Scorpio Man & Sagittarius Woman Compatibility: Celebrity Couple Spotlight on Ike and Tina Turner

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman get together, things are guaranteed to be fiery! Let’s take a look at their astrological compatibility—and analyze the marriage of iconic duo Ike and Tina Turner.

When a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman get together, things are guaranteed to be fiery! These Zodiac wheel-adjacent signs join in relationships that are intense and volatile. Let’s take a look at their astrological compatibility—and analyze the marriage of iconic duo Ike and Tina Turner.

Scorpio Man & Sagittarius Woman: General Compatibility

This is one of those relationships, when it comes to Astrology, that’s either going to be a total success—or a total train wreck! 

When two signs sit right next to each other on the wheel of the Zodiac, you have a lot to teach each other and a lot to learn. The rule is that the sign ahead always teaches the sign behind—in this case, the Sagittarius teaches the Scorpio, which might not sit well with the Scorpio! 

Scorpio man, you like to be in control and call the shots, and it can feel uncomfortable to have a reckless, devil-may-care Sagittarius leading the way. However, there’s so much you can get out of this relationship when you follow her guidance, for despite her irresponsibility, your Sagittarius sweetheart is wise, insightful, and deeply philosophical—all qualities which attracted you to her in the first place! 

She’s a wild, free spirit, answerable only to herself, and if you try and chain her, you’ll only lose her. This makes the dance of love here both infuriating and magnetic, and it can feel, at times, like you’d rather do without the angst. But, oh, Scorpio, how you love drama! 

Sagittarius, you will find your Scorpio man irresistible, as so many women do. There’s something completely mysterious about him, something intense and deep and profound—you want to figure him out, and it will feel great to have someone just as intensely interested in you as you are in him. 

Your conversations will be transformative, and the physical attraction is off the charts. Can you sustain the heat? He is a water sign, after all, and when fire and water get together, it’s going to get steamy! 

Will It Get Serious?

For you, Sagittarius, relationships are meant to be fun, playful, and free. 

You’ll only commit if you feel that sense of independence and space, and although your Scorpio lover won’t reveal it right away, he does want to keep you at his side and may struggle to allow you that freedom that you so crave. This can endanger the commitment from your side and trigger his possessive qualities. 

Scorpio, it’s hard to catch and keep the Sagittarius woman—one moment she’s here, the next moment, gone. You crave a deeper connection which implies exclusivity, but it’s not all that easy to get with Sagittarius. Uh-oh! 

Sexual Compatibility: Hot or Not?

Scorpio Man & Sagittarius Woman Sexual Compatibility

This is where the two of you excel! 

Sagittarius, your fire-sign libido is as high as anything, and you absolutely live for a powerful, passionate physical attraction like the one you have with your Scorpio man. 

And what’s more, he matches your libido in every way, willing to try —yes, anything!—with you. Scorpio is not known as the sexual sign for nothing, after all, and the chemistry between you just keeps you coming back for more. 

In fact, the physical connection can be a hurdle when the relationship isn’t working out because you just can’t keep your hands off each other, even when you know you shouldn’t! 

Long-Term Potential: Forever or Just for Now?

Scorpio Man Sagittarius Woman Forever or Just for Now?

This relationship has a good chance of working out if both partners are conscious and willing to work on it. 

However, if you, Sagittarius, continue to demand total freedom and don’t want to step up to responsibility, and you, Scorpio, continue to be possessive, controlling, or jealous, then this relationship will see its demise.

Instead, focus on your physical attraction, your admiration for each other’s ideas and minds, your passion for each other, and your shared wisdom. Be willing to grow, change, and learn, and you’ll find yourself with a very satisfying relationship! 

Problem Areas

Your Scorpio man’s possessiveness is a problem, Sagittarius—and it may give you gray hairs!—yet at the same time, you may just not be able to resist his charms and be happily possessed by this magnetic man! 

Scorpio, you will feel very frustrated at times with your Sagittarius sweetheart’s lack of responsibility, careless attitude, and sometimes insensitive nature. She is not as emotional as you, and she won’t always know when she is stepping on your toes—usually because you don’t tell her for fear that it will make you look powerless. 

It’s important to be mindful of each other here and to try and understand each other’s point of view. 

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Celebrity Spotlight: Scorpio Ike Turner & Sagittarius Tina Turner

Although not quite OJ and Nicole, Ike and Tina Turner are definitely up there with the most dramatic and infamous couples of all time. 

Their toxic, abusive relationship began very early, and Sagittarius Tina saw Scorpio Ike on stage first when she was just a teenager. At the time, she said she wasn’t particularly attracted to him, but was magnetized by his voice—that sexy Scorpio voice! 

When she got up on stage to join him—in what would become an iconic, powerhouse musical pairing—she said that it was electrifying. Perhaps her passionate Sagittarius nature took this to be love. 

They were certainly an epic couple, with the full spectrum of sex, drugs, and rock and roll! Sagittarius people in general do love to party. 

Ike, the intensely emotional Scorpio, who had survived childhood trauma, never gave up the partying, and he eventually died from a cocaine overdose in 2007. Their partnership was one of those that will never be forgotten musically but likely shouldn’t have happened romantically. 

