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7 Ways To Make Your Scorpio Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

How can you make the wonderful Scorpio man in your life feel absolutely adored and appreciated? What makes him feel the most loved? It’s time to spoil your Scorpio fella, so read on to explore what you can do to put a smile on his dial and a spring in his step!    

Madly in love with your Scorpio guy? I don’t blame you – there’s a good reason why women all around the world, in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, have fallen for the sexy and passionate Scorpio man! This is one unforgettable sign. 

Scorpio men are the epitome of loyal, protective, and nurturing – and he’s also quite a teddy bear once you get past his spikes and secrets! These are some of the most committed men in the Zodiac, and this is exactly why you’d love to show him how appreciative you are to have him in your life. 

Spoiling our men can be easy, but spoiling them according to their Zodiac sign is a surefire way to get them right in the feels! 

So, here are a few suggestions that I have gathered for you, my dear reader, on just how to draw him even closer to you, and make him feel deeply loved:

7 Ways To Make Your Scorpio Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

1. Make Him Feel Physically Desired

Ways To Make Your Scorpio Man Feel Loved

There’s a very good reason why Scorpio has the reputation for being the sexiest sign in the entire Zodiac! Passion is his middle name, and there’s nothing more important to the typical Scorpio man than a strong physical connection – and regular! 

If you really want to make him feel very loved and appreciated, get sexy with him

Make your Scorpio man feel physically desired in every way – dress up for him, offer to do the thing he likes so much (there’s always at least one!), and kept him know in no uncertain terms, how much you crave him. 

If you can do this, he will feel like the absolute King of the World! 

2. Trust Him With Your Secrets

A Scorpio man will know that you appreciate his presence in your life when you open up to him and tell him your deepest and darkest secrets. Don’t worry, he knows how to keep your confidences close and he won’t tell a soul! 

When you allow him to see you in all your vulnerability, he will feel validated and loved. Trusting him is one of the biggest things you can do to signal to him that has your chosen one – it makes him feel really important.

An added bonus is that you’ll find him to be a brilliant advisor and excellent shoulder to cry on – this is definitely a win-win situation! 

3. Allow Him To Protect You

Protective Scorpio Man

Scorpio is a sign traditionally ruled by the planet Mars. And, as you may know, Mars is the warrior planet, the planet of battle. Protective, strong, and assertive, Scorpio men just want to be the ones to have your back! They are wonderful defenders of the people that they love and fiercely dedicated. 

When you allow him to protect you and defend you, you give him the chance to feel fully himself. And this shows him that you see him and appreciate him for who he is. As strange as it sounds, when you let him be who he is, is when he feels the most loved.  

4. Get Him Meaningful Gifts

Everyone loves gifts, right? This is an easy one. However, it’s the type of gift that you get that makes all the difference. So, what does a typical Scorpio man like to receive? 

It’s got to be meaningful. He’s a water sign, after all, so you can’t just get him something expensive and fancy and expect him to feel appreciated. No, a Scorpio man needs something a little more than that! 

This is a sign that’s surprisingly sentimental, and very deep. So, getting him a gift may be something like a dinner out at the place where you first met, or a framed photograph of a special moment. 

It may be a nude painting of yourself (he does love sexy art!) or a handmade book of moments you’ve had together. It could be even more thoughtful in terms of being something he mentioned he wanted months ago that has immense personal meaning to him. 

Whatever you do, make sure it has a story and touches his heart. That it’s something deeply personal to him as an individual, or to your relationship. You’ll have him weak at the knees! 

5. Invite Him To Vent With You

Making Scorpio Man Feel Appreciated

Scorpio men are very controlled to the outside world. They seem like they have it all together but inside, there’s a seething storm of emotion and feelings! 

Inviting him to vent to you can make him feel very loved and affirmed. Simply asking him to share his day with you, or inviting him to talk about a colleague that gets on his nerves is a great way to show him you appreciate how hard he works and what he goes through in his day to day! 

6. Verbally Appreciate Him

Sometimes, all we need is some verbal appreciation. This can be done by simply saying to him “Baby, I really appreciate you being there for me last night.” Or, “I really love how you always take the trash out for us, thank you!” Or simply telling him you love him.

You can also pop him a text message or handwrite him a letter and leave for him to find when he comes home from work. There’s nothing as lovely as being appreciated after a long and hard day, and reminded how loved you are! 

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7. Give Him Loads Of Affection

Another way that you can show your Scorpio fella that you love him is by being physically close to him in a non-sexual way. Yes, he loves the sexy times, too (see tip number one!), but as a water sign, he also really loves to be cuddled.

Body language is sometimes easiest to express feelings than using words to try and communicate your love and appreciation to him. 

Remember, he’s an intuitive guy, ladies so he will pick up what you’re putting down when you reach in to hug him or hold him after having not seen him for a while. He will melt into your arms and feel oh so cherished! 

Sometimes, he will seek some space, especially if he’s moody, so keep your distance when you sense there’s a storm brewing. But generally speaking, you can shower him with affection, and he will just love it! 

Got some tips to share with us to spoil a Scorpio man and show him your love and appreciation? Please go ahead and share them in the comments box below! I learn so much from you, my dear readers! Your words will stay anonymous!  

If you want to know more about how to win this mysterious sign’s heart, then check out my Forever Love with Scorpio Man Guide right here to see what it’s all about.

And if you are seeking private guidance on how to show him just how much you care and what to do next in love and life, then consider booking a private consultation where you can get some answers one on one. Check it out here.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Your Scorpio Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

    1. Hi Holly!

      I am so very sorry to hear that your Scorpio guy left like he did. He must have had other plans or didn’t like something about the relationship. It’s also possible he wasn’t good with himself. You can’t make someone do anything technically. Free will is a powerful thing. You did all you could and you are to be commended for it. Don’t give up. Karma comes around and you’ll get a guy that does everything for you. I believe that with all my heart.

  1. I’ve dated over 4 Scorpio men and I’m Virgo. I keep attracting Scorpios and with one right now.
    I can testify that all those love languages are for scorpions. They love physical touch, words of affirmation, be there to protect you and provide for you.

    1. Hi Cassie!

      Well, Scorpio and Virgo actually work quite well with each other. Yes, I am so glad you shared this as back up for me. I really love Virgo and Scorpio together. They have a wonderful chemistry and can express to each other easier. I do wish you and and your current Scorpio all the very best but hey if you need any tips, check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets!

  2. Hi Ana,

    I am a Scorpio woman in love with a Scorpio man. We’ve been chatting for 3 years but he never makes a move to meet in person. He likes me and we get along very well. He is moody as hell, but I understand him. He says he likes me but nothing more…
    I don’t know what to do so we get together
    I would appreciate any advice you may have
    Thank you

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