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The Scorpio Man Hot And Cold – 4 Reasons Why

Over the last few months, I’ve been receiving many emails from women who are completely in the dark about their hot and cold Scorpio man. And who comes on strong and then suddenly goes very cold.

There are definitely reasons why the Scorpio man stops communicating when you least expect it. Luckily, I can help you figure things out a bit more. Here are some reasons why this may happen:

4 Reasons Why The Scorpio Man Acts Hot and Cold

1. Fear Hits Him Fast

The hot and cold Scorpio man has a tendency sometimes to jump in without fully looking. They can fall in love quickly without thinking it through. When this happens; there are things that suddenly dawn on him.

This will cause him to say he loves you but he isn’t ready for a relationship. He’ll play this sort of “tug of war” type of game with you. One minute he’s all about you and cares then the next minute he’s not talking.

This is all very normal for the fear-filled Scorpio. As a general rule, Scorpio men are untrusting of most people. Though he may feel he can open up to you, he may also suddenly think maybe he can’t trust you.

It may be over nothing at all that scares him. Then again maybe you could have said something that he took down a dark road and made him feel as though maybe he was making a mistake.

The only true way to ever know what it is he is afraid of is by giving him patience, time, effort, and by asking him to talk to you about things whenever he feels he is ready.

If you try to push him for answers or into a relationship; he will definitely cool his heels. He may also just go ahead and let you go. It depends on the full scope of his feelings at the time.

2. He Feels You Are “The One”

Portrait of Caucasian male and Asian female - The Hot and Cold Scorpio Man

This is the part that is rather weird but, when the Scorpio man feels a woman is “the one”, he will be hot and heavy but then get filled with anxiety thus pulling back and cooling off.

It scares the crap out of him to have found the right woman. At first, he’s thrilled, elated, and relieved. Then his fears kick in that you’re good to be true so he back peddles.

He starts to feel that maybe he doesn’t deserve you. He may even think that maybe you’re flawed and he just cannot see it yet. He’s afraid that you’ll show your true colors.

There is a fear of being rejected, hurt, or punished for past karma. Scorpio men are untrusting by nature so if he isn’t suspicious of your intention; he may be suspicious of his own.

As strange as it may seem, he’s more terrified of the woman he loves that he is of any other woman he dates. So if you’ve felt an intense connection with a hot and cold Scorpio man that tells you he loves you then gets cold; he probably loves you.

Give him some time to figure it out and he’ll be back. He won’t let the woman he loves most in the world go. He just has to process everything and make sure he knows what he’s doing and how he’ll do it.

3. Changed His Mind

The very least with all of this is that he could very well have changed his mind. He felt hot and happy about you but then figured some things out that maybe didn’t feel good anymore for him.

He could have decided that you two don’t gel well together in the bigger picture. It could also be that he met someone else and feels that the other person may be better for him.

It’s not very common for him to not let you know if he’s into someone else or wants to call it off. It CAN happen though. Watch his behavior and more importantly; watch his eyes.

If there is anything at all you want to know, stare into his eyes and ask him. If he cannot look you straight in the eyes when he talks back; he’s possibly not telling you the truth.

On the other hand; if he CAN look at you in the eyes and answer you; he’s most likely telling you the truth. Remember this the next time you’re curious what he’s been up to or if he’s true with you.

There is also that possibility that the Scorpio man can go quiet after having sex. If your Scorpio man is distant after intimacy, he may have felt it wasn’t what he expected or wanted.

He may have been looking for a specific chemistry and didn’t find it. Sometimes he gets his hopes up too high and disappoints himself.

4. Genuine Confusion

Scorpio men are emotional guys. They can analyze around in circles which can make them feel very confused about what they want. It may have nothing to do with you but rather him not knowing what he wants.

If it’s the case that he just doesn’t know what he wants, you’ll definitely have to remain patient with him if you’re really into him. Otherwise, you may want to move on to someone else who isn’t so confused.

There are many factors that weigh in for this guy. He will harbor baggage from his past. He will carry forward any grievances he had from before. Sadly this can be projected on women he gets involved with.

If he’s been cheated on or hurt badly, he will sadly try to compare every woman after that with the woman that did him wrong. It’s not right but it’s something he does on some level. He probably isn’t even aware he’s doing it.

Bringing it to his attention will likely not help matters. He’ll feel he’s being attacked and that you just don’t understand him. You’ll have to approach the subject in a gentle way.

What You Can Do When Scorpio Man is Hot and Cold

young woman and Scorpio man smiling - The Hot and Cold Scorpio Man

The very best thing you can do for the hot and cold Scorpio man who is confused or playing this hot and cold game is to be very patient. Give him time and a little space to let him figure it out.

I’m not saying for you to stop talking to him. If you stop talking to him; he’ll think you don’t want him anymore. Just lighten up and don’t expect too much from the hot and cold Scorpio man. Focus on yourself and your life while you wait.

How To Deal With A Scorpio Man When He Goes Distant

Distance is something that Scorpio men are all too familiar and comfortable with. They tend to do this when they’re confused, upset, or are trying to figure things out.

If you notice that your Scorpio guy has gone distant, you may want to let him have that time and space. It should be alright short term. When or if he makes it more long term then there is a problem which should be addressed.

Give him space to figure things out but it’s up to you how much time you will actually give him before you reach out and tell him that you need to know what is going on or that you’re there if he needs to talk.

Having that open communication will help ease the worried Scorpio man if he’s wondering whether he can rely on you or trust you. In the event that the Scorpio man is distant after intimacy, you need to reassess.

Don’t let him get away with pulling back after you’ve given your intimate side to him. He may be confused but still he shouldn’t close himself off to you. Ask him what is going on.

Scorpio man pulling away isn’t fun and should be looked at. There is a reason he’s doing this and it’s up to you to ask him why. Don’t leave yourself hanging, find out!

Conclusion On When Scorpio Man Stops Communicating

It may seem very complicated when Scorpio man is pulling away but, if you learn what causes him to do this; you may have the upper hand. I do hope that some of what I’ve told you today helps you!

Remember that he can be a different type of man but he’s still a man and you’re a woman who can love him better than he’s ever seen. Hang in there if you know you’re the one for him.

Click here to learn why Scorpio men are so mistrusting and other behavioral traits. It may help you understand how he thinks a little better.

Here’s a neat fact, did you know that sexy actor/producer Ryan Gosling is indeed a Scorpio man? He fits all the attractive criteria for sure!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Did you have a relationship with a hot and cold Scorpio man?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

70 thoughts on “The Scorpio Man Hot And Cold – 4 Reasons Why

  1. What u explain i u r post about hot and cold scorpion man i am exactly that way
    I am scorpion ? man??. I am following u r post
    It helps me to keep girls connected to me
    I make my move acordingly?

