a image your not going to find the real me and that I shouldn’t say things I don’t mean etc. that day I texted and called him about 5 times a he did not answer (left me on opened) after I replied to the messages of him saying that and I then just wrote a message saying that I was sorry for jumping to conclusions and that he’s a amazing person and I feel like shit and that I was sorry for texting him so much and that I’m here if he needs me.. not sure what to do but I really like this guy and I feel a very deep connection when I’m with him. Is he done ? Or does he just need some time ?

    1. Let it go, your gut is telling you the truth. He’s just a master deceptor and is trying to have it all. You’ll just be the main bitch in his harem.

    2. Tiara, run from this guy. TRUST ME. Literally very similar thing happened to me he ended up leaving either way so cold like nothing they have no feelings.

    3. Hi Tiara!

      I think he may be lashing out at you because you called him out for something that wasn’t right. You should never discount your own intuition honey. You saw red flags and I think you have to process that. If he didn’t mean it and he really cares, he’ll reach out but don’t hold your breath or waste your time on this Scorpio guy if he’s not actually worth it. A star on the rise is going to take advantage of fame and will enjoy the variety of women that will throw themselves at him. He might not but it’s more likely he might. Take care of yourself!

    1. Hi Tiara!

      You might want to check out my compatibility with Scorpio man in my blog. Do a search and it should come right up for you.

  15. I was with a Scorpio 18 yrs. Only to find out he has had several affairs, one lasting 3 yrs. He told them he loved them and was going to leave me and join them. I caught him in the act, he denied it all, I had proof of his cheating on social media! He said he never loved them and wanted me, he deleted face book got rid of his cell and daily said it was always me. I’m a Capricorn and don’t like games, truth is I wasted 18 yrs, that will never come back. I no longer trust him, he was total opposite of the man I loved. I would rather be alone then with a lying, cheating scorpio.

    1. Hi Jo!

      I’m so sorry this happened to you and that it was a Scorpio. I have to tell you though that he’s just one bad seed. Not all Scorpio men are terrible. In fact, there are plenty that are quite amazing as well as loyal. It is all dependent on each individual as a man. Their moon sign and rising signs make a huge impact on who they are. I hope you don’t rule them all out honey. I wish you all the very best!

  16. Hi Anna started dating a Scorpio man for 3 months we were doing great he was the sweetest man..Then all the sudden he became distant.. He wouldn’t really call me I tried to talk to him about it and he got mad so I told him if he wasn’t willing to change we could leave things. That night he expressed being so hurt a week later after no talking to me he tells me he no longer cares. Is this the finale?

    1. Hi J!

      It doesn’t sound like it’s done. It sounds like there was some miscommunication between the two of you that caused you both to get upset. I would try him again and see how he’s doing. Text him that you hope he’s doing well. If he replies then you can open up dialogue again. If he doesn’t then you can just let go if you feel he may not want to be with you. Trust your gut!

  17. I was with a Scorpio man for a short time. He was very mean when he didn’t get his way. He yelled and screamed. Till he finally just said goodbye and never texted again. I will never date another Scorpio. It’s too emotional and abusive. I’m done

    1. Hi Donna!

      It sounds like your guy has anger issues. While Scorpio men can have nasty tempers, they aren’t all like the guy you’ve experienced. They’re all different. What may even surprise you is that everyone has Scorpio in their birth chart in different areas. We are all apart of each other which means that not everyone is the same. We’re all diverse. Next time you meet one, find out what his moon sign is and rising sign as that could make him VERY different than this last guy.

  18. Mine decided to go with zero contact. Blocked me off all social media and I’m not sure if he changed his number because i haven’t tried contacting him there. It still hurts because it’s been almost 3 months so it’s still fresh. I hope to get over him some day.

    1. Hi Bella!

      Yikes, it does sound like pretty made himself clear. Maybe with time he’ll give you some clarity as to why he did that. Otherwise, take care of yourself sweetheart. Know that not all Scorpio men act like this. Each is different in their own way and some are wonderful. Blessings to your broken heart!

