How To Make Up With A Scorpio Man After A Fight

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Learn how to make up with a Scorpio man after a fight and move forward with the relationship in a healthy direction.

What happens when you really piss off a Scorpio man or hurt his feelings? Are you done arguing with a Scorpio man? What should you do to ensure he won’t break it off? If you have ever wondered how to deal with a Scorpio man after a fight, you are on the right place.

Scorpio men have a particular reputation; everything comes second to their work, including their relationships. It can be complicated to fall in love with a Scorpio man knowing you’re going to second-fiddle for most of your relationship.

Be careful when approaching a Scorpio man after an argument, as he may not be thinking clearly and could react intensively. Also, they can be pretty precise when it comes to ignoring you, especially after an argument. 

There are things you should know about the Scorpio guy and how he responds to conflict. Keep reading as I will share some tips on how to effectively communicate and make up with a Scorpio man after a fight.

Arguing With A Scorpio Man — Do Scorpios Like To Argue?

Scorpio man is passionate and intense with a strong sense of intuition. He is an emotionally expressive person and can easily express his feelings verbally. 

Fighting with a Scorpio man can be very exhausting. He can be very strong-minded, arrogant and stubborn. In conflict, Scorpio men may seem hot headed, and may have a hard time understanding your emotions, but if he wants to share his point with you, you may perceive him as cold and reserved. 

Will A Scorpio Man Fight For You?

Being a protective and loyal man, Scorpio man will definitely fight for his love. If you are in a long-lasting relationship and if you see that he is investing himself too much, he will surely stand up for you, especially if circumstances are difficult. 

Scorpio man is passionate and a loyal protector. He has a very strong desire to connect on a deep emotional level. He values honesty and trust and takes a defensive attitude if he sees you are being mistreated or if you are contemplating on leaving him. So, he will most definitely fight for you. 

There is no better way than showing someone how you feel by your loyalty right? Keep that in mind when dating a Scorpio man.

Scorpio Man Ignoring Me After Fight — 4 Possible Reasons Why He Ignores You & How To Deal With Him

Would you like to know why a Scorpio man ignores you when he’s upset or angry with you?

Did you get into a fight that is making your Scorpio man distant after an argument? Well, it is not unusual for a Scorpio man to withdraw after an argument. This happens because he needs time to process his feelings before taking action, and he needs time alone to do so.

Let’s explore the most common reasons a Scorpio man may be chilly toward you and how to resolve communication conflicts with your Scorpio man.

1. He’s Really Angry And Needs To Calm Down

This can happen with any sign but it’s possible that your hot-headed Scorpio man is really angry with you for something that was said in the argument or whatever it was that led to the argument.

If he is really angry then clearly the Scorpio man ignores you because he has to calm down first and foremost. He knows that if he doesn’t that he might say something he doesn’t mean or he may be a little too honest.

Scorpio men are short-fused and can become enraged by certain things. If it involved jealousy, betrayal, or something personal to his heart then he will need time to recover and gather his thoughts.

It may be hard for you to not hear from him for a bit but then again, it’s probably better than suffering his wrath by poking a bear with a stick. Remember that Scorpio has a stinger and they’re not afraid to use it.

It’s better for you to back away, give him some breathing room, and let him think things over no matter how much it may feel like torture to you. He may go totally silent while he does this.

This would mean he won’t talk to you, he won’t text, he won’t respond to your texts or emails and possibly won’t answer your calls either. This is all very normal and as long as you back off, you may find greater success.

>> Discover more ways to get a Scorpio man to open up and share his true feelings with you.

2. He’s Hurt And Wounded

If the two of you said really hurtful things then he may actually feel as though he’s a bit scared and needs time to think about if this relationship is what he wants and if the fight was even worth it.

It doesn’t matter if he started it or if you did. He will feel as though you wounded him and that person’s feelings makes him wonder about the relationship as a whole and if he wants to keep it going.

Sadly, Scorpio men sometimes want to run when they’re confronted or hurt so him going silent with you is something that is par for the course. He has to really weigh the pros and cons of being with you.

Keep in mind that even if it wasn’t your fault, he still perceives it the way he perceives it. He will want time to himself to sort things out in his head, mull it over, and hash it out with his own emotions.