  2. I am a married girl fell in love with a Scorpio married man since five months we have been in ralationship…it was grt time we spent together..he proposed me for long time relationship n marriage and frankly told his wife to getting devorced..firstly she had no objection but now she is objecting everything, but now the have changed he is forced not to stay in realtionship with me …she tried to commit suicide he is trying to handle the situation but it’s becoming worse…he has lost his confidence but still want to marry me…will it be possible to get married? Plz help

  3. I m a married woman I m in deep love with Scorpio man..infact both of us we want to marry each other he is also a married man. But he became cold n distant bcz having told to this wife she tried to commit my man became very cold n distant….we still love each other and want to marry..plz help me how to handle this situation. I want my man back.

  4. Hi Anna, my free copy did not come through as I had hoped. PLEASE could you re-send.
    Thank you for all of your help.

  5. RUN!!! They will mind f**k you for a lifetime if you let them. I’m a Pisces female and a Scorpio has been after me for months. I’ve tried my best to be patient with his hot/cold but now I just feel drained for the emotions. He promises me the world then disappears for days and days at a time leaving me confused and alone. I can’t live like that. So I tell him I’m walking away and he chases with intensity that keeps me and then he disappears again. GAMES !!!

    1. You are right to RUN! They will only disappoint and let you down in the end. The are self sabotaging as a rule. You can do better. A lot of the feelings you feel for them are conditioning from their behavior. They use and abuse you and then you are left holding the bag. They never accept responsibility for what the do–period!

      1. Randy, only if we’ve figured you as a person (usually with ease and are bored of you) im a triple scorpio i love confrontation and i own all my mistakes, good and bad in equal measure “you can do better” haha that is cute rest assured if the scorpio is acting up against you then it is 100% your fault we are a cause and effect type of sign and the manipulation only comes if you lack mental strength and come across as wishy washy and bereft of intelligence, sorry to burst your bubble.

        1. That’s funny! You take full responsibility but it’s 100% their fault. That sounds like a person who is maybe not seeing the whole picture and (possibly) only seeing an effect and not the cause.

      2. I feel the same way, I’ve never been mind fucked so hard. Hot and cold behavior one minute seemed like he would promise me the world and the next act like he couldn’t be bothered. Then out of nowhere ghosted me. But acts terrified of me in public, then just stares at me from across the bar like he adores me. Like wtf is wrong with him. I can’t deal with that.

  6. Hello,it is a nice story of scorpion man.i have a lot of experience related to the scorpion man story,but i don’t wanna say that’s like my attitude or exactly like me maybe i’m wrong.i want to hear from somebody else that scorpion man is like my character,maybe the person im living with for a very long time or people they know me.also i was confuse with my zodiac sign because other people said im sagittarius for im not.please advice.i was born on November 22,1974.thank you and more power…

  7. It’s so true they will suck all the life & engery out of u! This kind of man is abusive to your mind without touching u or saying a unpleasant word, totally clever with narcissistic ways. I haven’t met another sign who is this mysterious & silently dangerous! If u are dating a scorpian man please i urge u to get out, he will bury you.

    1. again another comment, we are a cause and effect sign so as stated in my comment above, rest assured if you feel like this you’ve fucked up in some way, someone i truly like i will have complete respect for.

  8. I have been with a scorpio man for 2 years and we live together ,, we do absolutely everything together ,,, he has always said he has never met anyone so comparable with him ,,, we are best friends ,,, a few months ago we fell off a motorbike he had a spiral fracture in his tibia ,, it’s not mended so he needs a further op and could be out of work for 18 months he is in the process of losing everything ,,, so one argument between us ,, and he said he don’t love me told me to leave ,,, why im so lost

  9. Never ever trust any scorpio guys that easily. They are always confuse and never know what they want in their life. Best way to deal with any scorpio is not to get any relationship with them. They are cunning and love playing mind games. You will be remain faithful to him but he will have another relationship with others without you knowing. He wants you all for himself but he is for sharing to all. I caught them lying many times and they will act like that are sorry. And few weeks or months later they wanted you to feel how they felt before when you scolded or anger them. I counter back and told them if you are seeking revenge on someone that cheated and lies to you many times then you have the right to seek revenge. But if you are seeking revenge on someone whom you cheated and lied to them. That is one biggest mistake you will ever make in your life. It kept them quiet cause they know it was them who cheated and lied to me many times. Best solution walk off and cut them out of your life. Not even by being friends. No matter how much they threaten or trying to get your attention. Just don’t bother. That is best way to handle them. Leaving them behind depressing and suffering by themselves are what they needed the most for cheating and lying on their partners. Scorpio are best left alone and single forever. They are not mysterious nor magnetic but just lamer and a sore loser who doesn’t appreciate love or those who love them.

    1. i love these comments keep them coming, you’re all totally clueless, “not mysterious or magnetic” haha with every respect madam my inboxes on every form of social media, my texts and the amount of attention i gather everywhere i go would drastically contradict this. Read the comments i have left above, its your own fault if you’ve had this sort of experience with them.

      1. You sound like a narcissist with an over inflated ego to me.. bragging about how so many people like you..or should I say all the potential woman you can sleep with

  10. Im Scorpio. I believe that I m sometimes hot and sometimes cold. The only reason is TRUST. I meet new people and when they try to be close to me. I would fall for them instantly but later my intense emotions warn me to mistrust that person (I dont know why I start mistrusting them and My predictions aint wrong).
    I had met many Aquarius friends. I fell for their loyal friendship but their detached nature turned me off. Plus I have analyzed that they only kept connections with me to get something out of me. So I cut them off.
    I had Pisces best friend. I loved him like Best friends forever. His compassion and craziness always swept me of my feet. So I stayed loyal to him. Then my inner power warned me HE IS JUST PLAYING MIND games. He only communicated with me so that I support him emotionally. But I didnt get that same intensity back to me. I was available for him and he aint available for me and excuses repeated. I stopped talking to him. Then he sent me big paragraph messages. I finally thought maybe I should trust him. But he repeatedly ignored me. One day I walked away from him. And stinged him for his mistakes. I made new friends and on social media I posted my pic with new best friend (I was pretending). I repeatedly posted my happy life without him on fb. It cracked him and he blocked me and ran away. Haha. My revenge worked like charm.
    See dont blame Scorpios for not trusting u, u have to have patience and pass the test to be in their good books forever and nobody will ever replace u once u get in their heart.

    1. Your Pisces friend loves you. Pisces is just flakey by nature, we mean well and will have your back 100% but sometimes we are lazy in friendshipsnor relationship. Interacting with people drain us mentally, if we have new people at work mostbof those times they want to talk to us because we comeback off shy and approachable and when people talk to us all their secrets and things come out, things they would not tell other people they tell to us (we don’t want to hear those things but we listen any) those experiences drain us, also Pisces pick up vibes from EVERYONE if one person isn’t mad we feel it, if another person is sad we feel it.. We feel every vibe in the room and want to distance ourselves from that, we get drained and then we have to keep good appearances for friends and family which is still draining. Contact your friend and check on them.

  11. This article describes everything I am going through with a Scorpio man— no need to dwell on it. However, I cannot stand how he doesn’t set boundaries with others. He’s a good looking guy and we are part of a huge click. Girls who know him will just plop down on his lap. They’re not close enough to be doing that, as in they don’t talk outside of the scene. He just sits there with an awkward look on his face, not looking at the girl, and talking to people around her. Just let her have the seat! That would say, “hey, not appropriate” in a nice way. Women get in his personal space to talk to him. I get not wanting to hurt their feelings, but it pisses me off.

