5 Scorpio Man Personality Traits Help You Better Understand His Behavior

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
A complete characteristics profile of your Scorpio man helps better understand him. Read on to know Scorpio man personality traits when he is in love.

One of the most popular and coveted signs of the zodiac has everyone at the edge of their seat when it comes to love. Falling for a Scorpio man sets you up for a path of ever-evolving mystery and shocking discovery.

Expect to be seduced, emotionally manipulated and totally thrown off of your square!

These guys have intensely insatiable cravings and in order to understand what makes them tick, you’ll need to know what lies beneath these particular personality traits.

1. Scorpio Men Are Intense

Men with Scorpionic birth charts (have strong Scorpio influence in their birth charts) are intensely focused on one or more areas of their life. They are pools of deep water, pouring most, if not all of their energy into one focused section – career, relationship, children, school, etc.

Whatever gets their concentration and full attention is where you will find them occupied and completely immersed.

They are all or nothing creatures living in extremes. In relationships, once a Scorpio man has decided to make you his object of affection, you can expect to be the reason why he sends text messages, why his weekends are consumed and why he has dropped everything else he was working on prior to connecting with you.

If this relationship grows into something he wants for the long term, he will eventually balance everything else out, adding you to his busy world.

He loves intensely and will show it in more ways than one. He will want you around to spoil. He will protect you, should anyone disapprove. He will allow himself to get vulnerable with you, but this should not be treated lightly.

If he gets the feeling that you are or will play with his emotions you will get stung by his Scorpion tail. If he loses interest, he will start to detach emotionally, leaving you wondering where he went because these guys are also known for their disappearing acts.

2. Scorpio Men Are Controlling

Scorpio man and his girlfriend look into each others eyes in love infatuated

These guys need to run the show. Whatever you do, do not try to dominate a relationship with a Scorpio man. At first, he might find it charming and will even have you thinking that you are winning him over somehow, but don’t be fooled. You will not win.

As a matter of fact, you will be playing right into his controlled grip because he has now had a chance to fully observe you in action.

These are shrewd poker players and no one will be in the driver’s seat of Scorpio’s ride. It is important for Scorpio men to feel like they know everything about you. By having all of the facts, they can calculate their next moves in life.

It’s better to be completely transparent with them because if you are dishonest in any way at the start, you will lose their favor and respect.

Believe it or not, they are figuring you out the very first minute they meet you. They saw you from afar and if they felt that you were extremely attractive, they will be assessing you in minutes forming an image inside their head of what the future may look like with you in it!

3. Scorpio Men Love Freedom

Scorpio man needs to feel free when he is around you. They cannot be smothered or mothered by you or else they can start to live up to their negative bad boy cheating stereotype.

Though they will shower you with expressions of endearment, they still have the need for space. Allow them to call you when they miss you.

Let them freely have their alone time even if they don’t ask for it because a Scorpio who can get things done is a happy Scorpio.

Do not be deceived by the jokes and playful arguments you might get pulled into with him. He needs space whether he acknowledges it or not. He is also attracted to someone who stays busy. He will respect and honor someone who has a higher plan for their life.

4. Scorpio Men are Extremely Sexual

Woman and a Scorpio man passing in classic clothes

Sex is a very important experience for the Scorpio man. This is where he is going to finally channel everything he ever wondered about you. This is his playground and he is the master at learning what type of person you truly are through the act of sex.

At the start, a good indicator that he is attracted to you is if he compliments your looks. It sounds shallow, but your physical appearance has the ability to pull at his heart strings which are also connected to his intimate parts.

This sign rules transformation, life/death, the reproductive organs, and goes through extremes. Scorpio men need to gather information constantly and one way they do this is through sex.

This area is very touchy because timing is everything. If you jump into the act too quick, he can very easily forget about you if he hasn’t gotten deep into your psyche by engaging in the act.

However, if he is head over heels for you and your depth matches his, he may fall deeply in love. They key is to always make him wait as long as can stand it! Let him learn everything else he needs to learn about you prior to the first special night because this part can very well be the icing on the wedding cake!

5. Scorpio Men are Direct

This sign is concrete and needs you to be straight forward. Scorpio men cannot stand guessing games and mixed signals.

They are very busy and would love to make you the new object of their attention and affection, but if you are not as direct with them as they are with you, rest assured your phone will stop vibrating with his text messages.

He is a no-nonsense man on a mission and you are either going to enhance his path or distract him from it. He will not want the latter and trims the fat at every cost.

Be blunt, open and honest. He will respect and appreciate you for it. If you let him know that there is something he’s doing that is bothering you, he will make the necessary adjustments if he’s truly interested.

If you are straight forward with your life goals and you tell him that you don’t want to play games, he will meet you there, telling you his intentions as well.

In conclusion, the Scorpio man is a passionate lover ready to take on the world with you if you are willing to understand what motivates him.

Now that you understand Scorpio man personality traits, click here to learn more about what makes a Scorpio man tick and how to make sure he stays yours!!

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2 thoughts on “5 Scorpio Man Personality Traits Help You Better Understand His Behavior

  1. That’s very interesting to know about Scorpio man…I’m a Scorpio women and dating Scorpio man who’s so blunt and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t care.. I love him to bits..I love everything about him…I’m blunt when I’m a angry…

  2. Oh goodness if a scorpio man loves you
    U will literally cry if he gives u that stare.
    I mean literally??
    So once he stares…deal.done..hez into u ..period. They flirt when its casual..
    But when its real….only stare from far…no talking initially

    They will not just look away..they will make u look away…thats guaranteed???its that hypnotizing…

    Im a capricorn girl
    And i have a scorpio man chasing me for 4 years…believe me 4 years???

    I guess it was my aloof demeanor..and strong atittude which got him.
    But im tooooooooo…shy also
    Thats the reason i have not made a move.

    I guess that is what attracts him more to me.
    But the passionate attention u get when they lyk u is just heaven…
    No other man can give u that….trustttttttt me…

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