What Not To Say To A Scorpio Man (7 Annoying Things)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There are definitely some things you should avoid saying to a Scorpio man if you want to keep the relationship smooth sailing.

Knowing what not to say to a Scorpio man can sometimes be tricky, as I am sure you all know, these men are usually very intense, so it may come as a surprise to discover that there are certain things that can annoy them.

Dating a Scorpio man can be an absolutely thrilling experience. There aren’t many men who are as mysterious and intense as Scorpios. And I guess this is the reason why they tend to be so alluring.

Because these guys are so magnetic, it makes perfect sense why you would want to say the right things to keep them interested and engaged. I know, you probably don’t want to sound like a fool, but there are definitely some things you should avoid saying to a Scorpio man if you want to keep the relationship smooth sailing.

So if you are looking for a list of things you should never say to a Scorpio man, then you have come to the right place! Here are some annoying statements that you should steer clear of.

What Not To Say To A Scorpio Man (7 Annoying Things)

When interacting with a Scorpio man, it’s important to be mindful of how you communicate, as they can be quite intense and perceptive. Here are seven things you might want to avoid saying to a Scorpio man to keep the relationship on good terms:

“I don’t trust you.”

Trust is crucial for Scorpio men; questioning their integrity can be offensive. They are known to be one of the most loyal and decisive signs in astrology, and they value trust and integrity highly in their relationships.

Questioning a Scorpio man’s integrity may offend him because it challenges the foundation of loyalty and truthfulness that he likely holds dear. It’s crucial to approach matters of trust delicately with a Scorpio man to maintain a good and respectful relationship.

It isn’t recommended that you treat him with suspicion or doubt his intentions as this will only backfire and push him away. A Scorpio man values loyalty and honesty, so it’s important to avoid statements that question his integrity or make him feel suspicious.

“Just get over it.”

Scorpios are deeply emotional and telling them to dismiss their feelings can be seen as insensitive. Telling him to simply “get over it” dismisses the depth of their feelings, which can come across as insensitive and invalidate their emotional experiences. It’s better to be empathetic and acknowledge his feelings rather than attempting to minimize them.

He feels things so deeply and he needs to be with a partner who can be empathetic and compassionate to his feelings. Sometimes it takes a while for him to process things and he needs a partner who can give him that space with kindness and understanding.

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“Stop overthinking everything.”

The Scorpio man’s mind is brilliant. He can penetrate really deeply and assimilate information like nobody else. Every choice he has, he ponders over intensely. He hates making mistakes and would rather make the right decision the first time around.

This can make him act a little obsessively in the search for knowledge. He needs to know absolutely everything about a particular subject, and you will find him consumed and compulsively researching.

If you make a comment about this, you might meet a furious Scorpio. Because for him, decisions aren’t made lightly, he may feel that you’re being insensitive to his process. He can’t help being so analytical and logical.

A Scorpio man has a thinking process that needs to be adhered to, and saying to him he shouldn’t overthink will not help in any way. A more productive course of action would be for you to go through his list with him and weigh in on his options.

“Are you really that sensitive?”

Scorpio men are indeed sensitive, and diminishing their feelings can hurt them. A Scorpio man often has a deep emotional realm and takes things to heart, so it’s important to treat his emotions with the care and respect he deserves.

Recognizing and valuing his sensitivity is essential in maintaining a supportive and trusting relationship with a Scorpio man. He values depth and sincerity in his interactions, and undermining his sensitivity can create distance and resentment.

So being understanding and considerate of their sensitivity helps in maintaining a caring and respectful relationship.

“I think you’re overreacting.”

Scorpio men take things to heart, and they may perceive attempts to undermine or question their reactions as dismissive. It’s important to acknowledge his feelings and responses without making him feel as though his concerns or emotions are exaggerated or unwarranted.

This respectful approach helps to sustain a positive and understanding relationship with a Scorpio man. However, if you tell him he is overreacting about something then he may feel invalidated and like his emotions are not being taken seriously.

This can definitely lead to a breakdown of trust and communication in the relationship, and this is definitely no good.

“You’re being too intense.”

Intensity is a big part of his nature, and criticizing this can make him feel misunderstood. It’s important to appreciate the intensity that a Scorpio man brings to the table and understand that it is a fundamental aspect of his personality. If you say this about him, it will lead him to want to shut down.

Scorpios often express a strong, passionate side of their personality, which should be accepted rather than criticized in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. This is simply a part of who he is, and trying to diminish or suppress his intensity can cause him to feel stifled and unappreciated.

“I was just kidding.”

If they feel mocked or if humour is used at their expense, it might not sit well with a Scorpio’s sense of truth and authenticity. Scorpios value honesty and authenticity, so using humour to mask a potentially hurtful comment can be seen as deceitful or insincere.