Scorpio doesn’t react well to high powered emotional situations. A Scorpio man ignores you fully when he’s truly hurt. He will think you are attacking him no matter what you say. Even if you have the best of intention, he will see it as an ambush.

The Scorpio is a scrapper and so he will fight for himself and what he feels is right even if there wasn’t any malice intent. He’s a reactor and he will react first before thinking it over.

Many times after he takes some time to think, he will actually come back around, apologize if he messed up or will want to talk to you about what happened. If he really loves you, he won’t end it that quickly.

3. He Has A Hard Time Processing His Emotions

I mentioned before that a Scorpio man is a hot head and tends to react before he thinks. When there is an argument involved, he will be really ticked off or hurt without truly understanding what happened.

Once he actually sits and thinks about everything that was said, he may have more questions for you but it’s best you give him a little time first. When he reaches out to you, he’ll be ready to talk.

Do not push him whatever you do! If you try to get him to talk before he is ready, he re-ignites and the brawling may begin all over again which could lead to a breakup on his part.

If you’re struggling with how to get your Scorpio man to let his guard down and open up to you, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Scorpio Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your Scorpio guy!

4. He Has A Fear Of Vulnerability

Scorpio man can be guarded of his emotions. He is very protective, therefore can feel exposed and vulnerable. In order to avoid any kind of emotional distress, he may crawl back to his crab-shell,in other words withdraw from further discussion with you. 

Be very careful how you handle the intense Scorpio man. Let him cool down and think it all over. If he wants to stay with you and work it out, you’ll hear from him with questions or perhaps apologies depending on the argument.

It’s important to respect his feelings and who he is.

When he feels he can talk to you without things getting escalated, he will surely communicate more often and without getting upset. He requires respect and stability.

How To Make Up With A Scorpio Man After A Fight — 5 Steps To Take After An Argument

Give him time. He probably feels overwhelmed by the conflicts and needs time to reflect. In the case of a big argument where you’ve hurt his feelings or made him angry in a way, there is no way to tell how long he will remain cold toward you. He does need personal space to figure that out.

Put yourself in the focus. Try focusing on yourself and making your life path successful. When you do that you’re healing your own wounds and learning to make yourself happy. When time elapses if he really cares for you, he will return to talk. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you and encourage you to be your best self. When he learns you are not prioritizing him and that you are happy with your life he would return to you to set things right.

Be rational and calm. Keep your emotions in check. Scorpio man doesn’t like drama and you need to keep this situation as light as possible. You shouldn’t change who you are for anyone. Have feelings, but contain them around him to a certain extent. Be content and calm around him. 

Be open-minded. Try to find the middle ground. Keep the conversation alive, don’t sound needy or clingy. He wants light-heartedness in love, no hard talk, no judging and accusations. Communicate openly. Express your feelings honestly and work together to find a solution that will be mutually beneficial. 

Apologize if it is necessary, especially if you have hurt his feelings. Be sincere and make sure your apology is genuine. Even if he doesn’t provide an emotional response he will value your efforts. 

How Do You Get A Scorpio Man Miss You After A Fight? 

Radiate success! Show your ambition and drive! Because of his Scorpio Sun, he is attracted to successful, reserved and practical women who know what they want and who stand with their feet on the ground.

Don’t be too available and don’t make him your whole world! That would definitely make a Scorpio man miss you.

If he really had interest in you before this mishap, he will remember that, and he will weigh the pros and cons of whether or not he should give it another chance or if he should let go.

I can almost guarantee you that if he really cared deeply for you before this happened, he will come back to you. He may tell you he’s going to have to work it out in his head, but he won’t let go of you that easily.

FAQ On Scorpio Man’s Behavior After An Argument

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Scorpio man and how he perceives an argument with you?

Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate the difficult times you might experience with your Scorpio man.

How Do Scorpio Men Handle Conflict? 

Scorpios are known for their directness and can be very intense in their communication. They do not fear expressing their emotions and will communicate openly to resolve any possible issues they may have.

Do Scorpio Men Come Back After An Argument? 

Yes, especially if he is deeply invested in a relationship. The Scorpio man won’t easily let it go. He may withdraw to think it through and may appear distant and aloof, but after giving it some thought, he will most likely come back and continue the relationship.

How Do You Make A Scorpio Man Forgive You?

