What Is A Scorpio Man Looking For In A Wife? 5 Qualities He Wants

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you really into a Scorpio guy but aren’t sure if you’re what he wants with marriage? Find out what is a Scorpio man looking for in a wife.

Are you really into a guy but aren’t sure what a Scorpio man is looking for in a wife?

While he can be particular, here are some of the qualities he’s looking for in the right match for him:

1. Loyalty is a Must

For a Scorpio man, he has a natural mistrust for most people. He’s always sleeping with one eye open with those he feels he cannot depend on. That being said, he wants to marry a woman with whom he knows the loyalty is there.

If you are trying to marry a Scorpio man, you’ll have to prove to him beyond the shadow of the doubt that you’re going to be there for him. This may take some time and maneuvering but you can do it.

You have to live by your word and not give him any reason to suspect you. Planting any sort of seed of deception will raise a red flag for him. Be honest with him at all costs so that he’ll trust you.

Even when he doesn’t like what you say, he’ll still prefer it over you not telling him the truth. At least if you’re honest he’ll get over it at some point and not hold it against you.

2. Be Strong and Independent

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Though he may not mind taking care of you in some way, he would prefer to have a woman that doesn’t NEED him. He is dreamy and working hard at developing his own goals in life.

If you keep him from this by being clingy or needy, he cannot fulfill his dreams and will most likely call it quits. Marriage would be out of the question if this is the case.

Stand on your own two feet and stand up for yourself. Not that he wants to butt heads with you all the time but if you disagree, you disagree. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and tell him why.

He will respect you far more if you stand up for what you believe in rather than just agreeing to what he says all the time. This certainly also applies to deal with other people. He doesn’t want to have to worry about if you can hold your own or not.

3. Know When to Draw the Line

While he wants you to stand up for yourself, that doesn’t mean he wants you to constantly bicker or disagree with him. A little bit is quite healthy but all the time is a deal breaker.

He will not want to live in the hot seat. He’s already a time bomb waiting to go off all on his own. If you tip him off, that will just add fire to the already burning embers which aren’t good.

Make sure you pick your battles so that you’re not wasting precious energy or time fighting when you don’t need to be. Temper control is important with the Scorpio man.

He wants a wife that will remain calm much of the time but stand up when she needs to but only if it’s necessary. By picking your battles, I mean figure out what is important and what is just nitpicking.

4. Be Driven and Passionate in Life

He is career driven. If not a career then he probably has a project or two he’s trying to get off the ground. Either way, he’s seeking a way to succeed with his life and make good money.

What the Scorpio man is looking for in a wife is someone who is basically his match. He’ll want you to also have your own goals and desires in life. By being busy taking care of your own business endeavors; you show him you don’t NEED him.

If you aren’t into a career then you should at least be passionate about something other than just him. Remember, he doesn’t do clingy or needy. That sort of thing makes him run for the hills.

Show him you can take care of yourself and he’ll be forever turned on. The more impact you have on him with your own goals; the better of you’ll be going forward with him in life.

5. Staying Fit and Well Groomed

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This man loves beautiful women. Even once he’s married, he’ll expect for you to keep up with your appearance by making sure your hair looks nice, clothing is in order, and you look ready to go out.

Even if you’re around the house, at least get dressed and brush your hair and teeth. It’ll brighten you up and it’ll make him feel good about you. He cares about appearance much of the time.

If you can swing it, try dressing sexy just for him on a frequent (not all the time) basis. He’ll really appreciate it and show you how much by embracing you with intense passion.

Is he looking for a brilliant science minded super model? He sort of is. However, he’ll also accept reality and be attracted to you if you put effort into looking good and taking care of yourself.

It’s a real turn on for him to come home and see you dressed in a sexy outfit while perhaps pulling dinner out of the oven. You may not make it eat dinner until after he’s had his way with you first.

Scorpio men have emotional sides that can be hard to cope with. I get how difficult it may be at times to deal with his mood swings. However; when he loves; he does so with great conviction.

