21 Questions To Ask A Scorpio Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Here are 21 questions to ask a Scorpio man to sit up and take notice of you, and hopefully give you his heart for good!

Hello, my lovely! Getting to know a Scorpio man can feel like a challenge, he is so mysterious and has an aura of intrigue that’s hard to resist. So, knowing what to ask a Scorpio man is crucial in melting his heart and getting to know him better.

Questions to ask a Scorpio man can range from light-hearted and fun to more profound and meaningful. Knowing a Scorpio man, it is quite likely that he would appreciate questions that allow him to delve into his deeper thoughts and emotions.

However, it might take a while for him to open up completely, as Scorpio men are known for their guarded nature. Knowing what questions to ask him is knowing how to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you.

This is why I have devised a list of 21 questions to ask a Scorpio man to help you on your journey of getting to know him better and making him fall in love with you. Follow me in getting the relationship you have always dreamed of.

5 Ice Breaker Questions To Ask A Scorpio Man

It can take a while for a Scorpio man to let his guard down and reveal his playful side, but these fun questions can help break the ice and bring some laughter into your conversations:

1. Start Light and Easy

This is really important, ladies! When you ask your Scorpio guy about his life, go super slowly and begin with inconsequential questions. 

Ask him about his career, his ambitions, and his goals, but don’t insist he reveal anything heavy. 

He’ll find it easy to open up and talk about his professional life. He’ll also enjoy simple questions about favorite foods, musical tastes, and hobbies. These are in safe territory, and they allow him to ease into being open with you.

He enjoys the game of getting to know you, but do expect him to ask you much deeper questions without giving away any personal information of his own just yet.

2. Ask Him What He Likes in Bed

Scorpio men have a well-deserved reputation for being the sexiest sign in the Zodiac. They are often masters in the bedroom, and they’ve probably done things that you’ve only dreamed of—how exciting for you! 

The next time you’re in a close, intimate space, be brave enough to start probing him about what he likes in bed. He won’t reveal it all right away, as he first needs to test how far you’re willing to go. 

But soon, you’ll find there are no limits for him when it comes to talking about his sexy desires. Be prepared to be shocked, delighted, teased, and swept away! 

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3. Ask Him About His Favorite TV Dramas

Scorpios adore drama! They often have drama swirling around them, though they may themselves not be directly involved. 

When they don’t have drama in their lives, they love watching series that focus on crime, investigation, or forensic themes. Chances are your Scorpio man could talk for hours on the plot of CSI: Miami or give you a blow-by-blow of the best episodes of his favorites.

This is a great, easy way to get to know him because it is an easy topic for him to share, and it helps you get into his head indirectly—potentially opening him to deeper topics. 

4. Ask Him About His Pets and His Family

As a water sign, a Scorpio man values his emotional connections very highly. Aside from their love relationships, family and pets are extremely important to Scorpios (and their children, if they have them). 

Asking him about the people and animals he loves is a surefire way to get him to really warm up. And by opening up in the same way and showing him that you care will help him to trust you more and want to let you into his heart.

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5. Ask Him About His Past (Slowly!)

This tip should only be used once you’ve asked all the usual questions and have been together for at least a few months. In fact, I’d suggest waiting until the “L” word has been dropped before venturing into this tricky, intimate territory!

A Scorpio man’s past is an interesting place, and he’s not always going to give you full disclosure. You’ll have to accept that there are some things that you’ll just never know, however frustrating that may feel (especially if you have shown him all of you!). 

So, with this topic, go slow. Be gentle. Ask him about his last relationship and how it ended. Be curious, not pushy—he’ll pick up your intentions before you even know them! Be sure to give as much information as you’re getting, and be honest with him. 

5 More Questions To Ask A Scorpio Man To Get To Know Him Better

Scorpio men are deep thinkers and are often drawn to complex, introspective conversations. Here are five deep questions to ask a Scorpio man:

6. “What Do You Do?”

Let’s get something straight: Scorpio men are usually very determined and ambitious. They are usually quite passionate about what they do for a living, and for a woman to take an interest in their career means a lot to a Scorpio man.

Simply asking him what he does for a living can be an excellent icebreaker. If you don’t know much about his field, then ask questions you don’t understand. Show him that you are someone who takes an interest in other people.

Sometimes, we can get scared about asking questions we don’t understand, but it’s better than being left in the dark.

Notice if your Scorpio man lights up and gets excited when talking about his career. This will show you how important it is to him and that he feels like he is spending his time on the thing he feels passionate about.

