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5 Scorpio Man Likes And Dislikes: What He Loves and Hates in Women

Scorpio man’s likes and dislikes vary. He is hot and passionate. What is it he is looking for in a woman? What turns him off? These are 5 Scorpio man’s likes and dislikes that you need to know to better understand what he may be searching for in a partner.


1. Mystery and Intrigue

Scorpio men are brainy guys. That is why they appreciate a woman who can stimulate their minds as well as their bodies. He is a mystery himself typically. He is able to relate better to a woman who maintains a bit of mystery of her own.

He doesn’t want to know everything about the woman he likes up front as it takes away from the joy of him getting to know her over time. It’s not that he wants to move slowly; it’s that he wants to solve mysteries.

To get to know the woman of his interest is a puzzle in itself to him. If he already knows everything, there isn’t anything to figure out thus creates a boring situation for the Scorpio man.

2. Goals or Trials

The Scorpio man needs to have goals to work toward both alone and with his partner. He’ll do well with a woman who can provide him with a challenge. If everything always goes his way; it’ll become boring.

He prefers a woman who will stand her ground and point out when things need to be changed or worked on. He may not agree and this type of challenge is what he lives for.

I’m not saying you should fight with him all the time but if you agree with him all the time, he will get bored and decide to look for excitement elsewhere. Puzzle him with your wit!

3. Ultimate Loyalty

Happy couple holding hands at wooden table with the sunlight - Things that Scorpio Men Love and Hate in Women

This is a man that is good on his word and as such; he expects a woman of his choosing to be the same way. Unreliability for flaky behavior will cause him to run for the hills.

He wants a woman who is his and his alone. Not only that but he wants to know that his woman will always be there for him when he needs her as both his partner and mother of his future children.

If he is struggling with others and talks to you about it; he wants you to be on his side and prove to him that you’re with him no matter what happens. He wants to know you will always be available when he needs your love.

4. Sweetness and Caring of Others

While being a sweetheart to him; he will also expect you to be this way with others. He is a humanitarian and thus feels that the woman he ends up with has to have the compassion to everyone.

It’s likely he’ll adore children as well as pets. In that; he wants a woman who feels the same way he does. By showing others kindness, you’re displaying who you are on the inside.

He will truly see you for who you are if you let your inner nurturing out to help anyone who may be in need of your compassion. While you may be strong and independent; others may need your help.

5. Psychology of Others

This is a guy that loves to people watch and try to figure out other people’s motives in life. He’ll enjoy having a partner who will also like doing things like this.

Going to sit at the mall or somewhere where lots of people are active will be a fun activity for you together.

He wants to know what really makes people tick. It’s fun for him to see if he can predict what others will do. So if you engage in this activity with him; he’ll truly feel he’s met his true soul mate.


1. Head Games

Very much like a Virgo man, the Scorpio man’s likes and dislikes are many, but he doesn’t like to play head games. He finds it totally unnecessary and won’t appreciate a woman doing this with or to him. Be straight forward with him.

Always tell him the truth and let him know where you stand. He’ll better respect you for doing this than by being passive-aggressive. I’m not saying you should yell or attack him but in a calm way; approach him with what you need to say.

2. Being Lied To

Liar nose - Things that Scorpio Men Love and Hate in Women

This really rather goes with the last number. Be honest and do not lie to him. If you do, he’ll know it and he’ll cast you out or use it against you at some point he feels fit. Be very careful.

The Scorpion sting is no fun and he will leave you out in the cold if you try to attempt to deceive him in any way. Remember, he demands loyalty and being deceitful will put you in the category as disloyal.

3. Not being Authentic

If you are not being yourself when you are with him; you are being disloyal. Being inauthentic is just another form of lying basically. He wants you to be who you are, not put on a mask to please him.

Scorpio men get to the bottom of things and he’s very good at picking up on things that are not true. He’ll be able to see through you which will likely end horribly for you.

5. Breaking your Loyalty

If you cannot be loyal to your Scorpio man then maybe you shouldn’t be with him. He is a stickler for being loyal. He will see through you if you are not careful. He’s intuitive and known as a human lie detector.

If you feel you cannot be loyal to him; you may want to choose differently in a partner. It will be hard to win him back if you’ve done him a disservice in some way.

5. Lacking Bravery

The Scorpio man isn’t into women who lack confidence. He loves a strong independent woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

Self-esteem is a must for the Scorpio man. He needs a woman who is not afraid of him or of herself. Self-reliance and confidence are what he seeks and anything less than that will likely get left behind.

As you can see, the Scorpio man knows what he wants. You can click here to find out more about what he’s looking for.

Hopefully, this helps you better understand what he wants and doesn’t want in a woman.

What do you think are the Scorpio man’s likes and dislikes?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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