How To Make A Scorpio Man Propose To You: 8 Steps To Follow

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Understand that this man is not easily swayed or wooed to start. Here is how to make a Scorpio man propose to you. What makes him put a ring on your finger?

The joys of marriage with a Scorpio man can be yours by simply trying out some tactics that would appeal to all water signs and some that should hit Scorpio’s heart buttons.

To make a Scorpio man propose to you, understand that this man is not easily swayed or wooed to start. Everything he responds to is usually set in motion from the result of something he initiated.

So, if he was the first to approach you to date you, he will likely be the first to consider proposing to you…even before you think about it.

He’s always a step ahead of the game with the right person. But if you feel like he’s dragging his feet or taking his sweet time, some of the following ideas may help you light just the right spark to get his commitment engine revving.

1. Don’t Push Marriage 

That’s right. Don’t make weddings, rings, honeymoons, and prenups the focus of your conversations. Stay away from the topic f you can.

Don’t ever forget that these guys already know your intentions and he has already channeled your emotions.

They know what you want. By giving in to the impulse to obsess over this stuff, you can find yourself disappointed as he will feel nothing but cold waters in his veins. Doing this can be a major turn off. To potentially turn it back on, simply let it go and enjoy the ride. Let him come to you when he feels ready.

2. Have Fun

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Always create situations where you can laugh together and have tons of fun. This will keep him in a warm space.

It will put him in the mindset of living like this forever; he will enjoy your company all of the time. One quick way to his heart is to keep him laughing and having a good time.

3. Be Positive 

Keep the spirit of positivity. This is very important: Scorpios cannot stand for negative-Nancy tendencies.

If you are on the more realist/critical side, don’t trash others. Respect goes a long way with these guys. They know that if you respect others as well as yourself, you will respect him long-term.

4. Pick Your Battles Carefully 

Don’t give into arguing so quickly. Keep calm energy about you so that you can keep your Scorpio man’s waters flowing easily.

Scorpio men are highly attracted to grounded stable types who can keep their composure even when he’s off-balance. Getting caught up in daily dramas will quickly put out his fire and send him in every other direction but yours. Be careful. Be considerate. Listen. Don’t overreact.

5. Go to Him for Help

Make him feel like he’s your savior. Send him a random text from time t time asking for his assistance or advice on a matter. You’ll be surprised by how much he can invest just be feeling like his opinion matters.

By making him feel needed he is getting his ego stroked and his manly desires are being met. While you know you can probably do everything yourself, getting him involved is one way to show that he will always have a purpose in your life beyond love and affection.

While this is a great idea, be careful not to become obsessively needy. This will have the opposite effect; he might just run for the hills.

6. Show Your Domesticated Side

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While this guy is pretty self-sufficient, he loves and craves warmth, affection, and nurturing. By giving him a small taste of what married like can look like with you, you might win a proposal.

Examples: Cook, clean, iron his clothes, give him random brief massages, think ahead and take care of a task for his home, or compliment him on his achievements.

7. Be Busy

Have your own plans that don’t involve him. While he may love to be around you, it’s always good to have breathing room by occupying yourself with your own goals and desires. Believe it or not, this will make him take you seriously.

He will gain tremendous respect for you if you maintain your own life beyond the world you’ve created with him. It tells him that you can be balanced.

Scorpios tend to struggle with balance since they so easily dip into extremes. A partner who’s balanced will be viewed as an asset to him.

8. Be Loyal

Always have his back no matter what. Don’t play manipulation games with him because unfortunately, he’s already the master. He knows manipulation all too well.

The nice ones choose not to use it to their advantage; rather, they respect a genuine connection. They allow it to grow and foster instead of cheating by playing mind games.

Never try to hint on stepping out on the relationship just because he’s acting a certain way or you’re not getting a need met somehow. This is acid to the relationship and a sure way to prevent your chances of getting that dream proposal.

In conclusion, bringing this man down one knee can be an easy endeavor if you’re open, stable, committed, ready, and happy to accept him in your life forever.

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Do you know how to make a Scorpio man propose to you?

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Anna Kovach

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  1. I’ve done this for 3yrs now and it’s still not happened . I think I’m just here for comfort I think . He doesn’t want to marry me no time soon .

    1. Hi Hira!

      Thank you for chiming in to my article. I appreciate any input I can get. I am assuming you either are Scorpio or your partner is. Either way you seem to have some knowledge that you wanted to share. If you have a Scorpio partner then I invite you to check out my guides on Scorpio Man Secrets. You can never have enough information. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

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