Be straightforward in your communication with him. The Scorpio man appreciates honesty and a direct approach with no sugar coating. He values loyalty, and he would forgive a woman if he saw that she was committed to their relationship.

How Do Scorpios Apologize?

The Scorpio man will choose to apologize in a very sincere way, taking responsibility for his actions. He can clearly express his remorse and directly apologize. He is not afraid to communicate openly and express regret for his actions.

How To Confront A Scorpio Man — Final Thoughts

Just remember, if you had an argument with your Scorpio guy and he’s gone quiet, it’s necessary for him to put all the pieces together in his mind, cool down, and figure out what he wants to do next. Hang in there!

Be respectful and authentic, communicate openly and honestly. Keep your head cool and make space for productive communication with your Scorpio guy. Above all: Express your emotions! Scorpio man values directness. Don’t be vague, don’t make him guess. Instead, focus on clear and effective communication.

So, ladies, have you fallen in love with a sensitive and fascinating Scorpio man? What do you love about him the most? Have you noticed what turns him on and what rubs him the wrong way?

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xoxo, Anna

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20 thoughts on “How To Make Up With A Scorpio Man After A Fight

    1. Hi Diana!

      Scorpios are untrusting of everyone. They’re born that way. That is what makes them very difficult to deal with. Whoever he ends up with has to have patience and prove to him that they’re loyal for him to feel comfortable. It’s flat out insecurity they have. I hope this helps answer your question.

  1. Hahah I can say this article is very good, something that I never found out elsewhere. It is so f*cking true, relate to my situation with my scorpio guy.
    Before I read this, we already do those as well. We fight A LOT, especially in our new beginning. I have beliefs for a relationship, in my perspective. I play fair game. I will not give effort to someone, if he doesnt to me too.
    But by those fights, I believe we strengthening our bond to blend. To know and respect each other better.
    Yeah it must be 100-1.000 fights, or more, in front between us. I never regret the fights, meanwhile I thank for that. 🙂

  2. Do Scorpio men mean what they say in an argument? When were better he’ll say he didn’t mean it but in another argument he’ll say the same things. Is this just to hurt me? He’ll criticize my insecuritys. My body, family life ect.. and say I’m annoying.. but when the fights over here would say he’s sorry and he didn’t mean some things. What do you think?

    1. I believe he does mean EXACTLY what he says during an argument…or even if it’s jus a confrontation….my friend once told me I need to quit being a slut during our las confrotation. I listened. I played along with it. I joked about it to ease my frustration, but in the end I told him I understood his perception, loud and ever clear. And I changed for the better. I believe if a Scorpion man wants to be with a woman, he will do jus that. And if he isn’t interested, he will do little to nothing at all. In fact, he’ll ignore you. No matter what the circumstances once were. No matter how close you once were. If they are mature enough to realize the bond is worth building stronger, he will build and build until the bricks reach beyond your destination. I believe this is true for the most part because my friend is still my friend, despite what I’ve done, and that’s all I ask of him.

  3. Hello ladies ???? Jus some insight on my friendship this is a long one, but it may help someone.
    I’m like this ??with my Scorpio friend ????
    We met at work
    We became great friends within a few months
    We Hesitated to sleep together the first two intimate moments, instead
    We jus touched one another’s bodies ?? haha
    We ALWAYS relax at my place. I dooo love my quater’s decor so I guess thas cool. I have way more room to walk around. I thought My room was messy until I met his. Haha
    It was late in the year so his birthday came before mine, I sketched and colored a drawing for him .
    My birthday came a few months later, he wished me happy birthday and apologized for not getting me anything
    I didn’t expect anything
    We finally slept together…