Fiery Tina has likened their connection to a “brother and sister from another lifetime,” and certainly, their relationship was deep and perhaps even karmic in nature. Both of these passionate signs had been through rough childhoods and experienced abuse, which was, sadly, replayed in their relationship. 

If they had cleaned up, they could have—and probably would have—remained the powerfully passionate duo that Sagittarius and Scorpio can be. Unfortunately, later on it was revealed that Scorpio Ike was bipolar and untreated, to boot. 

Tina cared about him deeply, but the relationship was toxic and led to her attempted suicide as things progressively got worse. Tina eventually left Ike and their musical fame after 16 years, unable to bear it anymore, and from there, she rose from the ashes and was transformed into the musical legend she is today. 

Tina, the Passionate Sagittarius

Tina Turner Passionate Sagittarius Woman

Tina is a whirlwind on stage—love or hate her (though most love her!), she shows her true Sagittarius colors when she’s out there performing. 

She is high-energy, as these fire signs tend to be, and she is unafraid to take a risk. Sagittarius women are free spirits and also incredibly strong. Even though she made mistakes—the same mistakes that many Sagittarians do—she eventually turned to her spiritual side, which saved her in many ways. 

The typical Sagittarius usually follows a path of hard-partying and promiscuity, eventually finding that unfulfilling, and ultimately realizing that they have a real hunger for spiritual connection. 

Many Sagittarians are born philosophers and truth-seekers. Tina became a devout Buddhist, which reflected in her later music. Also, typically Sagittarian, when she left the marriage, she took nothing but her two cars and her performance name. This fire sign sure has courage! 

Ike, the Intense Scorpio

Ike Turner Intense Scorpio Man

Ike was not the ideal, nor the archetypal, Scorpio. Not all Scorpios are abusive or suffer mental health issues—this is very important to note! Most Scorpio men are devoted, loving, deep, sensitive, and loyal. 

And perhaps if Ike had sought counseling and medication for his mental illness, none of this would have happened. Sadly, his trauma came out in the worst way possible—through physical abuse of his wife and drug abuse to avoid reality. 

Scorpio is often a very complex sign—they have layers of depth, and it can be hard for them to open up and be truly vulnerable. Ike clearly loved Tina and was devoted to her, but perhaps her fiery, sexual Sagittarius nature was too much for him to handle, and his Scorpio possessiveness took over the relationship. 

He never reconciled with Tina and sadly passed on from a drug overdose. 

Astrological Compatibility Between Ike & Tina

Ike And Tina Turner Astrological Compatibility

The Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman are not an easy match. It’s volatile and intense, passionate and powerful. 

The sexual attraction here is high, and these two undoubtedly had that, as well as a deeper philosophical relationship. After all, they stayed together nearly two decades and shared massive success as the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. 

They had a child together, and Tina also raised Ike’s two sons from a previous relationship. 

When they met, both were entangled in other sexual relationships. Both of these signs are very sexually driven, and Ike reportedly had many affairs. 

Scorpio and Sagittarius have to be ever so careful not to allow their powerful physical drives to overpower the relationship; the fire and water energy can be like a tsunami meeting a wildfire—and that’s what this was! 

What Was Good?

When they got together, they were both partying it up and eager to make music—they had enormous creative talent together, as fire and water often do, and they used that to make their mark on the world and form a bond together. 

Had the drugs, abuse, and trauma been worked through, perhaps this couple would have still been together making music—the creativity level here is high! 

They were immensely passionate about their work, another very Sagittarius/Scorpio trait, and they shared a desire to share that with others. 

What Was Bad?

Most of the challenges seem to have stemmed from Ike’s infidelity, abuse, and drug addiction. But Tina was reportedly also fairly reckless and unfaithful and used drugs with Ike, culminating in a suicide attempt. 

Ike, unfortunately, never did the work he needed to, and he long denied allegations of abuse. 

They were both very young, both survived abandonment and abuse in their childhoods, and both were looking for an escape. It’s not simply their mismatch of Astrology—their upbringing and conditions were out of their control. 

Tina was one of the lucky and strong women who manage to make it out of an abusive relationship and find love again. 

She hadn’t spoken to Ike for 30 years after her abrupt departure (Sagittarius can be very impulsive like that) and though she has said she had forgiven him, she was never going to let him back into her life. Good for her! 

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Summary: Fairytale or Nightmare?

This was, according to both, a relationship that was pure toxicity. 

Ike, and perhaps Tina to some degree, acted out the worst of the Scorpio and Sagittarius energies, being possessive, controlling, and reckless. 

Fortunately, Tina evolved into the better side of Sagittarius—the spiritual side—while Ike never managed to make that transformation. 

He did continue to have success, though, and released his own book refuting much of what Tina said. Scorpio energy can be very vengeful when challenged, and he clearly tried to paint himself in a better light. 

This may have seemed like a fairytale in the beginning, but on the whole, this relationship was very much a disaster. 

Perhaps the combined trauma of this pair and the pain they had been through in their pasts didn’t give them much chance of survival. 

Other famous Sagittarius/Scorpio couples: Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw (together 13 years); Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue (married 35 years)

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