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3 Questions To Ask a Scorpio Man To Know Him Better

There is a mistake many women make right at the start of any type of relationship with men, and that is they avoid to ask the proper questions and therefore they are not ready or even misinformed about the future of that relationship.  So, let’s see what are the main questions to ask a Scorpio man.

1. What Do You Do?

This one one of the questions to ask a Scorpio man that can sound a bit too personal or straightforward when you meet a Scorpio guy for the first time, but don’t be afraid and just go for it. This is the basic theme for any grownup man and as such, he considers the facts: what is he, what he does for a living and how much he earns, as the most important facts in his life.

On the other side, Scorpio is, together with Taurus, one of the two financials sign in Zodiac. He is interested in money for sure and he is obsessed with how to organize his life in such a way that he can earn money without working directly for it. This means that even if he creates substantial incomes, he is always focused on the idea of how to invest further and secure himself and his family in the future.

Be aware of the age of your Scorpio guy, because you won’t get the satisfying answer if you are dealing with someone who is in his twenties. If he is a bit older than that, then you should go for the money and investment subjects, because those themes will show you very clearly with what type of men you are dealing with.

If he is in his planning and collecting phase of life, then he is obviously ready to start a family, therefore he is looking for a real and committed relationship.

2. What Are Your Plans For the Future?

Questions To Ask a Scorpio Man

Having in mind that you are not dealing with the high school boy, this question should be welcomed in most of the cases. The only exception of this general rule might be the fact that you are dealing with a Scorpio who is involved in some shady deals or even criminal activities.

And this could be a possibility for Scorpio guys because they are always looking for fast, big and easy money. In those particular cases, you should pull back completely, because the idea to be with the local D-boy might sound exciting and financially appealing in the beginning, but trust me, you don’t want that kind of life for you and your future family.

Guns, bad boys, police, and confiscation due to debts are frequent and this is not a good future for a woman. If you are dealing with the grownup man and he is involved in straight types of jobs, then listen carefully what is he going to tell you, because a Scorpio guy always has the plan A, plan B if something goes wrong and even a plan C, just in case.

The measure of his dreams will be the strong indicator of how well you can fit into his world and become irreplaceable.

3. What Is Your idea of a Dream Woman?

This is one of the questions to ask a Scorpio man in an easy-going manner decorated by your sexy smile like you are inquiring about some fun little facts about him. However, be very cautious, because the answer coming from the mouth of the Scorpio man will be everything except easy going and you will collect extremely important information from each word he says.

You can be slim or curvy, dark or pale, it really doesn’t matter and God does not make mistakes. But, from his words you will find out how attracted he is to you and this level of initial attraction will set the direction of your future relationship for sure.

So, for instance… If you are curved a bit with the blond shades in your hair and he keeps repeating that he falls for tiny, dark girls, then you’ll know for sure that he’s not so into you. He might hope for a hookup, but nothing serious or exclusive will come out of it. On the other side, if he tells you that he seeks the right type of energy in a girl, then you’ll have some high chances if you can genuinely match those expectations.

Remember, “Fake it until you make it” can function beautifully well when it comes to business or lifestyle options. However, this can’t work for the long run when it comes to love. Your true personality will show under any type of acting mask and it’s better to expose your inner world to him in the early stages of dating than to face the disappointment later on.

Questions To Ask a Scorpio Man


If he seeks for a joyous, powerful and passionate woman, and you are quite, sensitive and romantic, it’s better to show yourself in your genuine light and when he tells you about his dreams, to confess to him in a feminine and sensitive way that you might not match his fantasies.

This will be a good thing because Scorpio guy falls for women who are not afraid to speak the truth and your honest confession could be a huge turn on for him.

And eventually, he could find your traits irresistible after all. In any case, when dealing with the Scorpio guy, you have to be straightforward, strong enough to show yourself as a woman with a high set of standards and from that point either he will walk away very quickly, which is a good thing, because you won’t waste your time; or he will fall for you and never let you go.

However, I would be so glad to hear about your own experiences when it comes to Scorpio men and what made them tick for you.

What’s your take on these questions to ask a Scorpio man? Let me know!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach