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How Is Sex with a Scorpio Man?

Are you a woman that is crazy about a Scorpio man and now you find yourself wondering what he might be like between the sheets? Scorpio man sex is definitely some of the very best to be sure.

In fact, sex with Scorpio man is something you’ll never forget. It’s heated, it’s passionate, and it’s something you crave after having it. Keep reading to find out what you can expect with Scorpio man sexually.

Scorpio Man and Sex Can Be Conservative

The Scorpio man is picky in choosing someone to go to bed with. If you’re lucky enough to be the woman he chooses, sex with a Scorpio man is a treat. When he’s not sexually involved, he will be a bit conservative.

This means he may make out with you but then decide to stop it. Unless he plans on making something of it, he’ll typically stop before the intimacy can really begin.

If he’s dating you though and he’s decided that you’re someone he can trust, he’ll start initiating intimacy. All the energy he withheld will come out and be a bit like a waterfall.

He literally will unleash every bit of passion he’s been holding back. This is a very good thing for you. If you’ve been patient enough to flirt with him and make him wait a little bit; he’ll show you why it was a good thing to do.

He’s conservative when it comes to sex until he meets the woman he wants to absolutely get in between the sheets with.  Once that happens, all bets are off and chemistry takes over.

This man will absolutely ravish you once he lets you in. You can pretty much bet that he’s going to make sure you have the time of your life. Watch out! You might burn some serious calories!

Scorpio Man In Bed Will Focus On Every Part of You

A man's hand caresses the girl's face in the morning - What Is Sex Like with the Scorpio Man

This man will take his time to check out every nook and cranny of your body. He wants to completely experience you. He’s not one that wants to turn the light off and fumble around.

He will want the lights on and be able to completely see you. It turns him on to be able to intimately be with you in this way. He’ll be able to please you better by getting to know your body.

Try to wear really sexy lingerie and scents. You can even try wearing pheromone oils behind your ears, behind your knees and between your breasts. This will drive him bonkers!

I do need to let you know that there are some Scorpio men that just go for glory so be aware that you really don’t know which way this could go. He may just immediately jump to oral sex and then want to quickly move to intercourse.

It really depends on how fired up he is. If you want him to hold out for a while, don’t give his genitals too much attention. If you get him fired up there, he may want to do the quick get in and get out.

When you have sex with a Scorpio man, try to tease him and make it linger so that you have a much more rewarding experience. It will make it more rewarding for him too though he may not think that in the beginning.

Teasing Each Other

He’ll be into a game of teasing as long as there will be the main course. He is quick fused when it comes to his temper as well as his libido. Try the teasing method a little bit and see where that takes you.

Try to be sensual around his neck area and take your time working your way down. He will not know how to control himself. In fact, he isn’t good at holding back but if you can do something like handcuff or tie his hands up, what can he do?

He isn’t trusting so it may not be easy to convince him to let you restrain him. If he learns to trust and allows you to though, he’ll have the most exquisite time in his sexual life.

The more you two tease one another; the more explosive your orgasms will actually be. Always keep in mind that Scorpio is highly passionate and will satisfy you in ways that other men cannot.

It’s lots of fun and well worth the effort it takes. When you finally have sex with Scorpio man, you’re going to be blown away by what you feel. You’ll be so glad you did everything you could.

When Scorpio Man Takes Control In Bed

You never quite know what you’re going to get with each Scorpio man when it comes to him being in charge sexually. Either he will take the fast route of just diving right into sex or he will take his time.

It’s going to depend on whom it is he’s having sex with and what his mood is. Remember that a Scorpio man often changes moods. His passion will be driven by his emotions as well.

He could either be in the mood for a long lovemaking session or he may instead be in the mood for a quickie get in and out session. There are many variables to the Scorpio man.

This can make him pretty hard to predict as far as what mood you are likely to catch him in. You’ll have to get to know him really well in order to be able to tell what you’re going to deal with each time you encounter him.

It may actually be different every time you have sex with a Scorpio man. Watch his actions and observe what type of mood he’s in and you should be able to gauge which direction he may go in if you’re ready for a little roll in the hay.

If you don’t mind, let the Scorpio man take charge when he wants to. He will absolutely ravage you in ways you cannot imagine. You won’t be disappointed.

No Grey Area with Scorpio Man Sex

Cheerful young couple resting in the hotel's bedroom - What Is Sex Like with the Scorpio Man

Scorpio men tend to be very black and white. He cannot see any area in between. Sexually speaking; he will be either; very hot and passionate or he will be ice cold and unable to find a middle ground.

Sex with a Scorpio man can be very aggressive he may be very passive. There is no center field with this guy. His feelings run deep as does his libido. It’s either or.

If you’re really into your Scorpio man; you’ll get to know what he wants, how he wants it and when. You’ll also get to know the moods in which you know there’s probably no chance of getting him in the sack.

Sex with the Scorpio man is something you’ll never forget and you’ll always want more of.  He is hot and he’s addictive. You’ll be very lucky if you do actually get a Scorpio man in bed.

If or when the Scorpio man decides to open up and show you his sensual world, you’re someone he can see having a long term set up with. Keep that in mind. Rarely does anyone see his “all”.

Be sure you share with him everything you’ve got when he opens up to you. Stimulating his mind and his body will prove to be a fulfilling experience for you both. Scorpio man is one of the hottest signs there is in the Zodiac.

You might want to stay in shape because you’re going to have to be able to keep up with this high libido man. Enjoy him ladies, not all men have this pull in the bedroom.


Scorpio man sex is something you really want. When you’re around him, you’re going to feel such a sexual pull that you’ll desire his touch and his kiss.

Don’t be afraid to sexually flirt with him. He will appreciate your passion and he just may want to give you a treat for your efforts. You never know unless you try!

If you’re dating him, you’ll have to carefully watch how he acts around you. This will teach you how he deals with his current circumstances and his moods. This may help you determine if you can or cannot get a slice of Scorpio or not.

This may or may not surprise you but did you know that the very attractive actor/producer Matthew McConaughey is a Scorpio man? Can you imagine what he’s like in bed?

He already has that voice and carries himself in such a way that is absolutely irresistible. He is probably so insanely sensual in between the sheets. Lucky wife he has!

To learn him is to love him even when he’s being frustrating. Click here to learn more about the Scorpio man.

What do you think about sex with a Scorpio man? Tell me your own experience!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

20 thoughts on “How Is Sex with a Scorpio Man?