    I ignore those girls — they all give me that look . I really want to rip their hair out.

    We’re not exclusive, but everyone knows we’re involved. So, if I come back from the restroom and there’s another skank in his face I just keep walking without looking and some how this makes me the bitch. Nothing wrong with talking, but these chicks throw themselves at him and it’s disgusting. I can’t fake a “nice to meet you” and sit back down.

    I am beginning to think he gives off that vibe. Even if it is innocent flirting, is that a Scorpio thing?

  12. I have been seeing this Scorpio man off and on (literally off and on) for 8 months. Often I have to stop speaking to him because his back and forth leave me confused and dazed. I started to feel like the only reason I was into him was because I was trying so hard to figure him out. I felt maybe I was obsessed with trying to draw him near and truthfully I never wanted to be with him in the first place! I just wanted something casual, but his motives were perplexing. Being a somewhat confrontational person, I asked and instead he fled… yet again. But as always he pops back up and I restart this whole back and forth again. 2 wks on, 1 wk off. 1 wk on 3 wks off. He’s a nice guy but his confusion has me on an emotional roller coaster I shouldn’t be on. I can’t tell if we should try to be together because I can’t find a stable place in which to do so! Does he like me? Does he hate me? WTF??? I keep pushing away great guys and going back to deal with Mr. Runaround. So now since I can’t figure out what his intentions are and why I should even waste my time…I’m going to stop wasting my time for good. I know my worth and shouldn’t be questioning it because some guy can’t figure out left from right.

  13. So i know this guy he gets me every time.. im a cusp and he is a scorpio.. i invited him to grab a drink .. at first it was ok .. then we never grabed anything..he started flirting with me.. i was ok with him then suddenly he went cold.. after that he tried to sleep with me but i refused because im not that type of a girl who sleeps with anyone.. i want to settle down with him but he is stressing me.. so when i refused i stopped talking to him for a week he could not be much colder.. i have a soft spot for him i could not let him go so i gave it another try like send him a joke and what not he was welcoming we talked some days he made my days lot happier then he told me he will travel for work so i know he will be consumed..after he got back he was posting something because i was concerned i texted him hey are you ok? I could sense that i made him angry he replied I’m sleeping then he went completely cold on me im sending him trying to light up the situation but he is not even answering me the issue i can see him online posting .. chatting and so on it makes me freak out.. i started questioning what the hell happened?i’m so sensitive person i don’t want to get hurt because i love him.. i also feel like he is dating other women’s.. i waited for more than one year to talk to him .. i lost my appetite.. i feel drained i can’t focus on my work.. what to do.. i feel sadness is killing me .. i want to be patient with him but he is acting like the hell with you when he posts on Snapchat like i don’t care if you see it or not .. I’m living my life .. i don’t know if he is serious or is playing with me.. please any advice? Also im the one who always texts and calls is it normal?

  14. As a scorpio man I can connect to most of what has been presented here. My own story goes as such: fell head over heels for a girl (not the most outwardly beautiful, but one with the most genuine personality, yep she is a Taurus). Once I realised what had happened to me, I decided to make my move. As you may know we Scorpios have superb listening skills and pick up everything on our subject of interest. I picked from casual conversations of others that she may already be engaged. Yet, I decided to put these aside and marched ahead. She was having lunch in the mess that particular day. With only her in the sight of my mind I moved to her table. It’s there that I realised she had another friend with her. I casually said hi, talked a bit and moved away. With this failed attempt and my mind already confused with the rumours of her being engaged, I did what most Scorpios do not do; ask someone to confirm something that we are almost sure about. A colleague whose boyfriend works in the same team as my girl confirmed that she is already engaged. Her fiance and her have known each other from their teens and they are pretty serious about it and most likely to be getting married in one year. From where I was about to confess my feelings to her to realise the extent of how wrong I could have gone and done, I quickly pulled back (full tortoise in the shell mode). Stopped having casual talk with her (I did this with her and her only), stopped flirting (my way of flirting is to give her my full attention with a silly smile on the face, can’t help it) and even stopped liking her posts on Facebook.
    After analysing my feelings for her I gradually separated my need to have her physically and the prospect of a mental compatibility/complicity. Yet an undeniable feeling remained. Her voice, seeing her, and those small day to day normal interactions still have an effect on me. I do not desire her physically or feel that she SHOULD be part of my life, but talking to her simply makes me feel great. I decided to canalise any desires into poetry so that something that is destroying my mental well-being becomes something creative. It worked wonders for me. As a Scorpio I found a way to deal with the self inflicted poison within me, processed it into something creative. I have turned from stone cold towards her to being more of a friendly office colleague and kept a healthy interaction with her. However, sometimes I read something in her eyes that leaves me perplexed; is it my wishful thinking that she has something for me or its just the way Taurus are? I have reached the core of my feelings (i.e. beyond carnal and mental need for her) and know that I am to carry these for a long long time. I just need one sign that she has feelings for me and I would run to her. I also know that Taurus hate change, so stubborn as they are, even if their heart something else they will stick with the known.The wait gonna be long, sigh.?

    1. Ruben, I’m a taurus woman.. and inwardly, she probably feels a lot of care for you. However, Taurus differs from scorpio in the fact that we place duty to our current partner over our feelings. We never want to see a relationship ‘fail’ – very much like Capricorn and Virgo. Even if we are aching with pain, we don’t break it off, we keep working thinking it’s a project we can fix. We are the absolute most devoted partner someone can have. For better and for worse.

      I have attracted scorpio men my entire life. My ascendant is also in Taurus. I cared for a few of them, but their hot and cold behavior scared me. I wanted consistently of emotion, because that is what our Earth element is all about, but scorpio was like a tidal wave and then nothing. Now, I’m ready to get into a long-term relationship again.. and guess who has captured my interest? Not one, but THREE scorpio men! Hahaha.

      Trust me, it’s a fantastic feeling.. but I’ve realized that i need to be patient with Scorpios.. and sometimes, they need to be more practical like Taurus 🙂

      Our combo is the myth of Hades and Persephone – read it, and see how we fell in love for eternity.

  15. Hi. I’m a Pisces and I’m currently dating a Scorpio man. We’ve been going on for 10 months. We’re crazy about each other. He tells me EVERYTHING. He trusts me (to a large extent). He sees this relationship as a long-term thing. We help each other. We rely on each other. We work together. We advise each other. We talk everyday about our goals and achievements and also about our failures and worries. We’re REAL partners although We’ve had our ups and DOWNS. After 4 months, he broke up with me because he felt this relationship wasn’t working for him but I guess that break made him realize better cuz 2 weeks later he begged for me to come back and we’ve been going strong ever since. He could be very dramatic and intense whenever he’s upset. Not speak to me for a day or two. Then come back and act as if nothing happened. We have our arguments but we resolve them. So everything has been fine. However, he did something recently that hit me REAL hard.

