3 Texts That Melt a Scorpio Man’s Heart

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Scorpio man’s heart is a mysterious thing indeed! Can you find your way into his heart with a well-thought-out text? 

The Scorpio man’s heart is a mysterious thing indeed! By turns remote and tender, this man has a whole lot of defenses to break through before he allows himself to trust. Can you find your way into his heart with a well-thought-out text? 

When it comes to expressing your true feelings, some people just find it so much easier texting than talking. Though some of us may have those special verbal skills, most people stumble over their words and don’t say exactly what they mean! 

This is where messaging can be a blessing, rather than a curse. We have the time to think about what we would like to say, and how we want to say it

Most men, on the other hand, tend to struggle with texts and phone calls, and may be a little better in person, so if you send a heart-melting message to him, don’t always expect him to be able to craft the same kind of message back. Rule number one! 

And, of course, timing is everything. In my experience as a relationship astrologer, timing is often the difference between a moment of deep bonding versus creating a rift. 

For example, sending a message in the middle of the day when he may be knee-deep in meetings may not be all that constructive! But sending it first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, when you know he’s relaxed, is thinking smart.

So what kinds of texts melt the heart of the mysterious Scorpio man? What will make him want to be with you, choose you, love you? Well, texts can’t be the only thing that makes him fall for you—but they can certainly help! 

The Scorpio Man’s Preferred Texting style:

Let’s start with the style of texting that the Scorpio man tends to like, which can give you a few ideas of your own when it comes to grabbing his heart. 

Seductive and Sexy

The first step is making your texts seductive and ever-so-sexy. As you may know by now, the sign of Scorpio is the most sexual in the Zodiac, so having passion in your words is ultra-important! 

Try to seduce him – subtly. Be sexy, suggestive, and playful. He will be eating out of your hands in no time! 

Subtle and Mysterious

Scorpio men don’t like texts that are obvious. They’ll find this lacking in finesse and may lose interest. Being too straight-up doesn’t feel like fun to the Scorpio man, so while you’re being sexy and seductive, try to keep it subtle. Hint rather than spelling it out – he’ll pick up what you put down! 


Here’s a secret – Scorpio men love good-natured mind games. They enjoy the art of (harmless) manipulation, when everyone’s consented to it and you’re both aware of what’s going on. He likes to test your boundaries, and for you test his. Don’ be scared of playing a few emotional games with him, helping you both to figure out what you really feel without being uncomfortably open about it. You may have a lot of fun with this! 

Secretive and Forbidden

Another thing a Scorpio loves is secrets. Even more, they love the forbidden and the taboo. Receiving texts that “shouldn’t be sent,” like sharing a secret, will make him feel special. It will also flick all his switches on, and you can be assured that he’ll come back for more! 

Intense and Deep

Scorpio men hate small talk. They want to get deep fast, and they love an emotionally loaded and intense conversation about things that matter. Something metaphysical, aliens, war, crime, or politics – these are the sorts of things that he takes an interest in. He’ll respect a woman who can keep up with him! 


Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that they treasure reliability and consistency. If you decide to “ghost” him, stop replying, or be inconsistent or careless with your messages, he will switch off. In fact, being an extreme sign, he might move on to someone else who does show more commitment. Beware, ladies – this man is not playing around! 

So now, how about a few texts designed to melt his heart and make you his? These are my top three texts suggestions to bring love and passion into your bond!  

3 Texts to Melt a Scorpio Man’s Heart

1. “I Would Never Want to Leave You”

The deepest fear of most Scorpio men is being abandoned or betrayed. Most of the time, this manifests as jealousy and insecurity, which they try to hide. 

They need to always appear they like they’re in control, when in fact, they’re terrified inside

Knowing this helps you understand so many of their seemingly strange behaviours – their game-playing, obsession with your past, your exes, their jealousy, and their drama. They just want to be sure that you’re not  going to hurt them. 

Sending a text assuring a Scorpio man that you have no plans to leave him makes his heart soar. Obviously, you have to pick the right moment to say this because sending it out of the blue may just make them question your sanity! 

When you have a really intimate moment, try sending something along these lines. 

2. “I Just Want to Be All Yours” 

Scorpio Man Melting After Being Texted

This is a text designed to go straight into the Scorpio man’s heart – and everywhere else! There’s nothing as sexy to the Scorpio man as “possessing” his partner, body and soul.

This is also a very vulnerable text, which will make him feel powerful, in control, and protective over you. These words will go a very long way toward helping him to be more vulnerable, too. Watch the sparks fly when you send this text, ladies! 

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3. “Do You Want to Know a Secret?”

Scorpio men trade in secrets! It’s their chosen form of currency when it comes to love and relationships, and they just love to collect other people’s deepest and darkest! 

Plus, you really can trust him. This is not the type of sign to air out your dirty laundry, unless you do the unthinkable and cheat on him! Then all bets are off, of course. 

Hinting at a secret you have to tell him will definitely get his heart beating faster. And that secret may just be how you feel about him, or something sweet and soft like that. You can choose what you decide to tell him! 

Three Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Texting a Scorpio Man

Now that you know a few tips to help you get the heart of a Scorpio, I do have to warn you about one thing.

There are certain texting behaviors that will make an intense Scorpio lose interest in you…

Communicating with a love interest is a very delicate dance (and so much trickier to do over text!) and all it takes is one wrong message to send him walking the other way…

Just to be safe – you need to check out the three big texting “no-no”s you should avoid, before you make a mistake that leaves you on read!

Check the link below and learn how to avoid the biggest texting mistakes with a Scorpio man. You won’t regret it!

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Wishing you lots of luck and love on your journey.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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