7 Undeniable Signs A Scorpio Man Is Testing You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Some women feel as though they’re being put under a microscope when it comes to dating a Scorpio man. Find out everything about the Scorpio man testing you...

A Scorpio man testing you is not an uncommon occurrence with these mysterious gentlemen. These guys love mystery and intrigue and they like to know how far they can push anyone’s boundaries, but especially the woman in their life.

Examples of Scorpio tests are when he tries to make you jealous by mentioning other women or when he goes quiet for days on end. He is intently looking at the way you are going to react to his little tests. Yes, this man can be quite cruel.

These are just some of the signs a Scorpio man is testing you, there are so many he does. Remember, this guy is quite fond of mind games and manipulation. Testing you is just part of the fun seeing as you are one of his prey.

Scorpio man tests are something you are going to have to go through if you want to be in a relationship with this guy. Do you suspect your Scorpio man is testing you?

Then you might want to continue reading to find out how does a Scorpio man test you…

Why Does A Scorpio Man Test You? 4 Possible Reasons

1. He Is Observing How You Will Act

When a Scorpio man is testing you, he is trying to see how you will act in certain scenarios. He is trying to see what type of woman you are and how far he can push things. A Scorpio man’s dark side comes out when he acts like this. 

He is aware that this is quite manipulative, but he needs to know this information to see what kind of person you are. He wants to see how much drama you are going to create or how chilled you are going to be in times like this. 

As creepy as it sounds, he’ll watch how you move, how you act, how you react, what you say, and what you want, but he knows that there is a lot he can learn about you when he puts you to the test.

2. He Does This Unconsciously

A Scorpio man might exude confidence and self-esteem, but he often resorts to this weird behaviour simply because he is insecure and is unsure if he is worthy of love and getting closer to people. That’s one of Scorpio man’s weaknesses in love.

Although all a Scorpio man wants is intimacy and intensity, when he is met with it, it can sometimes overwhelm him and make him feel like he is not good enough. This is when he will test you.

He is sabotaging the relationship he has with you to try and push you away. Lots of Scorpio men do this because they think they are unworthy of love. They just end up fulfilling their own fear because they are too scared to be vulnerable themselves.

3. He Is Trying To See Who You Truly Are

It is true that Scorpio men seem to test the women they are interested in to make sure they’re good candidate for dating or even for marrying later on in life. This starts with a simple observation. In his mind, you can never be too careful and he’d rather do that than end up hurt.

He’ll listen to what you say and what tone of voice you say it in. That way he knows when you’re being honest when you are holding back, when you’re fearful, or when you’re sad but telling him you’re not.

What he is looking for are your values, your integrity intention, and what it is that you hold dear in life. He needs to know if your line up with his to be sure that he’s not making a mistake.

4. He Wants To See How Loyal You Are

This is one of the number one things a Scorpio man is looking for in a woman. I would not put it past him to actually ask a sexy friend of his try to hit on you to see what you do or how you react.

If you’re dating a Scorpio man, it may be best that you turn down every advance you get from ANY man because, to be honest, he could send someone your way to test your loyalty to him.

He isn’t kidding around ladies. This guy will push all the boundaries to make sure that you are not going to cheat, you’re always going to be there for him, that you’re full of integrity, and that you’re right for him.

Is A Scorpio Man Testing You? Here’s How To Tell

Scorpio men are really clever, and it isn’t always easy to pick up on what they are doing. They are very sly and cunning, so whatever they do, you might as well accept that they have an ulterior motive going on. 

This guy is very fond of extremes, and being with him will never really be chilled or laid back. It is simply in his nature to want to push things and see how far he can go.

Here are some examples of Scorpio tests to know what you are getting yourself into:

7 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Testing You

1. He Tests Your Self-Esteem

Because Scorpio men can be quite manipulative, they often try to target women who are a little weak or who struggle with their confidence. A woman who has low self-esteem is going to be a lot easier to control than a woman who values herself more. 

The bad kind of Scorpio man will prey on the weak because it makes him feel like he has a sense of power and control. He will do certain things to see if you are going to stand up for yourself or not. 

He is a smart guy and knows what he is doing. He’ll be able to quickly see how much he can get out of you by how you react to these tests of his. He will abruptly cancel plans or go hot and cold on you to see how you are going to react. 

2. He Tests You Sexuality

Do Scorpio men test you? Well, if he tests you with everything else, you may as well understand that he will test you sexually as well. He will see if you’re the type to hop into bed with him right away or if you’ll wait.

He’ll want to see how frequently you’d be up for sex, what you like, what you’re willing to do, and how far you may actually go with him emotionally. He’s checking the intimacy levels you two have.

