To All My Sisters Who Chat With Their Scorpio Love Interests

Discover The Secret Text Messages That Make Scorpio Glued To The Phone Praying For Your Response (Even If He's Currently A “Slow Texter”)

And Make Sure You Avoid These 3 Worst Texting Mistakes That Make Scorpio Men Lose Interest (Or Even Ghost Or Completely Ignore You)… And Exactly What To Do instead

"Why is he acting strange through texts?“

If I had a penny every time someone asked me that...

Did you ever text your Scorpio and get a cold reply? 

Perhaps it took him forever just to write a one-word response (which clearly states that he doesn't wish to continue chatting to you)...

Or perhaps he didn't even bother to reply in the first place... even though it's clear that he's read your text.

How rude, right?

I mean it's not just rude... it feels terrible, to be honest. (pardon my French)

As a communicative Gemini, I honestly hate it when guys do that...

Scorpio is among the worst when it comes to ghosting sensitive women. No one deserves such treatment, but Scorpio guys are just so hard to handle sometimes. It seems so easy to lose their affection.

One minute they seem so interested in what you have to say and then they just drift away...

You can type for hours and enjoy interesting and deep conversations that bring you two together and just when you start letting go and fully enjoying the thought of you two sharing intimate moments forever...


You rationally think that something must have interrupted him and that he'll soon be back to continue the previous eruption of those lovely little texts... and you wait.

You wait for a minute (and it seems so long compared to when he instantly replies)

Then it's a couple of minutes...

Then it's an hour... (but you still hope he'll soon reply)

Eventually, a whole day passes and it's obvious to you that... it just didn't matter to him that much.

But how can it be? He seemed so inspired by you. Your conversation flowed so smoothly...

At some point you start wondering if you did something wrong… But, then again, you also had SUCH a connection – as if you two finished each other's sentences – it seems almost unexplainable logically he just switched off like that…

Just, straight out of the blue…



And you're left with seeping anxiety, not knowing what suddenly got into him.

Perhaps you ask him directly and you get a vague answer that he was busy or that he forgot to text you or...

You just wait for him to do something… You end up obsessing about him, checking his social media, jumping to every notification sound – hoping it was him, checking if he's online on Whatsapp or Messenger…  With him completely governing your mind, you simply guarantee yourself daily doses dispair and disappointment…

Simply, everything seems to go downhill.

Eventually, the relationship ends up extinguished before it even started... like a beautiful shooting star whose glorious light burst and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

That's one scenario.

The other is that after some time he magically arises from nothing with that charming text you just can't resist not replying to…

And to think, you just thought you finally managed to get him off your mind, and now he's here again…

You can't escape your emotions, but still, you don't want to feel played, and taken advantage of…You somehow feel that it will be the same this time; you will go up to the cloud 9 and then he'll start pulling away, leaving you completely clueless and making it impossible for you to erase him from your mind…

Well, sister, if any of this sounds even remotely familiar to you, it's certainly time to get alarmed...

But don't despair yet.

I'm here to tell you that this phenomenon is actually more common than you think, especially if a Scorpio guy is involved.

Don't get me wrong... I don't have anything against this sign. Quite the opposite. I have great respect for Scorpios.

Their ghosting tendencies can actually seem a bit counter-intuitive since generally, Scorpio is a passionate sign... BUT...

There's nothing counterintuitive if you know the reasons behind their behavior.  

The Real Reason Why Scorpio Guys Disappear All Of A Sudden

First of all, it's not their fault. It's their stars. It's just how they're made.

Scorpio is a very mysterious sign and sometimes... if something goes completely against the grain, it's his astral instinct to start thinking that you are not the one for him.

If one thing is off it sparks a chain reaction in their astral nature and their whole being starts resonating with:

She is not the one. It's just not meant to be.

That makes him just drop it like it's hot.

It doesn't matter how much he seems to be interested in you if his red light starts flaring... it's the end for you and him.

That is actually a part of his defence mechanism.

Sometimes, if he likes you, he'll leave you even faster if you strike a wrong chord.

He will do that because he's afraid to invest himself emotionally if there's even a hint of discord.

It's not cowardice.

Scorpio men act like this because most of them are vengeful spirits with transgenerational angst inside.

That's why it sometimes takes Scorpio men a tremendous amount of time to fall in love...

That's why a woman who's after a Scorpio's heart, should tread very carefully because...

