11 Body Language Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There are different body language signs a Scorpio man shows if he likes you, so it is time to spend some time studying his body language and how it changes when he is with you.

Do you feel like your Scorpio man is hiding his true feelings for you? This can be deeply frustrating, but this article is here to help. It reveals the undeniable body language signs a Scorpio man likes you.

Wondering what it means when a Scorpio man touches you or hugs you tight? If you’re unsure of a Scorpio man body language, here are all the subtle signs you need to watch out for to know if he likes you (even if he tries hard to hide it).

These guys have intensely insatiable cravings and in order to understand what makes them tick, you’ll need to know what lies beneath… And body language is a really great indicator of feelings that some Scorpio men would never just say to you.

So, without further ado, I am going to point out the undeniable signs you should look out for if you feel that a Scorpio man likes you.

How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You?

If he likes you, a Scorpio man will want to spend more time with you, thus asking you out or asking you to do more things with him. He wants to get closer to you and get to know you better.

If you haven’t gone out yet, he’ll ask you out if he likes you. He will be very persuasive and won’t take no for an answer.

In the case that you have been out with him once or twice and he asks you to go out again, he’s into you, and you should go ahead and let him know you like him too so that the dates will continue.

A Scorpio man wants to be around the woman he likes as often as he can because he enjoys that time, plus he’s trying to determine if you’re the soul mate he’s been looking for.

Will A Scorpio Man Send Mixed Signals If He Likes You?

Scorpio men do not deal with mixed signals; they are fairly obvious in showing their interest, so you won’t need to interpret confusing signals to get a whiff of their powerful interest in you.

Even when they are playing mind games in a dramatic seduction game of control and pursuit, you should understand that he doesn’t have a type of woman in mind, but he does have a type and intensity of love in mind, and fooling him will be hard.

Known for his jealousy, a Scorpio man does enjoy the thrill of chasing someone who is wanted by others, but he can’t stand dishonesty, and his suspicious mind is always watching for stuff that doesn’t add up, so manipulate his weakness at your own risk.

When he fights, which he does with passion when he is hurt or feels betrayed, he does it to the grave, taking no prisoners along the way.

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Body Language Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

Learn how to tell if a Scorpio man likes you and what gestures he may make to show you how he feels. There is much to read, so take your time and take notes if you need to.

1. When Scorpio Man Touches You

When Scorpio man touches you, it’s electric. You feel it all throughout your body and your soul. You know what he wants, and what he wants is you.

A Scorpio man does nothing by half measures. He is an all-or-nothing type of guy, especially when he’s in a relationship with a woman. His relationships need to veer toward the obsessive and all-consuming side.

So, when a Scorpio man touches you, it means he is all in. His touches will be intense, and his grip will be electrified. He is passionate, and his touches will confirm his intensity and passion.

He almost wants to love his partner to death, and he wants to feel this same kind of intensity from you, so touching and letting you touch him is also on his menu, but feeling his fingers on you is an unforgettable experience.

This is a common body language sign a Scorpio man likes you.

2. When Scorpio Man Hugs You Tight

It takes a lot of vulnerability to be able to feel comfortable enough to go so deep with him, but if you do, it will definitely be worth it. Your Scorpio man needs a woman who is fiery and enthusiastic about loving him. Letting him hug you to absorb all your senses is an amazing roller coaster ride.

He wants you to put all your emotions on the line for him and be completely open with him so that he can hug you tight. As I said before, a Scorpio man needs to feel like his relationship is all-consuming.

So tread with caution because the way he likes to love is on the extreme side and isn’t for everyone. You need to be sure that this is something you are ready for, but if it is, make sure he knows he’s the only one for you!

This is just one of the signs a Scorpio man likes you and doesn’t mind proving his care for you in these simple ways.

3. You Feel His Eyes On You

When a Scorpio man is interested, he shows it in every gesture, and you will feel his eyes watching your every move. This happens when a Scorpio man has a crush on you.

