6 Warning Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you trying to figure out if your Scorpio man is playing you? Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to this guy...

Scorpio men are incredibly sexy – and trust me, they know it! I get so many questions asking me to divulge all the secrets I know about these elusive men, but the thing you ladies seem to want to know the most is how to know if a Scorpio man is playing you.

It might feel like a Scorpio man is leading you on, and you don’t know what to do about it. Should you trust your gut, or are you just being paranoid?

Is this Scorpio man interested in you? Does he make you hot and bothered but you aren’t sure if he’s actually truly interested in you? Could he just be playing with you?

I have some things to share with you when it comes to this scorching hot guy that you don’t want to miss out on! It would be good for you to keep reading to learn more about the Scorpio man and whether he’s really a player or a lover.

Are Scorpio Men Players?

You would be surprised to hear this, but Scorpio men aren’t really the type to be players. These guys are actually more committed and long-term-focused than you might expect at first.

They absolutely love being in a relationship, and it isn’t that common for them to be players. Sure, they like the attention of women, but they much prefer the attention of one specific special woman in their life.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, and you will find a player in any sign in the Zodiac. It depends on the individual, so you need to be savvy and make sure that you are keeping an eye out for any of his red flags.

6 Warning Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

I thought I’d also share with you a few things to keep in mind if you still are not convinced whether he’s being authentic or being a Scorpio man player.

You may even ask yourself, “Is this Scorpio man leading me on?”. Here are some surefire signs to look for when he may be playing you:

1. He Hasn’t Taken You Out On A Date

When a Scorpio man likes a woman, he is going to want to spend all of his time with her. He is one of those guys that can become really obsessed with the woman he is in a relationship with.

He takes his romances really seriously, and he will go out of his way to make the woman in his life feel special and treated like a princess. So, if he hasn’t taken you out on a proper date, he might not be that serious about you, unfortunately.

2. He Doesn’t Want To Be Seen In Public With You

Yes, Scorpio men are really mysterious and secretive and they like to keep their personal lives private, but when you get the idea that a Scorpio man is perhaps ashamed of you and doesn’t want to be seen with you in public, it has to be a massive red flag.

A trademark for a Scorpio man who is playing you is that he never wants to go out in public with you. This Scorpio guy doesn’t want to get together with both you and your friends. This guy wants you all to himself.

This Scorpio man won’t take you out to be around his friends either. He claims he wants time alone with you, but really what he’s doing is getting what he wants from you and has no intention of anyone knowing more about you.

You’ve become his dirty little secret that he has to keep under wraps so that no one thinks he has a girlfriend. That also means that you are NOT his girlfriend, you’re a friend with benefits or a one-night thing.

A sign of him wanting to stay in all the time when you’re with him is a huge red flag that should let you know he’s not in a relationship with you and may not want one either. This is a sign a Scorpio man is just using you.

Girl, you are wasting your time! You deserve so much better than spending all your energy on someone who clearly doesn’t respect you. I say good riddance because he is definitely trying to play you. Shame on him!

3. He Only Engages In Conversation When It Is About Sex

A Scorpio man has quite the sexual appetite. He loves sex and wants as much of it as he possibly can get. And a good old romp is never too far from his mind, but if he exclusively only talks to you when it is about sex, then this Scorpio man is probably playing you.

If you are at the beginning stages of talking to a Scorpio guy and he keeps asking you for dirty pics, tries to sext you, or talks about what he wants to do when you’re together again, then he may be in it for sex only.

When a Scorpio man actually wants a relationship with someone, he typically will save the sexy talk for later, once the bond has been formed and he’s sure that the relationship is going somewhere.

Scorpio is only playing around when he only wants to talk about sex with you. This will be especially true if you’ve already been suckered into getting into bed with him. Scorpio men can be a little prudish when they genuinely like someone.

He’ll hold off on the sex until he thinks there is hope. If he’s diving into bed right away, he’s not interested in a relationship — he wants either a booty call or a one-night stand. You can tell if a Scorpio man is just using you.

Is he asking you for naughty photos or texts too often? He’s playing you, and he isn’t interested in forming a lifelong relationship filled with love and romance. He wants a good shagging, nothing more.

4. He Doesn’t Open Up Or Share His Feelings

Scorpio men have so much emotional depth to them. They have been through some things in their life, and this gives them the great capacity to feel and be intimate with others.

However, if a Scorpio man has never opened up to you about his feelings and vulnerabilities, then he probably isn’t that interested in you. Without a doubt, your Scorpio man is playing you and leading you on!

Scorpio men do not open up easily at all. They take a whole lot of time to make sure they are safe and secure in the relationship they are in. They have to trust a woman to want to talk to her.

That being said, if you’re seeing a Scorpio man or talking to one but he never wants to talk about personal stuff, this is a sign that he’s either not ready or he’s not even into you.

Discover more about Scorpio man losing interest here <<

If a Scorpio man is just using you for sex, you will never get to know him on a deeply personal level. He has no empathy or trust in you, therefore, will never reveal who he truly is, and this is a sign you should walk away.

A Scorpio man who is playing you will keep the conversation very basic (or sexual) without any actual emotion or content. This is a bad sign. If he continues doing this as time passes, he’s not into you. It’s probably time to move on.

5. You Haven’t Met Any Of His Friends Or Family

As you probably know, the Scorpio man is very private, but when someone means something to him, he will always introduce her to his friends or family. It is his way of showing everyone that you are special to him.

So if you have been dating him for a couple of months now, and have yet to meet anyone important in his life, then it is safe to say that this Scorpio is using you or leading you on! So sorry my girl, best to just move on!

As I mentioned, he won’t want to go out anywhere with you where he may be spotted with you. He won’t express any interest in meeting your friends or family.

If you ask him or indicate that you’d like for him to meet them, he’ll come up with excuses as to why he doesn’t think he should or why he isn’t ready. The problem is, months will go by and he still doesn’t want to.

That’s another red flag that you should pay attention to, ladies. A man that has no interest in your friends or where you come from has no investment in you and will not want a future with you. This is another sign that a Scorpio man is just using you.

A typical Scorpio man wants to meet his woman’s friends and family, so he can learn who she really is, where she comes from, and what he can expect from her in the future.

6. He Only Calls For Sex

I’ve mentioned his drive for sex. Well, the Scorpio man will only call you up when he’s bored or wants some sex. Whether it’s phone sex, sexting, or asking you to come over, it’s all about physical intimacy. Another red flag that a Scorpio man is just using you.

This is all physical intimacy without actual emotional intimacy. There’s a possibility he won’t even invite you to stay the night or will ask you to leave first thing in the morning if you do stay over.

He isn’t interested in playing house with someone who he’s just screwing. So if you can tell by all these signs that he’s only into sex… that’s where his head is at and he isn’t in relationship mode.

He has no interest in who you are, where you came from, or what you want with him other than a pleasure ride. Keep these things in mind when you are trying to figure out if he’s really into you or if he’s just playing you.

These are just a few huge things to look for if you’re trying to figure out if he’s just playing or if he legitimately likes you. The Scorpio man is easy to read once you get to know all of the good signs and the bad. It’s up to you to pay attention to his behavior, his intention, and his actions.

Why Is Scorpio Man Playing With My Feelings?

One thing you really need to understand about the Scorpio man is that he loves to be in control. Having power is his ultimate dream come true. That is all he truly wants in his life, to feel like he is the person calling all of the shots.

This behavior trickles down to all the aspects of his life, from the way he acts at work, to the way he performs in the bedroom. He is a master manipulator, and he knows this too well. People tend to bend over backward at his will and he gets off on it.

A Scorpio man plays with your feelings because he likes to see you squirm and wants to know how far he can push you. This man loves knowing that you are under his spell and will do anything he says. This really gives him a great sense of power.

Playing with your feelings is like a game to a Scorpio man, and trust me, he is having a lot of fun doing it! Want to beat him in his own game? Make sure you give my 30-day Love Challenge with a Scorpio Man a try <<

How To Know If A Scorpio Man Genuinely Likes You — 5 Surefire Signs

1. He Gives You A Penetrating Stare

When a Scorpio man is interested in you, he becomes fixated. He will start to stare at her a lot. If you find that the guy you’re crushing on is doing this; he’s likely into you. He has this unbreakable gaze.

When you aren’t noticing, he’ll start staring and marveling at your beauty. When you look up at him, you see him really “seeing through” you. If you are also into him, then this will feel quite intimate.

If you’re not that into him, this could feel a bit uncomfortable as it’s an impenetrable stare. In essence, he IS reading your soul through your eyes. He’s looking at everything that he can see.

