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The Most Common Reasons Why A Scorpio Man Avoids Your Texts

Why on earth is your Scorpio man ignoring your texts?! How about when you see that he’s read them but he isn’t answering you? What is going on with him? The Scorpio man is infuriatingly infamous for his hot and cold behavior.

There are a variety of reasons why he’s not answering your texts. Keep on reading, because I want to share with you the most common reasons why a Scorpio man avoids your texts.

The Scorpio Man’s Many Mood Changes

This is part of who he is, and you may not understand it (or want to accept it) but he comes from the element of water. This makes him more emotionally equipped, and causes his moods to change on a dime.

Your Scorpio man may be going through things you don’t even know about, and as a result, he closes himself off until he can get back on track. He requires your patience and love.

The fact that his emotions tend to rule him, there are things that could happen when he’s overloaded. Here is a list of examples of what exactly goes on when he’s overwhelmed…

  • He’s Angry With You – If you’ve said something that rubbed him the wrong way, he’ll get pissed off. He is very much the “silent treatment” type of guy.

He may not even tell you that he’s mad. A Scorpio will just stop responding to you or initiating contact. He needs time to cool down before he’ll be ready to talk again.

  • His Feelings Are Hurt – You may have been trying to joke around with him but alas, he took it to heart, and now his feelings have caused him to pull back from you.

He believes that you think less of him through whatever it was that you said. Of course, if you said this in person, you’ll see his hurt. If it was via text, then he’ll go quiet just like does when he is angry.

Again, give him some time to process his feelings and his thoughts about what you said. When he talks to you again, ask him what it was that upset him so you don’t do it again.

  • He’s Dealing With Something Difficult – This is a hard thing to face, but when he’s coping with something that has nothing to do with you, he may close himself off.

You feel like you did something wrong, but if everything was great before this, it may very well be something else that is eating away at him. He may not want to discuss it with you just yet.

This requires you not to take his silence personally. I know how difficult that is, but if you assume the worse then it may actually make things worse.

The Scorpio Man Isn’t Sure That You Are The One

Scorpio Man Ignoring Your Text Messages

One of the most frustrating Scorpio man problems is when he isn’t sure if you’re the one he wants to be with. Why was he acting so into you and now he is cold as ice?

Scorpio men tend to decide what they feel. If they feel something is missing or that there may be someone else better out there, they back down until they figure it out.

With Scorpios, they tend to wonder if the grass is green on the other side instead of trying to cultivate and tend to their own lawn. They don’t understand that no one is perfect.

They want a love that will make them feel that Soulmate connection. If that’s missing then he tends to want to find a way out or take a step back. Either way, it leaves you in the dark.

Instead of him telling you what is going on and why… he goes silent.

I completely understand how you would feel pushed off to the side or as though you did something wrong.

The very best thing you can do when it gets like this is to pull yourself back for a while as well. Let him think, plan, and do what he has to do. If he figures out that you are right for him, he’ll be back.

He’s Legitimately Busy

Why Scorpio Man Avoids Your Texts

When the Scorpio man is busy with work or anything else, he tends to blow off text messages unless they are emergencies. He prioritizes whatever he’s doing as very important at the time.

I know Scorpio seems to have lots of reasons as to why they might ignore texts, but until you find out why you’ve been left in the dark.

This man doesn’t like to be bored and has aspirations to be bigger and better than he was before. He may immerse himself in projects or in his plans to reach his goals.

Don’t jump to conclusions right away with your Scorpio man, because he could very well just be slammed at work. When he’s home, he could be very tired and isn’t up for talking.

He has to learn a bit of balance to let you know what is going on with him. Don’t let him leave you hanging. You CAN do something!

Everyone goes through busy times, but not everyone ignores those closest to them. Scorpio does what he thinks is best at the time but little does he realize how hurtful it is.

It is difficult dealing with Scorpio man problems. The thing is, when you do things right, he will love and appreciate you more than you ever thought was possible.

He’s very romantic and loving but until you’re able to get him out of this no contact phase he’s going through, you’re going to be hanging out to dry waiting on him.

What You Can Do To Get A Scorpio Man’s Attention

How To Get Taurus Man Attention

If he is truly annoying you with his lack of response or attention to you, you are not helpless.

You are not stuck with him and you don’t have to stay with him when he’s doing these things. If you love him, you will work on this.

When you text message him and don’t get a response, send him another hour later that says: “I need to hear from you so I know things are alright.”

If he still doesn’t respond, then stop texting. Don’t call him, don’t go to his house, and don’t give him any more energy.

I’m not saying to give up on him – I’m just saying that sometimes you have to do something dramatic such as going silent for him to notice that something is wrong. If he cares, he will surely reach out.

If he doesn’t, then he wasn’t really committed anyway. You’ll figure out what is going on though by whether or not he will respond.

I would do this for a few weeks to a month to let it sink in for him. If he feels your lack of attention, he may actually miss it and want to fix things with you.

Yes, it’s a risk but Scorpio is all about risks if it’s in his favor. Why don’t you take this lesson for yourself? Do your own thing and have fun with your friends.

When you least expect it, he may send you a text and ask you how you are doing or will ask you why you’re so quiet. Then you can explain to him that you thought he wasn’t speaking to you.

That will start the conversation either leading to a break or a repair. Give it a chance by letting him go temporarily. You’ll find out soon enough what is going on.

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