Scorpio men will stare passionately into your soul, notice your hair, and really listen to every word you say. This dude will note your dislikes and your fears, and he will communicate thoughtfully and with serious sincerity.

Scorpio guys will be easy to open up to, and he shows a great understanding of all your fears and scars, but do keep yourself slightly mysterious and follow his lead of show don’t tell.

He is less likely to tell you he wants to take things further than he is to show you concrete actions. Take notes, and where you think it’s appropriate, take the lead. He finds this a huge turn-on.

Scorpio men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. I covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Scorpio Man Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

4. He Will Seduce You Intently

This man does nothing in half measures, and this is especially true when a Scorpio man likes you. This guy will be demonstrative and have a physical style of overpowering seduction.

Whatever he does, he does it with complexity and vigor, so you will have no doubt that he has something planned for you, as he injects intensity and romance into mundane events and experiences.

Pay attention to the sacrifices and compromises he is willing to make to get closer to you, and allow him to sweep you up in a sultry, sexy romance that he will do his best to make unforgettable. He wants to discover the goddess in you, so let her out to play.

Again, this is just another way to tell if a Scorpio man likes you.

5. He Will Want To Take You Out Often

The Scorpio man doesn’t mind taking the lady he likes out for a night on the town. He will be more than happy to take you out on special dates. If he has done his homework with you, he knows what you like and will delight you in taking you somewhere you’ll love.

This guy is a very intelligent and sweet type of guy that will want to romance you as often as he can. You can look forward to him reaching out to you more often and asking you to spend time with him out and about. He’s not afraid to be seen with you at all. 

In fact, he’s much like Leo in the way that he loves to show off the woman he’s with if he’s really into her. Dress nicely because you never know where your date with him may end up. Looking your best will ensure your own security.

6. He Will Seem Impatient

Scorpio men have a special talent for injecting urgency or drama into the mundane events of everyday life and many body language traits might show that he is impatient…

A meeting for coffee can feel like the pivotal scene in a spy drama. You may feel underdressed for occasions with him, and as you start to wear a deeper shade of lipstick or a more revealing dress, he will get more excited.

Scorpio men are the kind of lovers who work hard to stay in your mind and heart for all eternity. Don’t be frightened if he talks about forever when you have only just met.

While he seeks a long-term bond, he is not (necessarily) a creeper stalker or the abusive lover of your romantic nightmares (until you betray, hurt, or humiliate him, that is).

7. When A Scorpio Man Opens Up To You

Scorpio men communicate their interest clearly through gestures, texts, and phone calls because being cool is less important to them than being the only thing they think about. He will let you into his routine and his practical “real” life and tell you his secrets, but he will remain mysterious.

With a Scorpio man, the more you learn, the less you know. Remember, this is someone who uses information as a tool and is known for ruthless strategy, so he will always be holding something back, which may make you feel like you are being played. Relax and enjoy the ride.

A Scorpio guy opens up to the one lady whom he feels closest to in his heart. If you’re there, he’ll definitely tell you all there is to know about him. Sharing isn’t a problem when he’s falling in love.

Struggling to find ways to get your Scorpio man to share his true feeling with you? Here’s more on how to get a Scorpio man to open up emotionally.

More Surefire Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

8. He Asks You To Meet His Family Or Close Friends

The Scorpio guy wants to get the opinions of his family and friends to see if they see him with you for the long haul. This guy needs to know what they think of the woman he’s seeing so that he can figure out if she’s worth keeping or if he should consider walking away.

You may want to be very forthright, honest, and sweet to any of the people you meet who are important in his life. This may mean something, and first impressions are everything when it comes to Scorpio men.

To be clear, the Scorpio man wants his partner to be part of his inner circle. He has to take you to test you out and see if you indeed fit into his inner circle or not. If you do, then you’re definitely “in” his life. Take it for what it’s worth and know that this guy isn’t wasting his time trying to see if you’re the right fit.