Being into you, he wants to study every facet of your behavior, mannerisms, every curve of your body, your hair, your eyes, and your smile. Yeah, he’s into you if you notice he’s doing the token Scorpio man smiles and stares.

2. He’ll Open Up And Share Personal Things

Scorpio isn’t the type of guy to tell anyone anything. He has to feel he can trust someone to share his secrets or his heart with them. He feels as though this is something to be earned.

The woman of his interest will be someone he feels comfortable with and enjoys being able to talk to freely. He may not offer up all of his secrets, but he will talk to you about important facets of his life.

This could mean he will talk about his family, his desire to have a family with a partner, or where he’d like his future to be. He may also ask you what you see for your own future.

Talking about such personal matters means that he feels intimately trusting of you. At this point, you need to decide if you are in or out. If he gets any closer, his heart could get broken.

If you find your Scorpio guy talking about personal matters with you, then you can rest assured he is very much into you and wants to see what type of future you may have together. This isn’t a Scorpio man leading you on!

3. He Will Be Affectionate With You

Just because a Scorpio man is interested in you and likes you doesn’t mean they are not picky when it comes to whom they choose as a life partner. They don’t mind falling into bed with someone who isn’t what they are looking for, but when they settle down, they mean business.

There is a distinct difference between “Let’s hop into bed” and “Let’s build a life together.” You should be able to feel the palpable difference with him. If it’s all about sex, then he’ll probably make that clear to you.

If he is genuinely into you, he’ll actually take his time, hold your hand, look into your eyes, and truly listen to what you have to say. He will also be looking at how you respond to what he says.

Giving you a nice hug and kiss on the cheek shows his affection without coming on too strong. This is something he wants to build instead of jumping into something that may not last.

A Scorpio man who is interested in you will be very careful. When he is just playing, he’ll have no trouble getting you into bed if that’s what he’s after. He’s very clever and sexy. It’s not hard for him to convince you to have a good “roll in the hay.”  That is how you can tell if he’s serious or just in it for fun.

4. He’ll Ask Lots of Questions

Much like the Virgo man, he will ask you a whole lot of questions. He wants to see if you line up with his values and what he wants for his future. Compatibility is very important to this guy.

He’s looking for not only his perfect match in life but also someone to be a great mother to his future children. So he will go through the process of asking you many questions to get the answers.

If you find he’s grilling you for information, this means that he likes you and sees that there may very well be a future with you. This is absolutely a good thing, even when it seems a bit like he’s prying.

This guy will ask you some very personal questions. A Scorpio guy needs to know you on an intimate level so that he knows exactly who you are and what to expect. He does not appreciate left-field surprises.

As he asks you questions, you can feel free to do the same with him. He won’t mind answering your questions if he’s into you. If he acts reserved or closed off, then he may not be too serious yet.

5. How He Reacts To You Staring at Him

Just as sure as he lets you know that he likes you by his deep stare, you can try to do it to him and see how he reacts. Look really deep into his eyes with a glare of “I’m into you,” and see what he does.

If he gives as good as what he’s getting, then he is certainly into you. If he tries to look away with disinterest, then you’ll know that he isn’t that into you, he is just browsing and might be leading you on. That doesn’t mean he won’t be more interested later, though.

This is just something you can test out on him and see what type of feedback he gives you. The Scorpio man staring into your eyes and being responsive is a very sure sign that he genuinely likes you.

How To Love A Scorpio Man And Make Him Yours

If you care about Scorpio man deeply and this is all you are getting, perhaps you need to turn things up a notch and see if you can’t get him to fall in love with you. In fact, it may be important for you to learn how to love a Scorpio man in general.

What can you do to capture his heart and attention? If you insist on loving him and really trying to make something out of this, then you’ll need to pay attention to these tips. It may help you but then again, it may make him push you further away if he’s not into you in the first place. You have to decide if it’s worth the risk.

If he is worth the risk, here are ways you can love a Scorpio man:

  1. Take special care of him when he’s with you. Cook for him, wear sexy lingerie, and make your place like a palace he wants to stay in.
  2. Ask him personal questions about who he is and what he’s passionate about. Get to know him!
  3. Give him recognition for the amazing feelings he brings into your life. Let him know you care!
  4. Have discussions about important life values with him. This gets him to open up with you about his beliefs.
  5. Show him support in what he finds interest in. Let him know you care about what he does.
  6. If he doesn’t take initiative then you can try to plan a date for the two of you. Take him somewhere that involves or is near water. He’ll love it.

