What To Text A Scorpio Man After A Breakup

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Should you text him? I’ve got some information to share with you that may help. Keep reading to learn more about what to text a Scorpio man after a breakup. 

It’s never easy to brave a break up with anyone. And with a Scorpio, oh honey, things can get really emotional and chaotic. If you two didn’t part on good terms, you can expect some serious turbulence.

What do you do now? Can you text him? Should you text him? I’ve got some information to share with you that may help. Keep reading to learn more about what to text a Scorpio man after a breakup. 

Wait A Minute Before You Text Him

The Scorpio man is one of those guys that need a bit of space after a breakup. He has to accept what has happened and work through it. If he hears from you too soon, he may not be very kind.

Employing this technique is also called “The No Contact Rule.” I’m sure you’ve heard about this before. If not, this is now being brought to your attention. 

Sometimes to get a person’s attention, you don’t contact them at all. It makes them wonder what you’re up to and potentially miss you. 

This is really a good way to get through to a Scorpio man. Giving him space for awhile allows him to think about everything that happened, where he’s at, and how he feels about you.

It also gives him time to realize you’re not there anymore which will make him sad and want to reach out if he truly cared for you.

Don’t ruin your opportunity to possibly get him back by being impatient. Don’t give way to the temptation you feel to reach out to him. If there were ever a time to exercise your self-control, it would be now! 

I understand it’s difficult, but you must hold off for a while. 

When To Text A Scorpio Man After A Breakup

How To Text A Scorpio Man After A Breakup

It’s hard to determine when the exact time should be when you reach out with a text. It’s more about whether or not he reaches out to you. If he does, then game on! 

If he doesn’t, then you’re going to have to intuitively feel when it’s time. You will feel a pull out of the blue and it will be so strong, you’ll know it’s go time.

I would say no less than a month, honestly. Scorpio is a very emotional sort who does need to work through what he feels and what he wants so that he can choose.

At last, when you feel it’s absolutely time, you will reach out with a very simple text message. Just say hi and ask how he’s doing. This will help determine if he’s ready or not.

If he isn’t, then he will not reply. If he is, he will say hi back and will engage in small talk with you. 

It’s a gamble when you send that first text, but if you’ve waited for a good amount of time, there is a good chance he will answer. Unless he’s done with you, he should be receptive.

Take Your Time, There’s No Need To Hurry

Look, I get it – you really miss him and you’re hurting. The thing is, you cannot hurry the process of trying to get him back. You’re going to have to take this easy otherwise he will shut you out.

After you’ve taken a “leave” in not contacting him then you get through with small talk. Don’t press the situation. It’s better to stay relaxed about it. If he feels pressure then it’s game over.

Instead of texting him often like you used to, you’re going to have to try to reduce the texts to maybe twice a week. It’s crucial to be slow with this. 

Basically, you’re easing him back into some kind of connection with you. It will probably start out as friends because he’s going to want to be cautious.

Don’t talk about the relationship you had when you do talk to him, either. He isn’t ready to discuss that yet. When he is, he will bring it up. 

If you were at fault for what happened then you absolutely will need to tell him you are sorry so that hurdle can be passed. 

That needs to sink in for him to accept that the breakup was the wrong thing to happen and if he still really cares for you, he’ll forgive you, but it could take time.

I know I keep saying give it time, but the truth is, this is how Scorpio man is. He’s born untrusting and so when he feels hurt or betrayed, he carries that with him going forward.

Rebuild Trust

Texting a Scorpio Ex After Breakup

I just mentioned how he is with trust. When things were bad between you two, he probably lost trust. Either he lost trust with you or he lost trust in himself with you.

Obviously, it’s going to take him a bit to feel he can get to a place where he was before things went the wrong direction. He needs to be reminded of when things were amazing.

In your approach with taking things slow, bring up old memories that were endearing for you both. You can also bring up the hottest times between you.

Don’t do it all at once or it will overwhelm him. You have to do this in a subtle way, so he won’t think you’re trying to infiltrate his heart. 

Keep it simple: “Remember when we at that seafood restaurant and that old man started having an allergic reaction? You got up and went over to him to help him.”

Or, you can try: “Do you remember that one time we had sex on the campgrounds with people in the camp area nearby? We could have gotten caught any minute… that was a huge turn on.”

See where I’m going with this? You need to bring up things that you know he will think of fondly. 

