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First Date with a Scorpio Man: Do’s And Don’ts

There are a few things to know before going on a first date with a Scorpio man. There is this misconception going on for too long when it comes to Scorpios. In the ancient Greek mythical story about the Persephone and the god of the underworld Hades.

Persephone was kidnapped all of a sudden and taken straight into Hades’ dark kingdom. And then many other things started to happen.

And although this myth is the essence of the Scorpio’s way of doing things, don’t be so afraid, because, in reality, things look a bit different. Scorpio is all about passion, focus, and determination with the zest of darkness and a lot of sexuality.

However, he won’t show you all of these traits in the beginning, at least not on your first date.

He will watch you instead.

This now sounds a lot scarier, doesn’t it?

If you are ready and willing to go on a first date with a Scorpio man and have a loving relationship, then you have to know the basic rules of his heart and soul. He is afraid because deep down inside each Scorpio feels lonely and desperate to find someone he can trust.

The issue of “trust” is incredibly important for him. On the other side, he won’t settle with just anyone who can be loyal to him. He needs to find his queen.

Going on a first date with a Scorpio man should look like a friendly conversation. Because he will let you do most of the talking while he will sit and feel the magic of your eyes, gestures and many times, he won’t even listen to your words.

He will feel it like music.

During this first date with a Scorpio man will decide are you good enough, in a sense are you good enough to be trusted. And also, are sexy enough for him.

Here are some do’s and don’ts rules to make everything easier for you:

Let Him Lead the Game

When you go on a first date with a Scorpio man, let him choose the place for your first date because he has to feel like he is the protector and provider. However, teach him the first and primary lesson before. He has to “reserve” you at least three days in advance, and he has to appear on time.

Law and Order

first date with a Scorpio man

To be able to respect you, and this is a significant thing for a Scorpio guy, you must show yourself as a punctual and organized lady with lots of other interests in your life. If you are sitting the whole day waiting for any guy to pick you at any time, then you are not the “one” in the eyes of any Scorpio. And you can be used just for fun.

So be very careful and don’t settle for any other ideas he might have. If he is genuinely seeking for a special woman in his life, he won’t give up on you just because you don’t want to deal with unorganized guys. Instead, he will respect you more for that.

Dress Like a Lady

Yes, you have to be sexy, but this doesn’t mean trashy, except in the case you are interested just in one-night stance. High heels, flattering skirt and a cute top or a classy dress will do the magic, but your outside will be judged more by the way you are walking, standing straight and having soft and feminine gestures.

Just remember, any clothes look gorgeous on a lady with healthy self-esteem, so behave like one, and he will be amazed right from the start.

Put on Makeup

Not too much, but do it. Men, in general, don’t like too much paint on female’s faces. But Scorpios just love to look at your eyes and lips. So, accentuate them a bit more and take care that your eyeshades, eyeliner, and lipstick stay on the proper places.

There’s nothing more annoying for a Scorpio guy than to look at the woman with the “dirty” face.

Manners, Girl!

Don’t forget to behave like a lady if you want to be his goddess. Treat all the people you meet along the way with respect and kindness. He is Scorpio, and he will be watching you all the time.

Have Self-Respect

And most importantly, talk about your dreams and goals. Scorpio man wants a lady with a sharp mind, someone he can respect and admire. However, be aware that he will try to test you for a few times on the first date, so don’t pretend like you are approving some things which you don’t like.

Depending on his character, some Scorpio men might try to be insulting, while others will try to tease you and make jokes. This is a slippery ground for you because in those moments you will have to show what is not fun for you and with what types of tricks you won’t cope at all.

Tell a Joke

first date with a Scorpio man

If you made him laugh at one point, then you can consider that you have done a great thing. From that moment he will open toward you, and if he starts to talk, now you will have to focus and listen.

Being a good listener will be your plus in his eyes. This is generally the green light that you have passed all of his tests, and he is ready and willing to take this relationship up to the next level.

Respect, Again

No, no, no! Don’t go to bed with him on the first date if you want this to last. After the year is over be ready for a short kiss, but only if he makes the first move and leave him wanting you more.

And don’t text or call him after, because this is the crucially important phase for him. He will call or text you tomorrow or in the next few days. And if he does, then you should know that he is planning something more devoted and more profound with you.


When Scorpio man indeed falls in love, this love can transform you, heal you and uplift you. So, show him how much you appreciate him in your life, and you will be his queen forever.

Have you ever been on a first date with a Scorpio man? What was it like?

Your friend and astrologer,

Anna Kovach

    • Hi Morgan! I’m glad you asked this question. The difference is that when you first meet up in person, you still essentially meeting for the first time even if you’ve talked for a long time long distance. Talking over the phone or via social media only allows you to know so much but chemistry is something that has to be figured out in person. So when you do finally meet in person, you figure out whether or not you are physically attracted to each other via holding hands or kissing. Making out is a great way to figure out if you’re going to be compatible totally or not. The no sex thing is just to make sure that it’s not all he’s going to want for the long term. It helps prevent “friends with benefits” aspects. You may want to read more on the Scorpio man before you do anything.

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