This simple question can teach you so much about him, and it is a wonderful way to form a bond with your Scorpio man.

 7.” What Do You Wish People Understood About You?”

There is no doubt about it, but a Scorpio man is one heck of a mysterious and intriguing person. He hides a lot from the world because he is afraid of being judged or misunderstood.

A Scorpio man has a hard time opening up and showing his vulnerable side, even though he really wants to, his fear keeps holding him back. Asking a Scorpio man what he feels misunderstood about will disarm him and make him feel like you are someone he can trust.

A Scorpio man loves deep and intense conversations, so asking him serious questions will make his heart skip a beat. This guy wants to go deep beneath the surface with the woman he is interested in. Can you handle it?

8. “What Are Your Plans For The Future?”

One of the best qualities about a Scorpio man is his determination and drive in life. He wants to go out and achieve something for himself, and no one is going to stop him.

This means that a Scorpio man has a lot of passion and wants the very best for himself and his future. He has big dreams and he loves talking about them, but he especially loves it when the woman in his life is curious about what he wants to achieve.

He adores it when you take an interest in who he wants to be one day. A Scorpio man loves commitment and long-term relationships, so any talk about the future makes him really excited and gives him the idea that you’re interested in something serious with him.

Knowing what a Scorpio man has planned for the future can help the two of you build a deeper bond and greater connection with each other. This is so important for the Scorpio man. Nothing excites him more than deep intimacy.

The measure of his dreams will be a strong indicator of how well you can fit into his world and become irreplaceable.

9. “What Is Your Idea Of A Dream Woman?”

This is one of the questions to ask a Scorpio man in an easy-going manner decorated by your sexy smile… like you are inquiring about some fun little facts about him. However, be very cautious, because the answer coming from the mouth of the Scorpio man will be everything except easy-going, and you will collect extremely important information from each word he says.

Every Scorpio man knows exactly what he wants in a woman. He knows his type and what sort of woman will best fit into his life. He is a straight shooter and will tell you bluntly if he thinks you make the cut.

You can be slim or curvy, dark or pale – this guy really doesn’t have a type. But, from his words, you will find out how attracted he is to you and this level of initial attraction will set the direction of your future relationship for sure.

Remember, “fake it until you make it” can function beautifully well when it comes to business or lifestyle options. However, this can’t work in the long run when it comes to love. Your true personality will show under any type of acting mask, and it’s better to expose your inner world to him in the early stages of dating than to face disappointment later on.

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10. “What Frightens You Most?”

A Scorpio man has a tough facade that makes it seem impenetrable. But the truth is, he is actually so deeply sensitive and emotional inside. He wishes he could have someone to confide in.

Like everyone else on earth, he has fears, but he is much more guarded about opening up and showing the world what he is afraid of. He sees this as a vulnerability, and if anyone knew, they might use this against him.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this, but a Scorpio man can actually be rather paranoid at times and think the worst. However, if you let your guard down and share some of your deepest and darkest fears with a Scorpio man, he is more likely to share with you.

Ask him to share some of his fears with you. Getting him in such a vulnerable spot will help you both form a deeper connection. And this is what you want, right?

6 Flirty Questions To Ask A Scorpio Man

Flirting with a Scorpio man is how to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you. Here are six things you can ask him to spark some flirty conversation:

11. “Can I guess what you’re thinking? It seems like there’s always something fascinating going on in your mind.”

A Scorpio man is always shrouded in mystery and intrigue, and this question plays into his desire for depth and complexity. He doesn’t always reveal what he is thinking and likes to play his cards close to his chest.

Asking him this question shows that you are interested in his thoughts, but you are also making it a little bit fun by making it a guessing game—something he absolutely won’t be able to resist!

You might even find out something personal about him. He finds it so attractive when a woman wants to probe into his inner world because it can lead to intense interactions and a deeper connection between the two of you.

12. “If you could take me on any adventure, what would it be and why?”

There is a side to a Scorpio man that really enjoys adventure and excitement. He loves the thrill of new experiences and pushing boundaries. He is a man who gets enjoyment from extreme situations.

Asking him this question will give you a better idea of what he finds thrilling and adventurous, and it allows him to share his passions and interests with you. It is a very effective way of getting to know what makes him tick.

You might also get a better insight into what he thinks you might enjoy as well. It will give you an idea of how he sees you and what kind of experiences he imagines sharing with you.

13. “What’s a hidden talent of yours that would surprise me?”

A Scorpio man is often full of hidden talents and skills that he doesn’t readily reveal. He is a man full of mystery and surprises; the moment you think you know him is the moment he will surprise you with something unexpected.