It’s Not An Easy Task Texting A Scorpio Ex

I wish I could tell you there is a way to fast-track with your Scorpio man – but there really isn’t. Whether you broke it off or he did, you’ve got to take it easy and rebuild slowly.

It’s going to take lots of patience on your part. When you text him, try to avoid bringing up any bad times or the final argument you had other than saying you’re sorry if you’re at fault.

Don’t ask him to apologize either. If he feels bad and feels he should, he will. If he doesn’t then you’re not going to get it and he will shut you out. 

Keep things open with him by using small talk to start with then you can increase your texts to bring up really good memories. 

If he really wants to try again then he will definitely start letting you know in small ways. Just stay calm and don’t jump the gun. Stay grounded and let things flow.

Love sometimes takes time anyway. Repairing love can take even longer as something was broken that needs to be glued back together. It takes both of you to want that.

You may want it faster than he does but if you are able to put in the time and effort, he may fall into it and start working on it as well. 

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Other Messages You Should Send Your Scorpio

Do you really want your Scorpio man to come back with a renewed passion? 

Yes, of course you do!

Once you’ve started things rolling with him again from what I’ve shared so far, there is even more you can do.

He can seem like he’s “hard to get” when he does that whole hot and cold thing. 

It’s annoying and it’s frustrating. 

What exactly can you text him that will make his Scorpio fire come back to you faster?

Ah yes, you’ve got to know the trigger things to text him…

Why the heck is he playing with your mind?

Even worse, he replies to you and says he never got your message that you sent. 

Oh yes, and of course the old, “sorry, I was busy.”

No one wants to hear that! You want your Scorpio man to write back in a timely manner.

You want him to want you but right now he seems to have a bug up his rear.

How can you get him to see that you’re the one for him?

You’ve definitely got to take charge of your situation because he won’t do it on his own…

I want you to click here right now to get more texts that will blow his mind <<

Get his attention and keep it with a few simple words.

He won’t know what hit him and he will crave you.

Your Scorpio man will miss you so much he won’t be able to be without you any longer.

I want you to get him back and in a way that you are able to keep him for good!

You can do it but you have to take the right steps…

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You’ve got this! I have faith in you. 

I wish you all the luck in the Universe darling!

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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7 thoughts on “What To Text A Scorpio Man After A Breakup

  1. Hi Anna ,
    I don’t know really what happened but he was continously being online and I have this trust issues because of my past relationship in this year we had two breakup which was initiated by me but he still keeps contacting me after a month or so . This time I blocked him because he was online and when I asked him proof he was saying it is he is talking to his family and he was like online late night as well so I was not able to really understand and I blocked . I feel bad I don’t know what to do

      1. Hi Renita!

        All comments are not automatically approved. I get a great deal of spam messages so I have to filter to make sure those don’t get seen. I only want clients so they sit in moderation until I can get to them. Thanks.

    1. Hi Renita!

      I’m not sure how you could tell he was online continuously but what I can tell you is that sometimes when you open a website or app on your phone, it will stay on even when you’re not active thus you appear “online” anyway. If you have trust issues then you should probably work at letting those fears go so that you ca have a healthy relationship without suspicion and worry. You can stress yourself out and push people away with insecurities. Unless there are other red flags you really shouldn’t have such mistrust and asking him for proof. If you want to fix things, you need to work on yourself and you need to apologize him for reacting the way you did. Explain to him how you feel and maybe there is still a chance. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  2. Your love spell restored my relationship.. so helpful,, by R.buc k le r 11( ‘@ ‘ )g ma i l…… c o m,,

  3. My scorpion man lost his trust After he tested me, honestly the test was not good Basically, after that he said that he would talk to me normally since we are friends and frankly we are lovers and in an open relationship without commitment way open relation that if I found another suitable person other than him that I should tell him about (Can you imagine) and the test result was how could you speak to someone else even if you just wanted to know who he is!! …. …. And now he left his account open and after several days I wrote to him that I want to talk to him and discuss him he blocked me as usual and now 4 days have passed I do not know if I should write to him Because I have to tell him something important.

    Should I? Or I shouldn’t?

    1. Dear Sara,
      You shouldn’t. Blocking you was disrespectful and immature.
      Move forward because he is not worth it.
      Sometimes the only closure you need is understanding that you deserve better.
      You need to appreciate and love yourself so much to the point that your energy rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.
      Always remember, you deserve to be loved and respected.
      Never chase his love, attention or affection. If it isn’t given to you freely then it isn’t worth having.
      Sending Love!

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