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5 Signs That A Scorpio Man Wants To Commit To You

Of all the ‘hard to read’ signs of the Zodiac, the Scorpio tops them all. He is an enigmatic and contradictory beast… but isn’t that what makes them oh so sexy?

A Scorpio man is going to think long and hard about if he wants to commit, because more than any sign in the Zodiac (perhaps tied with Taurus), when he commits, he commits. 

A Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that he prefers things to stay the same unless there is a pressing reason to change them. This is because he knows that if he does change things up, he is going to be sticking to that commitment for a long time. 

If you see any of the following signs that he wants to commit to you, you should feel blessed because he is in it with his whole heart!

Keep on reading to find out how to tell if the Scorpio man you’re with is ready to go in for the long haul with you!

5 Signs That A Scorpio Man Wants To Commit To You

1. They Ask You Lots Of Questions

Scorpio Man Asking You Lots Of Questions

Scorpios are investigators by nature. They see through the veil of pretense and push it to the side so they can get to the meaty truth. 

With any person, they are likely to investigate in a way that doesn’t reveal their true motives. They use their questions to probe deeply into the person to see what they don’t want revealed to the world. 

Now, multiply that times ten for their partner! They want to get to the deep truth that lies within their loved one. 

This interrogation is a sign that they want to commit to you, because they want to decide if they’re okay with all the information they find out about you. I can also tell you though, that holding back just enough from a Scorpio is a good call, because this will drive them crazy trying to find out what you’re hiding. 

They will feel compelled to stay and find out the truth of what your past is, what you’re feeling, and who you really are. 

2. They Find Themselves Spilling The Beans

This one is a homerun indicator that the Scorpio is interested in committing. They would not tell their secrets to someone that they thought wasn’t going to be a steady fixture in their life. 

This is because Scorpio is ruled by the eighth house and the planet Pluto. Both the house and the planet are heavily associated with privacy and things that are not shown to the outside world. The Scorpio likely has a trove of juicy secrets that hardly anyone knows. 

So, as you can imagine, if the Scorpio starts to tell you extremely personal things, then you know that he trusts you deeply. He wouldn’t tell just anyone about these things, after all. 

Typically, if they reveal one secret to you then they are gauging how you respond to it, and how it made them feel to tell it to you. If it didn’t sit right with them then you can expect them to clam up again. 

Now, if you get told more than one private thought then it’s safe to assume that you’ve earned their trust… no easy feat, let me tell you! It’s only after their trust is earned that a Scorpio is going to feel open to commitment. 

3. He Can’t Get Enough Of You In Bed

Scorpio Man Passionate In Bed

Scorpio men are ruled by the eighth house of sex. As a result, don’t be shy when it comes to what the two of you do in the bedroom! 

If you two have gotten it on and he keeps coming back for more, this is a sign that he is feeling prepared to commit to you. 

A Scorpio would have real problems committing to someone who wasn’t sexually compatible with them. In fact, a Scorpio might look elsewhere out of boredom in this case. 

If he keeps coming back to have sex with you, this is significant. Despite being ruled by a sexual house, they actually don’t tend to be huge fans of casual sex (unless they’re feeling extremely low and are looking for something to make them feel alive). 

In addition, pillow talk with a Scorpio is unmatched. The two of you will find out a lot about each other in your time together in the bedroom. This gives him even more reasons to stick around since he can’t resist having access to someone’s secrets!

4. He Remembers Everything You Tell Him

Scorpios tend to have amazing memories for a couple of reasons. They are a water sign, and so they tend to be highly attached to the past. In addition, they like knowing what someone has told them so they know how to approach them the next time they meet. 

Scorpios will often not let on how much they remember, however. Playing dumb is a tactic they like to use so they are underestimated. 

They will actually make it obvious how much they remember with you. This is because when it’s time to commit, they won’t need to play dumb. They don’t plan on there ever being a time when they’d have to fear how much you know about them or how much they know about you. 

You’ll know how much he remembers because he’ll mention some small detail in a story that you told him months later. He might also remember a certain thing you liked on a menu to a restaurant the two of you went to only once or twice. 

This is a huge compliment, and it shows that he is really listening to you in a way that he feels he can be open about. This is a great sign that he is ready to move forward with commitment. 

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5. He May Show His Possessive Side

Scorpios are the sister sign to Taurus, and these two signs often want the same things but have different ways of going about it. Taurus is a sign of “what’s mine is mine.” Scorpio adopted a bit of this, but instead of directing it at inanimate things like Taurus, a Scorpio may direct it more toward people. 

This can be an okay trait as long as it is kept in check. A Scorpio with healthy possessiveness will calmly talk about any issues they have with you. 

In the right context and in the right amount, a Scorpio’s protective nature can be adorable. When you see this trait being shown it is a very likely that they’d like you to commit only to them. 

How did you get your Scorpio man to commit to you? Did you recognize anything on this list? We all want to know, so fill us in in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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