9. He Will Be Secretly Adventurous

While he likes to live an adventurous and sexy life, he will want to do it more away from other people’s eyesight. Such things as “the mile high club” may appeal to him, but he isn’t interested in everyone else watching.

This water Zodiac sign isn’t into voyeurism. He feels like whatever he does with you should be very private, even if it is outdoors in a tent. Maybe taking him on a boat in a busy area would be sexy.

You know you’re having a sensual time on the boat, but people cannot easily see the two of you unless they have binoculars you don’t know about. As long as your Scorpio guy doesn’t see it, he’s ok with it.

10. He Will Publicly Show Affection

If he even posts any photos of you two together, it would be a miracle. Though if he does, he won’t make a huge ordeal over it. It’s not very likely he’ll post photos of his family or personal life in general.

He feels like if anyone needs to know, they can ask. He also feels that only the people closest to him have any right to ask him about his personal life in the first place.

This guy isn’t hiding you; he isn’t embarrassed; he just wants to keep his private life private. This can sometimes cause upset where social networking is concerned.

11. He Will Shamelessly Flirt With You

If you have a Scorpio that isn’t quite so brazen as to say it straight out, you’ll still get the hint from how much he flirts with you!

Scorpio man is ruled by Mars, which is enough to tell you that these guys are very direct in their actions and speech. So, if you get the vibe that your Scorpio man is flirting with you, believe me, he is!

He may comment on how good you look or how impressed he was by something you said or did. But no matter how he does it, it will be quite obvious that his goal is to let you know that he likes you.

He will also talk a lot to you, perhaps at the detriment of everyone else in the group. It may well be quite obvious that he would prefer to just talk to you.

This is a typical Scorpio. They just don’t have a lot of social graces. They want what they want, and they don’t care who knows it. They’ll make it obvious within a group of people that you are their preference.

Do Scorpios Like Public Displays Of Affection?

This man already isn’t comfortable being public with his feelings and emotions or displaying his life for others to see. So, Scorpio men don’t like public displays of affection, not really.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t hold your hand when you’re walking through town. It does mean, though, that he won’t be too comfortable kissing or making out in front of everyone.

He will do things like steal a quick kiss if he thinks no one is looking. He may also want to make out in a dark movie theater in the back where no one is paying any attention. So in a way, it’s in public but not where anyone notices.

A Scorpio man believes that what you do between you should be private rather than on display for the entire world to see.

Will A Scorpio Man Test You To Make Sure You Are The One?

A Scorpio man shows his lust in no uncertain terms, but in emotional matters, he will be less obvious. A Scorpio man testing you will play power games, as losing control is his greatest fear. He needs to know he can trust you, but do not mistake his subtle power plays for a lack of real interest.

One of the signs a Scorpio man likes you is when he alters the format of his normal social habit of controlling behavior.

Normally obsessed with being in control, a Scorpio man will test your personal power and the depth of your interest by putting you in charge. He wants to know what you are made of, and this role reversal is something he only does when he has fallen for you.

If You Listen To Dating Coaches, You Can Lose Your Scorpio Man Forever…

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Scorpio man.

And I literally wanted to scream with frustration.


Because most dating advice definitely will NOT work if you use it with Scorpio. You see, Scorpio men are VERY different from men of other signs.

And if you use standard dating advice with Aries, it can backfire. He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again.

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So… for heaven’s sake… DON’T listen to normal dating coaches! They give out the same advice for ALL men… which is absolutely insane. Because your wonderful Scorpio is NOT like other men… at ALL.