  19. Interesting , I am a Cancerian cusp 22nd July ..with a Scorpio Moon .
    I dated a Scorpio man for 3 months …my goodness , I ignored the warning flags – never been married (he is 64 ) …an 18 year old child , product of a flatmate ! but on the outside very nice , courteous , wealthy , well liked …very strange but I see that most of his terse reactions and comments are a product of insecurity .
    I feel a bit bad as I left him in the lerch on New Years Eve but also saw he was becoming reliant on me for many things , which would exhaust me in the future …how to give a speech , the garden , the fengshui , what to wear ,etc etc ….so anyway , on NY Eve at his ‘beach house’ ..a lady friend of his walked in , food in basket …filled up the fridge – and shortly after started to prepare the meal for the guests ‘he and I’ (the day before he had asked me to move in with him …not really my style but I did like him so decided to see where this might go) or so I thought were expecting …I had a short conversation with him about this – sat through the dinner , but afterwards …all hell let loose ….I’m happy to be out of there and can only hope if he is looking for someone special – he should raise the bar .Yes , selfish , emotionally stupid , blames others , didactic , bullying ,and yes ,charming ,sexy , loving to a selected few , friendly ,ambitious ….a dichotomy really ..hot and cold …left me as a screaming banchee :-))

    1. Hi Juliette!

      Wow! He sounds like a man-child but I cannot claim that’s due to him being a Scorpio, however. It sounds like he was trying to have you be a mentor for him in his life but at his age he shouldn’t need that. Scorpio men will take mentor-ship but don’t normally become dependent in quite that way. I suspect your guy may have some extreme co-dependency problems. I’m sorry you went through that but I’m also glad you let go and moved on. Just don’t condemn all Scorpio men for his mistakes. Keep your heart open and always trust your gut!

  20. Hi there, i loved scorpio for 5 years now but we had long distance relationship.. he wasn’t so open about his feelings all the time but he always mentioned how precious i was to him .. he didn’t like that we r away but i saw him 2 times at the 2nd time he treated me as if we r already in a relationship for long time i could tell by the look in his eyes… he stayed with me 3 days then he went home .. after getting back to my country he barely talked with me but i didnt see it as anything because he do this from time to time.. i gave him space and sometimes texted him he was replying when i texted him but after 1 day or 2.. he still do this till now .. its been a year since i saw him and we talked 3 times during this year.. i wanted to ask him whether he still love me or not but i don’t know how.. i don’t want to seem desperate.. i told him once i miss you and he said “oh ok” I’m really confused .. i really love him and i had plans to move to his country but i didn’t tell him.. i think he maybe do this as we live far away? I don’t know but how can i approach him and get him interested again? Should i keep texting him? Should i ask him directly? Espically when he still reply to me!

    1. Hi Jessy! Long distance will definitely make a Scorpio clam up a bit more because he’s not able to be with you physically. I would definitely ask him how he feels about you though. You need to know and you deserve the truth. You need to know before you make any big changes in your life. Yes, ask him directly sweetheart. Find out what you need to so that you can plan accordingly. Do what you feel intuitively is right!

  21. Ana, of all the Zodiacs sign the you right about the most “bad” comments I saw is here on Scorpio men.. before I was just observing and reading until I past the 5 months with the Scorpio man I am seeing or dating… and now I understand and realize all the frustrations of the ladies who commented here regarding their Scorpio exes… I am Pisces woman.. if you’ll think about it I am the most compatible to a Scorpio but then.. Zodiacs are not that accurate most of the time.. I even get along well more with a Leo guy.. I am still friends and have a good relationship with these 2 Leo’s… they’re more honest and real and more generous and romantic.. back to the Scorpio guy I am dating… he was divorced with a Scorpio woman.. from his story his wife left him after 5 months of being with to him.. they did not divorced yet but his wife is leaving him alone from time to time… after 4 years they finally divorced.. although he told me that he did not cheat on her… he is not sure about his ex wife… now I think I understand a Scorpio man… very cold… lies… hides things… cannot be straight forward like a Leo man… always shows you a good facade.. like he is confident and strong and an intellectual… but when the insecurities seep in he will not know what to do with his emotions or feelings.. or himself… I think Scorpio men are pathetic mysterious guys… for what is their mystery?? Our lives are not like the movies or fairytales… and how can you say that they’re not the ones who are over the fence? When in reality they don’t know what they want… and also looking for a Barbie doll woman… very shallow guy… At least I get to know a Scorpio man and I will not date one again eventhough Zodiacs says we’re the compatible one… I pity Scorpio men… fake confidence…

  22. Married to a Scorpio for over fifty one years. The most beautiful, reliable, strong, honest, dependable, gentle husband and father anyone could wish for. I am a lost and devastated widow now who feels as if the back bone has been taken from my life as do our three children. So please don’t think Scorpios are bad. I do not recognise the men you are talking about in my wonderful Scorpio husband.

