Scorpio Man Horoscope For March 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
March 2024 horoscope for your Scorpio man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is March going to treat your Scorpio man?

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to the revealing and intriguing March horoscope for a Scorpio man. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in the air, suddenly the new shoots are coming through, the weather’s beginning to improve, and the days begin to get lighter.

Additionally, March is a very important month because, whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere heading into the cooler months, which can be a kind of relief, or in the Northern Hemisphere heading for warmth, it’s still the equinox, which is a seminal moment in the year when a New Year is born.

So while technically January is the beginning of our calendar year, astrologically, March, as the sun goes across the Taurus point, is the beginning of a New Year. So it’s a fantastic time, whether you are going into spring or autumn, to set brand new intentions and new relationship resolutions.

Keep reading for a Scorpio man March horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Scorpio Man this March…

New Moon in Capricorn on March 10th, 2024

This is a great New Moon for a Scorpio man because it represents a refreshing time that activates his youthful spirit. This is certainly a time when he wants to indulge the child within, so it’s very important for you to have a playful, adventurous approach to your relationship with him.

Whether you are dating or in a committed relationship, this is a time to put fun on the menu, as there definitely has to be space in the relationship for escapism and getting away from the daily grind.

This is an awesome time for those of you who enjoy going to artistic events and festivals, or alternatively, who enjoy sports games, because this is an ideal avenue to stimulate romance. So if you have a little bit of spare cash, it’s definitely time to book yourself some getaways to enjoy things that make you feel alive and young again and get the adrenaline pumping.

This is not a time for events that are obligatory or pretty boring; you want to do things that make you feel youthful and energized, as that’s the key to love.

Mercury enters Aries on March 11th, 2024

Often, a Scorpio man is a minimalist; he likes to be organized in his life and in his thinking—a tidy house, a tidy mind. So right now, you want to make sure that you are organized, punctual, and pay attention to detail because he gets annoyed by these little things if they don’t go right.

If you are newly dating him, definitely pay attention to his likes and dislikes and respect those. If you are in a committed relationship, this is a time when you guys can have important discussions about pressing concerns and events that you need to attend or successfully tackle, and so it’s a great time for discussions about the practical affairs in your life. Definitely get a handle on the details because when the details are running smoothly, it frees up time for fun.

On March 12th, Venus enters Pisces

As Pisces represents his house of romance, this bodes very well for date nights and also for increasing levels of affection and intimacy. When it comes to those of you dating a Scorpio man, he’s more likely to be wearing his heart on his sleeve; he enjoys being complimented on the way he dresses and getting a little ego boost, so remember to find ways of thoughtfully enhancing his self-esteem and helping him to feel great.

It’s also a time when you should pay more attention to your appearance because he really enjoys it when you are looking good, as he’s in a particularly sensual mode.

This is a great time to dress to impress and another excellent sign that you guys will be enjoying yourselves and having opportunities to do exciting things together. This is a great time for dancing and activities that are quite active rather than something passive like the cinema. If he is a creative person, definitely show your appreciation for his creativity.

On March 21st, Sun enters Aries

This has connotations connected to a career for a Scorpio man, so he’s lightly focused on clients, colleagues, and things that need to be done within his job. This is a time when he can be a little bit preoccupied because he’s often engaged with complex matters and working hard, so right now he works hard and he plays hard, and things can get quite draining, so it’s important to remind him to make time to rest.

For you guys who enjoy sports and fitness, this is a wonderful time to be continuing on with your diets and enjoying the outdoors together. Pets may play a bigger role in your life, and if you guys have a mutual interest in animals, exploring them can help reinforce the relationship.

Mars enters Pisces on March 23rd, 2024

Now this is quite a competitive placement for a Scorpio man and can also make him quite ego-driven, so the way to handle him is to be pretty easy-going and laid-back because sometimes he’s a little bit of a tiger.

On the other hand, what’s great about right now is that his enthusiasm levels are high; it’s easy to arouse him, and if the timing is right, he’s up for a party. This is a great time for discussing matters to do with children, and sometimes enjoying things with your children can be a great way to bond and improve your relationship.

Always remember to be positive. This is a time when he responds very well to people who have an upbeat, vibrant attitude, so the way to impress him, particularly if you are dating, is to be a bit flamboyant and very self-expressive.

When you say something, make sure you say it like you mean it, because he will pick up on anything that’s a little bit lackluster or that feels half-hearted; this really turns him off.