    I could have died
    The tenth time around I actually told him I was dead so I lay still jus cause I know he likes that…
    he liked that
    He ALMOST ALWAYS asks how the sex was BUT it’s always orgasmic. I always vision the milky way or blooming flowers twards the end I SWEAR I DONT KNOW WHY LOL
    BUT he must see more in me than I do because I’ve slept with other men whilst being with him
    He didn’t like that
    While we were working with one another, we were always together in the building. Breaks. Eating, holding one another’s spots sometimes.
    We would play smart tho, I would leave him be while I’d work somewhere else cause I needed a reason to miss him, instead of missing him while we were together…. I know that sounds weird, but we are weird in a great way together. We tried hard to not flirt while at work but we both quit resisting after the first couple of months and it was MORE FUN.
    One time, a coworker of ours attempted to kiss me when I gave the coworker a ride home one night, this was only 5 minutes after I had told him who I’m “talking/dealing” with . …
    I told my Scorpio friend,
    And ? O M G
    HE was super disappointed in the guy because the three of us were cool and always laughed and joked and worked HARD! (The coworker was a Sagg)
    He tried to sleep with me once before, it didn’t happen.
    He said he wanted to ask the coworker himself
    I asked him if he wanted me to get him
    He said yes
    I walked out, grabbed the worker, and my friend started to confront…I did not think that would happen
    I didn’t know my friend felt that way about me
    He ignored the coworker FOREVER after that day ??????YOU HAD TO HAVE SEEN IT IT WAS AMAZING LY ENTERTAINING YET SERIOUSLY REAL DISTRUST from my Scorpio friend to the coworker.
    BUT to finish up, me and my friend became closer despite how the mixed signals he gave me drove me to continue to be promiscuous
    We’ve talked everything out despite how difficult it has been and still IS …to understand one another’s views and expectations of one another’s actions.
    I told him I like him a lot. I was the first to fall for him
    I was the first to call. Yes indeed, I skipped to my lu twards his car and asked him for his number . I wasn’t leaving the lot without it that night. Seriously.
    And I think he sensed that as clear as the moon was risen.
    I initially approached him at work JUS to pass time I SWEAR!! Cause we were having the BEST CONVERSATIONS DEAD OR ALIVE ? AND I WILL NOT LET THAT GO.
    BUT IF he had INITIALLY told me how he felt about me, and that he wanted to be exclusive with me ON EVERYTHING NO OTHER MAN WOULD EXIST IN ANY REALM !! I PUT THAT ON GODSMACK !!
    We’ve had our revengeful sex already, the sex that he once told me hadn’t existed….I’m very sexual, so he denied my accusation …. then showed me the other side of him….the sex that came the day after I told him I slept with someone else. He could have penetrated anyone of the women that still contact him for sex, but he still chose me… That was jus the firs time
    The second time ….he didn’t have it out for me, no revenge sex. I can’t say make up sex because we are strictly friends….who do some of our favorite things together (art,music, documentaries, we discuss traveling and we converse deeply, etc)
    he was done and didn’t wanna have sex or touch or chill or call or text. He finally came over after over a month . Although he swore it was only two-three weeks hahaha. (It was only 17 days, he was totally correct) it was 7weeks in my world cause I was super lonely and miserable and had to force myself to be happy with my money and I spent my time focusing on what I need to do to make it better. I don’t need to know how to keep him. My soul tells me I have him, because he definitely has me, and I have never felt a gravitational pull so strong from any man such as the one I have with my Scorpion friend.
    We still hugged but it was dry and not the usual juicy ?. Btw he almost never reached out for hugs until a week ago after I told him for the third time…that I’ve slept with someone else. He asked me, so I told him yes. I ain gon lie to the man lol .
    I have him by 3 years and he calls me a cougar lol it’s not my fault I’m attracted to him
    I’m not attracted IM DRAWN TO HIM like…you could place me blindfolded in a dark room and I’d run straight to My friend. I’ve initiated eye contact with him since the day we met
    That’s how I’ve always been with everyone I meet though
    I know ONE THING
    Our endeavors are synchronized
    Our sex is the greatest I’ve ever imagined
    I have a Large imagination…BIG ONE ☝?
    I’ve told him I wanted to change my ways and that I only want him . I only want to sleep with him. He didn’t believe me because I was still sleeping around. The fact is, I HAVE A Very HIGH SEX DRIVE. HE CLAIMED HIS WAS LOW. Another FACT IS his is as high as mine, we both enjoy pleasing ourselves alone, rather than being disappointed by a partner. ..I’ve learned…. I’ve taught him that I can please him, that I can and I will get the deed done….despite how he still wanted to own the moment…..I told him we jus needed to find middle ground …and BOOM!! He lasts forever when we touch, it gives me an mental orgasm that lasts for days…. that random shiver you get when you’re jotting down your grocery list because of that new diet you need for you to gain weight so you can have more body to dominate him on that black faux fur carpet you jus bought from AliExpress … yea. Like that.
    So we don’t argue about how often we sex any longer. Yay!
    Be honest
    Be yourself
    Eye contact EYE CONTACT if you notice that he looks AWAY after quickly staring at you ITS ONLY because he noticed you and doesn’t want you to know. He doesn’t want you know anything if he thinks you aren’t worthy. He takes pride in that guitar! And he’ll play it for you if he knows you’ll appreciate it before hand. Oh yea, he’s interested. And if you intrigue him deeply enough, he’ll engage in conversation that will NEVER disappoint you. Until you tell him where to park and he ignores you because he’s so Alpha . ? ??
    If you lie, you die. But if you’re worth it, find your purpose and I swear he will warm up to your every move. He listens so well. He’s so good with his hands despite how bad he says he is . He may not ever want to be with me now, but I love him and he knows it And I believe that changes the entire game he thought he had controlled.
    Don’t listen to opinions when it comes to matters of the heart
    Most say “ don’t tell him how much you feel for him, let him do that, let him work for it” BUT THATS NEVER BEEN ME I’m too BLUNT and real for that facade game.
    PLUS sometimes, a man, especially my Scorpion friend, has to be told and shown exactly who you are and what you want and they’d BETTER LINE UP ACCORDINGLY YOU don’t have to give him the details all at once, Instead, allow him to pry, because prying is what Scorpio men do best when they are searching for something. He will DIG INTIL HE FINDS THE EARTHS CORE INSIDE OF YOU . If you say you WANT HIM , THEN SHOW HIM YOU WANT HIM AND NOT THAT NOBODY.
    TELL HIM HIS SEX IS THE ONLY SEX ALIVE DURING SEX and or right AFTER SO he won’t wonder afterwards. I HONESTLY DONT KNOW WHAT THATS ABOUT BUT IT May have to do with how I’ve slept with other men, so he may have began to feel insecure. But he’s the best so whatever ??‍♀️
    He sees ME
    except for when my low riders were a bit too…low lol ?. And my hips were out so was my waistband to my VS briefs
    He said it was too sexy and that he didn’t like that
    HE LOVES IT ❤️❤️
    Just only for him and the four walls around y’all two. JUST YALL TWO!!
    He played the games I played along and now we’re bonding 10x strong ??