You know what it's like to step on a Scorpio?

One wrong step and you're gone. There's a reason why his sign is the Scorpion, after all.

Well, I'm here to help you make all the right steps that lead straight into his heart and stay there forever and ever...  

Even if you already blew it, you can still save the day, get him back and have him love you more than he ever has…

For those of you that don't know me

Anna Kovach

Hi, I am Anna Kovach.

As a relationship astrologer and a consultant, I've spent the last few decades helping thousands of women find, attract and keep their Mr. Rights.

Thousands of women are thanking me every day for helping them improve their relationships, become more intimate with their partners, and even get their love interests back after making mistakes that end relationships.

Hundreds of the women whom I've counseled have successfully dealt with Scorpio men and won their hearts...

Even though Scorpio is one of the most complex and mysterious signs in the Zodiac... I know him like the back of my pocket.

Not many relationship consultants and astrologers can say that.

Most of the content on Scorpios consists of a few dozen generic facts that don't even begin to cut it.

That's why I want to help you understand why your Scorpio interest acts the way he acts, what melts his heart and what puts his love to rest...

I want to help you understand what moves him towards you and what drives him away.

I believe that Astral Knowledge is meant for everyone and that all of us should use it to understand ourselves and those around us.

It's our purpose to align... not just with our stars... but with ourselves and each other as well.

That's why the 4000-year-old science of astrology has been bestowed to us – to Love and Be Loved.

A 9-centuries-old library I inherited from my aunt/grandmother allowed me to dive deep into the secrets of the Scorpian Astral Psyche...

Now the time has come for that knowledge to be translated into languages that the modern world can understand.

That's why I want to use this arcane wisdom and help you grow and nurture your relationship with him.

To make sure you don't blow it all up before you even get the chance to make him fall in love, in the next few paragraphs you'll read about:

The Worst 3 Mistakes Women Make When Texting Scorpio Men & How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Ghosted

Mistake #1: There Are Games You Do Not Want To Play

Obviously if you had fun with him you’ll want to see him again ASAP.

But what should you do if he wants to wait a few weeks before he sees you again?

You might get so confused by the fact that he only wants to see you in 2 weeks’ time that you choose not to reply.

You strategically wait up to 8 hours to answer him, playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. It was easy to wait just 5 minutes, but you chose not to.

By taking so long to answer his text, you just make him feel unloved and unimportant in your life. You don’t want to do that with a Scorpio.

You never really know why he said 2 weeks - maybe he was busy with work or traveling. Just ask him. Be open.

It’s not a good idea to play games with time with a Scorpio. He’ll see right through them.

Pro Tip:

When he sends messages that leave you confused, don’t ever write long-winded texts back. Simply leave a 30-second voice message, and don’t be all dramatic either. Just explain your feelings about the situation.

"Hey, I just received your text (upbeat and friendly tone). I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but I’m a bit confused by what you said. Can you just explain what you meant,  so that I don’t chew off all my nails here? (Little laugh or giggle)"

Mistake #2: Only Sticking To Written Text Messages

It’s fun to write and text each other, but in this day and age, you can do so much more with different forms of content – video, images, voice messages etc.

Spice things up by keeping him guessing and looking forward to the different texts you send.

He will actually appreciate this as he is a Scorpio, and doesn’t mind discussing your feelings about situations. He will either call or leave a voice message.

From that point on, send a variety of different forms of communications to keep things fun and light-hearted!

Mistake #3: Keeping Everything Monotone

When you appear the same in every text it can be quite boring for your Scorpio man, so sometimes do the unexpected!

Send messages in a different tone; be a little prouder, bossier and even cheeky. But do it all in the name of good fun!

Look, this is a Scorpio man you’re dealing with. You know what characters he’s attracted to? Think Catwoman, and Jessica Rabbit! He likes spicy, mysterious, saucy and sexy with a hint of danger!

Try to catch him off-guard and make him pay attention.

This Is Just The First Step To An Intimate Relationship

Not making these mistakes is just the first step towards successful texting with a Scorpio guy.

If you really want to bewilder him with your words I suggest that you delve deeper into astrological wisdom.

However, note that texting is not the same as your usual communication with a Scorpio.

One wrong word… no…

One wrong punctuation mark… can drive Scorpio away from you just the same as one right sentence can make him view you in a completely different light than ever before.

A right combination of words can pierce through his armor and shoot the arrows of love right into his heart.  