Themes for a Scorpio Man this March 2024

The great thing about this month is that there’s a lot of energy and passion; it’s fantastic for romance both in new and existing relationships. However,  what’s important is to be free spirited, have a little bit of adventure in your life, and make sure that you guys have enough space for playfulness.

All work and no play definitely makes Jack a dull boy, and so while he’s working quite hard and he’s eager to be more organized, efficient, and achieve at work, he also wants to reap the rewards of his hard work, and that’s why I say it’s work hard, play hard!

Magic Motto: “Life won’t grind us down as long as we have love to lift us above the mundane.”

Magic Text: “How’s my hot stuff getting on, promise you’ll save some energy for the weekend, ok?”


The moon waxes from the 10th to the 25th of March, and during this New Moon phase, it’s ideal for him to embark on new activities and new initiatives, and it’s great for being proactive and planning changes and initiatives.

Health and fitness goals, as well as improving holistic wellness and work life balance, is important. Delegating and outsourcing are good ideas. It is a good time for him to change job. Excellent for organizing and eliminating waste to free up time. New diets and exercise routines are favored. Favorable for getting a pet.

Good for negotiations and brainstorming. Excellent for fact-finding and market research. It is a good time for him to meet new people and do tasks that require variety. Errands, administration, and logistical issues must be tackled.


The waxing phase is not ideal for real estate deals or looking for property. New home improvement and renovation goals are not advisable. Large family events and having people stay are not a great idea. This is not a good time to expand a new business in the hospitality, tourism, or environment industry. 

March 2024 Horoscope for a Scorpio Man

Week 1: Parlez-vous Love

Not only is this a good week for romance, it’s also a good week for communication and improving your understanding of each other’s love languages, and that means being receptive to understanding what each wants in terms of love.

Different people interpret different things as being loving or affectionate, so it’s very important to understand how you can best communicate to him that you are interested, engaged, and keen to take the relationship forward.

However, what is so important right now is to keep things moving. He does get bored, so date nights or dating experiences have to have a lot of the fun factor, which means hanging out with other people, having a lot going on, or attending a high-impact event.

Week 2: Winning Ways

During this week, he can be a little bit stressed out, so it’s really important for him to be able to chill, and thus, your ability to relax and help him escape and forget about things is key. You also need to know how to stimulate his imagination, so the key to success with a Scorpio man is being able to get him to let go.

As you know, often he gets quite uptight and obsessive, so if you know how to use humor or stimulate his fantasy life in order to get him to detach from work or his other concerns so he can get into love mode, you are going to be onto a winner.

Week 3: Serious and Sensitive

This week, a more serious and sensitive approach to your romantic life is needed. It’s sometimes a time of quite serious discussions about where the romance is going. So, for example, if you’re dating, you may begin to talk about getting closer, committing, moving in together, having children, and those sorts of discussions. He is very open to these talks right now.

If you are married, it’s also important to have discussions about the children, as often they are a concern and you need to come together to perhaps find some solutions or simply get the tension off each other’s chests.

However, the key once again is escapism, so perhaps a weekend away or just something totally different from the routine to help you guys reboot and get away from anything stressful to find perspective.

Week 4: Easy off

If you’ve had your eye on a Scorpio man and you haven’t made your move, now you have a green light, as this is a time when he is pretty relaxed, open to anything, and willing to give things a go. So certainly make your move now.

Whether you are committed or in a relationship, this is a good time to make suggestions to him, as he’s definitely more open-minded, and if you can come up with an idea that inspires him, he may well go for it.

This is definitely quite a lucky time for your joint finances. There may be some good news about money, or financial difficulties in general could be easing.

The important thing in relationships this week is to avoid anything too heavy; don’t be too possessive or controlling, as often your Scorpio man can slip into these habits and bring brings it out in other people. So the key right now is to recognise when to take your foot off the gas and to ease off on any pressure or any questioning or controlling behavior.


All in all, it is an excellent month for romance, affection, and doing fun things together. This is your opportunity to feel younger again and to inject the relationship with positive, vibrant energy.

Both new and existing relationships should feel more interesting and exciting, but there’s also an opportunity to work on your love languages and deeper levels of understanding.

So it’s not all about fun; it’s about having fun while at the same time being observant and respectful of each other, improving communication, and being more cognizant of what each of you really wants from the relationship.

This can be a great time for relationships to move forward and for brand new relationships to get well and truly off the starting blocks and to first base.

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