  4. My scorpio man. ..
    We met in april.. Spent every weekend 2gether 4 two months. Met my family. Made commitmments 2 each other… Then one weekend nothimg. No call no text ZERO.. Then october. Out blue… I get text. “Baby u havent been cheating on me have u?”. So we meet. Talk. Dinner.. End uo back on weekends. And texting me while he at work. 5 weeks go by. He sneaks out one morning and never says a word. I text “hey sexy” wen i wake _ notice him gine. No response. 2 weeks later he texts me ” hey baby. I wana see u wen i get off work 2day,we need talk.”. So i agre.. And he calls for a rain check cuz he got diarrhea…. Wtf do i do…. Ur feedback is needed…. Please advise me… This crap is to much.. Wen its good w/us its completely awesome… But whats up w/the disapearing acts and then pop up like he just saw me yesterday?

    1. You need to cut all lines with him it’s obvious hes using you for sex and playing games hes not serious about you my boyfriend is Scorpio and I’m Aquarius no way in hell do I allow that type of f*ckery around me and he knows it too we have gotten into fights disagreements but in the end it works out sometimes he will push my button and boundaries but there’s a limit I allow him to with out cussing him off and telling him NO you need to stand up for yourself and not be a rug for him to step all over you or a toilet paper for him to wipe his *ss with tbh he knows he has you wrapped around his finger because you end up sleeping with him making him believe that you’re easy to f*ck and dump respect yourself and don’t allow him to pump and disappear on you stand up for yourself be dominant take charge and show him you’re not a toy or a person to be f*cked with

  5. This article is very helpful and very well relates to the situation I am in. My Scorpio husband of 4+ years…

    We both put part of our salaries in a joint account for paying house loan, saving purposes etc. This joint account is the “only” savings account I have. He earns much more than I do.

    Few months back he got a new job with much higher pay, which was great – but he chose to lie to me about his salary. I found out and confronted him, we argued, and I told him I was upset. He said he doesn’t like sharing his salary even though I share mine. I was upset, I became fine in a few days and the discussion just ended.