Because he can’t see your face, your gesticulation, or hear your voice, he has to imagine it… so different rules apply.

Actually, think of it as a difference between watching a movie and reading a book.

The art of writing is basically employing words to touch the listener's heart and bedazzle his mind.

It’s a sophisticated form of communication in which different rules apply than when you chat in real life.

The topic is too broad for the likes of this webpage, but if you really want to become a master in texting…

And if you want to use that mastery to deepen the intimacy that you two lovebirds share… I’ve got a perfect book for you.

Since the age of troubadours and minstrels when the culture prohibited that a knight sees or courts his maiden out in the open…

When ladies were trapped in towers and could only wave a handkerchief to signify their sympathy for their suitor…

Lovers have communicated via letters.

Now when we’re all communicating online, much is still the same.

The dynamics of modern life have inclined us to resort to texting and I’ve studied this peculiar way of communication for a long time.

At last, I’ve figured out a method of texting Scorpio men so that you get them to fall for you. I created an entire program that covers nearly every situation possible while texting your special Scorpio guy. 

My program will surely help you convey your true wonderful self that he will love… and not only will you learn a lot about him, but about yourself as well.

I present to you:

"Scorpio Text Magic Program"

Every Text You Need In A Relationship With A Scorpio

DISCLAIMER: “Scorpio Text Magic Program” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

If any of these statements resonate with you then this special program is meant just for you.

  • You’re in the dark about what your Scorpio likes to hear and what gets him to shut you off
  • He has ever ignored your message
  • It takes him ages to reply to you
  • He sends short, cold, formal texts.
  • He doesn’t seem genuinely interested in you
  • Despite the interesting start of your conversation and all the fireworks in the beginning he started to pull away, close off and talk less
  • Your conversations became dull and you’re afraid he’s losing interest
  • You’re in a long-distance relationship and you want to breathe new life into your mutual flow
  • You’re constantly anxious because you’re not sure what to write to him & how to respond
  • And even if you just want to learn how to improve your skills of written communication so that you, at last, have a bulletproof system that Scorpio guys will fall for,

There are 11 basic principles when dealing with a mysterious Scorpio man that you need to know to build a strong love bond with him. 

Within my Scorpio Text Magic Program you’ll learn:

1. The Scorpio Daydreaming Tactic

The Special Tactic that makes him:

  • Think about you through the day and miss you by his side at night
  • Become really romantic, close, intimate and tender (without losing any of his alpha traits)
  • Start thinking of you as the only one that truly gets him
  •  Eventually start contemplating about settling down with you

2. Secret scorpio fantasy detector

This is the cluster of messages that you can copy and paste to instantly turn him on and make him feel passionately connected with you. It will allow you to explore his most secret fantasies and deepen your intimacy. You will become the only woman who knows how to give him exactly: 

  • What he likes
  • Where he likes it
  • How he likes it

And what’s most important… you’ll understand why he likes what he likes.

3. Scorpio’s Astral Grammar Of Love – Learn His Love Language

Sometimes incomplete knowledge is even worse than absolute ignorance.

There are many misconceptions about Scorpions spreading around these days. Such misinformation often makes women mess up more than some women who don’t know anything about their partner’s astral sign. 

That’s why my learning his love language will help you understand:

  • A peculiar way Scorpio expresses himself in the mystic science of Astrology and how to understand his nature and his role in the Zodiac…
  • Little known facts about his planetary placements (this will give you the complete knowledge that you need to understand his nature better than any woman in the world)
  • An elaborate way to triple the mental attraction between you two, just getting a glimpse at his birth chart placements and discovering his communication style (there are 3 most common styles you should know about),
  • The 2 sides of the Scorpian coin and the 2 planets that might make his behavior atypical and unusual … Find out how to make peace with his divided aspects and he won’t only love you… he will NEED you in his life.

These insights will help you interpret his nature better than any woman in the world.

The Scorpio vocabulary and the secret language of his stars will allow you to gain effortless flow in communication with him, bypass his ego, and speak directly into his heart.

5. The Confusion-Soothing tactic To Control The Direction Of The Conversation

This will make you the supreme textress whose messages he’ll never take lightly. While you don’t want to play the games of power against Scorpio, you will want to play around when texting him. This tactic is design to do 2 things:

  • To help you steer the conversation in the direction that suits you (without him noticing)
  • To bring about the witty you that he’ll fall in love with and that he’ll grow addicted to

It’s a little known fact that Scorpio’s intense awareness often drains him. That’s why a woman who can cheer him up will also double her odds at winning his heart.

