Why Hasn’t My Scorpio Man Busted A Move Yet???
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Why Hasn’t My Scorpio Man Busted A Move Yet?

Why Hasn’t My Scorpio Man Busted A Move Yet

Are you waiting for the Scorpio man you’ve taken interested in to make a move? You’re wondering if he’s ever going to ask you out or take things to the next level in intimacy. Here is what you probably need to know about this secretive soul:

He Isn’t Ready

Just like some of the other signs in the Zodiac; the Scorpio man tends to only take action when he’s sure of the woman he’s got his eyes on. If he isn’t sure that you’re someone he’d like to date; he may not be forthcoming.

If you’ve already been dating and he acts this way; he isn’t sure if you’re someone he wants to take things to the next level with. If he’s seeing you but withholding sex; he is definitely unsure about what he wants or if you’re the one.

So there is a lot to consider when it comes to this guy. I understand how confusing it can be trying to navigate around him. However; he’s just a man who wants to make sure he’s not going to make a mistake.

If he’s been flirting with you but not asking you out yet; he’s observing your behavior and likely your responses to see how you measure up to what he thinks he’s looking for.

There is that chance of you also being in the “friend zone”. If that’s the case; he’s just a flirt and there isn’t any hope of him asking you out. Observe him and see if he asks anyone else out. If he does; you have your answer.

How well do you know him? Maybe he flirts with you but has a girlfriend. It’s important that you actually try to interact with him and find out what his situation is so that you know what you’re dealing with.

He Really Likes You

Beautiful couple is looking at each other and smiling - Why Hasn’t My Scorpio Man Busted A Move Yet

There is always that weird element of Scorpio men trying to be very careful when the like someone so they don’t screw it up or scare you off. So they’ll take their time to carefully cultivate the relationship.

When he really likes someone, he gets nervous and naturally his will come off as cold or cool toward you. He doesn’t mean to be like this but he’s a private person and emotionally; he doesn’t like to show anyone how he feels.

This could make him take his time or nervous to ask you out. It’s really important to watch how he normally acts as you’ll be able to determine if he’s just being nice to you or if he actually IS interested in you.

It’s the oldest story in the book right? Boy likes girl but is too afraid to ask girl out in fear or rejection. This is what is running through his mind. He also doesn’t want to give you the wrong impression.

Now when you’re already dating him and he’s afraid to commit further or have sex with you; it’s the same thing. He’s fearful that he likes you so much that he could totally screw it up.

So he’ll wait until he can fully wrap his head around it and feel he’s making the right choices for himself as well as for you. He’s always concerned with feelings and what to do with them.

Whatever his reason may be

Make it real! Don’t be afraid to take the lead if you need to in order to get the Scorpio man moving. If you’re already dating him; you may want to hold off and give him a little time.

If you’re waiting for him to ask you out on a first or second date; you’ll need to suggest it to him. Saying something like “So when are you taking me out for coffee” or something else casual and non threatening.

He’ll find it adoring and could very well ask you out on the spot. Sometimes Scorpio men just cannot figure out whether or not you’d be interested in going out with him so he just doesn’t bother.

However; if you can bring it upon yourself to make the first move and let him know you would be interested in going out with him; he’s more likely to ask you out then.

Look him in the eyes be enthusiastic, and act excited no matter what it is that he suggests. It will help win him over. Compliments to him will also go over well in showing your interest.

This is one of the few times where taking the lead is absolutely welcomed with the Scorpio man. Knowing you are into him is half the battle for him. Give it a try!

If you’re already dating, what is the deal?

Romantic couple dating at night in pub - Why Hasn’t My Scorpio Man Busted A Move Yet

I cannot say this enough; Scorpio men want to be totally sure that you’re the right one for him which does cause him to be cautious and take his time. It’s not because he doesn’t like you enough.

It’s because he wants to see how things flow with the two of you over time. He wants to see if your values and ideals about life match up. He also wants to see how loyal you will be to him.

These are all things that take time to learn about each other. If you have been with him for mere weeks or months; you’re not there yet. Try not to rush the process.

It may be best for you and him both to take your time and let things flow as they will. By trying to hurry or force the process; you’ll scare him off or you’ll get so frustrated waiting; that you’ll decide to call it quits.

Relax, breathe, or do whatever you have to do to keep yourself in a place of Zen so that when your Scorpio guy is ready; he’ll be ready to take the plunge of commitment or even sex.

I realize how absolutely frustrating the Scorpio man can seem at times. However; getting to know him better may help you in the long run.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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One thought on “Why Hasn’t My Scorpio Man Busted A Move Yet?

  1. I dont know if it is only me or anyone outthere feel different about scorpio man in terms of him be scary if we rush the relationship. I feel otherwise tho. My scorpio man is intense in my opinion, I felt be pushed instead. Sometimes it scares me. Now I am in cold phase, as I am scared be involved into new relationship, based on my past karmic relationship. meanwhile he is also stuck up, doesnt do anything to make it better. Sigh. Are we both scared…

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