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Ignoring a Scorpio Man Can Be Disastrous – This Is Why

Are you irritated or hurt by a Scorpio man but you’re not ready to talk to him about it so you’re ignoring him? There are some really good reasons why this isn’t helpful to you.

Keep reading why ignoring a Scorpio man is a mistake:

Doesn’t Know What Is Wrong

If you are ignoring a Scorpio man out without giving him the courtesy of telling him what he did, this will annoy him. He cannot defend what he doesn’t know happened or what he supposedly said.

Scorpio men are inquisitive and analytical. If you ignore him, it will drive him crazy and this will lead to him being pissed off. Once he’s pissed off, he will have a hard time calming himself or he will blame you.

The last thing you want him to do is turn it around on you but if he isn’t sure why you’re angry or hurt then he cannot fix it, defend himself, or even apologize. Ignoring him isn’t the right thing. Tell him what is wrong.

Tell him what he did or what he said that made you so upset. This way he has a chance to figure out what the right thing is to do given the situation. He’s already an emotional guy so when you ignore him you make him go nuts.

Playing Games

Ignoring a Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is good at playing games back if you insist on playing them with him. What I mean by this is if you decide you want to make him chase you or make him jealous, he’ll probably do it right back to you.

No one wins if he’s busy trying to even the score. Ignoring him to see if he’ll chase you down is a gamble that probably isn’t worth the risk. It’s better for you to tell him that you’d like more of his time or attention.

It’s typically best to be honest with him rather than try to play with his head by not responding to his texts, not calling him back, etc. Some Scorpio men may try again to be with you but some will just go ahead and move on.

If you flirt with other men to get his attention while you’re ignoring him or post on social media how great your life is when he’s not around, he will retaliate and you will be hurt. That’s almost a guarantee. Don’t risk it!

May Think the Worst

As I mentioned before, the Scorpio man is analytical and his brain is constantly tossing around scenarios. If you ignore him, he will mull through various types of situations that could be causing you to ignore him.

If he believes you are ignoring him because you’ve found someone else or that you’ve moved on, you probably will not ever hear from him again. He will simply figure that you’ve chosen and it’s time he moved on.

Even if he loves you and never forgets you, he will not stick around and wait for someone to talk to him or explain herself if she’s left him for someone else or decided that he wasn’t worth her time.

That’s basically what it comes down to. He feels that if you aren’t paying attention to him or are ignoring him when he reaches out that you’re just not into him, you have secrets you’re not sharing, or that you have no respect for him.

He may also think that you are ghosting him. Certainly, if you’re upset or angry and ignoring him but he is unaware of the reason then yes, he will think the worst and it’s probably just not a good idea to not answer him.

Bad Call To Make

In general, it’s a bad choice to make if you decide to ignore a Scorpio man. Whether he is aware of what he did or isn’t, he will not tolerate being ignored. He’s the type that will be like “my way or the highway”.

That also applies “either pay attention to me or you can be replaced”. I wouldn’t test any of these theories honestly. Scorpio man wants to be paid attention to, he wants you to respond to him, and he wants to have confidence in you.

Basically when you ignore him no matter what the reason, he feels that you aren’t being respectful and you really don’t care about him. He thinks that if you did, you wouldn’t leave him hanging.

When he feels that you’re not giving him what he wants or what he needs, he will not stick around and wait for you to come back out of your shell and share with him what you’re feeling or what happened that caused you to go silent.

Before he takes off though, he may want some revenge. He may say something really messed up before he then goes silent on you. It’s like you’ll want to respond to him but then you won’t get anything from him after that.

He wants to give you a taste of your own medicine. So the moral of the story is here, don’t ignore a Scorpio man no matter what. If you’re upset with him, tell him you are and then tell him you need a little while to process it.

Tell him you need quiet time to think. That way he’s aware of what is going on and doesn’t feel as though you’re ignoring him.

Though truth be told, he’d rather you just tell him flat out what he did wrong or why you are so upset than simply ignoring a Scorpio man.


Ignoring a Scorpio Man

He may not like it and he may become upset himself but at least he knows what is going on and can try to work with that. It’s better than taking the huge risk of just going radio silent on him.

Scorpio men do not like to be ignored by their partner and will not do well with it. It’s best to be upfront and get it out of the way.

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What is your experience ignoring a Scorpio man? Was it wise? Let me know!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

    • Hi Hana

      Oh hell yeah. That happened to me several times with a Scorpio. I’m a loving Cancerian woman and don’t deserve this. First of all, every time I would want to talk with him about something he did that made me upset, he would just shut down and disappear for a week(no emails, no phone calls,no contact whatsoever) even after I would explain how communication is important in a relationship. He toyed with my heart. So he’s on active military duty and didn’t even say goodbye to me before he left, and then out of the blue when he’s out of state on the military duty, he emails me. Of course, I didn’t answer back. He’ll be gone the whole month of November, and I plan to “ignore” him for that whole time. I even ignored him on his birthday which was yesterday. Let’s see how that Scorpio likes a dose of his own medicine. He’s not only shuts down and disappears, but he lies, is neglectful and has no remorse for the things he does. Take him back??? Hell no!

  • Long story short, my scorpio guy friend is not talking with me because I did not want to drive him for over two hours with my car in a bad state. Yes I did have one thing repaired, but there are a whole bunch of other things wrong with it, and I had just gotten out of the hospital with an illness. His car had broken down the day before mine got fixed. I suggested he call the guy who wanted him to come see him as he was willing to help him out in all sorts of other ways. This was 2 days ago, and I haven’t heard a word. I have tried to text and call him a few times, but radio silence. We normally talk/text all day long. Is there anything I can do? Thank you for your reply.