These things should get your foot in the door with your Scorpio guy if he’s open to being more than friends with you. Perhaps you can turn his stance of friends only into something more meaningful and long-lasting. Have patience with him, and don’t settle for less than what you want.

Of course, if he insists it’s a no-go, you can’t keep pursuing him like a stalker, so be very careful. There is a fine line between love and crazy. Watch yourself and know when it’s time to throw in the towel.

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13 thoughts on “6 Warning Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

  1. Currently me and my scorpio boy are f**k buddies…how will I know if it may lead to more ? It’s been 4 months now and he’s told me personal information about his past ect…i also would like to know if I should just move on as he’s still saying that he wants nothing more than sex ….it’s getting old now and I’m getting bored of it

  2. So there this boy we go to the same class , my friend always say that he keep staring at me and i been noticing that too but every time i look at him he always turn away we have some friend in conman he haven’t approach me yet but every time i stay in his “friend group ” he will always try to join but we don’t talk every time i say something he always respond with a laugh or a face expression or seem to be listen i say . i want to know why? what should i do (we don’t text cause i know he busy)

    1. Hi Lolipop! Just as with many signs, the best thing you can do is just go for it. If you don’t let him know you’re interested in him, he won’t know and won’t bother to try. Many guys want to feel confident in their approach and are afraid to get rejected. Scorpio men do not like to get turned down or feel they’re in the wrong for what they’re doing. You’ve gone to indicate directly to him or through a friend that you have an interest in him. By doing this, he knows that if he approaches you, he won’t get shot down and that there is a chance that he can get to know you better. Just simply tell him “I find you interesting and I’d like to get to know you better if you’d like to”. That’s a pretty clear cut way of doing it. If you’re too timid then have a friend tell him. Don’t let him slip away if you can take a chance.

      1. Hey guys,
        Can u help. I’m gemini n met a Scorpio man by online dating. He asked me about serious relationship. And when i said ya that i wanted to ve relationship with him, he is so super schoked. My feeling is that he is doesnt acting or lie. True feeling..
        But he never text me everyday like say good morning or asking me about my day. He text me just about sex when we want to meet.
        But now ist not bcos i Tell that im bored to hear that. When we re Meeting I asking and he explain that he is so busy with his work. Have many things to do. I try to believe. Btw…
        Is that normal that he doesnt text me one week or more than one week?
        He said with me that before he has playing with so many girls and now is no girls.
        and he said thats he feel disgusting playing one night stnd and when he already have one he not play and just one and he said *honest*
        We live different city and he wanted to come to visit me.

        Should i believe him?

        1. Same story
          He is a scorpio and I’m Aries.
          I met him on online dating.
          From the first day he kept saying he want long relationship with me
          He loves me and wanna give me ring, bla bla bla.
          It was really weird. So I decided to wait and see what he want exactly. To be honest, I was attracted to him. His voice is unforgettable! We had few video call too. But I felt boring at the end. He just flirting and flirting and keep flirting!! Yeah he tried sexting but I stopped him. I don’t want that with someone I barely know him.

          Anyways, I told him on text that I’m not interested any more. I would like to hear something else rather than flirting. He just replied “ok”.

          After 2 weeks of no contacts, he text me “sorry just block me”
          I said ok I’ll. He replied “Thanks”.
          I really don’t understand how his brain is working!!!

          I think he is just playing. I knew him 1 month, he never told me anything personal about him, and never asked me. Nothing. What the hell I’m surprised on myself where I got this patience!

          Btw I will missed him.

          1. Hi Annabelle!

            He does sound too overly eager to be with you which I have to believe is due to his high libido. I think you’re correct… he’s playing. He wants to see who will send him dirty pics, phone sex, video sex, etc. He is probably very attracted to you but as far as putting a ring on it… I think he was trying to get you to believe he wanted much more than what he was able to give you. If he gave up that easy and wouldn’t give you anything but flirting, you called it right and trusted your gut. I’m proud of you!