So go here now to find out the specific things your Scorpio man needs to hear to melt his heart.

xoxo, Anna

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16 thoughts on “11 Body Language Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

  1. I’m currently dating a scorpio man. I am an aries woman. At the beginning, he was sweet, kind, seductive, sultry, passionate and romantic. Our first date was at the gym and it was 2 days after my birthday – he brought me flowers. He couldn’t stop staring at me and he couldn’t stop touching my hand, arm, etc when we went for coffee after.
    By our second date (the next day) he said he loved me.
    Every time we would go on a road trip, if I was driving, I would catch him staring at me from the corner of my eye. When I’d look over, he’d just smile wider and blink slowly.
    It’s now 3 and a bit months later. He pushed to move in with me at the 2 month mark. Since he’s moved in it’s been a roller coaster ride. I know he loves me, but sometimes I just need to hear it in a different way than just “love you” which he interjects in every text message.
    He is a little selfish and somewhat spoiled at times. He leaves his dirty clothes all over – I cook, clean, do the laundry constantly – I even make his lunch every morning for work.
    Granted we are in the middle of renovations and I am trying to sell my house, and he has a very labour intensive job – but sometimes, I would like a little more play in the bedroom. He is 100% loyal as far as I can tell and I’ve told him time and again, if he cheats, we’re done (same goes for me don’t worry, if I thought I’d cheat, I’d break up first – stupid moral compass that I have).
    I am honest, loyal, feisty, fiery, and yet with him only him am I a little submissive (in every day life) and I allow him to dominate me in bed (which I NEVER let anyone do).
    I just don’t catch him staring at me as much anymore and if I ask him if he sees me in his future he’ll say “I can’t see the future but why can’t you just believe that I love you”.
    I’ve never dated a man so cloaked in his own self made mystery when there really doesn’t need to be any. I am direct and straight-forward – I am more like a man in that regard, I say it how it is. I don’t sugar coat, but I am diplomatic.
    He’s just sneaky and suspicious all the time. he expects to look at my phone at any time, but heaven forbid if I touch his. he’s curious of the text messages I receive, but I should never ask who’s texted him.
    I am at a war with my own emotions at this time. I do love him, but I’m not sure if it’s a good sort of love – it feels almost like he’s manipulated me into loving him (though he says he’d never manipulate me).
    I do feel a little duped. But at the same time, I feel he’s genuine.
    I’m also 7 years older than him – he’s had only 2 other long term relationships before me – I’ve had a few shorter relationships and one long term marriage.
    Not too sure what to make of this.

    1. Referring to the Aries comment that’s exactly what it’s like for me and my Scorpio boyfriend. I’m a Libra and idk why but all my life I have attracted Scorpios probably because I’m on the cusp of being a Scorpio myself so unlike the “stereotypical” Libra’s I stay to myself more often but don’t get me wrong I like to go out and have a good time just not all the time. However, I can’t help but to feel like the grass is greener elsewhere sometimes and I also feel like I was manipulated into an overwhelming relationship. I get that the Scorpio man is very secretive and all but it makes me feel played because he can look in my phone but I can barely view his unless he wants to prove his loyalty to me which idk if I believe anymore. He’s very jealous and protective but god forbid if I act the same it’s like dating a hypocrite sometimes and if I express how I feel he dismisses me and makes it seem as if I’m trying to argue over nothing with him. Yet, I’m going away for college in less that five months and at first he was upset, didn’t want me to go, argued with me constantly but now he’s excited for me to go and experience college life and he wants to visit and stay with me on the weekends. It’s like a constant roller coaster ride but idk if it’s worth it anymore and I’m scared to talk to him about it because naturally as a Libra I can’t handle conflict I try and steer clear of it actually. Naturally I’m very inquisitive as well and he told me he loved me after a very short time of us dating and he used to tell me that a lot but because of certain bumps in the road of our relationship I would ask him if he really meant that he loved me when he told me and did he really miss me when he told me but only because he used to do that to me (btw my Scorpio man has been burned by past relationship(s) now I don’t even get the I love you anymore and I’m not going to say it first for him to dismiss me and Ido if I should talk to him about how I feel because I don’t feel like arguing with him anymore about how I feel for him to tell me I’m being “dramatic” or “too emotional” basically all the things he himself is…. Should I leave him? Is the grass greener elsewhere?

