5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Scorpio Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re interested in finding out what a Scorpio man absolutely hates hearing, then continue reading to find out what you should absolutely never say to a Scorpio man. This may prevent you from getting into an awkward situation with him! Here are the five things you should never say to your Scorpio man.

Dating a Scorpio man is one of the most thrilling and intense experiences you may ever have! These men are mysterious, alluring, and very, very sexy. But don’t be fooled, they definitely have a soft side that can get quite emotional.

A Scorpio man has a hard exterior, but inside he is surprisingly sensitive. He’s the type of guy that can take offence quickly, and he sure knows how to hold a grudge. So, it might be for the best to not say certain things to him. 

If you’re interested in finding out what a Scorpio man absolutely hates hearing, then continue reading to find out what you should absolutely never say to a Scorpio man. This may prevent you from getting into an awkward situation with him!

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Scorpio Man

1. “Why Do You Have To Be So Moody?”

Things You Should Never Say To A Scorpio Man

It is no secret; most Scorpio’s can get rather moody from time to time. These men are processing emotions on a rapid level. A Scorpio man feels everything super intensely, and it takes time for him to figure out what is going on.

Going through an emotionally traumatic time can make him retreat into himself, and he can go very quiet. A certain darkness may come over him, which can make it really difficult for you to connect with him.

It is hard to relate to someone who is in a miserable mood, but if you don’t want to push him over the edge, please don’t say to him something about his terrible mood. Even though it is very tempting, trust me, it will just make it worse!

The best course of action for you would be to just give it time and be patient with him. You might feel a little alienated from him when he doesn’t open up to you, but giving him space to sort of his feelings is all you can really do.

He doesn’t need the extra pressure of you asking him what is wrong or commenting on his foul mood. Just carry on with your life and let him open up to you when he is ready, because he will, eventually.

2. “Stop Over-Analyzing And Overthinking Everything”

The Scorpio man’s mind is brilliant. He can penetrate really deeply and assimilate information like nobody else. Every choice he has, he ponders over intensely. He hates making mistakes and would rather make the right decision the first time around.

This can make him act a little obsessively in the search for knowledge. He needs to know absolutely everything about a particular subject, and you will find him consumed and compulsively researching. 

If you make a comment about this, you might meet a furious Scorpio. Because for him, decisions aren’t made lightly, he may feel that you’re being insensitive to his process. He can’t help being so analytical and logical.

He has a thinking process that needs to be adhered to, and you saying to him he shouldn’t overthink will not help in any way. A more productive course of action would be for you to go through his list with him and weigh in on his options.

You might help him by sharing your point of view, and he may see the situation from a fresh perspective, and be instrumental in helping him make a big decision.

And one day you might be extremely thankful for the research he has done, because more often than not, his knowledge might come in handy in your life. 

3. “Why Must You Always Be So Intense?”

Things You Should Not Tell A Scorpio Man

One of your Scorpio guy’s best attributes is his powerful determination. This man is fearless and will do almost anything to get what he wants or where he wants to be in life. His focus will make most people sweat. 

A Scorpio man does nothing in small measures, whatever he is interested in his life at that moment, he lets it consume him. This is the type of guy that can quite easily become obsessed with whatever he is busy with.

He is determined to make a success out of everything he is passionate about. His willfulness is unmatched, but this can be a lot to live with and you might feel tempted to tell him to relax and not take everything so seriously.

Be careful of this, he might misconstrue what you’re saying and start to think that you don’t respect the activities he loves. 

Remember, his intensity is probably the thing that you were attracted to about him in the first place, and you are very well one of the things he feels so intensely about. A Scorpio man loves like no other, and his intensity is one of the reasons why his love feels so wonderful.

4. “Must You Always Psychoanalyze Me?”

I mentioned before that your Scorpio man is emotional and very sensitive, and of course, these gifts lend themselves to one other thing, and that would be his intuition. This guy can feel things without you ever mentioning anything. 

If you’re feeling down, and a little off kilter, you probably have noticed that he can always pick this up, and will ask you what is going on. He makes a fantastic listener and gives superb advice, but sometimes you don’t want to talk about your feelings.

Scorpio men really like being the mirrors of those around them, they mean well, because it is their intention to help you and heal you. They are very keen on emotional and psychological transformation. 

But their questions can be rather intense, and they know just how to zoom into the spots that hurt. Trust me, he isn’t trying to hurt you; he is really just interested in helping you process whatever trauma you are currently going through.

So, for you to say something along the lines of “must you always psychoanalyze me?” can actually really hurt his feelings. This may very well shut him down to want to ever help and support you in the future.