6. The Forbidden Texts You Must Never Send To A Scorpio Man

These are all the topics and texts to avoid like the plague in your relationship with a Scorpio (if you want that relationship to last more than a few days).


  • The 3 Reasons Scorpio Men Lose Interest  & Stop Texting You
  • The 3 kinds of Forbidden Texts you must never send to him unless you want him to ignore you… both in chat and in romance,
  • How to become a master textress and replace sloppy texts that make him think poorly of you with the 3 texts that will make him worship you,
  • Is he nasty just because he’s a Scorpio or is there something you messed up – find out by checking for these hints…
  • The specific dangerous for each type of a Scorpio (there are 5 types) and the single most dangerous combination that you may want to run away from,

When you go through my program, you’ll know:

  • Exactly what kind of messages to expect from him
  • How women usually respond (and ruin their flow with Scorpios)
  • Exactly what you should text instead to make him yours

You’ll get short, simple and efficient done-for-you messages that you can copy and paste whenever you want to push his buttons so that he can’t get you out of his head… and so much more.

7. Secret Scorpio Chasing Triggers – Make Him Desire You Like Never Before

Myriads of women wrote me about their Scorpio men suddenly going cold on them.

I know how you hate it when you’re really into him and he’s really into you… everything seems perfect… and then he goes cold for no apparent reason.

If he doesn’t show enough interest and it seems that all is lost, you can easily make him chase you again with these clever little messages:

  • The melt-his-heart message that makes him instantly warm up to you,
  • A sure way to turn the tables if he’s sending you those disinterested one-word texts…
  • The 5 tantalizing teaser texts that make Scorpio man desire you more,
  • The challenge-his-Mars tactic that makes him more curious about you,
  • 4 ways to instill the thrill of the chase and tease him so that he enjoys every second of chasing after you,
  • Don’t let your texting back and forth lead nowhere. Learn how to move the game forward and make your love more real with my subtle call-me hints,
  • PLUS the sneaky 5 first date conversations – guaranteed to make him beg for more, 

8. The #1 Method Of Decoding Every Confusing Text

Designed to help you take the stress out of the confusing texts that you get. 

My method covers confusing texts that Scorpio men send, and the true meaning behind. It also explains in depth some of his texting habits that truly play with a woman’s mind.

Sometimes Scorpio men send texts that make absolutely no sense, leaving you confused and disheartened. Other times it’s a one-word reply or a delayed response that discourages you and sways you from your path to his heart.

I think I get more questions about Scorpio’s texting than any other sign out there.

That’s why my method will help you understand:

  • The real reason why he takes (or doesn’t take) so long to text you back – and exactly how long you MUST wait before texting him back,
  • The 8 reasons why a Scorpio man is sending you confusing messages and the real meaning behind those messages,
  • The #1 texting method to find out his true intentions -- The best way to find out if he knows what he wants with you or if he’s just using you,
  • What to do if he only replies to your messages, but never initiates conversations? Learn how to flip the script so that he starts bringing up romance and intimacy on his own,
  • The exact messages that Scorpio men send that confuse my sisters and exact, copy-paste texts that will throw him off-guard. Leave him curious and make him put in some effort instead,
  • The true meaning behind some of his messages and how not to get triggered and ruin your relationship for nothing,
  • The ”cold messages paradox” that every woman dating a Scorpio must know,
  • The TOP secret dating schedule that you’ll have to adhere to if you want to run relationship marathons with him,

9. Venus Placement Tricks FOR Strong Emotional BondING

The beginnings are always the hardest, especially with a Scorpio.

While it’s not the smartest to start flirting with every man at the beginning, you can definitely let loose with a Scorpio, even if you’re just starting the conversation.

However, there are different ways of flirting with him and texting him and it all depends on whether his Venus is in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Learn how to find out where his Venus is and how you should flirt with any of these 5 types of Scorpio men.