    From out of the blues, he sent me a long message of how his life hasn’t been good and how this relationship was not going to work and then BLOCKED me – everywhere.

    I was shocked, confused, scared, angry, upset. This isn’t the first time this has happened tho but it always happened whenever i upset him. In this particular situation, I did NOTHING at all. In fact, prior to that text, we were having a happy and funny convo that did not instigate any negative emotions (I think cuz I mean you can never know, he’s a scorpio). And he BLOCKED me. For what?!

    I’m really confused and scared and worried right now. I don’t know what’s up with him. I don’t know if he actually meant it or if he was just being emotionally unstable. I’m suspecting that it was the prior conversation we had because I was talking about travelling for grad school so I guess that sparked up emotions. I don’t know.

    Somebody help!

    1. Don’t base your relationships on star signs, blocking you like that means that he is a jerk. He cut contact before, that means he is not there for you as a partner should be. Take care to find a good partner. I’m christian ans still waiting for my prince. Someone i met said i’m a scorpio, gives him the right to criticize me about everything? To tell me I need to change everything? So being a jerk to me will instigate self-love? No! Don’t follow horoscopes, follow what it says in the Bible: a man should love you as he loves his own body, as Jesus loves the church. Is it clear? I hope so… Sigh..

      1. Hi Aline! There is often much more than just the sun sign alone that dictates someone’s behaviors. Sun sign is only a part of the equation. We all have all 12 signs in our chart which means we have a bit of everything going on. It matters where the placements are as far as what a person’s behavior will be. People need to trust their own inner voice no matter what someone’s sign is. Astrology is a science, not a tool of the devil honey. Open your heart but don’t close your mind due to fear. Blessings to you!

  16. I have to comment here just to find some peace for myself. I have a Scorpio guy (Pisces moon) for a friend for last 2 years. There was some mutual attraction but we remained strictly friends during that time. Few months ago, went to his city and he offered to drive 2 hours to come and meet me. We did, we walked around, had dinner. We were talking to other people online, so I didn’t want it to be anything more. He left and I went back until it was 3 am and he messaged me asking if we are going to wait till one of us is engaged, that he would have wanted me to go with me. After I heard that, all the feelings I had locked for him came out. We met next evening and spent the most amazing night together. Intimacy and a feeling of coming home.
    He was preparing to move to a different city from where he lived, so we didn’t talk much after that over phone. We broke it off with people we were talking online. And we met 3 times in that one month (impulsively!) and everytime it was close and intense. But otherwise it was long distance. We didn’t talk everyday when we were not together and I gave him space but I had to always initiate that “call me?” He would next call.
    Anyhow, since we last met a month ago and he moved to a new city, he went cold. Just like that, from staying with me to holding me close to never mentioning any interesting in meeting again. I was missing him and suffering and he wouldn’t even call me. If I asked to, he would tell me he is tired. I was in pain, it made me anxious but he was always polite in his messages. If we did talk and I said I missed him, he would say that he thinks of me through the night. But his actions – completely cold and detached.
    After few weeks, I told him I couldn’t do this. Pretend like he doesn’t exist and just be non existent in his life and and we should go back to being friends. He agreeded, said he loved me but it’s been agonizing for him. And me bringing it up in conversations that I missed him was uncomfortable and driving him away. I said I won’t bring it up anymore.
    We texted once since all this happened. He told me to “talk to him anytime and sorry it’s been hard on me”. Totally flabbergasted by his actions. I feel hurt, left in cold, and judged for having feelings for him (by him). So I have completely withdrawn emotionally. But I still wake up overcome with thoughts about him. I know he probably sensed my anxiousness and that I loved him and decided to run. But I can be in this sort of relationship that makes me anxious all the time and this feeling of being unloved (even though his words are grand). I can’t wait to get over this mind fuck.

  17. I have liked a scorpion man for about 2 years.
    At the start he told me he really really liked me then stayed away. We would go to the same place cto dance each sunday.. he would watch me all the time. 5 months ago he said he was ready. We talked we kissed. The following month another woman was brought into the picture. I asked him then what was going on. I asked him if there was any feelings between us ..he said there was. Each month things got hotter between us. He came home home with me one sunday. We both enjoyed our time together. We had lunch together the next day another great time together. Then the week later says he wasnt ready for a relationship..
    He got distant but kept in touch..
    I realized i have strong feelings for him. I feel over the last couple months my emotions have been put through testing. Not handling the emotions very well and felt the need to pull back myself. Hasnt changed my feelings
    Not sure what or how to feel anymore…love him dearly

  18. I find myself wanting to be loyal to a Scorpio man I know. I want to be strong enough to handle his hot and cold ways. I feel weak when he plays mind games with me and hate that. I’m a Virgo women and very loyal to the people I care about. I would love to have him as a friend but there may be more there who knows. I can’t deal with the possessiveness either, like you don’t own me! I starting to think that my personality just isn’t a match and I should just run far away. I’m fine if I don’t see him for days but then he comes back into my life and acts like he wants me forever. It’s just the way they are and if you can’t handle it then just get out, it’s not worth your mental health. They will drain your emotions and leave you with no energy at the end of the day. The good days when they talk to you and stuff are the best but then when they ignore you it’s just a really shitty feeling. They can help your self confidence or just completely deflate it. It’s best to just find someone that fits you better. One day I’ll get over this and realize I didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

  19. The guy I’ve been seeing is a Scorpio and I’ve been with him for about 8 months. It’s a long-distance relationship most of the time since we both live in different countries. We were friends before we hooked up and it was unexpected but it just fell naturally into a thing and we took it from there. Since then, we’ve both been crazy about each other. I come visit him every few months, and we text while I’m away. He can’t visit me because of visa problems, or else he would have. We never had any big issues before, even when we would get into an argument we would always work it out right away. He would never be able to stay mad at me for more than a day, and me the same. This has been the longest time we’ve been away from each other, about 4 months. I’m here visiting him now, and when I first got here all was good for a couple days, he seemed so excited and kept saying how much he missed me, and we hung out for the first 3 days every day, alone and with his friends.

    Then he disappeared, but apologized and said he was just taking a break from everything and everyone so I understood and wasn’t upset about it. He then saw me the day after and I got him a gift for his birthday which he loved and kept telling me how happy he was with it. After that he started to gradually get more distant by the day. Stopped texting me every day, and when I would text would take longer to get back to me each time. Wouldn’t talk the same when he did, like for instance, stopped calling me babe, or saying he missed me all time, and all that. I’m always upfront with him and honest, so I told him that I felt he had been distant, and he said nothing was wrong, but I know him well and had a feeling something was off. He knew I was only visiting for a couple weeks, and usually every time I visit he tries to spend as much time with me as he can. He usually works too, and he still manages to find time to see me, and this time he’s not working, so he’s completely free. He would be spending time with his friends whom he can see all the time, and not me. But then say nothing is wrong. He would usually have me hang with him and his friends if he wanted to chill with them and they all like me so they don’t mind at all. Every time we would see each other the time gap would be longer each time, first 2 days, then every 4 days, etc. I was frustrated, normally this wouldn’t bother me if I lived here, because I have all the time in the world to see him, but of course I was upset, because I felt like the time was being wasted and all the while he is telling me nothing is wrong.

