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What A Scorpio Man Likes In a Woman: It’s Not What You Think

To win the heart of a Scorpio man it takes a special kind of lady. What motivates him to run to you like a knight of cups in shining armor is not an easy feat, but it’s worthwhile.

These guys love, love and to get beyond his surface, there are several behaviors and characteristics to consider:

1. Tenderness

As rough and tough as this man can appear, he can be as gentle and moody as a kitten inside.

A Scorpio man is highly attracted to someone with a soft touch who knows how to carefully handle his fragile ego and heart.

Naturally tuning into his soft spots and respecting them will earn you tons of points because he will feel safe around you.

2. Fairness

happy couple with wallet and wine glasses paying bill at restaurant

While these guys have no problem spoiling you once you are exclusively coupled, they like to know that you will contribute to the relationship somehow.

One way to show that you are not a gold digger or someone out to take advantage of him is to offer to tip the server when going out to eat or to pick up the bill for one of your upcoming outings.

He may turn down your offer so that he can lead (this is a good thing!), but at least he now knows that you are willing to share and you’ll easily play the role of a true partner.

Whatever you do, do not force societal expectations on him because while he has the tendency to stick to some traditions, he’s usually all about advanced and new age ideas regarding relationships.

3. Get Deep

Don’t be afraid to share your life experiences with him because he will dig. He will investigate. He will check you out on social media and Google to make sure that you are not a crazy person.

Don’t be afraid to have deep conversations about your dreams, goals, aspirations and your thoughts about the world in general. Be fearless, willing to be transparent and open to his questions.

Too much hesitation will push him away. He can easily think that you are up to no good or that he shouldn’t trust you because you’re withholding something important that he should know about.

Talk about your family. Ask him a lot of questions. Start from the surface then go deep with a line of questions like, what is your favorite thing to do on Sundays? Where do you like to eat? What is your mother’s favorite dish (if she cooks)? Did you enjoy your mother’s cooking? What is your favorite thing about your mom’s personality?

And BINGO! Watch him peel back the layers and glow as he divulges his personal thoughts and feelings.

4. Loyalty

What a Scorpio Man Likes In a Women But Won't Tell You

He will test your ability to stand firm by his side in so many ways it will make your head spin. You won’t even know when it’s happening! He is a silent observer almost waiting for you to slip up in this area.

Loyalty is huge for them and if they sense that you are a flake in any way, they will quickly end the charades. One way to prove your loyalty is to simply commit to all of your plans and honor your word.

If you sway on this, doubt will creep in. Don’t get so comfortable to the point that you think you can casually blow off small agreements you made with him or his children (if he has any).

Be a woman of your word. Another way to show that you are a steadfast woman is by showing your consistency. If you send him a good morning text regularly, stick to it. Don’t change it up. They like to feel secure in the smallest things because they obsess over details (somewhat like Virgos)!

5. Sexy but Careful 

Don’t think sex on the first date will win him over. This is the quickest way to get dumped.

These guys need the chase and the challenge with a little incentive, meaning, you are not afraid to express that you are sexually attracted to him, yet, keeping the “cookies” locked in the jar until both of you have invested enough time in the building.

A great suggestion would be to see each other a maximum of once a week (in the beginning) to keep the sexy fire at bay. It’s so easy to hop in the sack with these guys because they will make it seem like this is what they want right away.

Be a woman of strength. Don’t give in so quickly. Space it out. You’ll be grateful you did later. Most of the time, they don’t even realize how getting the “cookies” too soon turns them off because they are so passionate and easily turned on by your beautiful appearance and scent.

6. Clean

Scorpio Man And His Girlfriend In Pajamas Brushing Teeth In Bathroom

Believe it or not, these guys can be sticklers for good hygiene. You’ll want to make sure you have fresh breath and a good scent (perfume or body spray if you can wear it).

They love and need to have all of their senses moved by you. Maintaining an orderly living environment will show him that you know how to be clean and he doesn’t have to worry about surprise stenches or gross old food stuck under the sofa.

The most important thing to remember is that a Scorpio man loves a woman with an open heart who is confident and self-assured.

If you keep in mind some of these main characteristics, you are sure to ride far off into the sunset with your Scorpion knight.

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Do you know what a Scorpio man likes in a woman?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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