Scorpio Man Horoscope For April 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
April 2024 horoscope for your Scorpio man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is April going to treat your Scorpio man?

Well, my Sweethearts, this is very exciting April reading, because it is the month of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which takes place in Taurus and will be particularly impactful.

Now you may remember, especially if you purchased one of our brilliant yearly guides, I mentioned that the year is off to a sort of slow start in terms of January, February and March because there were a lot of transits involving Saturn and Neptune which meant the energies were more cautious, subtle, conservative and slow to evolve.

In fact, there were some tricky emotional issues to work through, a certain amount of stoicism and resolve was required, and it gave us a chance to or work on ourselves. However, in April, it’s a month full of surprises and the year really gets into full swing.

So the notable features this month are Mercury going retrograde on the second in Aries, the total solar eclipse in Aries happening on the eighth and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, so we have three pretty significant events happening this April and because it’s a retrograde and Uranus is involved, I’m thinking there are going to be some surprises, so be ready for anything.

With that said, let’s get going onto the reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Scorpio Man this April…

Mercury retrograde in Aries on 2nd of April, 2024

This particular transit has a lot of work-related connotations for Scorpio man. He can feel particularly tense and stressed, and it may be a difficult time for his relationships with colleagues, which may impact you if you work in the same office. But it’s also a time when his perfectionistic and slightly more pedantic nature comes to the fore.

So, do be careful of him being more edgy, critical, and obsessing. He can try your patience during the transit. However, on a positive side, this is a very important time for him kicking habits and reviewing recent health decisions, and possibly doing more research to find ways of improving his health.

So, do give him a lot of encouragement, show your care through helping him through his health dilemmas.

Venus enters Aries on 6th of April, 2024

Now, during this phase, he has an eye for detail. So, if you want to know how to impress him, good manners, being punctual, and being very diplomatic are key.

He’s in a non-confrontational mode, he doesn’t particularly like criticism, and because he’s really stressed already, how you can impress him is by being a safe space where he can relax and feel totally at ease to be himself.

So, how do you win in love when you are married or in a relationship with Scorpio man? Help him to relax and unwind and give him peace of mind.

Total solar eclipse in Aries on 6th of April, 2024

Now, this solar eclipse operates powerfully for Scorpio man in terms of daily routines, health, and work. So, there may be developments in any of these areas. However, it’s very important to remain positive because there may be blessings in disguises which lead to breakthroughs.

So, it’s important for him to review and focus on health and also on new work opportunities. The key now is that his holistic well-being is going to shift for the better, but there are short-term adjustments and some logistical problems to iron out before he can achieve this.

For you, help him to be positive, keep things in perspective and not to lose sight of a bigger picture which is developing. 

Sun enters Taurus on 20th of April, 2024

Sun entering Taurus represents an opportunity when it comes to relationships. In fact, relationships become a lot more important to Scorpio man during this particular phase, and therefore it’s great for doing things as a couple, having date nights, or for working as a team, not only to resolve problems but to work on your ambitions and to increase understanding.

So, it’s really good to have a strong focus for something you want to do as couples. And remember the saying, “those who play together stay together.”

Mercury direct in Aries on 26th of April, 2024

This direct motion of Mercury signifies plans coming together and represents an important phase of things moving forward when it comes to health improvements or aspects of his job.

So, there’s every reason with this aspect to be optimistic, and it also means that his focus will be shifting to you rather than spending a lot of time stressing and thinking about the job.

Good relationships feel more alive right now; there’s more sharing, you’re both more inclined to speak your mind and this is an excellent time for clearing the air and for doing positive, proactive things together.

This is a fabulous time for those of you who enjoy the outdoors and being physically active because you can enjoy doing sports as a team or with your friends, and this also helps you bond.

Themes for a Scorpio Man this March 2024

So, a slightly stressful start to the month but also loads of opportunities for you to encourage him to improve health and wellness through mindfulness, better routines, and a better work-life balance.