    When we would see each other, he would act the same, calling me babe, being attentive, and sweet, etc. But then as soon as he would leave it would go back to the distance, no texting, taking forever to reply, etc. After about a week of this I was up front with him and told him that I know he told me nothing’s wrong, but I feel that something is. He doesn’t treat me the same as he used to, and I feel like he’s not even excited to see me, since he’s spending time with his friends every day and not even bothering to text me or ask about me, but then after 4 or 5 days suddenly say hey, do you want to meet up? And if I’m busy he will of course ask a million questions like all Scorpios do, like I’m supposed to just be sitting around waiting for him. I would meet him though, and he would act like nothing is wrong. I couldn’t take it anymore, the weirdness, the lack of contact. I told him that I was expecting on spending more time with him, he told me well it’s not like we can see each other every day, so I said yea of course I don’t expect you to see me every day, but at least to text or ask about me, then he’s like well we can’t be talking all the time? It was so weird, because he used to text me literally every minute of the day and always want to see me. I didn’t even expect constant texts just a reply to my 1 or 2 texts I send him, so it was just odd, he was acting like I was crazy and I was expecting too much, when I wasn’t at all. He was acting like a different person and it was driving me insane because he kept making me feel like I’m the crazy one.

    Anyways during the 3 weeks I was here I only saw him 5 times, and he was making it seem like that was normal. That was not normal at all. Every time I would visit he would try to see me every day or at least every other day, and if he wasn’t going to see me he was texting me. So, I was sick of being treated like I’m crazy, or being needy or something? He knows very well that if I was living here I wouldn’t expect that shit at all. Even after all that, I still was cool about it, and didn’t make a big deal about it, I just told him that it bothered me. Then I saw him the day I was supposed to leave and we hung out all day and he kept going on and on about how much he’s going to miss me and telling me to try to not be gone so long this time and all this sweet shit, so I was just surprised because this is coming from someone who had 3 weeks to spend with me, but willingly chose barely to spend any time with me. But I just let it go, because I care about him and I don’t want to make a stupid fight about it. Anyways the night I was supposed to leave my flight got cancelled, so I told him, and then I told him that I found out that I didn’t have to go back to work for another 2 weeks because of thanksgiving break and my boss is going to be out of town so I told him I would extend my trip. He didn’t seem excited at all. Next day I text him just to see what’s up, no response….2 days go by, nothing….so same shit! It doesn’t make any sense. He was just saying that he’s going to miss me, what’s up with all these mixed signals? He was NEVER like this before! He was always talking to me, I was tired of this treatment, of the ignoring then showing up like nothing is wrong. All the while he is chilling with his friends.

    So of course, it makes me feel like I’m not important to him. So, I expressed to him how I felt because I like to be open about shit like this, and no reply…. then I started to get frustrated and told him that I don’t deserve to be treated like this, and if he doesn’t want me to talk to him, or doesn’t want to see me anymore all he has to do is tell me, but I don’t like to just be ignored and played with like that. He got back instantly saying wtf are you pissed about? So, I told him I’m pissed because of what I just told you, then he laughs sarcastically (which he does a lot when he’s in a confrontation like this) just like making fun of me kind of. Then I told him I didn’t expect my time here to be like this, I expected spend some time with him, then he says “when they cancel your flight, they’re supposed to book you on a new one right away” wow? Where the hell did that come from? I told him that I already expressed to him that I didn’t have work so I decided to postpone it, but I said thank you for wanting me to leave though, then he said “well I never said I wanted you to leave…. this is just me being cold, because I don’t want to deal with this shit” so I asked him what shit? Me? He said no, this… ok, this as in what? He said “as in you giving me crap all the time? So, I told him I’m sorry if you feel I’m giving you crap all the time, but you’re the one who is just ignoring me for days, then acting as if nothing is wrong. Then he said another one of his stupid excuses he’s been using lately, like I was sleeping, or some shit like that, and I wasn’t ignoring you, I was going to get back eventually. Well I’m not idiot, you can’t be asleep for days, and this is coming from someone who was always bombing my phone with texts and would flip out if I wouldn’t answer for just an hour or two, and now you don’t have time to respond to a simple text or even say your busy? And you’ve hanging with your friends. So, I was sick of him treating me like an idiot because I’m not, I can tell when someone isn’t interested anymore, and I don’t like to be clingy, if you’re not interested just say you’re not interested it’s that simple. I told him, if the roles were reversed and I didn’t get back to you for days you would think I’m ignoring you, right? Then he said, yea I would, “anyways, let’s just stop fighting” and joked around a little so it seemed like he wasn’t pissed anymore. So, I told him okay, I never wanted to fight anyways, and I just wish he would communicate more because I can’t read his mind.
    The next day I texted him about a funny story and he replied normally. Then I sent him a text later and no reply, next day no reply still, 3 days went on, no reply. Just suddenly, same shit as before. All will be good, then boom he’s gone. I texted him yesterday which was 4 days after ignoring me telling him I’m going to the beach, and it would be nice if he could come, and he could even bring his friends too if he wanted. Read it, no reply again.

    So, I really don’t understand WTF is going on. I’ve never been more confused in my life. If he’s over me then why doesn’t he just say so? Why does he keep playing games like this, He was never like this before so it’s very weird? He hasn’t even asked me until now when my new flight is scheduled for. He’s always active online so obviously he’s alive, and he knows I can see that he read the msg. So, it’s just weird, why just ignore me? I didn’t do shit to him, I’m not even putting any pressure on him, I just want him to be honest. So, I don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t want to seem clingy or needy by texting him after him ignoring me AGAIN, but I want to make it clear to him that I’m really sick of this crap. So, I have no idea what to do, please help me. I really like him, if I didn’t, I would have never been this patient. And he was my friend before we started dating so he knows this really well about me, I’m not the type to put up with shit like this. And he was never the type to treat me like this. So why act like nothing is wrong. This is the longest he’s went until now without hearing anything from him, and I haven’t seen him in over a week. So, I thought maybe someone who is a Scorpio or has experience with one would be able to give some advice on how to go about this shit. I’m really frustrated now, I’m only here for a few more days and I wanted to be able to spend time with my guy, but I feel like I’m dating a girl seriously, with all these fucking mood swings and secrecy. I can’t handle this anymore.

    1. very similar situation in past with me 2 times
      coz i always ended up dating Scorpios
      1. he started to ignoring and then i was going crazy then he suddenly called →sorry i’m leaving you …but i still love you …i’m leaving becoz of our busy schedules not matching …i think alot so i decided to leave coz i don’t want you to miss me everytime like a long distatant relationship
      2. another Scorpio → our countries are at was from long time there was no possibility so we decided to love each other now with understanding that we don’t have a future together … one day he said he will shift to other country coz of work …i wants to you to find a man wo will take care of you more then me …

      my current boyfriend also ended his long distance relationship when he met me he said it’s so hard

      1. Hi Haru! I bet there is something in your chart that makes you drawn to Scorpios. You might want to look into that if you can. Scorpio men don’t do well with long distance. They need to be up close and personal to make it last. They don’t like not being able to be physical with the person they are into. You should find out what your Mars is and that should tell you what type of guy best suits you.