  1. Ok. Long but true..
    Im 38 years old. I hired a girl 26 years old as my assistant. She worked for me for about 3 months. One day she brings her boyfriend up to the office to meet me. I was cordial, but dismissed it quickly and got back to work. Hes 39 years old. One day she didnt show up to work and I couldn’t reach her so i remembered her boyfriends name and reached out to him on fb. Immediately he gave me his phone number and told me to call him. I called him and he informed me that she had been arrested for OVI and driving under suspension. We kept in constant contact, the following 10 days leading up to her court date. I tried to be as encouraging and optimistic as possible and I didnt wanted the hassle of having to hire someone else as well. He said they’d been dating 6 months and this was blowing his mind. When her court date approached and concluded they gave her 6 months in alcohol in house treatment for having too many OVI’s under 3 years old. She will also go to do six months in another county after leaving there, for violation of probation.
    Needless to say, I was sympathetic to his concern. He told me that once she gets out, she will have been in jail for longer than they’ve dated. He said they had been living in an apartment together for less than a month because she was tired of living with her sister, so he got an apartment so she could have a place to be. He said he got her a car in his name because of her credit, later to find out she had suspended license. So now hes stuck with the Bill’s of the apartment and car note. Not to mention, he just got a divorce a year ago because of his ex wife constant infidelity. I gave him some words of encouragement, told him to make the best decision and to be content with what ever he decides to do.
    I called him, at the end the week after rounding up all of her personal belongings and took them to his house. He invited me in. We set and talked for a while and then she called and I talked to her for a minute. When the call was over, I told him to take care, and that I was in a hurry because I was going to get something to eat. He decided to join me. We went to a sports bar and had drinks and ate and talked for about 4 hours. In the end we parted ways with a hug.
    I went to work and told another employee that I met with her boyfriend to take her belongings. He said, oh you know she was using that guy up and waiting for her man to come home from jail. I couldn’t believe it and especially after all he had done to help her. He said she had told him that one of his kids is autistic and the other manish and they get on her nerves. That hes too affectionate and it makes her want to throw up as much as he wants to kiss her everytime he leaves. None of this sat well with me but at the same time it was none of my business.
    Fast forward. She has now been in the prison treatment center for 110 days. A few weeks earlier she wrote me a letter apologizing for not being able to continue to work. I called him to tell him about it. He and I began texting and talking on a regular basis. Hello, Good morning, good night. Some of the time just about her and him and some about our own self and lifes. I could tell he was confused and frustrated and feeling some type of way about the whole situation with her and my heart went out to him because I knew how she said she really felt about him, but I never disclose that to him. It’s not my place to tell.
    One day he invited me to eat sushi. I went, we talked, ate sushi, drank sake and laughed and had a good time. And like the first time, in the end, we parted ways with a hug.
    I begin to subside on texting and talking with him as much because I really began to like him, I mean, like him, like him. Lol. I didnt want to feel lmthis way because after all, he has a girlfriend, regardless of what her intentions were.
    Our text and calls dwindled over the next 3 weeks.
    One day I was thinking about him and I told him I was going out, which is rare because I’m a workaholic, and hadn’t been out in over a year, but it was much needed. I had plans to go out with my bestfriend. I invited him to come along as well. We all met up and had a good time, drinking, laughing, just unwinding all together. Once I saw him, I actually felt like I had been missing him.
    As always, in the end, we parted ways with a hug. After this night, We began texting on a regular basis again, how was your day, just thinking about you, hope all is well.. etc. We never discussed her again.
    Day before yesterday (Saturday) evening we planned to go eat sushi. Well the time approached and I had to cancel because I had a deadline and needed to get some paperwork in before Monday. We both ended up texting our sad faces..
    I ended up telling them that when I was finished, he could/should come by and we could have some drinks. He agrees and I invited him to my house for the first time.. I got finished working at bout 10pm and he made it to my house by 11pm. As promised he brought drinks. We drank and talked and laughed and had a really good time. He told me about his family, his children, a lot, just his history period.. I did the same. In the midst of talking and getting up to make drinks and etc., we had a few schoolboy/girl incidents where we’d brush against one another with a quick apology, and continue on with our convo.
    He sat closer to me on the sofa and when he started showing me pictures in his phone he put his arm around me. On occasions he played with my fingers while talking to me. He kept staring at me. We watched the UFC fight in between talking and laughing. A time or two, our eyes locked and we dismissed it, carrying on.
    The UFC fight was over. We showed each other our tattoos and talked some more.
    Our eyes lock again, and this time he kisses me. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. He was so intense and passionate with it I almost melted.. needless to say he began giving me oral sex and between his breaths, he would ask me to stare into his eyes. And I did and it felt like he was looking into my soul. When he kissed me he brushed the hair out of my face gently. He ran his fingers down the side of my face. Everytime he kissed me, he’d smile and just look at me for a minute. He told me I taste so good. We didnt have sex and he didnt want oral sex in return. When he was finished, he layed back on the sofa and pulled me close to him. He lay my head on his chest, wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep.
    We woke up, at about 5 am and he decided to go on home. In the end, we hugged tight and kissed and he parted way.
    Sunday morning we texted our usual good morning. And briefly we mentioned our feelings on the previous night.
    I guess I’m confused here. I mean, I dont know what we are doing but just my experiences with him, hes a good guy and I really do like him. I feel bad, of course he was my assistants boyfriend, at whatever capacity that was. But i feel like he deserves someone like me, who will be good to him and love him like he should be loved. I dont know where they stand, we talked about it briefly that night, and he said it’s been different and he said he thinks she should focus more on getting better than focusing on anything else in her life right now. I didnt want to pry because, I’ve heard scorpio men dont like that. I guess I dont want to go any further, if hes gonna truly wait for her to come out after the year is over with. I dont want my feelings hurt.However, hes so gentle, I dont feel like he would ever intentionally hurt me. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve spent with him and everything we’ve done together, as a whole. Even just our conversations. I dont know if I should tell him my feelings because he may not be there at all, maybe this was something lustful for him.. I dont know what he wants from me. If he does want me, why is he still holding on to her?

  2. **UPDATE ** We talked on the phone last night for about an hour and he said he gave his 30 day notice at their apartment and is moving back closer to his family at the end of June. I didnt qant yo ask what he will do with her things. I just listened. And when I was in Facebook later on last night, I saw that he removed all of her photos from his page.
    We talked about seeing each other soon. He works out of town during the week and has his kids in every other weekend. I’m a regional Manager so I travel a lot as well. According to our schedules, we won’t be able to see each other again for almost 2 weeks. I want to see him bad. I dont qant yo rush. Dont qant yo lish hom away but I’m still confused. We haven’t said anything other than the fact that we do very much like each. I’ve been out of a relationship, with my children’s father for almost 3 years, hes been divorced for 2. Praying if this is for me then it will be evident and happen with ease.

    1. I loved how you spent the second half of your story justifying having sex with your former employees boyfriend by painting her in a negative light, oh, but you tried making yourself look good by being the “supportive” boss, didn’t you? Yeah, right, I saw through that. Lol!! How professional. No matter what the situation, you got way to involved in your employees personal life. Now you have feelings for him and poor you, now have feelings for him. I would love to hear her side of the story, but I am sure you will end up with exactly what you deserve.