      1. Hi Liynah!

        Scorpios are untrusting by nature. When the they’ve been in bad relationships in the past, they will be even harder to get together with in a solid committed relationship. He doesn’t trust easily and he’s going to require so much patience. That being said, you shouldn’t allow him to push you and do things that he doesn’t want you to do or not do but he himself does them. It’s not fair. Tell him if he needs to see your phone then it’s only fair to see his. Trust goes both ways. Don’t be a doormat. Stand up to him when you need to but do be patient. I can’t tell you if you should leave, that’s intuitively up to you. Do what is best for you in the long road ahead!

  2. YOU’RE describing my Scorpion man to the tee!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A LIL’PEACE ABOUT HIS WHOLE DEMEANER

    1. I’m an Aries girl married to a Scorpio man. This sounds like us to a T, however I’ve managed to weather the storms of Scorpios many intense moods and his test. Its been extremely brutal emotionally but over time (years to be more accurate) he finally allowed himself to trust me. REALLY TRUST ME!! I’m glad I didn’t run although there were times I thought I should!!! Even though he isn’t very good at expressing his love with words I have no doubt that I am very loved. Its been a wild ride but worth it! Ps. Exspect fights! Just don’t kiss his a** and ALWAYS respect yourself! He will reward you greatly?

  3. Simply your Scorpio man just TRICKED u to get in relationship with him even my Scorpio ex pretended like he’ll die for me he’ll do everything for me but now he ignores me and lies to me. So I broke up they only manipulate to get what they want. They especially fall for your looks…im a Gemini girl.

    1. Girl I’m a Gemini and a scorpio guy already tried to kiss me and say he really wants to be with me… ummmm…. scuuurrrr!! ? I’m making that nigga wait to see what’s really up and see how long this “love” for me lasts ??