    2. Hi Delilah! I would drop him like it’s hot. I’m not kidding. All that you’ve been going through is not worth it at this point. Walk away. If he truly loves you and wants to fix thing then he will chase you til the ends of the earth. If he doesn’t then you won’t hear from him which will only prove the point that he wasn’t fully committed to having a life with you. You deserve better! Use your intuition and do what you know is right for you. I wish you all the best!

  20. i’m pisces women 30 years 23 years old Scorpio…..may b too young …but
    all he asks from me is to be loyal…thats it…we both don’t ask for attention… just lying besides is all we need …dates n sex is so good… sometimes i think negative coz it’s too good to be true (coz he is Japanese)
    loyalty,understanding,some sapace ,nice sex is all he wants
    i don’t know how long we will go
    but there is always endings to good thing too

    1. Hi haru!

      Just stay optimistic and hopeful. Always talk to each other, be honest, and stay open with one another. If communication works well then you could actually have something long lasting that will be successful. Hang in there. I wish you all the best!

  21. They cheat. They lie and you will never know where you stand with a true Scorpio. My ex husband, ex lover and current boyfriend are all scorps. No words except stay away if you want peace. Very rare that you will find it and more than likely using you for sex or financial gain or whatever they need at the moment. Not only have most of my exes been Scorpio, but also my father. I’m sorry to say it but I truly hope I can stay away from these predators once this last one ends and it will. You all deserve better. Perhaps there are a few good Scorpio men left. I feel sure there are but my experience has been…..go. Go as fast as you can and find someone less confusing, less manipulative and….just go for your own sanity. I wish I had known and heeded this advise many years ago.

    1. Hi Angela! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had some very negative experiences with Scorpio men that shaped your belief that all are alike. The truth is, they are NOT all alike honey. The reason being is that we all have all 12 signs of the zodiac in our birth chart which makes us more complex than our sun sign alone. These men that you’re drawn to must be some drawn to you by something in your chart that makes them think you’re a good target. It might be worth it to find out what your own chart holds. In the meantime though, there are some really amazing Scorpio men out there that do not act this way nor do they cheat. If you like’d to know all the information I can share with you my knowledge of Scorpio men, you might consider my book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

      1. I would have love to get your book on Scorpio men. But he already ended the relationship with me. It’s because our sex wasn’t great. He already ended it. So I move, though it’s painful

  22. I’ve known my Scorpio friend for 25 years. We used to date when I was 19, kept in touch for years, then reconnected when I relocated back home over 2 years ago. We’ve been seeing each other since but no committment. I’m his “homegirl” which sucks. He did tell me he loved me a couple weeks ago, but the whole hot and cold, around then distant is really starting to get to me. I can’t take it anymore and I am a very patient person but this is too much. He’s a great guy, sex and conversation has been great, but I think it’s time to move on for someone more sensitive and more leveled. I’m a cancer and already have enough mood swings!

    1. Hi T! Ah so he loves you but only as his home girl?… Friend zone definitely sucks when you like someone. The distance thing with you comes with the territory of him not wanting you to get too attached to him. I agree with you sweetheart. Your intuition is telling you to move on and find someone else who wants what you do. There is definitely someone out there who will give you exactly what you desire. Keep pushing forward!

  23. Well I’m female Scorpio myself. And my ex Scorpio man cheated on me got her pregnant lied to me about it the whole time and chose her over me. And he told me that I have done nothing wrong to deserve this in any way shape or form. And that it’s all his doing. Now he wants me back

    1. Hi Mychelle!

      Well unless you’re willing to forgive him and give him another chance then don’t answer him. He’s right, it was his choice and his doing. If you do allow him to come back then you should make him work for it and prove his loyalty to you before you accept him back into your heart fully. Be careful!

  24. Where do I begin…so much contradiction with my Scorpio guy, one minute he’s all about me the next he’s not there. Deceptive, rather predatory about what he can get outta me, sex, sugar mama ect. I don’t fault him for this bcus it’s who he is. Complex phyco, tender lover, hot passion, cold shoulder. I’m a libra so I can manipulate well. I finally got sick and tired of the games and played that scorpio right into the palm of my pretty little palm, made him think he had a chance to get what he wants most from me, sex and intamacy. But my heart had went cold from all the deceptive games he played with me. I got my revenge. My best advice with a bent scorp is to leave them wanting more….just go. And make sure you leave happy! And keep looking happy because deep down inside scorp knows he just lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

    1. Hi Alice!

      I’m not sure that playing games or manipulating is a good thing. Communication far supersedes anything else in relationships being successful. It’s always better to be open and honest. Also Libra and Scorpio can sometimes cancel each other out with emotions. It can be tricky. This is why being open is so important.

  25. Hi I am cancer girl and was with a Scorpio man for 7 years. He broke up with me for no reason out of blue basically said he not happy in relationship. We were all loved up, relationship good. I wanted marriage kids he didn’t and he tells people she be ok she get her wish. I accepted not to have that wish just to keep him in my life. I told him I give up on tat when I hit 40 which is four months time. All of sudden he dumps me. Wanted to meet 4 weeks later I had to get something from house we were in so he met me in public area, acted like if I was casual friend. His head not in right space few stressed issues and no room for me. Don’t hold out for him he said. When I told him I wait. He couldn’t understand when I told him I deleted photos and messages from phone. He said no don’t I like us to be friends which I can’t I’m too hurt.asked him did he take photos Of us down from walls lockers in house he said no Why would he do that. Can’t understand him he not doing shut down but cold to me like a casual friend. Can someone understand him.

    1. Hi Sandy! I’m so sorry that he broke up with out of of left field. I don’t think it was that quick for him though. I think he probably had known he wasn’t happy for awhile and just finally got up the nerve to do what he felt needed to be done. I’m not saying he was in the right. Treating you as a friend after a break up is ensuring that you don’t get the idea that he wants you back. It’s a way to keep you at arm’s length basically. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It sounds like to me you need to just let him go about his way and find someone else who will be more loving toward you and give you a better life. I wish you all the best! Don’t allow ANY man play with your head.

  26. All my exes and the 3 great loves of my life are Scorpio.
    Dad is also (my true soulmate),
    in addition to Scorpio friends and current crush

    Im a 45yr old Cancer lady btw

    There are 3 levels to Scorpio and have experienced each type

    The low level ones are evil to the core and will shred your soul to pieces

    The mid level have their dark side but generally try to operate at a higher level

    The high level (aka PHOENIX risen from the ashes) are the most amazing human beings you can find!

    In my experience, all the Scorpios have commonalities:

    2)doesnt share anger and hurt
    4)can sniff out a lie a mile away
    5)the stare!
    7)are super sensitive and get hurt easily.
    8)love to cuddle (yep. even the low level ones)..

