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What Attracts a Scorpio Man? Here is a List of Things That Will Help You

What attracts a Scorpio man? Are you super hot for a passionately delicious Scorpio man but not sure of what you can do to attract him? Well, I can surely help you out! Keep reading for some steps to attract a Scorpio man.

Be Yourself

Scorpio men can be rather intuitive and so it will be better for you to be authentic when you’re around him. He doesn’t like fake women or women who pretend to be something they’re not.

He wants a woman who is real with herself and real with him as well. Be honest with him. When I say be honest, I don’t mean be aggressive or overly emotional. You can effectively talk to him when you’re calm.

Show him who you are because when you’re authentic, you are far more alluring to him. Pay attention to him and his needs but don’t be afraid to express what you need as well.

Remember, just be yourself because if you try to be something you think he wants, he will see right through it and will probably lose his attraction for you. Let him see your inner beauty, this is what attracts a Scorpio man.

Dress Sexy

Attractive young woman looking at beautiful white dress and thinking in clothing store - What attracts a Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man appreciates a beautiful woman. A tip that you may not know is that he really digs the colors red and black. When you’re dressing up to see him or be around him, wear a sexy dress in those colors.

If you’re not a dress type of woman, you can still wear a sexy blouse and tight pants in the same colors. Whatever you’re into, you can make it look appealing and it will draw him in.

The red especially will stand out in any room which gets his attention. He may walk over to you and start talking. Of course, if he knows you, he will definitely talk to you because this is what attracts a Scorpio man.

If you haven’t actually talked much to him then his may be a good opportunity for you to lure him in so that he’ll want to get to know more about you. Red lipstick is a fantastic idea if it’s something you’d be into wearing.

Don’t Go Digging

Scorpio men are very sensitive to their emotions. They typically will not open up and discuss their personal business with someone they are not totally bonded with. If you’re getting to know him, wait him out.

When the Scorpio man is comfortable enough with you, he will start to tell you personal things. Give him time and don’t pry. If you know it’s something very personal to him, do NOT ask him. He will tell you if he wants.

If you were to start prodding and poking him for information, he will get very uncomfortable and decide to ghost you or pull back. He’ll get cold and quiet. Scorpios are protective of their personal lives.

Give him a little time and get to know him better. When he’s feeling confident about being around you, he will start to reveal things that you’ll be rather surprised about. Be supportive of what he tells you and do NOT gossip. This is not something that attracts a Scorpio man.

Eye Contact Is Key

young casual couple looking at each other and smiling while he is embracing her - What attracts a Scorpio Man

With the Scorpio man, it’s a good thing to make eye contact and give him the look of “come talk to me” or “I’m into you”. You can easily learn what these looks are and how to pull them off if you don’t already know.

I would even suggest looking up videos on how to do these looks if you are uncertain of what you’re doing. Making eye contact with the Scorpio man is vastly important.

Even after he starts talking to you and getting to know you, it’s a good thing to make eye contact while telling him things so that he knows that you’re being authentic and at the moment with him.

While he’s talking, you definitely want to stare deeply into his eyes. It lets him know that you really ARE listening to him and understanding what he’s telling you. It’s important for him to know you actually care about what he says.

If at all possible, put your hand over his while he’s talking. It will raise up the energy frequency and will let him know that you’re interested in him and that you care what he says. This attracts a Scorpio man. 

Be a Mystery

While I’m telling you to be yourself, you should still hold back a little bit as far as telling him your life story. You can be you without actually talking too much about your past.

You want him to ask you questions and get to know you over time. If he knows everything up front, he’s not going to bother to try to get closer. Why put in effort when he knows it all already?

He actually likes to unravel a good mystery. He’s often this way himself. This is how questions become important. Remember, don’t ask him too many personal things until he’s ready but does ask him simple things to get to know him.

Answer him honestly when he asks you questions too. He will know by looking in your eyes whether you’re being truthful or if you are snowballing him. Be very careful. If there is something you don’t feel comfortable with, just tell him that. Honesty is something that attracts a Scorpio man.


Basically, give it some time, show him how beautiful you are on the inside and out, but also give him something to work for. Give him little tidbits on things about you and let him investigate you over time.

He’ll absolutely love this process and will embrace it when he sees how amazing you truly are. It’s that simple! Show your beauty, be wonderful, be caring, listen to him, show him you’re there for him, and let him tell you his secrets in time.

He’s going to want to spend lots of time with you as a result so be ready because he wants your undivided attention when he finally gets time alone with you. Remember my tips and you should succeed!

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Do you know what attracts a Scorpio man? If you’re dating a Scorpio man that seems too mysterious for you to break into, I can teach you more here

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