The good news is things are happening in terms of his employment which, after some short-term disruption, can lead to big improvements as the month goes forward and the sun moves into Taurus. It’s an awesome time for focusing on goals and enhancing your relationship.

There could be the culmination of a big project at work when there’s a lot of celebration within the office and a feeling of happiness that everyone has completed the goal. So there are two themes this month: it’s teamwork and also culmination.

There’s a sense of success, achievement and having done something worthwhile and rather than materials success alone, this also brings a lot of inner contentment.

Magic Motto – “Our relationship is a team effort through which we both grow, overcome and thrive.” 

Magic Text – “Trust in me as I will always believe in you, you always come through.”


The moon waxes from the 8th to the 23rd of April and this waxing phase is the most opportune time for brand new activities, relationship goals, dating and other projects that you guys have decided on.

Bear in mind Mercury is retrograde in Aries, so goals involving networking, large-scale group activities, social media and technology are not particularly favored.

This is also a good time to open your home to friends and family, to entertain. However, you can have fun in your home doing things even if other family members aren’t involved.

You guys may make an aspirational purchase i.e. something for the kitchen, a Jacuzzi, a pool table etc. which creates a lot more of a fun, a positive atmosphere and then what a great time to throw a party.


Mercury is retrograde in his 6th solar house (from the 2nd to 26th) and this not ideal for new roles at work or recruitment of staff, nor is traveling to attend a course. This is not a successful time for him trying new diets, innovative health initiatives and anything strict or restrictive in terms of diet.

Not a good time for him to join a gym or begin a new fitness regime. Training staff is not successful. Not a favorable time to open a business connected to animals, manufacturing or medicine.

Not a suitable waxing phase any for communication and writing projects. Journalism and teaching ventures are not successful. Not ideal for short trips and city escapes. Internet dating and long distance relationships are less favorable. Social media marketing and mail shots are not successful.

April 2024 Horoscope for a Scorpio Man

Week 1 

Now, while Mercury is retrograde, we have Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which is actually really fantastic for brand new romance and dating. So, for those of you guys who are embarking on a new love affair with Scorpio guy, you can make quite a lot of progress, particularly in terms of tenderness.

But remember, right now, to be subtle, nothing brash or shocking. Just show him that you care for him, be sensitive to his needs, and be a helpful partner, and you will succeed.

Week 2 

The total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron in Aries represents an excellent time for healing. This means healing on a physical level in terms of addressing health issues, but also on a more spiritual level where he regains a sense in which he feels that his life is meaningful.

You can help him by being encouraging, supportive, and also helping him to see his weak spots because sometimes he’s not very self-aware and he needs someone to alert him to the full picture.

Week 3

Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries is a good time for any work socials, meeting his colleagues, or simply helping him to prepare for any work-related activities. Encourage him to forge better relationships with key allies, as that can help him succeed.

Now with Jupiter sextile Mars, there definitely is good news in the offing when it comes to work, employment, and career. But it’s important for him to stay patient. Good things come to those who wait, and if he jumps the gun or gets anxious, he could lose sight of the opportunity, so keep his eye on the prize.

Week 4

It’s important for you guys to be physically affectionate and emotionally responsive as it’s easy for him to feel isolated or lonely and so he craves an emotionally reassuring presence from you, and you don’t have to articulate this, show don’t tell.

His level of trust is fragile, but this is usually because of his own paranoia. The key to understanding is that he just isn’t thinking clearly, that’s why you have to be extremely straightforward with him, you almost have to be overly transparent because his mind tends to run or riot.


This is a busy and highly productive month but his work often steals the limelight. Communication and understanding each other better is key. It’s important to stay positive but in a very hands on way as patience and keeping promises is essential.

He thrives in a flexible relationship where there’s good conversation and where he can rely on you to understand him and his priorities and advise him.

The key is being sensible but definitely working on plans for fun not too far in the future.

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