Depending on the whereabouts of his Venus, you’ll know: 

  • The done-for-you smooth conversation openers that will get the ball rolling in the romantic direction,
  • Sure ways of keeping online conversations flowing PLUS special dating apps where you can easily find Scorpio men and test these strategies yourself,
  • How to make him reply immediately and steer the conversation in the direction of greater intimacy and commitment,
  • A secret “Hold the Mystery” formula that keeps him coming back for more, again, and again, and again!
  • Hot Topic Detector For A Scorpio and the 14 topics to pique his interest + clever ways of making it all appear spontaneous
  • The perfect emojis for every situation (depending on what you want to say to him)
  • The  “Appear & Ask” texting formula that can turn  ANY boring, cold conversation into an open flirting field,

10. Cunning Reconciliation Tactics To Get Him Back After A Fight (And Address Important Topics)

Everyone knows that being in a committed relationship with a Scorpio can sometimes feel like walking across the mine-field.

You can probably feel that there’s trans-generational charge accumulated under his skin… sleeping beneath his heart, just waiting to blow the entire relationship up.

Even arguing with him can be an eerie experience, let alone fighting.

When he loses his temper, a Scorpio will often make his partner hurt as well.

That’s why my Reconciliation Tactic Tailored Messages will help you get him back after a fight and bring your passion back to life.

Here’s what these tactics entail: 

  • What never to text him in these kinds of situations if you don’t want to burn your relationship beyond recognition,
  • All about the hidden triggers that cause him to slip away.
  • Sneaky and proven strategies that will make him apologize for his bad behavior
  • #1 grudge defusing technique that will keep your relationship safe.
  • The simplest and easiest way to counteract his hurtful messages so that he never sends them again,
  • Little known ways to interpret his desires, sexual communication and argument style by the whereabouts of his Mars,
  • Understand his Mars. Learn what angers him and how to handle him so that he immediately calms down,
  • The single best way to counteract his narcissistic alpha energy and teach him to be gentle instead of acting as your foe,
  • The fastest way to make him stop being angry in case you’ve made a mistake,
  • Emotional re-attachment technique that makes him think of silly excuses just to see you and get back to you,
  • The simple messages you need but copy & paste whenever you want to push his buttons so that he can’t get you out of his head, 

11. Scorpio’s Sexual Code (Infidelity Antidote)

Here’s the thing with Scorpio men.

First of all, they are one of the 3 most sexual signs of the Zodiac, but their sexuality is different than that of a Taurus or Leo’s.

Scorpio’s are addicted to transformative sex. However…

If they get angry and you don’t defuse the bomb in time… they start feeling bitterness and resentment.  We all know Scorpio’s a vengeful spirit which means that he’s… likely to cheat to get back at you.

Even if it’s not in purposes of his little vendetta, Scorpio can cheat as sex can often be his coping mechanism for the everyday problems that he’s facing. 

That’s why my Infidelity Antidote will help you:

  • Understand his sexual nature a bit better
  • Transmute his immense sexual energy and redirect his passion.

Learn the following if you want to rule his mind, his heart and loins:

  • The single most important attraction factor to display in a relationship with a Scorpio man,
  • A surprise “attack“ that allows a woman to pin the dangerous Scorpio down,
  • How to use Scorpio’s fetishes as a leverage of power, control and manipulation
  • Bold dirty talking messages that will awaken his kinky sides and bond you two like never before,
  • Saucy texts that make him crave for partnership and marriage,
  • Provoke his lust instead of his anger. Learn about the make-up sex and find out all about the right and wrong ways of approaching it,
  • The stunning way to address his inner, unconscious longings that will make him fall for you harder than he ever has before,
  • The 3 unexpected elements of attraction that make Scorpios fall head over heels for a woman,
  • The 1 text message that will make him horny and desire you physically through the whole day! 
  • The 3 texts that will make him smile like a little devil when he thinks of you,
  • How to radiate the sizzling sexual magnetism just by the way you address him, 
  • The surprising desires and fetishes that make him commit to the partner who recognizes them,
  • The 5 messages that provoke his flirtatious nature and make the conversation sparkle,

So there you have it. The step-by-step guide to texting that hot Scorpio guy you like and making him chase after you like you never thought possible.

I’ve made sure that my Scorpio Text Magic program is available for you in a convenient e-format that you’ll love and that you’ll be able to use at any time…

It’s enough to just copy and paste some of these messages and see the results in no time.

And don’t just take my word for it.

I've used these exact secrets to guide other women to a better relationship with their men.

Here's what some of them have to say:

What Others Say About My Astrological Guidance

Be sure that my Scorpio Text Magic program will set you on the right track with that special Scorpio.