This flirty ice-breaker might give him the chance to reveal something sexy about himself. It is a good way for him to share with you some of his abilities that he may not openly boast about.

Besides that, he will like seeing that you are taking an interest in him. And he can control where the situation is going based on how he chooses to answer the question.

14. “Is there something you’ve always wanted to do with someone but never had the chance to?”

This question can really amp up the heat between you and your Scorpio man. It is a way of him revealing his fantasies with you and showing you what he would like to do with you.

This can be an invitation for him to open up about what he wants to experience with you sexually, as Scorpio men are known for their intense and passionate nature.

He may have had partners in the past who were not able to fulfill these desires, so by asking this question, you are giving him the opportunity to share his deepest fantasies and desires with you.

15. “What kind of trouble do you think we’d get into if we spent a whole day together?”

This question will undoubtedly up the ante and get your Scorpio man’s imagination running wild. He will love the idea of spending a day with you and imagining all the mischief and excitement that could ensue.

You are really throwing the ball in his court and showing him that you are open to stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing adventure with him. Scorpio men are also quite dominant by nature, so giving him the chance to plan a full day of fun with you will really tick all the boxes for him.

He will be able to describe what kind of activities, experiences, or situations he finds thrilling and exciting. And give him the chance to fantasize about sharing those moments with you.

16. “What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done, and would you do it again with the right person by your side?”

This question works on so many levels to spark the interest of a Scorpio man. This is the way you want to flirt with a guy like him. He loves intensity, and he also loves a challenge.

Getting him to recall stories from his past will show you just how adventurous and daring he can get. So make sure that you are ready for the heat that this question might ignite.

By asking if he would do this with the right person again, you are subtly suggesting that you see yourself as the right woman to experience these daring adventures with him.

He will definitely value your fearlessness and willingness to embrace excitement and danger.

5 Deep Questions To Ask A Scorpio Man To Get His Attention

Sometimes you need to go in with the big guns, here are five questions that will really grab his attention and leave a lasting impact on a Scorpio man:

17. “What movie or book really changed your perspective on something important?”

The Scorpio man is known for his depth and intensity, so asking about a movie or book that has profoundly impacted him will show that you appreciate his intellectual curiosity and depth.

He is someone who wants to go deeper than surface-level chat; he wants to talk about life, philosophy, and art, which have impacted his life in some significant way.

Asking him about a specific movie or book that has changed his perspective will open up a deep and meaningful conversation, allowing you to connect on a level that he years for in his romantic life.

This will show that you care about his thoughts and emotions and that you are eager to explore these more profound aspects of life with him.

18. “Have you ever had a truly transformational experience, and could you share it with me?”

The sign of Scorpio is closely associated with transformation and rebirth. A Scorpio man is constantly reinventing himself and seeking experiences that will touch him at his core and transform him.

I can bet you that your Scorpio man has had many transformative experiences, which are what give him his grit, intensity, and sensitivity. He has seen it all.

Asking him this question makes him understand that you see him on a deeper level and are genuinely interested in understanding his journey and the moments that have shaped him.

You might get to see a glimpse of his emotional side that he likes to keep very private.

19. “What’s something you’ve achieved that you think would surprise people?”

As a Scorpio man, he is often seen as mysterious and enigmatic. He does not easily reveal much about himself. But I can promise you that with his determination and hard work, he has definitely achieved a few things that would surprise people.

He isn’t the type to boast or brag about the things he has accomplished in his life, so it may take a while to really show you this side of him. However, asking him this question might make that process a little swifter.

He might open up and share something he’s proud of, showcasing his determination, ambition, and unique abilities.

20. “In what ways do you think we’re similar, and what draws you to those traits?”

Finding common ground with the man you are dating is always good because it creates a sense of connection and understanding. This is an essential step to feeling a bond with someone.

Asking him about the similarities he thinks the two of you share will give you a glimpse into how he sees you and probably what he finds attractive about you.

It is always fun and exciting to get a glimpse into how he sees you and what traits he finds appealing in you.

21. “What’s a big risk you’re considering taking in your life right now?”

Scorpio men are known for their bravery and willingness to take risks. He is a man who will take on challenges head-on and is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone.

He knows that he needs to make certain sacrifices in his life if he wants to achieve his goals and dreams. A little discomfort isn’t something that deters him very quickly.

Asking him about a big risk he’s considering taking in his life right now shows that you are interested in his ambitions and are supportive of his goals. It might also give you an insight into what he is passionate about at the moment.

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