But it is also really important for him to learn boundaries and learn that people aren’t always ready to talk about whatever it is they are going through. This point is funny, because sometimes a Scorpio man doesn’t think the same rules apply to him. 

Remember earlier when I mentioned you need to give him time and space to process his emotions? Well, this is what he needs to learn in his life as well. It would be a great idea if the two of you have a discussion about the way you each handle your emotions.

This way you can get on the same page and avoid triggering each other’s buttons.

5. “Stop Being So Darn Pessimistic”

If someone were to describe a Scorpio man as jolly and enthusiastic, you can be sure that they don’t know what they are talking about. A Scorpio guy is extremely realistic, sometimes too much, this can make him rather critical of life around him. 

He really views the world in terms of black and white; there is absolutely no nuance to the way he thinks. Plus, he can get very, very dark. He really has the mind of someone who catastrophizes and sees the worst probable outcome for most situations.

He can’t help himself; he’s been through many challenging times in his life, and being pessimistic is a way for him to protect himself, and practice self-preservation. There is a deep and painful wound that is causing his pessimism. 

It is best not to comment on this. It might scratch open old wounds and make him feel bad for not being a ray of sunshine. This could make him feel resentful or like he can’t say what he really feels in front of you, and there is nothing a Scorpio man hates more than not being able to be authentic.

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My Final Thoughts

Being with a Scorpio man is a wonderful experience, there is so much he has to offer and there is a lot you can learn from him. Especially if you are keen on healing and transforming your life for the better.

He is probably a lot more sensitive than you may realize at first, his intimidating stare probably made you think he’s invincible when you first met. But no, your Scorpio is like most of us mere mortals. 

This guy can get really emotional, and sometimes even a little vengeful when his feelings get hurt. Be careful of stepping on his toes too often, there is a side to him that really loves revenge, and it is better if you never see that side to him. 

It is never good to try to hurt a Scorpio guy’s feelings with words. Trust me, his sting is ten times worse. Always try to take the high road!

Have you ever said something to a Scorpio that turned out to be terrible? What was it, and did you manage to resolve it? Please leave a comment in the section below, I’m very curious to hear what you have to say!

If you’re looking to find out more about these mysterious men, then check out my website right here.

Wishing you all the love and peace in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Scorpio Man

  1. Hello Anna, Yes I said something to my Scorpio guy and it was the biggest regret ever that I made! I feel absolutely awful for saying what I said and knowing that I hurt him makes me so sad!! I’ve apologized for my actions and have asked for forgiveness, but I don’t know if I ruined it for us!! I really love him and would do anything for him and just want us to work it out together and be stronger than ever!! Do you think we will be okay?? He reaches out to me, so I’m very hopeful that he comes back to me fully!! Thoughts on what I should at this point??

    1. Hi Jessica!

      If he’s still reaching out to you then there is still something between you. It may take him a little time to process or move past what happened but as long as he’s staying in contact then there is still a chance. Just keep being yourself and give him a bit of time. Just relax. If you want to know more about how to be with a Scorpio guy then you really should check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets! I wish you the best.

  2. Hi Lovely Peoples out there
    I have also the same problem with Scorpio Man. We are in relationship since 9 years. During 9 year we used to have difficulties. I always try to know about his feeling. But he is never expressive. When he express his feeling it would be always angryness and loud. He showed only his anger. I couldn‘t knew what is he feeling and whats going on his mind. When i was concernd about him and asked him are you feeling sad? He used to answered me just give me space and want to stay in silence. Then began dicussing together. Because i always wanted to be his side. Iam open communicator. I used express my feelings whatever comes in life ups & down.

    So last week we didn‘t communicate anymore. I just gave him space. He came from work always with bad mood. He dont wanted to share with me. So these things made me feel bad. Even we are both in deep love. We have a strong connection. So after fight, i went to visit my bestfriend house so i can live him peace. He was texting me like normal. But when i came home. I saw there is nothing left his stuff. He just left home without inform me. I was devasteted. Why he did it to me. Iam still speechless

    1. Hi Fura!

      Normally you need to wait before before a Scorpio will calm down enough to open up and tell you what is going on when they are in a bad mood. When you see it and you know it, tell him that you’re there when he’s ready to talk and then leave him alone. That’s what he needs to sort through things in his heart or his mind. I am sorry to hear he moved his stuff out. It sounds like something was really bothering him and he ghosted you instead of explaining what went wrong. You should ask him for closure because you deserve to know why he disappeared on you like that!

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