Once he chooses his wife, he’ll worship her until the end of time or until she leaves him. Either way, he’ll be a devoted husband and father of your future children. He’s passionate about this type of life once he establishes it.

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I hope that this article may help you to gain a bit more insight on what it is the delicious Scorpio man is looking for in a wife.

Do you know what a Scorpio man is looking for in a wife?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “What Is A Scorpio Man Looking For In A Wife? 5 Qualities He Wants

  1. Well I’ve been dating my Scorpio man for a month now but the way we hooked was the cutest too me he says he had been watching me ever since him and his he moved here but I didn’t ever notice it until one-day he came down stairs and said could he have my number and he said if if I wanted to holla at him just let him know cause he liked me and from there we would sit on my porch and talk. I even remember we even sat outside and talked until 2:00 in the morning one-day. Then after that I started spending a lot of time at my cousions ? and my other cousins that were staying with me told me everyday he would come by my ? looking for me. Tt
    Them he said when I use to go to work he would look out his window and wait for me to get him to make sure I made it home safe everyday. I didn’t even know it cause he said he would hide everytime he saw me. Look up there and he said ever time he would see me walk me dog he would come on he’s pouch and look at me then hurry up and go back in his house so I wouldn’t see him looking at me orange says that when he would see me let my dog oitbhe said my dog would give me away he said he would run outside and mess with me. Then finally I invited him into my house and u know what happened from there and every since then we hit it off and we been been dating for a month now. He always comes and see me and always calls me in the morning or texts me in the morning and tells me good morning every morning. I mean yeah we get into our little arguments but we always make up before the end of the day or the next day but he says no matter what we are not breaking up ever he says he’ll just let me cool down cause he says he knows I love him then he’ll just come to my ? in the morning but he didn’t lie he won’t break up with me for nothing so he really kept his word on that for real. And anther thing his always blushing in front of me all the time when he gets in front of me especially when I say how i feel about him or say how much I like him, he covers his face and laughs or smiles. But just this morning when he came to she me we had a argument yesterday pretty intense but at the end of the text argument I won he just texted me and said I love u 2. But anyway I’m trying to figure out why he says we will never break up, is it because he likes me a lot lot lot or is he obsessed with me? Then I’m trying to figure out this morning when he came to see me after our big text argument he said he was mad about two things he lost his money and our big argument and I said do u want to talk about it or do u want to just leave it alone he said no I’d rather talk about it then for us to break up over it I said well I didn’t know if u wanted or not then he told me about him losing the twenty ? from his wallet he says someone took it from there when he was at his partners ? then he said about the argument I was just crazy, but what I’m saying is when he has a problem he always comes to me and tells me everything. And we are very compatible I’m a cancer and he’s a scorpio so we have a really strong bond. But I really was surprised when he came this morning and he told me he was changing my name from Tiff and start calling me wifey I want to know if he plans on staying with me forever and marrying me can u help me out please.

  2. I have been with my Scorpio partner for 13 years now. A Scorpio man. One very important thing that I have learned along the years is that when having an argument with the Scorpio it is best to just try and shut it down! By either leaving or just ignoring him or just simply not retaliating or responding to the argument or the very hurtful comments! When they argue they tend to say things that can be very hurtful and very spiteful. And they like to continue arguing for a long time! Especially if you’re partner has a few drinks in the evening they tend to get what I call liquid courage. But I have found that if you do not engage with the Scorpio when he is instigating an argument that eventually the arguments will cease and he will become more sensitive and think twice before arguing with you. Because he sees that you are not being hurt and you are not responding! Therefore eventually he will try not to be so possessive and defensive and argumentative in the future! I hope this helps anybody that has a new relationship with the Scorpio and knows exactly what I’m talking about!

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Thank you for chiming in and sharing your experience with me and all the others reading this. Scorpio men definitely do not like confrontation and if it happens, they will definitely go for the jugular with comments. I think you’ve provided some great insight here and I greatly appreciate it. Blessings to you sweetheart!

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