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What To Do When A Scorpio Man Stops Texting You

Is he still interested or is he done? It’s hard to tell when you’re fresh in a relationship with a Scorpio man. He goes quiet and your mind turns to the worst-case scenario. It’s a natural human response when someone seems to have gone cold without reason.

The truth can be very different, as texting a Scorpio man can be a very erratic experience. This unpredictable guy is complicated. It’s a good idea for you to keep reading to learn what to do when a Scorpio man stops texting you.

Your Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You, And Now He’s Quiet, What To Do…

This sounds confusing, doesn’t it?! The truth is, Scorpio men are very emotionally sensitive. If they truly start to fall for someone, it can sometimes scare the pants off of them!

He can seem in tune with you and you’re sure that he’s fallen in love with you, then suddenly you don’t hear anything from him at all. It makes you feel like he changed his mind.

Your Scorpio man didn’t change his mind that fast. He realized that this is now a risky situation for him and he isn’t sure if he wants to keep going. I mean yes, he does want to, but he’s afraid of getting hurt.

When things get hot and heavy, he feels like maybe it’s too good to be true, and so he pulls back so that he can really look over things and decide what he will do next.

It’s kind of like a need for a “breather” when he feels himself letting his wall down for you.

Try to think about what all has happened between you. If things were heading in an excellent direction and you were sure that he is in love with you, then he probably is.

How do you handle this? Well… start by giving him the space he needs. That doesn’t mean you should go totally quiet, but back off a little bit. Give him a few days without contact.

Casually pop back up saying, “Hope you’re doing well, it’s been a minute.” He most likely will respond. He might say he’s been busy or not feeling well. Proceed with him as normal after that.

Restrain Your Urges To Text Frequently

What I mean by this is that you have to have patience with the Scorpio man. If he really likes you or is in love with you, he will be back. This is especially true if it was nothing of your own doing that caused him to back off.

Don’t start bombarding him with texts because he will feel the pressure and want to shut down even further with you. If you do that enough, he may even call it quits.

The first thing you need to do is when a day or two goes by without contact is to keep your cool. It’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Not yet, anyway.

If it goes weeks at a time then there is something you can question. A Scorpio man won’t do that unless he’s not into you anymore. Just mere days or even just one week isn’t an end-all for you.

Don’t text him asking him what’s wrong. There may be nothing wrong at all and that question will annoy him. If he wanted to talk about it, he’d reach out to you.

It most likely is just fear or some legitimate reason for not contacting you. Don’t let your worries get the better of you. Blowing up his phone is a huge mistake.

Give him a little time before you reach out again. If he still doesn’t reach out you can do a tester text with him saying, “Hi there, how are you?” He should answer but if not, maybe he’s decided this isn’t for him.

Practice Honesty And Being Upfront

Scorpio Man Stopped Sending Text Messages

You always need to make sure that your Scorpio man knows what you want with him and where you stand. There isn’t any progress when you hold that knowledge back.

Perhaps his fear comes from you not telling him how you feel. You should tell him that you care for him and want to be there for him. Tell him you enjoy time with him.

Don’t come off sounding like a friend because if he thinks he’s in a friend zone, he will bail out on you. That will make him cut the cord and you definitely won’t hear from him.

Also, tell him the truth about the fact that you want to be with him but are not interested in friends with benefits at all. More often than not, that tends to not go anywhere.

Be upfront with your intention. You want to date him and try to build something more over time. He’ll greatly appreciate your candid honesty. Scorpio men don’t trust easily so when you do this, he will start to build trust.

Being honest may also be asking him for truth: “do you want to build something with me or not? please tell me.”

That’s asking him if he wants to play or if he wants something real. He should tell you which is which so that you’re able to move on or hang on.

Is He Angry With You?

Alright, so you two fought and you really ticked him off. He’s gone into full-blown silent mode. When this happens, all you can do is apologize and then give him time.

Let him have a few days or up to a week to cool off. Say: “I am sorry that I pissed you off, I want to communicate better with you,” and then leave him be.

I know it’s hard not to text him, but he’ll need to mull it over and clear his head so that when he does talk to you, he’s able to talk to you about what happened and try to move on from it.

If you text him daily about being sorry, this will get old and he will probably drop you. Just apologize once and leave it at that. Give him time and then he’ll likely reach out to you when he’s ready.

In the event he doesn’t, you can then reach out and say: “can we talk, please? I feel awful.” That should get his attention and if it doesn’t then he may be over it and you.

Stay Calm And Don’t Panic

Scorpio Man Stopped Texting Me

It’s pretty normal for a Scorpio man to go quiet at times. He’s random with it and I know how confusing that can be. It can be anything that is making him not reach out.

He could be very busy with work or something else in his life is happening that has nothing to do with you. He has a hard time juggling a relationship when he’s dealing with other very emotionally draining issues.

The Scorpio man gets very easily overloaded. Whatever reason he has, he may not be ready to discuss it quite yet. If he is in love or falling in love with you, he will get back to you.

He may also be testing you to see how you handle his disappearance via text messages. Will you be there for him in a week or two? Will spam the heck out of his inbox?

A Scorpio man needs to know these things so that he knows what he can expect if he gets into a deeper relationship with you.

The truth is, if you aren’t sure why he suddenly went quiet then it may be a good idea to text one time and ask him why he went quiet and then stop texting him for a little while unless he responds.

He may not even really realize that it’s bothering you or that it matters to you when you don’t hear from him.

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The Best Texts To Use With A Scorpio Man

Sometimes it’s all in how you word things that matters to Scorpio man. This is what to do when a Scorpio man stops texting you. Check out these texts that work:

“I haven’t heard from you in a bit. I’m kind of worried, are you alright?” (This is good, to the point kind of text.)

“You must be a busy guy. I hope you’re doing well!” (Lets him know that you understand if he’s busy.)

“I hope you haven’t come down with that illness that is going around, please let me know you’re alright.” (Expresses your concern.)

“Was it something I said?” (It can be meant as a joke or a need to know for you.)

“I’m missing your texts” (This will appeal to his sweet side.)

“Can I ask you a question?” (This text opens up the floor for him to reply, then go ahead and ask him what you want to know.)

Any of these are good conversation starters when your Scorpio man has gone silent. Give them a try and see if your Scorpio doesn’t come around. I’m thinking he will!

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