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The Right Way To Flirt With A Scorpio Man

In the mind of a Scorpio, love is not given away just like that. He has some clear ideas in his head that he has to fight or hijack the emotions coming from the other side. For him, this will be the hardest fight, but the reward of the inner satisfaction will last forever in his heart.

Here are a few tips on how to flirt with a Scorpio man:

Scorpio man Is a Fiery River

Any contact with the Scorpio person brings some sudden fears, and doubt in general. And even if you bump into a Scorpio guy selling vegetables at the farmer’s market, your communication might easily look like this:

-Hello, how much for the zucchini?

-My inner shaman just told me that one gorgeous lady would come today and ask for zucchini. Then I should offer her my heart and my body, and the moment I say how much this costs, she will be mesmerized… By the way, zucchini cost $X. What can you do now?

Well, the most diplomatic thing would be to smile gently and walk away with the creeping fear in your mind. Maybe, this won’t be remembered as the perfect or the most successful flirtatious joke, but you won’t forget him for sure. And this is the way this guy’s brain works all the time and how to flirt with a Scorpio man.

Love Resurrection

Flirt With A Scorpio Man

For a Scorpio guy, love is something sacred which comes from the depthless of the earth, and the highest heavens and then merges into human beings. Love is not a cheap thrill for him at all. He can have numerous hookups or one night stances, but when he feels that the woman standing next to him is very valuable, he will make sure that she will become the queen throughout his whole life.

Love is the fire of creation and destruction, and every sexual experience is like a little death and a big reincarnation for his whole being. And he is capable of literary sacrificing his life for the love of his life. This is the point where everything becomes very interesting for you.

Decide What You Want

There is no need to create the astrophysics, engineering technology or a war strategy if you only want him for one night. You can be daring, cheeky and of course, a bit rude and he will notice you straight away. If the Scorpio guy is available in his heart, he will take this as a challenge and start a little verbal fight.

To flirt with a Scorpio man, you should let him win and pretend like you are somewhat ashamed of your ignorance and his dominance. And the next step will take place in some bed nearby.

However, if you want his heart, then you have to become very patient, meticulous and yes, special. There is nothing more magnetic in mind and eyes of a Scorpio man than a high-value woman. She is worth living and dying for.

Hunting the Hunter

If you are spending some time together during the day, like working together or attending the same school or activities, then you should look sexy, but classy at the same time. Other than that, you will have to talk like a lady (no dirty words are allowed) and act like a lady too. A feminine woman is a great aphrodisiac in his brain, so please become one, if you already haven’t.

The next thing on your list will be to find your passion. This can be literary anything related to “girly activities,” like dancing classes, acting, cooking especially. You might even choose tarot cards, creating jewelry, attending some educational lectures regarding archeology, history, medicine or arts.

And the final and crucial step is to hang around him in a very discreet manner and from time to time mention your passion. He could try to make some small and mean jokes about you in the beginning but don’t show him your anger. Smile and walk away in the whole of your divine femininity.

The fish has swallowed the hook. Now the fisherman, or a fisherwoman in your case, have to pull out the rope very, very slowly. He will certainly feel embarrassed for his small joke, but he will be attracted at the same time.

And now, dance around your “passion” while he will slowly start to dance around you magically attracted by your energy, beauty and focus on something valuable.

The Night of the Underworld

Flirt With A Scorpio Man

In the case you have an official date night with the Scorpio man, or you just met him at the club or a restaurant, and you want something meaningful and serious in your life, then you should be a lady, again, and show your passion, still, but you should also do some things extra.

Be talkative, but not boring. Most of the time he won’t pay attention to your words at all; he will listen to the music of your voice. And the levels of energy you possess and how he feels beside you will become the decisive factor for him.

So, please be humorous too. Break the ice by saying some jokes about you, how clumsy you can sometimes be. Let him see your pure childish heart, but let him also be aware of your gentle and feminine gestures at the same time.

Do not stay forever. Give him two hours the most and excuse yourself by telling him that you have to get up early to do this or that. Make him want you more.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t go to bed with him right after this date ends. He will try for sure, but act like a conservative girl, and this will make him chase you.


The magic hook for him will be to make him always want you more until he puts the ring on your finger.