  3. Scorpio men.
    My man sold his business, now issues have kept him in another state.
    He has ben gone 6 wks, we still talk but lately he has been in his moody mood.
    Short answers not alot of conversation, which drives me wild. He ALSO IS A German man. Which is a very stubborn guy.
    How do I handle him, he still says he loves me,
    I back off not alot of questions, very private man.
    I am the first American woman he has dated.
    I am a curtrual shock!.
    A n d help on this?

    1. Scorpio Man is my greatest partner ever, in or out of the bed. He’s kind, passionate, full of energy, full of love and lust… As a Pisces girl who always daydreaming all day long, I’m really happy because he hits every single expectation that I expect about our relationship.

      He’s always giving me smooches all over my body and caring me gently but also rough at the same time ❤

      The best part is Scorpio Man actually easy to read as long as you pay attention to small detail about him, especially his expression. His words might not same as his face expression, so, it’s easy to tell when he’s mad or sad or excited.

      1. Hi PiscesGurl!

        I’m glad to hear that everything is so wonderful for you and your Scorpio man. Love is important and the way he’s showing his love to you is amazing. Hold onto that! You seem to have found the right formula to understand him. I wish you all the very best in love!

  4. They are wild, hot, and cold. The scorpio man I’ve been dealing with has been an emotional sexually charged roller coaster! I’ve known him for about 5 years now. The first time we got intimate he touched me down there and made me come so quick. After that encounter he became so cold and distant. Then things would pick up again and then it got intimate and made him come quick. And then it got cold again. The emotional seasons changed after each intimate encounter. Then after a drunken night he drove me home and finger fucked me on the drive home, he didn’t kiss me and he didn’t want to have sex with me because I was a sloppy drunk. Then we saw each other at a party and we were both drunk, since our last encounter he had still been hot and cold towards me. At this party he sought me out fingers in my panties and kissed me then told me “let’s leave this party and go” I tried to resist but I had been wanting him so bad. I left the party with him, finally got to kiss his beautiful face and luscious lips. Soon as we got in his car, panties slid off, his pants came down, I started sucking him off, then he tells me “I want you on top” I get on top and start riding my cowboy. Just kissing him and loving on him. He’s grabbing my breasts and sucking on them. He couldn’t stay hard probably cuz of the alcohol so he puts his fingers in my backdoor. Omg AMAZING!!!! Anyways cars pass by and I get off of him. He says “let’s just make out then” so we are kissing and he puts his (clean) fingers back inside me and going to town. Then he tells me he wants to taste me. So does and it is such a wonderful experience. I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was. This 6’2” man sitting in his driver seat bent over with his head between my thick thighs. I am in heaven! And then after I come he finger fucks until I can’t take it anymore. I actually had to tell him to stop. Then he kisses me so sweetly and tenderly in my lips and cheeks and forehead. I ask him “what do u want from me?” He says “nothing, just enjoy it, you deserve it, you deserve all of it”

    He drops me off. 30 min later he’s calling me to see if I got home ok, and the next morning he’s calling me to tell me he feels guilty. Basically yes they are passionate and intense and if it’s the only encounter I have with a Scorpio I make it ok in my book and I will try to keep this memory and flashbacks in my head forever, it was soooo good and everything I had dreamed it to be.

  5. I’m interested in a Scorpio man, but he lives in Los Angeles. He’s an actor as well. Hopefully I’ll get lucky.

    1. I’m a Scorpio man I just came across this page on the internet please I’m 25 years And am single I really need something serious T.I_Ernest that’s my Instagram

      1. Hi Ti Ernest!

        Thank you for writing in. I’m glad that my article has reached your eyes. I do hope you enjoyed the read as a Scorpio man. I don’t think many ladies will use your information for dating purposes but I suppose we never know. I wish you all the very best in your pursuit for the right relationship!

  6. I’m a Leo woman and some of the most sensual and best sex I’ve had was with a Scorpio man.It was unforgettable.

  7. I am fortunate to be dating a Scorpio man. He is the most sexually satisfying lover I have ever been with. He is very open minded and comfortable to try anything with. My Scorpio man has a very addicting personality in and out of the bedroom.

    1. Hi Allison!

      Wonderful! I’m always glad to hear success stories. Thank you for sharing with me. You must be a sign that matches very well with him. It’s an important thing and yes, he’s a fiery guy in the bedroom, that is for sure! He’s a water sign but he boils in the bedroom. If you’d like to learn more about the way he thinks and acts you should check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets.

  8. I’ve met my soulmate, best friend, and lover, and he is a Scorpio. Before him, I thought I was broken. I can now say I am addicted to him & certainly not broken 🙂 as a Taurus, we are opposite signs.