    Then he opened a bank account and was trying to hide it from me – I found out, but this time confronted him very calmly and just said at least let me know you are saving some extra money in another account too. He said he made this account for whenever we plan a child and didn’t want this money to be touched. The discussion ended calmly.

    Recently I said to my husband that out of what I put in our joint account, I will put some percentage% of that in the other (hidden) account, so we save more, but he refused and said no I don’t want to add you on that account and I want to keep it separate. When I asked why? He just said I don’t trust you coz you spend a lot, when I asked where do I spend? He didn’t really have a good answer. We argued. Next day I calmly told him that what you are doing is called “Financial Infidelity” and I suggest we either go to a counselor or I put all my salary savings in a fixed deposit in both of our names, he was upset and said you can put it in the deposit, its ok I will manage the house loan expenses etc. Since then we are only talking to each other to the point and are obviously upset. But I am standing my ground because I feel there was a pattern of him lying and hiding stuff, which is not acceptable to me. I don’t doubt him that he is using the money elsewhere, he is just secretive, controlling…and calculative I think, maybe he feels hes earning more, so he can save more besides our joint account, which is ok, but why lie and hide?) .

    Otherwise, we have a happy marriage and he fulfills all my wishes, but as I mentioned above, he likes controlling and is secretive by nature (typical scorpio!)

    Thoughts? Feedback would be highly appreciated! (I am a Libran)

    1. Hi Libra Baby! Thank you for your amazing feedback. I really appreciate it! If you’d like to know even more juicy information regarding the Scorpio man, I would totally recommend my book to you.

  6. My man’s is Scorpio and he’s constantly throwing up my past is constantly griping at me he told me that he wanted me to make a home for us and stay at home and you’ll clean the house and everything and then I’m supposed to just sit here and freaking wait on him to want to come home to me he lies to me about where he goes and I need to learn how to talk to him a little better is there any way that you can help me to tell him that you know I feel like that I’m put on the back burner for everyone else cuz I see him helping all of his friends and everything with no problem but then when I asked him for something that’s a big issue calls me names everything

    1. Hi Andrea!

      Scorpio men do tend to hold grudges and dig up old garbage if it suits their point trying to be made at the time. They also use it as revenge later on when you make them angry. Don’t let him tell you what to do or control you. That’s not healthy at all. Put your foot down and do what you know is right. Back burner? No mam… either you tell him to step up his game or you will step out. Do what you intuitively know is good for you. He sounds like a jerk no matter what his sign is. You deserve better!

  7. I actually loved learning about the Scorpio man. I read up on it a few years ago, when my boyfriend and I got together. I learned he is very private about his feelings and would talk when he was ready, and comfortable. As an impatient Aries woman, it really helped me to keep quiet at the right times. When he felt like he could trust me, he opened up and let me inside. He told me things he said he couldn’t tell anyone else, that I was his best friend. I couldn’t have been happier than I was with him. I had 5 wonderful years with him, (not easy, but well worth it). I did feel like we had a love most people search for their entire lives. Our relationship was tested many times, but what I loved about him was that he was willing to talk, but when he was ready. I had 2 failed marriages before, and he was very different. You see, he and I had been best friends in high school, never dated, but were good friends. We went on and lived our lives, fast forward 32 years, and he and my brother ran into each other. He asked about me, asked my brother to have me call him. The next 5 yrs were the best and most satisfying, beyond what I ever thought possible. I lost him this year. I took this test as just a confirmation of what I had learned earlier about Scorpio men, and as just something I do while grieving. I do feel what I learned about Scorpio personalities helped me so much to understand him, give him the space he needed to be able to feel comfortable and safe with me, that he was able to open himself up. And we felt so connected, I called it ‘two peas in a pod.’ I am beyond lost without him, but I have no regrets, I do feel I was his best friend, and he understood me, as I told him from the beginning that I wear my feelings on my sleeve, and if I told him I loved him a lot, to just know that is me, and I always wanted him to have no doubts about how I feel about him. He even said I understood him better than anyone. He said I had always been his favorite. I will miss and love him forever. That’s my Scorpio man. (I also have a daughter who is an Aries, and her man is a Scorpio. They have been together 7 yrs and have 2 children. I have shared with her what I learned about Scorpios too.)