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How did you flirt with a Scorpio man? What happened? Did you catch this exotic and dangerous creature from the depthless of the water?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “The Right Way To Flirt With A Scorpio Man

  1. The night I was introduced to my scorpio, he was quiet as was I and the people around us were mostly strangers meeting for the first time. But knowing we were there to meet and get to know each other, I started a conversation with him. This was 5 mins after introduction. I was told a little about him and asked about those interests and we talked and laughed, joked, high fived, competed at pool and arcade the whole night. About 8 hrs straight. The night flew by. I instantly liked him from the get-go. I remembered going to use the women’s room and text my sister that I really liked him! Forward to almost a year, we still get along, learning each other’s tempers. He tested me a few days into getting to know me. He wanted to test how easily i got mad. I told him that was very annoying to purposely get me mad. He laughed it off and said it was fun. As time went on, he pushed my buttons less and became more apologetic if he said something he thought may be offensive. He asked me on dates in the morning and evening. He missed work to spend time with me in the beginning but when I asked why he didn’t work, he said he didn’t feel well from drinking the night before. It’s been almost a year, I have not been intimate with him, not even a kiss on the lips or holding of hands because my intuition tells me we are better as friends. I see jim complimenting his female acquaintances a lot and that makes me nervous as I know I wouldn’t like that if in a relationship. He pursues me all the time and makes it known to our mutual friends. He’s definitely a charmer. What I like most about him is his ability to own up to all of his flaws. The negative side to him in my opinion, are the tests. And I know he has a mask on when he’s mad but hides it. Aquarius are quite intuitive and can easily pick up on things but we keep it to ourselves much like scorpios but we don’t use it for revenge. The reason why I think my scorpio is so adamant about pursuing me is because I don’t probe into his life with a hundred questions, I’m very easygoing, funny, soft spoken, nice to him, hard working, independent, we have intellectual convos, have similar interests, I like to learn about his interests and join in. I’m a bit competitive but not egotistical. They say that once a scorpio becomes intimate with a person, they can become controlling and i sense that in small dosage already, therefore, I’m not willing to take the chance as my ex with a scorpio rising (sag sun) was controlling and it caused a lot of arguments. They also say scorpios who are mature learn from their mistakes, but everywhere I’ve read states they are controlling and possessive. It doesn’t seem like it would end with maturity. I understand some degree of possessiveness as I have a Taurus moon and don’t like my partner talking to the opposite sex about personal things but I don’t get controlling. From my experience, I really enjoy spending time with this scorpio man and we get along so well it’s crazy but there are two sides to this man and i know I’ve only seen the good traits as he has a bad temper when he gets there.

  2. I also wanted to add that my scorpio was always the initiator. Because I wanted to be only friends and I told him so a few days into getting to know each other as well as every time he tried to make me his girlfriend, I didn’t want to initiate. I’m not the type to play with someone’s emotions as I know firsthand how much it hurts but because we seem to get along so well I agree to go out. I don’t flirt with him, I don’t dress provocative to make it seem like I’m trying to flirt with him, we take turns paying the bill when out and about, he has playfully asked me to hold his hands and I reject because I feel I would be leading him on. So in behaving this way, very upfront that we will only be friends, he has kept pursuing me. It must be the challenge that he enjoys. He did stop texting me 3 mos into it. He stopped for 3 mos until one day I posted a picture of myself obtaining abs from my workouts. Immediately after, he started texting me every single day then night. I usually am quite conservative and to myself so I don’t post pictures like this often but was feeling proud of myself that day. Since that day, he started asking me why I don’t hang out with him like before, that we should hang out more, we should go do things together…all of this without saying that he missed me. I have to admit it’s the cutest thing ever even though he ignored me for 3 months. Because I’m pretty easygoing, I agree to hang out and I never questioned him why he ignored me. I think I understand space but it could be he was also testing me to see if I’d text him those 3 mos but being an broken hearted Aquarius, I see it as “if you don’t want to stay, you are free to go.” Within this time, I know that we built a trust and that’s why he keeps pursuing. He told me that he owes me his loyalty because I made an impact on him and says he won’t tell me how but just know that I did and that I’m different from ask the other women he’s ever met. I believe he likes that I accept all his flaws and he has a LOT but I take it with ease because I admire his vulnerability and the strength it took him to change his life around.

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