    1. Hi Taurus!

      Opposites attract! Good for you. I appreciate you taking the time to chime in and tell us how well you’re doing with your Scorpio man. It sounds like a beautiful relationship though there are some things you may not know and should find out. I would love for you to check out my book on Scorpio Man Secrets. It might not hurt to be ahead of the game and being able to maintain your connection. I wish you the best.

  9. I am a divorced senior citizen and can not believe that at my age I have never before experienced the intense satisfaction that I do with my Scorpio man. A year ago we were both at a charity event, sitting across the bar from each other. Every time I looked his way he was looking mine. Our eyes locked a couple times and I wanted to go over and kiss him. Before I could move, he came over and introduced himself. We chatted a while and excused myself and left for the evening. Two weeks later we met again and talked for a couple hours while enjoying a cocktails. When I said I was going to leave, he asked if he could have my number. We exchanged numbers and went our separate way. That night he texted and invited me to breakfast. We parted that morning after the most sensuous kiss imaginable. God, I wanted more. Needless to say, our next public encounter involved some discrete leg rubbing and as I stood to leave finger fucking. (Wear dresses ladies) Anyway, once this old gal gave into the burning desire that came with every kiss, all I can say is sex with a Scorpio is the ultimate. I have enjoyed more orgasms in the short time we have been “friends with benefits” than in my entire life before. If he wants you, he will come to you; so, respect him, pamper him, and enjoy him. Don’t know if or how our relationship will develop but the stars seem to be working their magic.

    1. Hi Cancer!

      Ah yes, two water signs are pretty intense and sexy. I’m so glad to hear you’re having such an enjoyable experience with your Scorpio man. Wonderful! Who says we have to be committed? I think it’s up to you the two people. Have fun with it darling. If it’s meant to happen it will but why not enjoy yourself in the meantime. I wish you all the best sweetheart!

  10. Hi. I’m a Gemini woman with a Taurus moon and I have met the man of my dreams. He is a Scorpio and 6 yrs younger than me. We met working together at the jail where I’m a nurse and he is a corrections Deputy. We haven’t even had sex yet or spent much time together except for lunch the other day but he disclosed to me he is into BDSM heavy! I have been reading up on them and get discouraged because everything points to our incompatibility. I mean, WTF do cancer and Pisces women do so well they match with these men??? Granted, my moon sign seems to be leading me now st 39 yrs old but tips of my Gemini peak through and o hate it. I’ve divorced a Leo, can’t stand the games and womanizing of Libra and Sagittarius and Aries are too rude, arrogant and dishonest. Why do the water and earth signs get the good guys ?

    1. Hi Ebony!

      Well… water signs are openminded and open with their sexuality. If you aren’t into BDSM heavy then you might not want to pursue him. I mean, totally your choice of course but no doubt he’d be asking you to do these things otherwise he’ll find someone that will. Now… as far as compatibility, there is far deeper things to look at. This is why some women have compatibility charts done for themselves and the person they’re interested in. Sun sign is scratching the surface but looking at the Moon, Rising Sign, Venus, and Mars are VERY important. So there’s that. Next time you’re into someone, try to get their birth information and then you’ll get more information via an astrology consultation. I wish you all the love you deserve!

  11. I met a Scorpio man a few months ago on an out-of-town work trip. Talk about HOT. We didn’t do anything physical, but he was in my hotel room every night for a week straight. Just talked and had a great time hanging out. We have a lot of the same interests.
    Since then, we have been having the dirtiest phone and text convos and I love it. He was surprised at how dirty my mind is and that my sex drive is really high. I’m a Libra but I have a Scorpio moon so that’s probably why. We haven’t met up yet but are planning it. Have a bet to see who can outlast who. And yes, I did get the silent treatment a couple times. Lasting for a week one time, and two weeks another time. When he didn’t answer I never sent another message asking WTF. Just lived my life. When he got back in touch we picked up where we left off.
    Anyway, in the last week or so he’s been saying I’m his dream girl, I’m unreal, diamond in the rough and he feel like he’s falling in love. Along with the dirtier stuff, now he’s starting to say he wants to hold me and kiss me all night, wants to wake up to me. Wants to be snuggled up against me all night and never let me go. He said of all the hot vids I sent, his favorites are just seeing my pretty face and smile.
    We haven’t seen each other since the trip, which was months ago. Could he actually be falling in love with me? I wouldn’t mind, since he is an absolute catch, and our sex life would be really intense. I’ve been viewing the relationship as purely sexual to keep from falling for him. But with the way he’s been talking recently, it’s getting harder. I don’t know why he would say those things. He already knows he’s getting mind blowing sex! LOL

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