The program contains 5 guides + 1 bonus guide, that are designed to be easy to use... You will learn so much within each of them, but I wanted to create super useful guides you will be able to open at any times depending on the effect you want to achieve with your Scorpio guy. 

There are 5 core factors determining the success of your relationship:
1. Comprehensive factor - how well you understand the way he thinks and the way he is

2. Communicational factor - how well you manage to communicate your ideas, desires, concerns (and how well you understand his confusing messages) and how much you speak his Scorpion love language

3. Emotional factor - how well you know to push his love buttons and create a strong emotional bond with him

4. Sexual factor - how attractive you find each other, and how you trigger his passion for mind-blowing lovemaking (Scorpios need a wild sexual life with their partner)

5. Conflictual factor - how well you're able to handle tough topics and overcome arguments without dragging new burdens onto your relationship

Each of these guides helps you absorb secret techniques that improve each of these factors gradually. By just implementing what you learn and read, your relationship with that Scorpio man will flourish into those movie-worthy love stories we're all secretly longing for.

Let me just briefly introduce you to each of the guides.. 

Guide #1 - "Scorpio Text Magic"

64 Ready-to-Send Texts To Make Him Yours

Scorpio Text Magic is the absolute fundamentals you need to understand about your Scorpio guy. This guide can serve as a go-to solution to figure out how to quickly respond to his confusing messages. 

  • Teach him to fight hard to win your love Every. Single. Day.
  • Make him respond to your every message
  • Learn how to get the desired response from him and avoid common Scorpio texting pitfalls 
  • Create a relationship full of understanding, attraction and appreciation

Guide #2 - "Scorpio Text Decoder"

The Only Way To Understand The True Meaning of His Confusing Messages

Your relationship success depends on how well are you able to decode his intentions when he gets confusing... 

With this guide, you'll:

  • Stop being insecure about yourself, and learn the right method to decode his every message.
  • Learn how to redirect the flow of the conversation to your favor without him noticing it.
  • Understand what the signs are that you should be alarmed, and when things are completely under control and going in the right direction.

Guide #3 - "Scorpio Romance Triggers"

36 Sneaky Messages That Push His Love Buttons And Make Him Feel Deeply Connected To You

A lot of relationships that are based on texts fail to reach a strong emotional bond, that why I created this guide after a long research which will:

  • Show you how to make him dream about you and only you
  • Make him feel the butterflies whenever he reads your texts
  • Make him want to shower you with affection and romantic gestures

Guide #4 - "Scorpio Chasing Activator"

36 Ready To Send Texts To Make Him Chase You

A lot of times, when we (women) fall in love, we become too available, making it impossible for our man to perceive us as a goddess they should conquer over and over again. 

Scorpio Chasing Activator will help you:

  • Make him look at you like a true treasure that he should do his best to keep close by
  • Increase his sexual attraction towards you so that he'll crave you like never before
  • Become the lover he's always dreamed of

Guide #5 - "Angry Scorpio Fixer Texts"

Little Known Texting Tactics To Get Him Back And Reconcile After An Argument

Finally, the last, but not least, factor that is a true deal-breaker... You need to know how to handle tough conversations and how to make him understand/accept/apologize for things that truly matter to you.

With this guide, you'll be able to:

  • Talk about important life decisions with him, without destroying the beauty of your relationship
  • Approach him in the right way, so that he fully understands you and accepts your point of view
  • Gracefully reconcile with him, without having to compromise on things that are truly important to you

BONUS - "Get His Birth Data"

And, this time, I'll add in another guide that will be super useful if you don't know his birth data yet... :)

You might be fearful or too shy to ask for his birth data, because you don't know how he might react... Will he think you are obsessed with him? Will he back away?

I've got you covered with different strategies to help you figure out his birth data based on the type of personality he is... 

Either if he's skeptical, or too logic-driven, I've created different approaches that will make him want to give you his date and time of birth and discover new things about himself...

After you retrieve his data, you'll be able to calculate the major planetary placements in his birth chart, helping you understand what kind of a Scorpio man he is... His moon, Venus and Mars placement play a huge role in your compatibility!

By now you must be wondering what’s the investment for this stellar guidance.

It’s hard to put a value on something that can make your Scorpio want you 3 times more just with a simple push of a button, don’t you think?

I'd normally charge $252 for Scorpio Text Magic for general public…

But today, just for the members of my tribe, I’ve arranged a special promo price of mere $37.