    • Just randomly pull up( show up to places he’ll be at and play like you had no clue 😤✌🏽If you lucky and you do find him( which btw he is in between hurt and the disliked mental maze we go through 🤷🏽‍♂️the gesture of not picking him up changed his whole mood about you and towards the situation.), but if you do find him, have on the most gorgeous yet respectful dress you can find, and it HAS to be in his favorite color, otherwise he will completely will ignore you like you two never met. Best wishes on your journey ✌🏽

      • its true 🙂 my scorpio didnt talk to me and distance himself for 1 week straight. No text no call, no liking pict on IG no comment on wa, lol. just distance and i know he’s online. The reason is because I ask him to create a short vid because i miss him so much. And he say too busy and not that free. Meanwhile i always send him my pic or vid. So i decided to stop that. no more picture or vid for 2 days straight too. No text no call. i dont much post on my social media too. I know he’ll miss me.

        So i dress myself so cute that night. create a cute video saying the situation (make sure you mean it and says it clear about whats going on lately. dont get too much drama).

        That i notice he didnt response to me the way he used to. I’m not sure why, but id like to understand the reason. And also i explain, mostly i stop talking or ignoring someone is because i mad, sad, or angry. I do apreciate if he can find any other solution because i can’t continue doing this if he keep shutting me out. Also i tell him i love him, and feel blessed for his love. All those phrase i create, calmly and pure energy. I look straight to the camera. only 1 minute vid. I make sure he sees my leg, my hair, my smile he always adore. Simple makeup but cute af.

        And guess what? he reply with lots of love. kisses. and saying my dp and video are so cute, he want to kiss me each time he see my face. (see? he did notice i change my dp, but pretend not to).

        he open up himself again. Keep calm. No rush. Understand that he is sensitive and sometimes overwhelmed by his own feeling and overthinker. I surprise him by saying, baby, i’ve been naughty this past 2 days and maybe deserve a spanking 🙂 he react cool, so i can approach more to seduce him. He always love the feeling of being wanted so bad. I give him that sensation, only if he be a good guy (like responding my approach). Yes. Its a game for this zodiac. Its about sensation. Play with him as long as u dont get drawn. Know your worth. If it hurt u, let him know. He may say it your fault, for let the stupid feeling control u. But deep inside, he was talking to himself about that :). Mirroring. Understand that. He change his behavior step little step. Appreciate that.

        Am a Tauran, by the way

  • Okay so me and this Scorpio man have the same birthday November 4 and we don’t date but he thinks we do I can’t stress it enough I tell him we are not dating you ain’t my daddy or nobody I have to respond to ASAP we have the same birthday and so I was thinking we kinda are the same sort of people but I guess wrong he just kept on stalking me like damn I couldn’t breathe he just kept on texting and texting we are in different states we fell out a couple of months ago but I do kinda miss him I guess he blocked me on Instagram so I mean it’s whatever

  • what if your scorpio man has broken up with you? I have been doing no contact (even on his birthday) because he decided to end the relationship.

    • I tried that no contact rule. It didn’t work. I greeted him on his bday, 5 months after he broke up w me. Not even a thank you. I’m sorry you’re going thru this. I feel your pain.

  • Yes..I can totally relate. They seem to have different rules for themselves. Its very frustrating. I don’t know the answer. Totally confused.

  • Why can they ignore you. Climb into their shell. But won’t tolerate you doing the same. Mine won’t ever address problems. So I feel I haven’t a choice. These men can be high maintenance indeed. It’s been a wild ride. And a bit frightening. I give him tons of love and attention..he is clueless of my needs. I feel silly seeking them out to him when he hasn’t any desire to meet them. He has said very sincere and amazingly sweet things to me. But much of his behavior is defensive. We are like 2 sides of the same coin. I feel like our soul contact has expired but because we work together a few days a month it is very hard so resist the attraction. Very strong. I know his body language. The nuances in his voice…we can be yards away and one look between us is eletricfing. Our interation definitely has a dark side to it. We both have Water and Fire in our charts. Not much Earth. His moon is also in Scropio. Holy smokes. What do you think ?

  • Scropios di not do well with taking 5geurciwn me. They have a different set of rules ( or no rules) for themselves. they can be incredibly selfish and self absorbed . And some play mind games. Just value yourself and nice on if it all gets too much. Keep boundaries with these men. You may be surprised at the outcome they could wake up
    They will treat you the way you let them. Don’t retaliate and be cold and nasty like they can be. Don’t sink to that. You will be punished or caused out gaureeteed. Just causing more pain and heartbreak. Hold you head up high..respect yourself. There are 11 other signs out there.

  • I’ve been seeing a Scorpio for 14 months, I recently told him that he wasn’t meeting my needs. We always have the same argument about he makes time for everyone else, so he ended it saying we can’t continue this cycle. He always fought for me so I know him ending things is for good. He is such a stubborn man that he won’t reach out to me. I’m just so lost. I said my peace to him and he just ignored me.

    • I’m sorry about what happened to you. I also reached out to my ex, and he never acknowledged it. I hope we overcome this hurdle. Goodluck 🙂

  • My ex didn’t like labels. But towards the end of our relationship, he kept making me admit that l love him. Every time he asked me, l would say no. One day, he texted me and said “it’s over” It hurt. He said he couldn’t do it in person. He said we’re not on the same page. When l asked to see him one last time, he said he will think about it but he needed space. That was 7months ago. I still love him. This is the very first time l can’t let go. Idk why…

  • >