They do not like being the subject of a joke, especially if you say something that you know will hurt their feelings. He is a very serious person, and sometimes it is difficult for him to find humour in certain situations.

7 Phrases You Should Never Say To A Scorpio Man You Love

Here are more examples of phrases to avoid saying to a Scorpio man you love:

  • “You need to lighten up.” – This can imply that his serious nature is a problem, which can be very insulting.
  • “You’re just like everyone else.” – Scorpio men pride themselves on being unique, and a comment like this can seem dismissive of their individuality.
  • “You’re too jealous.” – While Scorpio men can be possessive, accusing them of jealousy can challenge their sense of trust and loyalty.
  • “It’s not a big deal.” – Minimizing something that he cares deeply about can invalidate his feelings and make him feel like his feelings aren’t valid. 
  • “Why can’t you forgive and forget?” – Scorpios often have strong memories and emotions, and pushing for quick forgiveness can be unrealistic.
  • “You always have to have control.” – Although Scorpios like to be in control, stating it negatively can seem critical of their strong leadership qualities.
  • “Everyone else thinks so, too.” – Grouping him with “everyone else” undermines his need to be seen and respected as an individual.

Tips On How To Communicate With Your Scorpio Man When You Are Upset

When things get a little rocky and you find yourself feeling upset, remember that talking to your Scorpio man is all about creating a vibe of trust and openness. Imagine the two of you are in this cosy, safe bubble where you can share your thoughts freely.

Kick off the convo with some genuine honesty – think of it like putting your heart on the table but in a nice, neat package. Let him in on what’s bugging you, but keep the tone as soothing as an acoustic serenade.

Details matter, so paint the picture clearly enough for him to follow. No need to throw in any plot twists; just give him the real deal about what’s stirred up the storm in your teacup.

And hey, it’s a two-way street; give him the stage to share his side too, because he might just have some insights that could turn the tide. Personal space is a biggie, especially when emotions are running high.

Steer clear from the public eye and pick a private spot where you both can talk without an audience. And when it comes to his feelings, be ready to put on your scuba gear and dive deep.

This isn’t about keeping it on the surface; this is exploring the great emotional depths Scorpio men are known for. If he needs a hot second to process all that’s been said, that’s cool. Everyone needs a little breathing room, even a Scorpio.

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5 thoughts on “What Not To Say To A Scorpio Man (7 Annoying Things)

  1. Hello Anna, Yes I said something to my Scorpio guy and it was the biggest regret ever that I made! I feel absolutely awful for saying what I said and knowing that I hurt him makes me so sad!! I’ve apologized for my actions and have asked for forgiveness, but I don’t know if I ruined it for us!! I really love him and would do anything for him and just want us to work it out together and be stronger than ever!! Do you think we will be okay?? He reaches out to me, so I’m very hopeful that he comes back to me fully!! Thoughts on what I should at this point??

    1. Hi Jessica!

      If he’s still reaching out to you then there is still something between you. It may take him a little time to process or move past what happened but as long as he’s staying in contact then there is still a chance. Just keep being yourself and give him a bit of time. Just relax. If you want to know more about how to be with a Scorpio guy then you really should check out my books on Scorpio Man Secrets! I wish you the best.

  2. Hi Lovely Peoples out there
    I have also the same problem with Scorpio Man. We are in relationship since 9 years. During 9 year we used to have difficulties. I always try to know about his feeling. But he is never expressive. When he express his feeling it would be always angryness and loud. He showed only his anger. I couldn‘t knew what is he feeling and whats going on his mind. When i was concernd about him and asked him are you feeling sad? He used to answered me just give me space and want to stay in silence. Then began dicussing together. Because i always wanted to be his side. Iam open communicator. I used express my feelings whatever comes in life ups & down.

    So last week we didn‘t communicate anymore. I just gave him space. He came from work always with bad mood. He dont wanted to share with me. So these things made me feel bad. Even we are both in deep love. We have a strong connection. So after fight, i went to visit my bestfriend house so i can live him peace. He was texting me like normal. But when i came home. I saw there is nothing left his stuff. He just left home without inform me. I was devasteted. Why he did it to me. Iam still speechless

    1. Hi Fura!

      Normally you need to wait before before a Scorpio will calm down enough to open up and tell you what is going on when they are in a bad mood. When you see it and you know it, tell him that you’re there when he’s ready to talk and then leave him alone. That’s what he needs to sort through things in his heart or his mind. I am sorry to hear he moved his stuff out. It sounds like something was really bothering him and he ghosted you instead of explaining what went wrong. You should ask him for closure because you deserve to know why he disappeared on you like that!

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