Yes, for a short amount of time, these amazing guides will be available to you for only $37 (less than you’d pay for a cosmetic treatment).

I’m not sure how long will this discount last so make sure to invest in evolution of your texting and relationship while this promo is still available.

I believe that we all have to give our contribution to keep society together.

This special discount is my gift to you so that you can easily afford to invest in your future with a Scorpio guy.

Use it wisely, but hurry up, because the discount won’t last forever.

What matters for me the most is that you use it and reap all the amazing benefits… so that both you and your Scorpio guy find the happiness that you deserve.

Why let petty communication breakdowns stand in the way of true love and attraction?

I’m determined to not let that happen.

I want to remove all the obstacles from your way and help you safely overcome any hurdles on your path to a long-lasting commitment with your Scorpio guy.

That’s why I want you to feel completely safe while investing in the future of your relationship.

That’s maybe the best part. You can give this a try and see how it works for you, absolutely risk free!

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I believe that there are 3 kinds of women in life:

  • There are those that are born compatible with Scorpios
  • Those who work on it
  • Those who leave it to chance and blow it

The truth is that with Scorpio… you don’t get that many chances to check where you belong.

I believe you’ve read this far for a reason and that it’s no coincidence that this guidance found its way to you.

If you think that as well I think you’re just one click away from doing everything you could to learn about how you can communicate with him in the best way…

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You’ll get him to respond immediately and write you all the time.

Just think of him checking on you to see if you got home in time… asking about your day and actually WANTING to hear more about what you feel…

Imagine him being interested in helping you get through life and going above and beyond to show you that you’re never alone… that he always thinks about you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel safe with a man for a change?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that someone’s infatuated with you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be appreciated?

I bet it would.

That’s why I wrote a one-of-its-kind book only on Scorpio so that we make sure that you get him.

To the extent of my vast knowledge, these are the only books in the world that explain how to text a Scorpion in such a thorough manner.

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

P. S. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Most of the women believe in coincidence or in fate. Actually, our lives are a mix of both.

This is one of the biggest secrets of the Zodiac. The stars don’t want us to leave everything to them. That’s why the science of Astrology was bestowed to us – to find the best way to align with our stars.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just make a wish.

A lot of times the stars want us to act… with respect to their inclinations of course. Use this secret wisely and may the stars watch over you.

P. P. S. With my 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll get all of your money back in case you don’t like my content, you don’t have anything to lose.

In fact, the only way for you to lose is to miss this opportunity of feeding the flame of love and passion with your Scorpio.

P. P. P. S. If you have thumbs and know how to copy and paste, you can spark his desire for you with these messages. They’re a safe recipe for a successful relationship that you can keep in your phone and paste & send without thinking.

If it’s a long-distance relationship and you’re communicating a lot via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp… even better.

Even if he’s gone from your, always remember that only one message sent at the right time could bring him back. 

You pay only $37

AnitaThank you for putting together such an amazing, comprehensive tool kit for understanding and satisfying the Scorpio man.”

Dominica “I needed to better understand the man I love, see what I am doing wrong and to help me be a better partner. All I can say is Thank you for your wonderful and insightful books, they have made the last month or so much easier and have kept my mind on track.

KarenIn reading all your resources and you describe my recent relationship interest perfectly and all that I read was super helpful.

Anastasia “This is great, thank you so much! You are absolutely amazing! I did not want to lose my man forever, I truly love my guy and didn't know what to do bring him back to me, and I wanted to better understand what I'm doing wrong in my relationship that I maybe cannot see without an outside, fresh set of eyes and ears. I did exactly what you told me and based off your book and it worked. He's in all the way!”

Rachelle “I am so happy I found you Anna! Your emails have helped my relationship tremendously. I understand my guy so much better and have seen a definite improvement in our relationship since I have been reading your articles. Thank you!”

Kyra “What you do to help people is amazing. Thank you. I never put too much stock in astrology because the usual description of me is so far off the mark for me- but after reading a few things on Him and realizing it fit him to a T, I decided it was time to look more deeply into it. Your book is an amazingly valuable resource.”

Janine “Thank you so much for these wonderful series and information. It is so informative and I have loved reading your book, especially on how to get him back.”

Lea “I want to say thank you for your whole series. I wish I had this series when I just turned thirty twenty years ago. I met a wonderful Scorpio man.”

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