  23. Hey,Anna. A Scorpio recently broke up with me because I found a 12 pack of condoms in his car. I’m a Leo. He threw the condoms at me and said he wasn’t sleeping around on me. After he found out I talked to his sister he broke up with me. He said he’s sister gave him the condoms. I called her she said no. I was so angry with him that I told her our business like me being a virgin and having to lend him money.He was my first real boyfriend. I’m 27 and he’s 52. He was Very insecure about my age. Before I discovered the condoms he was behaving strange like dressing up and wearing cologne. He told me he did not want to be contacted by me. He blocked my number.I’ve called him from different numbers he told me to move on and find someone else. He won’t face me . It hurts he shut me out. I love him and the holidays are coming up all I can think about is him being with someone else.Anna, what should I do? Please help me. Even if we don’t get back together I just want closure from him.

    1. I was also in an age gap relationship with a Scorpio man too.
      I’m born May,20,1998 (I’m 22 going on 23 years old…and He was a Scorpio November,9th,1962 (58 years old)…mine did the same kinda shit to me and I can never trust a Scorpio man ever again! Mine completely shut me out too and broke my heart into pieces. He lied and manipulated me for 3 years on and off..I still love him for some odd reason..f*ck…I’m so sorry sweety!!

      1. Hi Rebekka!

        Wow… I am very sorry to hear that you’ve been through what you have but I need to tell you some things. All Scorpio men are NOT the same. To write them off or create a stigma with all of them isn’t healthy. Everyone has all 12 signs of the zodiac in their charts. That means that you have Scorpio somewhere in yours. It would be interesting to know where it’s located and what it means for you. I tell you what, I think that you should read my books on Scorpio Man Secrets to see all the good that they are… most… not all. There is always a bad egg or two in the dozen just like all the other signs. Take care sweetheart!

  24. my ex husband ghosted me for 2 weeks after i waited for him to get out of jail for a year . at the end of our 8 year marriage he fuked around as usual and got ghonorhea with my friend Stephanie and than had he edacity to say i gave it to him,. he said the nasties’ things to me ill never forget. even after i caught him cheating by my friend telling me hey we hooked up , he still to this day will never admit he cheated on me even though i caught him in lies so many times. evil heartbreaking sadistic Scorpio. never again. to much ptsd from his verbal, mental , and physical abuse. im a Taurus woman btw, not a great match .

    1. Hi vanessa wells!

      Ouch this guy is a bad seed! I am so sorry you’ve gone through this. Actually Taurus and Scorpio are supposed to be a fantastic match. It sounds like he’s go other things in his chart that made him make the wrong choices in life. Please don’t think all Scorpios act like this. They really don’t honey. I hope you don’t write them off. Earth signs are FANTASTIC for water signs. You give them stability and loyalty. Perhaps you’ll meet a better Scorpio man in the future. Stay open!

  25. I had relationship with 2 scorpio in my life…these are the nastiest and crude relationships that ever exist…whole book : cheating,using,abusing ,manipulation,lies and everything bad under the sun…every time i would get a message i would be afraid to check cos i could not take it anymore…i absolutely do not encourage anybody to date a scorpio ever..u will give love and he will downright pee on it ! Litterary!!!!!

    1. Hi Ana!

      While you had some bad seeds in the Scorpio realm, they are not all this way sweetheart. Their charts can actually tell you quite a bit more about them as does their upbringing. Not all of them lie, manipulate, or cheat. Please don’t write off a Scorpio. Just so you know, we all have all 12 signs in our birth charts which means you have a little Scorpio in you somewhere. If you want to learn what a good Scorpio man is like, check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets. It may help you in the future if you bump into another.

  26. I’m a Scorpio-Libra cusp woman in love with a Scorpio man.
    We are both too intense for each other but we both understand each other’s feelings the way others perhaps would not because we have the same traits.
    We are both flirty and jealous however he’s way too much jealous which spoils his trust on me. And for Scorpio without trust a relationship doesn’t work, we don’t even give a chance to succeed or work hard to improve because we always think we are on the right side…
    It’s a painful relationship full of passion and deep emotions. It’s a mentally tiring type of relationship but if both sides are mature enough to the point of managing to control their own emotions well they could turn it into a very magnificent and promising relationship with no doubt, boredom or looks, but with a profound magnetism and spiritual essence that would bond them both into a form of powerful cosmic energy lol

    1. Hi Liz!

      Yes, you being on the cusp will definitely help you to understand him a bit better than others might. I’m not surprised that you two bump heads and have conflict at times. That’s normal. I would bet that parts of your Libra side confuses or irritates him also. I think it might benefit you more if you were to read my books on Scorpio Man Secrets sweetheart. Communication makes or breaks things so keep it on!

  27. Your love spell restored my relationship.. so helpful,, by R.buc k le r 11( ‘@ ‘ )g ma i l…… c o m……

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