  4. Ok. Long but true..
    Im 38 years old. I hired a girl 26 years old as my assistant. She worked for me for about 3 months. One day she brings her boyfriend up to the office to meet me. I was cordial, but dismissed it quickly and got back to work. Hes 39 years old. One day she didnt show up to work and I couldn’t reach her so i remembered her boyfriends name and reached out to him on fb. Immediately he gave me his phone number and told me to call him. I called him and he informed me that she had been arrested for OVI and driving under suspension. We kept in constant contact, the following 10 days leading up to her court date. I tried to be as encouraging and optimistic as possible and I didnt wanted the hassle of having to hire someone else as well. He said they’d been dating 6 months and this was blowing his mind. When her court date approached and concluded they gave her 6 months in alcohol in house treatment for having too many OVI’s under 3 years old. She will also go to do six months in another county after leaving there, for violation of probation.
    Needless to say, I was sympathetic to his concern. He told me that once she gets out, she will have been in jail for longer than they’ve dated. He said they had been living in an apartment together for less than a month because she was tired of living with her sister, so he got an apartment so she could have a place to be. He said he got her a car in his name because of her credit, later to find out she had suspended license. So now hes stuck with the Bill’s of the apartment and car note. Not to mention, he just got a divorce a year ago because of his ex wife constant infidelity. I gave him some words of encouragement, told him to make the best decision and to be content with what ever he decides to do.
    I called him, at the end the week after rounding up all of her personal belongings and took them to his house. He invited me in. We set and talked for a while and then she called and I talked to her for a minute. When the call was over, I told him to take care, and that I was in a hurry because I was going to get something to eat. He decided to join me. We went to a sports bar and had drinks and ate and talked for about 4 hours. In the end we parted ways with a hug.
    I went to work and told another employee that I met with her boyfriend to take her belongings. He said, oh you know she was using that guy up and waiting for her man to come home from jail. I couldn’t believe it and especially after all he had done to help her. He said she had told him that one of his kids is autistic and the other manish and they get on her nerves. That hes too affectionate and it makes her want to throw up as much as he wants to kiss her everytime he leaves. None of this sat well with me but at the same time it was none of my business. 
    Fast forward. She has now been in the prison treatment center for 110 days. A few weeks earlier she wrote me a letter apologizing for not being able to continue to work. I called him to tell him about it. He and I began texting and talking on a regular basis. Hello, Good morning, good night. Some of the time just about her and him and some about our own self and lifes. I could tell he was confused and frustrated and feeling some type of way about the whole situation with her and my heart went out to him because I knew how she said she really felt about him, but I never disclose that to him. It’s not my place to tell.
    One day he invited me to eat sushi. I went, we talked, ate sushi, drank sake and laughed and had a good time. And like the first time, in the end, we parted ways with a hug.
    I begin to subside on texting and talking with him as much because I really began to like him, I mean, like him, like him. Lol. I didnt want to feel lmthis way because after all, he has a girlfriend, regardless of what her intentions were.
    Our text and calls dwindled over the next 3 weeks. 
    One day I was thinking about him and I told him I was going out, which is rare because I’m a workaholic, and hadn’t been out in over a year, but it was much needed. I had plans to go out with my bestfriend. I invited him to come along as well. We all met up and had a good time, drinking, laughing, just unwinding all together. Once I saw him, I actually felt like I had been missing him. 
    As always, in the end, we parted ways with a hug. After this night, We began texting on a regular basis again, how was your day, just thinking about you, hope all is well.. etc. We never discussed her again. 
    Day before yesterday (Saturday) evening we planned to go eat sushi. Well the time approached and I had to cancel because I had a deadline and needed to get some paperwork in before Monday. We both ended up texting our sad faces..
    I ended up telling them that when I was finished, he could/should come by and we could have some drinks. He agrees and I invited him to my house for the first time.. I got finished working at bout 10pm and he made it to my house by 11pm. As promised he brought drinks. We drank and talked and laughed and had a really good time. He told me about his family, his children, a lot, just his history period.. I did the same. In the midst of talking and getting up to make drinks and etc., we had a few schoolboy/girl incidents where we’d brush against one another with a quick apology, and continue on with our convo. 
    He sat closer to me on the sofa and when he started showing me pictures in his phone he put his arm around me. On occasions he played with my fingers while talking to me. He kept staring at me. We watched the UFC fight in between talking and laughing. A time or two, our eyes locked and we dismissed it, carrying on. 
    The UFC fight was over. We showed each other our tattoos and talked some more.
    Our eyes lock again, and this time he kisses me. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. He was so intense and passionate with it I almost melted.. needless to say he began giving me oral sex and between his breaths, he would ask me to stare into his eyes. And I did and it felt like he was looking into my soul. When he kissed me he brushed the hair out of my face gently. He ran his fingers down the side of my face. Everytime he kissed me, he’d smile and just look at me for a minute. He told me I taste so good. We didnt have sex and he didnt want oral sex in return. When he was finished, he layed back on the sofa and pulled me close to him. He lay my head on his chest, wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep. 
    We woke up, at about 5 am and he decided to go on home. In the end, we hugged tight and kissed and he parted way.
    Sunday morning we texted our usual good morning. And briefly we mentioned our feelings on the previous night.
    I guess I’m confused here. I mean, I dont know what we are doing but just my experiences with him, hes a good guy and I really do like him. I feel bad, of course he was my assistants boyfriend, at whatever capacity that was. But i feel like he deserves someone like me, who will be good to him and love him like he should be loved. I dont know where they stand, we talked about it briefly that night, and he said it’s been different and he said he thinks she should focus more on getting better than focusing on anything else in her life right now. I didnt want to pry because, I’ve heard scorpio men dont like that. I guess I dont want to go any further, if hes gonna truly wait for her to come out after the year is over with. I dont want my feelings hurt.However, hes so gentle, I dont feel like he would ever intentionally hurt me. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve spent with him and everything we’ve done together, as a whole. Even just our conversations. I dont know if I should tell him my feelings because he may not be there at all, maybe this was something lustful for him.. I dont know what he wants from me. If he does want me, why is he still holding on to her?