    Whatever Scorpio type you attract one thing is certain…

    Your inner world will shift in a profound way…good or bad

    I am a Scorpio ascendant and Leo moon

    1. Hi Bev! It sounds like you definitely have something in your chart that makes you so drawn to Scorpios. I am curious as to what that might be. Thank you for sharing the observations you’ve made while being involved with them. It’s always interesting to me to hear other people’s views when they’ve got experience to back it up. You are right, Scorpio men do shift your life in a big way. I can see you can relate as Scorpio rising. Leo moon makes you a bit more open to people though. Again, thank you for chiming in!

  27. Me (a capricorn) and my guy (Scorpio) started dating long distance. I met him on a recurring basis when I was in town for work. Now I’ve moved to him home city. The plan was that I would be here for a few weeks while I looked for an apartment. I’ve offered to split rent / groceries everything during my stay.

    Due to the global pandemic it’s been hard trying to find an apt. And he assured me two weeks ago that he in no way expects me to pack my bags and leave. For the past few weeks it has been great even though we couldn’t really go outside. We both work remotely so I don’t see him for most part of the day and even when I do, it’s momentary and it’s to give each other a kiss or talk through a work idea. He cuddles me every night. He loves cuddling, it helps him fall asleep even though I usually need a little bit more space when sleeping.

    Since it’s his place and I try and make him dinner every night, keep his place clean, and do our laundry together.

    About 2-3 days ago it all started going downhill. I made dinner and he barely looked at me while we ate. “okay” I think, he’s having a rough day and it’ll blow over, give him space. The next day from the minute he woke up he seemed to be seething hate. I keep my voice calm and simply ask him “what’s wrong”, “is there anything I can do?”. I try and get him to talk to me but the minute he refuses I just give him a small rub on his back and I retreat. At night, he leaves for an hour or two, and when he comes back he grabs some food (note what I’ve cooked is in tupperware in the fridge at this point since I didn’t have an appetite) and heads into the bedroom. I ask him if he’d like to sit with me for a while. He says point blank “no” so I ask “did I upset you in any way” and he says no, not even making eye contact.

    I go to bed in a little bit, and wake up in the middle of the night to find that he’s not in bed but in his office. I go to the bathroom and stand outside his office for a second. I don’t know if there’s a woman’s voice I’m hearing coming from his computer. He’s always looking at business videos so I tell myself that this is just work, no need to get paranoid. He’s clearly not with anyone. Finally, he comes to bed and I ask if we can cuddle (note its always him asking) and he says no. So I ask if he minds me cuddling him. And try and cuddle. The entire night either he’s fidgeting or he’s wrapped in a burrito blanket I cannot possibly infiltrate. So I just keep a light hold on him.

    This morning, when he wakes up, I ask him if he slept at all and he says no. I ask if I can make him some coffee, he says no. He jumps out of bed and immediately starts doing things. Moving stuff around, going to grab packages.

    I decided that I wouldn’t spend any more tears crying or sulking. I get my in house workout in. I take a shower, do my hair, start working. I see him a few times and i’m trying to keep a positive energy.

    I’m trying to hold myself together. Trying to tell myself that this is just temporary. I don’t know if anything I’m doing is pushing him away even further. If it isn’t me which I highly suspect that something’s just going on with work. How can I give him enough space in a time where we actually can’t have space. I need help. As a Capricorn, I’m quick to just want to solve things. Admittedly this isn’t something I can solve. I veer between losing my mind and telling myself everything is going to be okay.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Any advice on how to be strong (or at least sound less pathetic)?
    Any idea on how long these withdrawal periods last?

    1. Hi Cap123! There is no doubt in my mind that the stress of this pandemic going on and how we’re all limited is causing lots of emotions. For a Scorpio, it really causes a tail spin for them. You can’t really do much for him though. He has to handle himself. What you can do is boost yourself up with self care honey. Do things that make YOU feel better. Try meditation. There are plenty online that are free and are guided or subliminal if you cannot concentrate. Put on headphones and listen. Do crafts or projects that make you feel good. Focus more on yourself and less on him. In some way it will bring optimism into the home and it will help take pressure off. Give it a try sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

      1. Thank you Anna for the kind words. Finally, two days after my post, he asked if we could go out for a drive and told me he had been annoyed at me and felt like we weren’t in a partnership and that he needed to be in a partnership. He told me what he was annoyed at and though I don’t agree with it I think had these things happened independently outside of needing to be in each other’s vicinity 24/7 it would have been such a dramatic affair.

        I do find it frustrating still how his mood switches between high and lows that I cannot detect, cannot be prepared for, nor understand how to manage. It seems that the only way to be in this relationship is to stop caring so much about his moods. Is that still love then? It seems I need to draw a line or measure to what extent I can still love and be indifferent.

        You’re right that there’s no way I can help him. So I need to put focus on myself. Thank you again for the suggestions.

  28. This guy I like who also likes me. Is a family friend who recently reached out and we started talking/ sexting. In the past he asked for my number and never actually reached out. Another occasion he told me my perfume smelled good, another time he whispered in my ear that he wanted my perfume on him, and now out of nowhere he DMed me. I noticed he is always very forward when we go out drinking and when he’s sober he’s shy. During quarantine we’ve been texting. We have a lot in common, but I noticed sometimes he’s hot and sometimes he’s cold. Meaning that he can be super communicative then disappear. Like he comes after me and than I go towards him, but then he retreats. Then when I message him after he responds immediately, almost like he wanted to contact me. I’m an Aquarius so this is very frustrating. Why do they do this? Does he really like me? Why can’t he just be honest and upfront?

  29. I met a scorpio i am a leo

    he is always here for me he drops off things and runs off.
    he likes me happy he always ask me about everything and anything.
    he wants me happy he always ask me what triggers me to be happy and what makes me angry.
    he nags me all the times……… on what to do what not to do..
    he wants to know everything about me all my relationships and my past..
    HE tells me everything about himself, shares his locations, tell me everything about himself and his hobbies he shows me what he is eatting daily…

    I know he likes me… but he runs away from me… all the times.. like the speed of light… HE IS GONE..

    he wants to see me but when i made plans he is busy

    he is interested but he is always busy

    he wants me… BUT HIDES FROM MEEE…


    now that i confronted him i like him back.. he runs away from me…

    he stopped doing the things he used to do saying he got busy

    but i know he likes me alot… hes still here lurking what i am doing still concerned… but he is scared of me…..

  30. I’m currently in a hot & cold relationship with a Scorpio man. He doesn’t ask about my life or my day anymore – I have to tell him. He’d ask me to stay the night after dinner. We’d cuddle at night then have morning sex & he’d ask me to leave. I recently realized he gave his spare housekeys away. He made some excuse & said his friend who stayed over took it away but I specifically saw that it was there after his friend left. I didn’t take it so he must’ve given it away to someone. He always used “work” as excuse for why he doesn’t have time for me. I’ve caught him not at home on weekend and weekday nights.

    I don’t want to accuse him of cheating but is he…?

  31. Dating second Scorpio man and honestly I don’t know why they have a reputation for being sex gods, sex is extremely vanilla and boring. Also, this hot/cold, distant characteristic, not for me. Be a man and express yourself. I shouldn’t have to tell a 45 year old how to treat me. Scorpio’s are self-centered, selfish signs, secretive, arrogant, and toxic. By the way, I am a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Taurus Rising and he is a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Rising.

