How To Ask A Scorpio Man Out: 5 Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, you’ve met a wonderfully sexy Scorpio man but aren’t sure what you can do to get his attention? Read on and learn how to ask a Scorpio man out.

You’ve met a wonderfully sexy Scorpio man but aren’t sure what you can do to get his attention or how to actually ask him out. Well, there are ways you can get his attention and successfully ask him on a date.

Keep reading for some very helpful tips on how to ask a Scorpio man out!

1. Realize His Need For Control

While you may want to dive on in and ask him out; there needs to be a little bit of caution with Scorpio men. They don’t operate like the other male signs. They do want to know you’re interested but they don’t want you trying to jump ahead.

The Scorpio man is one that wants to be the aggressor or the one that takes the action where it’s needed. He wants to show his manhood and how he takes care of business with women.

There are some exceptions to the rule; of course. If he’s oblivious and not realizing that you’re into him; you can surely take some measures to ensure that he “gets it”.

Yes, means to ask a Scorpio man out. When you do it though; you’re going to want to keep it simple and something that doesn’t put any pressure on him. Perhaps meeting up to go to an outdoor concert or something that you know he’d like.

2. Hold Off On Sexy Talk

how to ask a scorpio man out

Scorpio men are very sexual creatures. However; if you dive into bed with him or talk naughty right away; he’s going to get the impression that you’re totally down with being just a “friend with benefits”.

He’ll have this in his mind while you are actually thinking he really cares for you and wants more than just sex with you. Truth is; you offer it up; they think you’re down for sex without strings.

On that note; it’s best you hold off to let him see that you have a genuine interest in him and would like to get to know him better. Flirt like crazy with him but don’t give him the idea that you’re ready to hop in the sack. Instead, ask a Scorpio man out and stay away from a bed.

The last thing you want to do is tempt him into bed and then end up crying your eyes out when he goes cold on you or doesn’t call. Keep it simple and try to keep sex out of it when possible.

3. Letting Him Talk

One of the things you definitely want when you ask a Scorpio man out is to open up. He won’t do this easily. When he starts to vent to you about things; let him. This is good! It gives you insight into who he is.

This is one of those things that he may easily do at a coffee shop with you if you have the gumption to go ahead and see if he’d like to partake in a tasty treat with you.

Be a friend first and foremost. He’ll appreciate your hospitality and how kind you are. Scorpio men do not trust people right out of the gate though. It takes a very long time; sometimes years; for him to trust people.

However; when you let him talk about the things that he likes or what bothers him; this is one way to get him to open up and talk about things. You can get to know him better over time with this tactic.

4. Talk, Talk, Talk

how to ask a scorpio man out

Naturally, if you ask a Scorpio man out you’re going to need to get information out of him. It’s not as easy as I mentioned above. Another way you can get the process moving is by telling him about yourself.

You won’t want to overdo it as you don’t want to appear cocky or too full of yourself. He won’t like that and will decide you’re too much for him. What you do is tell him about yourself in some area of your life.

Then you’ll ask him questions about what he thinks about said subject and what he would do or how he’d go about it. Ask him if he’s into whatever it is; etc. He may or may not answer but it’s at least good to try.

Remember, the more you get to know about the Scorpio guy; the better off you’ll be at trying to win his heart. He wants to be understood, loved, and wants to feel nice and secure with the right woman. Knowing you are part of that security!

5. Give It A Try

When things have been going very well and you think that maybe he is interested in you but hasn’t asked you out yet; this is when you try to go for it. As I mentioned before; try to do it in a fun and easy way.

I suggested a coffee house but this will depend on the two of you and what you both like. When you are sure of what he likes to do; that’s when you make your move and ask him out.

If he’s more into sushi then suggest a sushi place you’ve never been too but heard it’s good. Hopefully, he hasn’t been there either as this will be an exciting adventure. It’s also public so it’s not too personal.

You can suggest lunch as that’s the least invasive time of day. It’s not too much pressure and allows you two to talk even more while enjoying a nice meal or having a tasty drink.

Whatever it is that you decide that you both like; use that as leverage as far as getting him to go out with you. Naturally once you’ve asked him out and he actually accepts; you should probably let him take over from there.


Though there are some Scorpio men that don’t mind their interest in asking them out, it’s not something that should be practiced often as it may emasculate him in some way. Be careful because you want him to feel confident.

You also want him to learn to trust you over time which means letting him make the call when possible. Go for it ladies!

Asking out a Scorpio man might seem a bit overhelming, but I’m here to help you understand why he is the way he is. Click here for some more details on him.

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How do you ask a Scorpio man out?

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Anna Kovach


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