  3. I will be at a year on Thanksgiving with my Scorpio man who is 11 months older than I am. We have yet to be physically intimate but hug and cheek kiss often. We are not young adults, we are 51 and 52 year olds, he being my senior. We see each other all weekend long and usually 1-2 days during the week.

    he is intense because he is so emotional and with a Libra rising and a Virgo moon, whereas I am a Libra sun with Pisces moon and rising so those parts of me absolutely love him. We do occasionally argue (he calls them discussions but they feel like arguments to my Libra side that wants peace and harmony, balance…) but after each one discord is less often and the level of intimacy increases.

    I know if we are together, which we will be in some capacity no matter what, the intensity will definitely keep my interest (I hate to admit that!) because dating him is never boring. I can’t wait until we are intimate!

    1. I’ve read Scorpio men loves long lasting friends woth benefits. I’ve been woth mines for more than 22 years and whereas I feel we’re committed to each other he’s not proposed marriage but he’s elated that he doesn’t have to share me with another man.

      1. Dear Jade,
        He needs to make the choice to be with you on his own. This is because he knows that if he commits, he will be committing seriously. So if he is taking a while to officially lock you down, take this as a good sign because he is just really considering you as a person and making sure that you are who he wants to be with for the foreseeable future.
        So, official marriage is not what he is after. He is after committed relationship and he already has that with you, so what more could he possibly want?
        Sending Love to you and your Scorpio man!

  4. He is a scorpio and I’m Aries.
    I met him on online dating.
    From the first day he kept saying he want long relationship with me
    He loves me and wanna give me ring, bla bla bla.
    It was really weird. So I decided to wait and see what he want exactly. To be honest, I was attracted to him. His voice is unforgettable! We had few video call too. But I felt boring at the end. He just flirting and flirting and keep flirting!! Yeah he tried sexting but I stopped him. I don’t want that with someone I barely know him.

    Anyways, I told him on text that I’m not interested any more. I would like to hear something else rather than flirting. He just replied “ok”.

    After 2 weeks of no contacts, he text me “sorry just block me”
    I said ok I’ll. He replied “Thanks”.
    I really don’t understand how his brain is working!!!

    I think he is just playing. I knew him 1 month, he never told me anything personal about him, and never asked me. Nothing. What the hell I’m surprised on myself where I got this patience!

    Btw I will missed him.

  5. I’m a Scorpio with Sagittarius moon and Capricorn rising, he’s Scorpio with Aries moon . I don’t know his rising sign. We started as Fwb, neither wanting a relationship at the time. We hav been steadily seeing each other for 7-8 months now. He has opened up to me, we talk for a couple hours before we get to doing the deed. He stares into my eyes completely when we are intimate, I was kind of shocked by it actually. He lost his dad in Dec. I saw him a few days after that and he opened up showing me family albums, hima s a kid etc. since then he has shown more action of us being more then just FWB… I was over and he was on th phone with a friend of his,he had them on speaker so I could hear. Appearently they had talked about me driving in a snow storm th night before .. which my Scorpio man was very adamant about me driving in, he didn’t want me freezing to death and no one being able to get to me .. so i guess he was telling his friend about it, cuz his friend mentioned it, so i chimed in the conversation a bit. Scorpio man didn’t seem to mind at all… Which I was shocked about… I hav a tree limb issue and he even volunteered to help cut down the limbs for me…. I’m not sure if he is doing this from a side of feelings for me? Or if he is just genuinely caring as just a friend…. Btw he has been adamant about saying no relationship for him… And up til now, I have been likewise. But if he is open, I can bring my walls down and be open too. Just not sure if I’m being typical Scorpio obsessive….

    1. Dear Soundchic,

      One of the easiest ways to connect to a Scorpio is to make him the first one you tell when major events in your life transpire. Nothing tickles them pink faster than knowing that they are your go-to guy. Once again, they love knowing that the relationship between the two of you is unique and special and maddeningly real.
      Another good way to connect with a Scorpio is to try things in the bedroom you have never done with others. This is that ultimate vulnerability and trust that he is looking for and since you have him in the bedroom anyways, why not try out your kinkiest fantasy with him?
      Scorpios are at their peak when they are having sex. When you open up and let loose sexually with them it will get them thinking that maybe you are interesting enough to keep them stimulated outside of the bedroom too. You have compatible Moons, so emotionally you get each other, and this matters to elevate your relationship to the next level.
      I hope all goes well for you both!

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