    1. Hi Cigua!

      My pleasure sweetheart! Well it just so happens that if you purchase Scorpio Man Secrets, you get one VIP consultation with me. If you’d like to give it a try, I’d be happy to help. It would definitely give you even more information plus you could tell me about your situation for me to best help you with. I hope to hear from from you again!

  32. Hello there , I am female libra recently started dating a Scorpio guy , had two wonderful dates , very magnetic and sensual , but after that he started showing less interest , if I don’t approach him he would not text , so I am wondering whether to distance myself and let it go . I really like him , but I don’t want to act clingy and desperate and also not really into getting hurt since I am on a healing journey from my last relationship

    1. Hi Lina!

      I think he’s testing you more than likely. They have a great time and then they pull back to see what you will do. Will you stop talking to him or will you reach out to him to show him you’re still interested? They sometimes do this when they don’t even realize it. It’s just an oddity to find out where their potential partner is at in regards to him. Just casually text him with a “hi how are you?” text. Always try to put a question in there. I’m noticing that many men don’t reply to a text without a question simply because they don’t think they have to. Give that a try! If you need more help then check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets.

  33. Hi Anna!
    Would love to get your advice.
    I met an amazing Scorpio man about 3 months ago. Our souls instantly connected. We had deep and intense conversations right away. He opened up and shared things with me that he has never shared with anyone else.
    He said that he has never been able to be this open and completely honest with a woman on this level. He thanked me for never judging him, and said that I’m such a nurturing person. He flew across the country just to meet me in person. It was an amazing gesture. We had instant chemistry in person as well. There was no sex. We both agreed it would be too soon for that. We just wanted to focus on bonding. But after a couple days, he got cold, and suddenly flew home early. I was stunned and confused.
    I heard from him a little bit after that, but not much for the next 2-3 weeks. After about 16 days of absolutely no contact, he randomly reached out to me and seemed just as interested in me as before. Said he had taken time to think about things. Said he has never been with a woman like me before. Said it was a lot and overwhelming for him.
    He has also said confusing things about wanting me to talk to other guys,
    And then he told me that he has been trying to date others where he lives, but that nothing has compared to me.
    I told him I feel the same about him.

    I will be down in his area visiting my family and friends soon. I told him
    I will be nearby, and that I’d love to see each other again, but that there is no pressure to hang out if he’s
    Not ready yet.
    He didn’t say much about it. And I have only heard from him once briefly in over 3 weeks now.
    I understand that he may just need more space and time to process everything. I told him that he still stands out to me, and that I’m so grateful we met. And I told him that I’ll listen if he ever wants to talk or share.
    Anyway, does it sound like he is still interested in me? I’m wondering if he just still needs time to process how he’s feeling about me, or maybe he is testing me? I do care about him and our amazing connection. So I am
    Willing to be patient and wait. The way that he pursued me in the beginning and the feelings he shared let’s me know that he thinks a lot of me. But maybe he’s not ready for those intense feelings yet?
    But I also feel that I should continue living my own life and doing my own thing in the meantime. I have reached out to him a couple times. And he is not responding. So now I feel that it is up to him to reach out to me if he still cares?
    He said that he’s never had this intensity and level of open honesty with someone and that it’s been a lot for him.
    So maybe that is scaring him a bit?
    I don’t know.
    Any thoughts or advice would be great.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Artemis!

      It sounds like your guy is afraid actually. If he’s being suggestive for you to meet other guys it’s because he’s feeling insecure and doesn’t want to get hurt. All you can do at this point is be patient and see if he starts reaching out to you again. You’ve already told him you’re there for him and will hear him out if he wants to talk and that’s the best thing you could have done. I do think that the intensity probably freaked him out. If he’s been hurt before, this makes him fearful that he’ll just end up screwed again. Give him time and space. If he still feels the same way for you, he’ll be back. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  34. I have a close friend, Scorpio man, who basically crossed the line romantically with me one night and into the next morning. We kissed and shared a really intimate few hours together. Next few days, he pulls back. Tells me he couldn’t be what I needed him to be. I told him I don’t “need” him to be anything, that I appreciate him for who he is and not what he could be for me.

    We went on a road trip together during that time and kept things strictly friends. But in the last days of our trip, he got close and held me in his arms again and we stayed like this over two nights. He told me how I am amazing, how he has so much love for me that he doesn’t know what to do with it.

    After that trip, he went home for a month. Decided he would stay there over the winter as he deals with health issues and poor financials stemming from those issues. He came back to collect his stuff for the week and essentially, he is already seeing another woman. He acts like there is nothing for us to talk about — the connection, the intimacy we shared. That we are “just friends” again without even a bit of discussion about what that was, except that he has even closed the door to connecting as friends because he doesn’t want to let me in, and shows no interest in asking about my life, as he did at the beginning.

    I don’t get it, and I’m about to walk away. I’m totally heartbroken.

    1. Hi Heartbroken!

      Ugh I am so very sorry to hear that this happened to you sweetheart. The way they can suddenly shut things off is perplexing indeed. They way they move on so quickly is also unfathomable. The thing is, whoever he moved on with won’t be that important either. You watch… it will fall apart. I think he probably did that to forget about you but in doing so, he created more problems and will probably leave the next woman hurt as well. He needs to learn how to be secure in himself and stop hurting others. He’s got that syndrome of that “grass is greener on the other side”. He has to learn how to appreciate what he has and not looking elsewhere. That’s his problem though. You need to work on you, work on your healing, and let someone else love you like you deserve when you’re ready. I wish you the best!

  35. I’m a pisces woman and have been dating a scorpio man for 3 months. He’s dumped me 3 times in that period for silly reasons. One day he says he loves me and another day treats me like an outsider. Why?

    1. Hi Julia!

      Yikes, if he’s dumped you 3 times then he’s not the right guy for you honey. He sounds immature and not ready to settle down. Don’t keep hurting yourself by letting him in that easy. Tell him that you deserve love and respect and until he’s ready to give you that then you don’t want to hear from you. He needs time to get himself together before he’s with anyone. He sounds like an emotional disaster zone. He is the only one that can fix that. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  36. I had been seeing a Scorpio man for a few months off and on and he seems to have this reoccurring cycle of leaving on read or just ignoring me. It has happened now twice and the last time, I reached out to him when he has posted on social media that he hired and wanted someone to talk to. Now as someone who is very in touch with their intuition, I thought he was fishing for me to reach out to him because he was too afraid. He seemed very happy I had done so and he asked to see me again. I ended up staying the night and things got very heavy intimately but nothing had happened. After that night, he pulled away again after about a week and a half or two weeks and we still are on that cold phase. But he never removes me from his social media and hasn’t blocked my number that I’m aware of. I don’t mind being patient with him if I know that he’s going to make the choice of coming back to me in the end. But not being entirely sure of that makes it very difficult for me to wait for him. I do really care about him and I miss him all the time I think about him every day and so I just continue to hang on until he’s ready.

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