    1. Hi Christie! I am so sorry to hear of your loss but glad that this article resonated with you and all you know of Scorpio man. How lovely you were able to pass on the information to your daughter. Blessings going around. Thank you darling and I hope your healing process goes quickly and you’re able to get to a better place in your heart so you can open up again to love. Blessings to you!

  8. Thank you for your helpful emails.. After 4 years of being dictated and told how to think and feel and do things, I moved out into my own house with my children and have started “putting my foot down”, where it’s due without an argument.. I’m slowly seeing a little difference with his respect for me and what I need and want in our situation. Atm We are broken up but together lol (in a relationship without the titles and it’s my choice to) because I’ve finally showed him what I will and will not tolerate anymore, aswell as making very deep personal healing time for myself… your information is helping me so much. I feel I’m really starting to understand how he works, even tho his been telling me how he works for years. It never really made sense like it does with you…. keep the info coming ???

    1. Hi Mel!

      Good for you! I’m so glad that you started standing up for yourself and that he started to respect you more. That’s definitely how it works and how it should be. Being a doormat isn’t what this guy is into in a woman. You should never allow anyone to control you either no matter what his sigh. Perhaps the two of you can now build something more healthy and loving. I wish you both well!

    2. Scorpio and their totally insane tests.
      I am dating a Scorpio and we are over 4mths in. He is almost everything described by others.
      We had our first fight a few days ago. He just flew into a rage and I just listened smiling but I said absolutely nothing.
      I had never experienced that with any man before. His tongue is sharp and he used it well. I smiled through out and was patting myself on the back for my calmness.
      10mins later, he sent me some Bible study video and some relationship videos and said nothing to me.
      I waited for a day to pass and by the second day, he had sent another message to me- I refused to say anything. I made a voice note and told him I will never condone name calling and I also asked if there was something else up because the rage was so intense.

      I love him but I will never condone him being insulting to me.
      I am a calm Gemini but I get over things, events or just about anything very quickly sometimes without even processing it so I am open to leaving a relationship that will be saddled with abuse.
      I made my point clear that it is okay to get angry, take time off even but don’t call me names.

      I honestly like the taking days off you know- I get to do whatever I want ( he gets jealous whenever he knows I am having fun) and he quickly gets close again.

      1. Hi Og!

        It sounds like by doing it the way you are, you’re training him for how to treat you which is excellent! It’s also excellent that you get over things quickly temper wise. It’s a wonderful tool to use when you’re with someone who is emotionally driven. He needs that in his life. I really applaud you for how you’re handling your situation. Well done! If you found your formula for success, no need to change it. Wishing you all the love you deserve!

  9. My scorpio man is totally ignoring my bounderies. He tries to put accountability of the entire relationship on me often telling me i need to do this or that to show i love him. I recently told him im done being treated like that and i do not do tricks for love. That have nothing to prove to him or anyone else. Ive made it clear im not in this relationship alone so i wont br carrying the responsibility of it alone.
    Im often confused by the way he loves me so well 1 day and is very angry blaming and manipulative the next. Ive stopped talking to him. Ive went totally silent. He has not said a word. Not 1 word. I want him to understand im not his emotional dumping ground nor am i a doormat. How long before you think he will allow this to penetrate his brain and stop his childish testing? How long should i silently wait for him to contact me b4 moving on with my life and close the door on our relationship forever?

  10. My Scorpio boyfriend and I had a fight over jealousy issue. I posted a video in Tiktok, then my male friend commented on my video saying, I catches his eyes. I did not know the comment is there until my boyfriend screenshot to me. Surely I know he doesn’t like it. So I unfollowed my male friend directly and deleted that comment. Then he started to accuse me of why I didn’t delete it at first before he finds out. I explained to him because I haven’t open Tiktok so I do not know there’s such comment until he told me. I tried to explain the truth but it seems that he doesn’t want to listen at all and put blames on me. I have no intention of keeping this comment and make him jealous. Then we started argue. He said to me that we’re not suitable and hurtful things. He said he wants to be alone and doesn’t want to be in relationship anymore which hurts me. At this point, I know he won’t listen to whatever I have said. He ignores me and act colds towards me now. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid of losing him. I love him and care for him. It’s torture for me to see him treats me that way.

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