Scorpio man’s sex drive is very high. And if he’s into you for more than just sex, though, he wants to be sure that you’re compatible with emotionally driven sex rather than just raw passion.

Yes, there is a difference. One can make a couple bond for life, and the other is a fling or “friend with benefits.” He needs to be able to tell which category you fall into. He’ll give of himself enough to see where you’re at with this.

3. He Tests Your Loyalty

Loyalty is very important to a Scorpio man; he wants to know what you would do for him and, most importantly, that you would never betray him by cheating. He wants to know that you have his back, no matter what.

On the extreme end of this, he may actually follow you himself to see where you go, who you talk to, and what you’re doing. If a Scorpio man is really falling in love with you, he may do things that aren’t logical just to make sure you’re being loyal to him.

4. He Tests Your Perseverance And Commitment

Naturally, the Scorpio man cannot possibly know for sure what you will do over time and so all he can really do is give you the chance to prove yourself. If a Scorpio man is ready to commit; he’s going to let time do its thing.

Over the weeks, months, or years; he’ll be able to fully assess the situation and figure out if you are indeed the right woman for him. I know it seems taxing but he will continue to run this test throughout time.

It can cause arguments from time to time for sure but as long as communication is something you’re both strong with, you should be just fine going forward and building a future together.

5. He Tests How Jealous You Become

A Scorpio man might do certain things, like mention other women or his exes, simply to see on what scale of jealousy you are. This guy kind of likes it knowing that he can rile you up by mentioning other women.

I am sorry to say, but he definitely gets some kind of kick out of this. You being jealous means that you probably have really deep feelings for him, and this means that he has more power and control over you now.

It is best to not show him this side of you because he is the type of guy who will use this to his advantage.

6. He Tests How Invested You Are

A Scorpio man will often play hot and cold games to test you, simply to see how invested you are in him. This is a very manipulative way of going about it, and he knows that by going cold, he is creating more attraction inside of you.

He is driving you crazy for a reason: he wants to see how much you care about him. He’ll do this again and again, especially when he doesn’t feel validated in the relationship for some reason.

He may also do this to create some drama and excitement in the relationship. This just shows that his self-esteem is quite low. But this won’t stop him from doing it. He just wants to see you prove to him how you feel about him.

7. He Tests Your Intelligence

The Scorpio man might be an emotional water sign, but there is a side to him that is incredibly analytical and logical. He tends to be a deep thinker who is quite intelligent and smart. Physical and emotional connections might be important to him, but so is a mental connection.

A Scorpio man might test your intelligence by speaking to you about difficult topics that interest him. He wants to know how you think, as this gives him a good indication if the two of you are compatible for the long term.

Your Scorpio man needs a woman with whom he can have a mental connection; otherwise, he will get too bored in the long term. If he is testing your intelligence, then this is a very good sign, as he clearly is thinking about taking things to the next level with you.

Scorpio Man Disappearing Test — Will A Scorpio Give You The “Silent Test” To See How Long You Will Stick Around?

A Scorpio man doing a disappearing act is something that you might as well become used to. These guys tend to do this to see how much you want him or how loyal you are to him. It gives him quite the boost to know that a woman will stick around no matter how badly he behaves. 

Scorpio men do this a lot. This is probably his favourite test because it gives him a really good idea of how invested you are in him and also how much control and power he has over you. How you respond is up to you. Learn here how to show a Scorpio man you love him.

Do Scorpios Test Your Loyalty?

Scorpios definitely test your loyalty. They will do this over and over. I think this is something that they can never truly satisfy within themselves because they are always suspicious that someone is going to hurt them. 

These guys are actually so afraid of getting their hearts broken that they do all kinds of silly things to test to see how much the other person loves them. They need to know that you are a reliable and dependable person. But they try and find this out in the most extreme ways sometimes.

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How To Deal With A Scorpio Man Testing You

If a Scorpio man is testing you, then he probably has some kind of feelings for you, as he doesn’t usually waste his time with just anyone. But knowing how to deal with it can be really tricky.

I think the most important thing for you to do is to really sit down and think about how far you are willing to go and what your boundaries are because, trust me, he is going to push you as far as it can get.

By knowing yourself, you’ll know when you need to walk away. Ask yourself if this relationship is worth it and if you think that he is the one. If the answer is yes, then you should roll with the punches and try to pass his tests as best as you possibly can.

If you feel like this is too much for you, then there is no shame in walking away from this relationship. Realize that there is probably someone else out there for you who might not be as hardworking.

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