    1. He isn’t holding on to her. He is just being nice to her. I want to know more. This was like a good book to me. Plus im interested in a Scorpio male.

  5. Sorry I didnt update. He told me last night that he gave 30 day notice and is moving out of the apartment they shared. And when I looked on fb, he had deleted all the pictures of her. Wondering if hes testing me?

  6. I am a cancer and I know this scorpio guy for 4 years. We disliked each other. He woukd just mske fun of me and everyone but sometimes it would hurt and eventually I started hating him. 8 months ago we again started ralking casually and after some time I had things going on in my lufe fir ehich I had a mental breakdown. Surprisingly, he stayed and listened to me. Thdn we started talking more and more and became good friends. Then I developed a crush and he would also stare at me intently in public. I simply enjoyed the attention until one day he asked for a date. I first refused then eventually agreed. But it got cancelled because he was sick. Thdn he started avoiding me. After some days one night he was drunk and confessed he has feelings for me. After that the next following days I tried to know what he meant but he just cganged the subject. Finally I, a CANCER WOMAN FIR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE opened uo about my feelings and told him everything. He didnt say anything and after a few days he said he doesnot wanna rush snd wabts to take things slow. He wants to get to know me more. Help me. Advice.PLEASE.

    1. Also he is veey straightforward so if he was not interested he would directly say. And he still did not say anything about that night when he was drunk. Plus after that we did not get scope of ralking face to face but he stsres at me and makes frequent eye contscts

  7. This Scorpio guy I like is driving me mad so rude sexual saying what did you just say I said noth8nk his like I thought you said then you was gonna be my girlfriend I’m like no I never said that I smell nice what is it then he said I. A nice person started talking about another guy he said he knows him he will get a selfie with him I’m like don’t do that his like no don’t give a flying fuck confusing mixed signals then I’m on par with his best friend weido

  8. Hi
    I’m 57 cancer woman he 54 Scorpio man
    I’m falling for him after 2 months, he has never said he likes me or I’m special to him but we see each other every weekend and he has brought me my fav perfume for Xmas. I’m so scared of getting to know him more, because I know I am falling in love with him, as being a cancerian I’m all or nothing I don’t see someone for the sake of it , and I can’t control my emotions like he can. I do feel I’m being played and used … but I just don’t know !! I’m so confused by his cool responses, when in bed it’s amazing and he is so loving xxx I know I’m going to spoil things, as I’ve already told him twice to get rid of me , I think I’m going mad that I just can’t take my time and wait for him to say something nice to me , give me something to move forward with. Even writing this I feel so stupid I can’t be more in control . I’ve never been in love before. Why do I need. His validation, why can’t I just wait until he is ready …. because it sounds like they can take years to say they love you

    1. Hi Deb!

      2 months is a very short period of time so it makes sense he shows you how he feels instead of saying it. He’s not ready yet to open up. That’s very typical. Don’t tell him to get rid of you again honey. That’s pushing him to do something to sabotage things. Be positive and optimistic. As difficult as it is you have to be patient with him. You may lose him if you try to push things along. You CAN wait for him and I don’t think it will take him years either. He’s already into you. Do things to take your mind off it and that make you happy. That way you distract yourself not to obsess about it. Hang in there honey!

  9. I’ve been getting to know a Scorpio man for over a year now (work had a no dating policy). I know there’s interest (intense stares, intent listening, sharing info etc). It’s taken a long time to get to know him!
    I’m a Pisces woman with a giving nature. I made a bold move almost 2 weeks ago & suggested we “go to dinner sometime” to which he replied “yeah we can do that” & I gave him my phone number. A week later (no longer working together) & nothing. What’s the deal? Should I just give up? Send help.

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